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Software VersionOs RequiredYears Supports
Years Supports Land RoversDiagnosticsProgrammingOnline Updates SupportedNative or Virtual Machine (VM)Minimum CPU RAM  Hdisk Space Requirements To runV124 IDSAny Windows1995 - 2005Not SupportedYesYesNoVMDual core Cpu
4 gb ram
20 gb hdiskV130  IDS SDDAny Windows1995 - 20102005 - 2010YesYesNoVMDual core Cpu
4 gb ram
20 gb hdiskV131  IDS SDDAny Windows1995 - 20112005 - 2011YesYesNoVMDual core Cpu
4 gb ram
20 gb hdiskV131  IDS SDDXP Pro Sp3  English1995 - 20112005 - 2011YesYesNoNativeDual core Cpu
4 gb ram
20 gb hdiskV138  SDDAny Windows2005 - 20112005 - 2011YesYesNoVMDual core Cpu
4 gb ram
20 gb hdiskV159  SDDAny Windows2005 - 20202005 - 2020YesYesYesNativeDual core Cpu
4 gb ram
20 gb hdisk

Control Module (HVAC) Land Rover, Range Rover and Jaguar Coding Programming Configuring Services

Control Module (HVAC) Land Rover, Range Rover and Jaguar Coding Programming Configuring Services

Supporting all models and modules from 2006 to present

The Control Module is a computer, and features many of the same parts as the computer you have at home or at work. There's a microprocessor that receives, interprets and reacts to sensor inputs as fast as they occur. And it's composed of hardware (a pretty standard  circuit board) that's encoded with software (a program that tells the car how to run).

The Contol Module also makes sure the car meets emissions standards, by monitoring and regulating the fuel mixture to ensure the engine isn't running too rich and emitting pollutants beyond the established parameters. And with all those sensors already in place, the ECM is often responsible for managing features like anti-skid brakes, cruise control and theft protection.

At,we have earned the repuation of being the market leaders in coding and programming, upgrading, enabling and disabling market-specific settings for their LandRover, Range Rover and Jaguar cars. Furthermore, most vehicles have limitations and other restrictions. With the help of us, we can with our coding change the chimes on their car, set how many times its one-touch signal flickers for one touch, remember settings for Start/Stop systems, and more. Coders can also activate cornering headlights with fog lights, deactivate some buzzing sounds, and enable multiple functions of the comfort module. 

Other possibilities involve lowering the level of the passenger-side mirror when reversing,, automatic door locking at a particular speed, U-style their daytime running lights, the auto-hold function for vehicles with electrically operated parking brake, and others.

Naturally, the things that can be done through coding depend on each car model, so don’t imagine it can do wonders for a vehicle that hasn’t got too many features in its configuration. This is where you need to find the "Cheat sheet" for your car and think what options do you want modified. (Believe me they all have one) or just call us and we shall clarify wheather it is is possible or not. 

We must mention that it is also possible to remove some bells and chimes that are legally present on vehicles (like seatbelt warning chime) to enable the user to carry their shopping in the passenger seat without engaging the seatbelt. This is not a good idea, though, as heavy objects can become dangerous in the event of an accident or even in an emergency evading maneuver. 

A brief idea as to what is available and not limited to:


Disable the automatic Start-Stop

We can help you disable annoying features, like the automatic engine Start-Stop system.


Change the exterior optics of your car with light codings

Your car “hides” the different ways to customize the daytime running lights. .


Digital speedometer — show the speed digitally

Set the speed to show in the digital display below the speedometer.



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Postby GARETH » Thu Dec 20, 2018 9:12 am

I have an OBD tool that can access and if you want, edit the CCF file that is the 'parameter' file for the cars ECU's fitted. Its made in Canada by a company called GAP Diagnostics. Its called an iid BT and communicates with my ipad tablet or phone by bluetooth. Its also a general fault code reader, service procedure tool, and live value display.

I am not sure if the features you mention can be added by just telling the CCF that it has the features. Many options are purely software driven and to reduce build costs all variants of the car could have the same physical components, Sometimes you may have to add a specific loom or ecu, or in major differences a piece of hardware, but the main wiring will be a standard.

The GAP iid tool has come from the Land Rover/Range Rover fold, where owners are much more likely to have the urge to modify their vehicles. JLR ccf files are similar across the range. GAP also has a Jaguar interface licence available. I have a single tool, and it has licenses installed for 2 vehicles, my Disco 4 and my F Type.

They are not cheap, but if you want to go outside the dealer network, or modify your own vehicle, or even diagnose your own faults, its essential.

2014 Jaguar F-Type 3.0 S Coupe in Salsa red
2021 Land Rover Defender 110 X-Dynamic HSE
1968 Land Rover Series 2a 88”
1966 Land Rover Series 2a 109” ex army.

I can start my Jaguar XE from my phone!

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Coding jaguar

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