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I went in for a full set of acrylics and I wanted gel polish. Before the man started on my nails, I showed him the length and shape I wanted from a picture on Pinterest (short, ballerina foot shape) and I asked if that was okay. He said yes. On their sign, it clearly says that for a full acrylic set its $28 and to add gel polish its $15. They were pretty busy around the time I went in (5PM) but he didnt seem to be rushing. While I was in the salon, it looked like he did a great job and I was really happy with them, even though hed burnt me with the drill a few times. Then I went to pay, and he told me my total was $53! And that was without the tip, so I asked him why it was so high, and I found out they charged me for the shape I wanted which has never happened to me and Ive been to multiple nail salons in and around the Hilliard area. So I paid and tipped him and left. Needless to say, I wont be back. I dont enjoy hidden fees and not being told when something costs extra. Then when I got home, I realized how uneven my nails were, and I had to fix them myself after paying over $50. Definitely not worth it.


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  • March 2021

    In less than a week the nails start falling off,, and i did the deep paid $50.This is wrong. I went twice and same thing happened. I am never going back.

  • February 2021

    Love them! Excellent quality and experience! Comfy massage chairs. The extra pedi treatments are so worth the upgrade!

  • January 2021

    Have gone to them over a year. Always good service. Prices are reasonable.

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Hilliard perfect nails

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