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Want a salon receptionist without the cost of hiring?




The majority of salons cannot justify the spend on a full-time receptionist, which often leaves stylists frequently running from foils to phones - this is stressful, distracting and inefficient.

Salon software could be your answer. The right system will accomplish all your organisational needs, without the cost of hiring or managing an additional team member. Think about salon software as a staff member who answers customer enquiries for you and lets you focus on attending to your clients.




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Salon software has the ability to act as your virtual receptionist. One that knows your offering inside and out, knows when each staff member is working and the time it takes for every service on your system. But the greatest advantage is that your software works around the clock, allowing clients to book and change appointments at any time of day.



No interruptions

By managing all your online bookings, and encouraging clients to book online, digital software ensures that your stylists are not disrupted by constant phone calls. As all staff are working more efficiently you should see appointments taking less time, and more clients fitted in each day.



Client satisfaction

With a virtual receptionist, you are able to spend more time focusing on the clients in the chair. With no interruptions throughout your appointments, you are able to fully dedicate your time to your clients whilst they are in the salon, which in turn will improve client satisfaction. You can do what you love while your calendar fills up.


“Clients are having to wait less, are receiving a first-class service and returning time and time again.”


Salon Receptionist

Manage your Appointments with a Virtual Receptionist

You can utilize a virtual salon receptionist to manage your appointments and phone calls for around $159/month – about 5% of the cost of hiring a salon receptionist.

A virtual salon receptionist will answer your phone calls as though they are in the salon with you and use online scheduling software so you’ll have instant access to all new appointment information as soon as it’s scheduled.

Your customers will thank you! Never over-book, under-book, or miss an appointment again with our lauded appointment management and free appointment reminder service.

Using a virtual salon receptionist

When a customer calls, you will not have to stop what you are doing in order to answer the phone or update an existing appointment. You also won’t have to worry about clicking through a software program in order to find an available time slot, leaving your existing client in the chair feeling “unattended.”

Most importantly, you will not have to worry about losing an appointment or missing calls from clients because a virtual salon receptionist can handle it for you.

A virtual salon receptionist will receive the calls intended for your salon. You’ll give your salon receptionist all the details she needs about your salon – the different stylists, their times of availability, access to their scheduling calendar, and preferred call greeting and handling instructions.

For example, you might want your salon receptionist to mark out an extra 30 minutes for color clients with long hair. Just make a note of it and we’ll add it to our database!

Choose Conversational salon receptionist answering services

Our answering service plans offer a host of important benefits for salon offices. As part of our salon receptionist services package, we provide incoming customer service in addition to friendly appointment reminder calls. Our data shows that appointment reminder calls are effective at reducing no shows—our clients say the practice reduces no shows by as much as 75%.

Reduced stress

Everyone else will be scrambling to try to cut hair while answering the phone and making appointments. All you will have to worry about is cutting hair and building that long lasting client relationship.

Increase phone availability

Another benefit to outsourcing to a virtual salon receptionist is that no one can possibly work every waking hour. You are only able to cut and style hair for so many hours a day. The problem is that customers may want to call or schedule appointments at any time during the day or on a whim.

Take more time off

If you happen to take the afternoon off, it’s no longer an issue. You won’t miss calls and your salon receptionist can still schedule new appointments for you while you’re out!

Catch every call

With a virtual salon receptionist, you will never have to worry about missed opportunities. When a customer calls, the virtual receptionist will automatically answer the phone for you using your selected personalized greeting. They will take down all of the person’s information and if they wish to schedule an appointment, your virtual receptionist can certainly do that for you.

When you get back to the salon, you can retrieve your messages and then return any calls, if necessary, knowing there were no missed opportunities. Think smart and stay ahead of the competition.

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    Dr. Robert Johnson, Tucson Internal Medicine, Client for over 20 years
  • “We began using Contact One because of the number of calls we started to receive after business hours. We wanted to have a family life, but we also wanted our customers to reach someone on the phone who cares as much as we do. What I’ve noticed the most about hiring Contact One years ago […]

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    The Differences Between a Call Center, Virtual Receptionist Service, and Individual Receptionist

    Virtual Salon Receptionist Solutions

    For salons, revenue hinges on calls and appointments. But many salons have an expensive phone answering problem. 

    On average, salons fail to answer 10-25 calls per day. That amounts to hundreds (even thousands) of dollars in lost revenue each week. 

    Virtual salon receptionists can answer missed calls so you don’t lose customers and free salon staff to focus on servicing their clients and perfecting their craft. 

    Beyond answering calls and recording messages, some creative virtual salon receptionist solutions also exist to elevate the customer experience and differentiate your salon. 

    Where Salons Struggle With Client Communication 

    Salons are unique operations. Often, stylists or technicians are actually independent contractors who rent space from the owner and wear multiple hats. 

    Because of these dynamics, salon communication tends to break down in a few ways:

    • Salon receptionists are too busy to answer the phone: When salons do have full-time receptionists, they typically manage and confirm appointments, sell retail products, assist customers, order supplies and handle client communication. Depending on the size of the salon, they could also help with hiring and training new staff. Managing so many responsibilities means it’s impossible to answer every phone call, especially during peak times.

    • Few salons can afford full-time receptionists: For most beauty salons, hiring a dedicated receptionist is too expensive. The stylist, manager or owner often fills this role, answering the phone and greeting and transacting clients. During times of high traffic, stylists must choose between missing calls and potential revenue or ignoring paying clients. 

    • Technicians use their personal cell phones: Because stylists act as their own business units, they typically communicate with clients on their personal cell phones. Owners lose sight into these conversations and can’t forward clients to their stylists when they call the salon, creating a fragmented customer experience.

    5 Virtual Salon Receptionist Solutions

    Hair appointments are highly personal. Most patrons call the salon or text their stylists directly to schedule an appointment. But when the weekend rush hits, callers get sidelined. 

    Simple upgrades in your business communication system can maximize your answered calls while maintaining a high level of customer service.

    One immediate solution is virtual salon receptionists. These services often vary in features and options that may appeal to select salon owners. 

    When weighing your options, consider these five virtual salon receptionist features that will make your business more efficient. 

    1. Automated Text Messaging

    SMS is a natural fit for salons, especially with a booming generation of texters. 

    Customers are accustomed to texting and chatting with businesses; 78% of people wish they could have a text conversation with a company. And texts get read, too. The open rate for text messages is 98%, with 90% read within three seconds. 

    Automated SMS gives customers immediate assistance so you can focus on delighting in-store clients. Instead of waiting for you to call them back, customers get instant answers to questions or receive links to schedule appointments digitally. 

    Answering services like Numa text back callers and automatically respond to common questions, allowing stylists to serve more customers. Numa also transcribes voicemails, so receptionists can filter quickly through spam calls and focus their time on serving customers.

    2. 24/7 Service (Live or Automated)

    Typical salon hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. But that doesn’t mean customers only call within that time frame. Without a 24/7 answering service, you’re missing most of these calls and revenue opportunities.

    Not all answering services offer 24/7 support. So if you want to be available to customers any time of day, be sure to select a service with this feature. 

    By implementing a 24/7 virtual receptionist service, you will never leave your customers in the dust (or force your stylists to field calls and texts at all hours). 

    3. Call and Text Message Routing

    Most salon technicians don’t have direct lines, so routing calls isn’t possible. 

    Answering services can forward calls directly to a technician’s cell phone from the main business number.

    For text-centric salons, tools like Numa can also route text messages to the correct stylist without any employee intervention.

    4. Appointment Scheduling

    A staggering 35% of customers book appointments after business hours. Even if you have a 24/7 answering service, many services only record messages and can’t schedule client appointments for you, which means those leads quickly fizzle out. 

    Answering services like Numa text customers who call after hours and can send them to your appointment booking page, saving you from playing phone tag the next day (or worse, missing appointments altogether).

    5. Multilingual Operators

    Are language barriers turning customers away from your salon? 

    About 15-20% of Americans are bilingual, and some people prefer to communicate in their first language. But bilingual receptionists are more expensive than less specialized resources. Instead of hiring a bilingual receptionist, stick to virtual salon answering services. 

    Numa’s answering service can transcribe and respond in any language. If someone texts you in Arabic, you see the transcribed conversation and Numa responds in that language.

    Multilingual options are powerful tools for capturing more appointments and can help your salon stand out.

    Is a Virtual Receptionist Right for Your Salon?

    Unsure whether you need a virtual salon receptionist? 

    Here are five signs it might be time to make the switch:

    • Your customers struggle to get a hold of you

    • You miss phone calls while servicing clients 

    • Your voicemails rarely get checked

    • You’re constantly playing phone tag with customers to schedule and reschedule appointments 

    • Your stylists are continually fielding phone calls throughout the workday instead of focusing on customers 

    Help More Clients With Numa

    Instead of stepping away from clients to answer the phone, rely on virtual salon receptionists like Numa to rescue your missed calls. 

    Numa is an AI answering service that directs callers to text messaging and assists with appointment booking.

    Here’s how it works:

    1. When customers call your business, Numa gives them the option to receive a text message when you don’t answer the phone. 

    2. Once the caller engages, Numa texts the customer and can answer questions about your business or send links to your online calendar so clients can book or cancel appointments.

    With Numa, you can text-enable your business landline in minutes, gain visibility into text conversations and book more appointments with fewer resources. 

    Schedule your Numa demo today!


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