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In our first video in this ‘making money from your art’ series, I showed you how to create and sell digital files of your art in your Etsy store that a buyer could buy, download and print themselves or get printed locally. It’s quick and easy. However, not all buyers want to print themselves. Some may just prefer to place an order and have the framed print arrive at their house ready to hang. So in this video, I will show you how to sell prints of your art without having to do the work yourself.

How to sell framed prints of your art in your Etsy store without actually printing, framing or sending anything. A video tutorial on how to use Printful to print, frame and fulfil your orders

It would be time-consuming and potentially expensive to set up this facility yourself. You would need to buy a really good printer, high-quality inks and papers, frames and packaging supplies. Unless you splashed out for an expensive large format printer you would be restricted to only making prints that were A4 or Letter sized and your buyer most likely wants something much bigger. So its much better, quicker, easier and cheaper to outsource the printing, framing and shipping service to the professionals. I sell prints in my store via a company called Printful.

You will need:
An Etsy Store – sign up here to get your first 40 listings for free
An account with Printable – sign up here
A nice camera – check out these digital SLR camera kits with everything you need in one package
A tripod– included in the packages above
Macro lens (optional) – usually included in the packages above
Photo editing software such as Photoshop (for the experts) or even PicMonkey (easy to use) or other free software

Articles referenced in the video:

How to sell prints of your art without printing or framing or mailing anything!

1 – set yourself up with an Etsy store if you don’t already have one.

2 – go to Printful and set up an account with them here.

3 – follow the steps in the video above for how to link the two – its easy  🙂

4 – create your digital file that you want to be turned into a print. Check out the earlier article on how to do this if you aren’t sure.

5 – set up your new product within the Printful dashboard. Again the video shows you how to do it.

6 – check and edit your listing on Etsy and publish the print for sale.

7 – promote your store and products, and Printful processes all your orders for you like magic.


On a side note, to complement your Acrylic Pours and your sales, I highly recommend using a Cricut Machine (my personal favourite is the Explore Air 2 machine) to design and print yourself beautiful crafts on all sort of supports. Check it out here!  Now back to how to handle orders coming in.


When the orders come in

The first time you make a sale, you will get an email from Etsy to tell you about the sale (as usual) and also one from Printful. They will invite you to go over to their site and set up your payment details. Payment has already been received from your buyer, so now you need to pay Printful to manufacture and deliver that order. I have set them up with my Paypal details. You only need to do this once, and then check the box to allow them to automatically process orders for you in future and collect the payment from that same method.

Then all future orders are dealt with automagically between Etsy and Printful and you don’t have to do a thing! Etsy collects the payment, sends the order to Printful, who collect payment from you, print your items, send it to the customer and mark your Etsy sale as completed. You can keep your store open even if you are on vacation knowing orders will still be dealt with on time.

Why not just use RedBubble or similar services?

There are other companies where you can send them files and customers can order via their websites. However, with these services, you are limited to their format for your store page and can only sell their items. It can be confusing to your potential customers if they have to go to your Etsy store for the original art, RedBubble for t-shirts and somewhere else again to get framed prints or canvases. In my opinion, it’s better to have all of your products you offer in a single storefront so your customer only has one link to follow.

There is nothing to stop you manually setting up items for sale in your Etsy store and then ordering them from other third party suppliers to ship to you or your customer, but it’s just more work for you to have to manually deal with all of these orders. I’d rather list the item once and then let Printful take care of everything automatically for me. Life is busy enough!

So I hope that helps with how you can sell framed prints in your Etsy store through Printful without having to print, frame or send anything. It can be a nice little extra sideline on top of selling your original art pieces.  In a future video, I will look briefly at how you can sell canvas prints of your art, again via Printful, because the set up process for those is just very slightly different.

It would be time-consuming and potentially expensive to set up this facility yourself. You would need to buy a really good printer, high-quality inks and papers, frames and packaging supplies. In this video, I will show you how to sell prints of your art without having to do the work yourself. It's much better, quicker, easier and cheaper to outsource the printing, framing and shipping service to the professionals. I sell prints in my store via a company called Printful.

Deby Coles

After being told in high school that she was so bad at art that she should switch to another subject, Deby didn’t paint again for 35 years. Then a stroke released a new wave of creativity and she began exploring with dot painting, abstract and eventually acrylic pouring, and at last the joy of working with color returned.

You don’t need ‘talent’ to be an acrylic pouring artist – just enthusiasm, some basic instruction, and a willingness to try, fail and try again. Paint along with her and learn from her many mistakes, and you’ll soon make great art together.


Nothing makes your home feel more like your home than filling it with decor that suits and represents your personality, which is why wall art is so important. Boring white walls? They don't exactly give you that lived-in, homey vibe. But art that fits your aesthetic and interests—and maybe even makes you smile—can make all the difference in the world. The trick is finding art that suits you, and sometimes the best way to find that specific thing you're looking for is to scour the internet.

Whether you're looking for ultra-affordable prints you can frame yourself or high-end artwork from famous (and emerging!) artists, these are some of the best places for art-shopping online. Get ready to browse for hours, because these sites are full of options. Save all the wall space you can for these pieces—once you see the art that awaits you, you're going to need it.


BUY NOW"Shutters" by Paul Berthelot

You might know Minted as a place to buy holiday cards and photo gifts, but the brand also has a huge, varied selection of original artwork by different artists that you can order in just about any size you'd like, framed or unframed.

Absolut Art

BUY NOW"We Nine Faces" by Shantell Martin

Absolut Art is a great resource for finding limited edition contemporary art, thanks to its curated selection and wide range of prices. And yes, if you're wondering, Absolut Art is brought to you by the well-known Swedish vodka brand (which once inspired Andy Warhol, in case you didn't know.)

BUY NOW"The Unbearable Lightness" by Hyunah Kim

At, you can buy prints of famous works of art, discover new art, and even have your own photos printed and framed for you. You can search by artist if there's a particular artist you're looking for, or browse by subject.


BUY NOW"Peach" by Shadra Strickland

Etsy is probably already your go-to for handmade items, but if you're not ordering art from the site, you're missing out. You can find tons of original artwork and prints (framed and unframed) on Etsy, as well as instant download art options that you can print out and frame it yourself.

Saatchi Art

BUY NOW"Still Life 1118-03" by Andrei Rabodzeenko

Saatchi Art is a great online art destination for you if you want more high end, fine art options (including original paintings!) and are willing to spend. But, it also has a big selection of prints that are more on the affordable side, so really, there's a little something for everyone.


BUY NOW"How Many Plants Is Enough?" by Alja Horvat

Society 6 is one of the best options for more affordable art—perfect for if you're filling up an entire gallery wall. You can browse by artist, search by style, color, keyword, and more, and get just about any design you like in framed or unframed prints, canvas art, tapestries, and even home goods.

Uprise Art

BUY NOW"Training Mission #354" by Michael Moncibaiz

Looking for original artwork (no reproductions or prints here!) that won't totally break the bank? Time to clue you in on an amazing secret: Uprise Art's "Art Under $800" section. There, and across the website in general, you'll find gorgeous pieces from emerging artists. You can even chat with personal art advisors to help you figure out what will work best in your home.

One Kings Lane

BUY NOW"Still Waters" by T.S. Harris

Alongside its huge inventory of furniture, decor, and antiques, One Kings Lane has an incredible selection of art to peruse. Seriously, there are more than 5,000 results in the art section, and that includes paintings, photography, drawings, vintage reproductions, maps, and mixed media pieces.

MoMA Design Store

BUY NOW"Girl With a Mandolin" by Pablo Picasso

This should come as no surprise, but the Museum of Modern Art's Design Store has a ton of art reproductions and prints to choose from, at a wide range of prices. You can also find rare posters, stationery, and more featuring pieces from your favorite artists.


BUY NOW "I=1" by Dyanna Dimick

Artfinder is an awesome resource for finding art online, especially if you want to discover and support independent artists. You can browse by artist or by artwork type, or check out the site's Discover tab to be search by new art, daily finds, and editors' picks.


BUY NOW"Diego on my Mind" by Frida Kahlo

If you can't visit a museum without wishing you could makeover your entire home with all the art you come across, you need to check out 1000 Museums. The online store curates prints and reproductions of art from museums around the world that you can shop in one convenient place. Plus, you can get custom framing, too.

Tiny Showcase

SHOP SIMILAR "Wedding Cake House" by Rachel Blumberg

Tiny Showcase is about to become your new go-to for inexpensive but still limited edition art. Every Tuesday, the site releases new museum quality archival prints at an affordable price point, and a small portion of the proceeds goes to charities that are important to the artists.


ORDER CUSTOM ART Custom painting of Windsor the dog

If you've always wanted a custom painting, Paintru is the service for you. On their website, you can upload a photo you love; choose whether you want an oil, acrylic, or watercolor painting; choose your size and a frame; and Paintru will get to work on your order. The end result? An amazing piece of art like this custom painting of House BeautifulStyle Director Robert Rufino's sweet pup, Windsor.

Brittney MorganMarket Editor, House BeautifulBrittney Morgan is a noted land mermaid and a Virgo with a penchant for crafts, red lipstick, and buying way too many throw pillows.

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The Best Etsy Stores For Wall Art | High End, Affordable Wall Decor

Finding unique wall art is tough. To be totally honest, I hate the typical wall art that fills up every store.

I want something unique, and so many stores don’t have anything remotely original! Luckily for me (and you), Etsy is here to save us from a boring life of white walls.

Etsy is one of my favorite places to shop for super unique wall art. Whether you’re looking for massive canvases or at-home printables, there’s a store for everyone.

However, Etsy wall art can still be tricky to find. Many of the pieces that are sponsored are actually dropshipped, so you won’t get the quality you’re looking for.

Today, I’m sharing some great unique Etsy wall art stores that have super individualized pieces.

The best Etsy wall decor stores for art are ones that have high-end pieces but also affordable options. There are many different styles of wall art that can make your home feel more personalized.

Decorating your walls with art is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to personalize a room. From traditional pieces, abstract paintings or modern art, there are many different types of wall art that will suit any style. The only thing you need to do is find what speaks to you.

The list below is a great place to start when shopping around on Etsy for new artwork! There’s definitely something for everyone, plus these shops are pretty affordable for the quality.

Letty Art Prints

Letty Art Prints is a great store for those who have an abstract and boho taste.

The colors are monochrome, so if you want something more colorful this may not be the place for you. However they do sell prints that can easily customized to meet your needs!

This is one of the best modern Etsy wall art stores, though these prints really go well in just about any home.

Price: Most pieces are between $5 and $15

Click here to shop.

Leah Caylor Fine Art

If you’re looking for high end black and white paintings, check out Leah Caylor Fine Art.

I love Leah Caylor Fine Art because they offer large, framed black and white paintings that are perfect for a French apartment.

The pieces are also big so they make a statement. The prints are simple and modern but still have this classic French vibe to them.

Price: Most pieces cost around $200

Click here to shop.

Nordic Home Designs

Nordic Home Designs is one of the most unique stores on Etsy.

If you’re a fan of Scandinavian art or abstract prints in general then this store should be your go-to for Etsy wall decor!

This shop has some marble canvases as well as a few various colorful prints perfect for any space’s wall décor needs.

Pricing: Starts at $12, goes up to $150

Click here to shop.

Everart Prints

If you’re looking for a unique and creative way to decorate your walls, this Etsy wall decor shop offers vintage-looking paintings that look like the real deal.

Everart Prints will allow you to make any space in your home feel like it has an authentic vintage vibe. They offer a wide range of printable paintings that are perfect for both the walls and the frames, with everything from landscapes to scenery or portraits!

Most of these paintings look like classic oil painting choices, yet they’re available at a fraction of the price. This Etsy wall art shop has printable vintage paintings with a timeless and classic look that won’t go out of style. 

Pricing: $2 to $15 for sets

Click here to shop.

Echo Shop

This Etsy wall decor shop features vintage paintings that are so beautifully realistic they look like oil pantings of landscapes, scenery, and people.

Paint brushstrokes give these works depth while the colors in each painting evoke a certain mood or feeling to match its subject matter.

Echo Shop has really gorgeous, real (not printable) oil paintings that are super affordable! This is one of my favorite Etsy wall decor shops for vintage paintings that are shipped right to the home.

Pricing: Around $30 per painting

Click here to shop.

Artepera Wall Art Decor

Metal wall art is a great way to make your home feel more like you.

etsy wall art, etsy wall decor

Change up your decor and redecorate with these Artepera Wall Art Decor’s metal pieces!

From leaves, abstract designs, and sayings – they’ve got all the cute metal pieces you could want. I love using this artwork as additional pieces to break up a wall that’s feeling a bit too bland.

Pricing: $50 to $130

Click here to shop.

Forget Me Not Nature

I just stumbled across this Etsy wall decor shop that offers a wide variety of framed floral art with pressed and dried flowers. The artwork is made from all different types of flower petals, so you can find something specific to fit your style! 

etsy wall art, etsy wall decor

The frames are really gorgeous too-they’re not only pretty but go perfectly with the darling pressed flowers.

Pricing: $50-$150 depending on how many frames

Click here to shop.

Magic Paints On Brushes

The Etsy wall art shop has unique prints that capture the whimsical and creative spirit of its artist. With prices starting at just $70, these paintings are perfect for those looking to decorate with large canvas pieces on a budget!

These large, abstract, textured printed canvases are hand-painted and shipped right to your door.

Magic Paints On Brushes has a wide selection of items such as canvas prints with interesting textures or colorful patterns in various sizes!

Pricing: Anywhere from $70 to $450, depending on canvas and size

Click here to shop.

Bright Gallery

This Etsy wall decor store has a variety of paintings that are perfect for any decor style. 

The large colorful abstract pieces make it easy to find the perfect piece whether your home is modern or cozy and need an extra pop in color, while many also offer a more classic look with timeless colors such as blues, greens and browns.

These modern and abstract color-block pieces with a pop of color that are sure to accent any space.

Pricing: Variable, depending on choice and size. Anywhere from $100 to $600.

Click here to shop.

The Boho Home Life

The Etsy wall art shop The Boho Home Life is a wonderful place to find beautiful home accents, all for reasonable prices. 

The selection includes various gold mirrors including round framed and square framed styles as well rattan sun mirrors in many different colors!

Even if your style isn’t traditionally boho, these mirrors make great accent pieces in just about any room.

Pricing: Affordable, usually around $50

Click here to shop.

Le Vintage Print Shoppe

This Etsy wall art shop has Vintage French-looking Poster Art that will fill the blank spaces in your space. 

I absolutely love the vintage yet neutral vibe of this artwork.

These are physical prints and they ship to you without a frame!

Pricing: Most pieces start around $25. Free shipping!

Click here to shop.

Eye Poetry Photography

This Etsy wall decor store offers a diverse selection of prints that are not only high quality but also affordable.

etsy wall art, etsy wall decor

Their inventory includes shots from around the world, including quaint little spots in Europe and other continents. They include professional photography as well as travel-themed artworks like postcards or posters with original designs created by local artists.

Pricing: Starts at $15, $2.99 shipping, with lots of variable options.

Click here to shop.

Farmhouse Decor Art

If you love a rustic, country, farmhouse look for your home then this Etsy wall decor shop is perfect for you.

You’ll find all the rustic, farmhouse wall art you could hope for at this Etsy wall decor store. From big bold statement pieces to more subtle decor options, there’s something for everyone here that loves a homey vibe.

Pricing: Variable, usually $100 to $200

Click here to shop.

Jane Art Tide Studio

If you love large canvases then Jane Art Tide Studio will be right up your alley. 

etsy wall art, etsy wall decor

This Etsy wall art shop is full of big art. They offer a variety including abstract, water view pieces, and stormy landscapes to satisfy any artistic preference you may have.

Pricing: $150 to $250 per canvas

Click here to shop.

Monarch Landing

This Etsy wall art shop has a plethora of Vintage drawings that are perfect for smaller places on your walls. The art is also super affordable and easy to purchase as digital downloads!

I want to have my walls in a gallery lined with old sketches, whether of humans or nature, so Monarch Landing is one of my favorite Etsy wall decor stores!

This store not only sells vintage prints and drawing but specifically digital downloads – perfect for the budget decorator. They’re super affordable too so there’s no need to worry about breaking your bank account while decorating your walls.

Pricing: Pieces start at $5

Click here to shop.


Embroidery hoops and organic cotton fabric art are just one part of the diverse wall art pieces found in this Etsy wall decor shop.

They also have super cute wall tiles, so you can choose which best suits your space! I have a small gallery of these wall tiles in my entryway and get so many compliments.

With both the embroidery hoops and the tiles, Montisu has a whole bunch of designs for every style.

Pricing: Most sets are around $95. Not bad for a whole wall!

Click here to shop.

Black Ivy Craft

This Etsy wall decor shop offers a variety of uniquely designed metal wall art pieces including colorful hanging planters, abstract designs in gold and silver, or more simplistic patterns.

etsy wall art, etsy wall decor

I love how simple and abstract these pieces are. They’re quite vintage yet modern at the same time and go in just about any space.

Pricing: Mostly $70 to $110

Click here to shop.

Vidu Studio

If you love tarot card art, this is your one stop Etsy wall art shop. 

etsy wall art, etsy wall decor

You can find everything from black-and-white Tarot card designs to zany abstract prints in all shapes and sizes that would make any room a cozy home away from home!

Vidu Studio mainly sells black and white pieces, but the selection isn’t limited to tarot card art – they also have a great bunch of black and white abstract printables.

Pricing: Most pieces are under $7.

Click here to shop.

Orien Turk

The black metal section on Orien Turk is so extensive and awesome that you will have a difficult time deciding what to buy. Cards, flower prints, clocks—you name it and this Etsy wall art shop has it!

etsy wall art, etsy wall decor

You can find anything from boho-chic floral art for your living room wall or stylish artwork of the band Slipknot in their signature dark style with flying ravens. The only thing stopping you is your wallet’s capacity, yet these pieces are pretty affordable as far as Etsy wall art goes!

Pricing: Anywhere from $50 to $120

Click here to shop.

Tips For Choosing Etsy Wall Art:

The first thing to consider when buying wall art is your budget. Figure out which pieces you love and how much money you have to work with so you don’t go over your spending limit. If you want more than one piece, it might be a good idea to start small and then add on as your collection grows.

If you have a color scheme going on in your home, try to pick art that will complement it. Whether you’re using bright colors or earth tones, you can find art for any style and theme.

Creating a gallery wall is a great way to showcase multiple pieces at the same time. A lot of people hang just one piece in their living room, but don’t forget that you can create an entire wall of art! Displaying several pieces at once helps tie them all together.

The good thing about buying a gallery is that it doesn’t have to be expensive. Think outside the box and consider using things like mirrors, books or even fruit as your display items!

Prices can vary greatly when buying art, so you might want to check a few different Etsy wall art shops. Some will offer free shipping and handling while others may have an extra charge. Nowadays, with digital downloads, there’s really wall art for literally every budget.

Try not to buy too much of one thing because it can make your style look too similar. When you buy several unique pieces you help individualize the room and create an appealing space.

There’s no need to be limited by what is already in your home! You can pick out new Etsy wall art even if you don’t have anything that matches it exactly. If you love a piece but it doesn’t fit in with your current décor, you can always look for other accessories to go with it.

If you’re unsure about how to use a particular piece of art, take it home and try different spots until you find one that works for you. You don’t need to put something on the wall immediately if you aren’t sure which spot is best for it. Don’t be afraid to play around until you find a spot that makes the piece pop!

To Sum It Up:

1. What purpose is the wall decor going to serve or what message do you want it to give? – If you are looking for something that can manage your emotions then framing a favourite inspirational quote might be right for you, if you are in the mood just to look at something pretty then choose an abstract painting which will act as an accent piece for your room.

2. How much money are you looking to spend? – Remember that the higher the price, the better the quality and this will usually only be noticeable in terms of detail and why not go for a larger print if you have a high budget? Some people prefer to purchase their Etsy wall decor one item at a time.

3. How do you want the room to look? – If you are looking for Etsy wall decor that will blend in with the rest of your décor then choosing something to match colors is a good idea, after all it’s only a picture on the end of the day. But if you’re looking for something that will stand out and be noticed then you will have to choose something that’s the opposite of what’s already there.

4. Do you want it to be a focal point in your room or just an accessory? – If it is going to be a focal point, make sure that its meaning suits the overall theme of the room and that it will suit every other piece in the room.

5. How much space do you have available? – You can either go with a large piece or many smaller ones to fill up the spaces, as long as they complement each other and aren’t too bulky for the room then it shouldn’t be too big an issue.

A Recent History Of Wall Art

Wall decor is a term for objects such as paintings, photographs, posters or pieces of art that are displayed on the walls of homes and offices.

Wall decorations can be an expression of personal taste and style. Sometimes they are meant to cover up less attractive wall surfaces such as damaged plaster or brick work. They may also have a purely decorative purpose.

Wall Decorating has come in many different styles throughout history with each new generation giving their own spin on what was popular before them. The first type were usually family portraits which were painted onto canvas then framed by wood molding and hung from hooks on the wall (think Thomas Kincaid). This was considered very much an upper class thing to do because it required money to commission someone else to create the art, money to pay for the framing and money to purchase the materials on which it was displayed.

A second style of wall decor were landscapes that either came from drawings of nature made by the top landscape artists of their day or casts of actual large size printed copies, usually from Universal Studios back in the 1940’s, were framed and hung. These were made popular by the top Landscaping TV host at that time: Bob Smith.

The third style is one of the most famous to date, and is a form of celebrity art which became more and more popular during the early 1950’s when Hollywood actor Rock Hudson started producing prints of his own paintings. He did this alongside two other artists and they sold the paintings through their own company. It was around this time that a new type of picture frame made its appearance on the market, one which allowed owners to remove the painting without damaging it; these were called push-fit frames. This meant that they could be hung near floor level then pushed up into position for display.

Other famous people that entered the market were Elizabeth Taylor, Jayne Mansfield, and presidential candidate John F. Kennedy. Other celebrities followed suit, also using their own paintings to decorate their homes or as gifts to be given to friends

In more recent years artists have been producing original artworks based on pop culture themes in order to appeal directly to a new type of customer.

Today, you can purchase whatever kind of wall decor suits your tastes as long as it’s not illegal or offensive. You can buy wallpaper to cover the entire room in a particular design or theme or just one small section of it; one popular choice is film themed (usually Star Wars). Wallpaper has come a long way since the days of matte finish!

Etsy wall art and Etsy wall decor doesn’t always need to be a painting or print. You can hang something unusual like an old shoe or hat on display, including your favourite pair of shoes (if they are designer), you could even make your own pottery. It’s all up to you and what style you want in your home. Just make sure that it looks good!

And if you want to hang your own art or pictures, making a DIY canvas frame is always an option. You can choose whether or not you want to paint the surrounding area before hanging it. Another popular way of decorating is with posters and prints on photographic paper which are self-framed. You can have them printed from a variety of sources, one of the most popular being on-line picture printing sites which offer all kinds of different sizes and types to suit any taste or style. You could even try an old favourite, vinyl wall art!

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