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For those who only spend time in the kitchen out of necessity rather than a love for cooking, Whirlpool has added an integration with recipes app Yummly to help make meals a bit less stressful. At CES 2018, the appliance company has unveiled a new smart kitchen range and microwave that pair with Yummly so you can select recipes you’d like to make and the appliances will automatically preheat, cook, and turn themselves off when the meals are done cooking.

Yummly works by letting you pick your dietary preferences, ingredients you have in the fridge, or cooking difficulty / time and walks you through how to make a dish with step-by-step instructions. If you have random stuff in the fridge, you’ll also be able to use Yummly to take a photo of the ingredients to have the app recommend recipes based on what you’ve got. If you prefer to plan recipes ahead of time, you can also create a shopping list from the app, or select to have the ingredients sent to Instacart for one-hour deliveries.

Once you’re ready, Yummly can send notifications on when you should start cooking to have a meal ready by a certain time. As you follow along the app, it’ll send preheating and cooking instructions (bake, broil, etc.) to the oven or microwave so everything is ready to go by the time all prep is done. There’s also an option to automatically turn the oven down to a warming temperature when the cooking’s done in case you don’t plan to eat right away. This is similar to other smart cooking solutions like the Tovala oven that scans its pre-packaged meals to automatically set individualized cooking temperature and time.

Of course, because this is CES, a smart appliance isn’t quite complete without a third party voice assistant integration. Amazon recently announced that Alexa can now be used to control ovens and microwaves, and the new Whirlpool line will be compatible with this new feature. They will also support Google Assistant and can send notifications to the Apple Watch.

All this means your appliances will require Wi-Fi to operate all of their connected features, though obviously it’ll work normally as a dumb oven should your internet go under. The new range seems useful for those who are trying to be better at cooking and want to optimize for time, though eventually the goal should be to know how to do all this yourself in the future and not rely on the web to make sure you don’t burn your house down if the Wi-Fi disconnects for a bit.

The new Whirlpool smart range and microwave will be available later this spring starting at $1,949 for the oven and $819 for the microwave. Yummly’s image recognition feature will launch in beta this spring, with a wider rollout scheduled for summer.

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Whirlpool Ranges & Ovens

Rated with 5 stars
Tom of W. Norriton, PA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 17, 2021

We love our double over Whirlpool oven. Nice we can use the upper oven without using the large bottom one. The bottom is a convention, does a great job for Thanksgiving. Love the 5 burner set up. It does have it small issues. Cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving. Notice the glow plug was on but never kick on. Once I figure to unplug the unit, it was fine. Con, we have a warranty. Third party service did a very good job. Checking the web site of Whirlpool for parts. I even contact them since they kept sending the wrong parts. (have enough wrong parts to build one.) All is good and it is just corporate just is not efficient in some issue.

Rated with 5 stars
Vicki of Philadelphia, PA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 12, 2021

I love the convection cook top! It is very responsive. It's about as responsive as gas, which saves a significant amount of electricity! But, it is WAY easier to keep clean. I also love the warming burner! Having that 5th burner in which to keep something warm, while you finish other things in the oven or on one of the regular burners is very helpful. It's also great for melting butter. The ability of the oven to delay the start of cooking and program cooking to finish at a certain time or in a certain amount of time is also very useful when you can't attend to starting or stopping cooking in the oven.

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Rated with 5 stars
Rikk of Bridgeton, MO Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 12, 2021

I had my Whirlpool electric stove for about fifteen years, I have had a couple minor problems with it. The oven temperature sensor went out, I bought a new one online and replaced it. The stove top eyes get warped from uses. Really no big deal. I've had good luck with it over the years. It's the standard 30 inch white. I paid over $400. It will probably last me another 15 years, I don't see why it wouldn't. But then I know how to fix appliances. I think the only reason why anyone would replace a stove is because of the color or it caught fire or won't come clean. The mechanical isn't a problem because you can rebuild them so easy.

Rated with 5 stars
Teresa of Clayton, Ohio Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 7, 2021

I really like my new 5 burner gas double oven gas range made by Whirlpool. Except for 1 minor flaw where the backsplash panel warped at the beginning and was promptly replaced by whirlpool I have had no problems with my range, love having 5 burners and a double oven. Plus the left front burner has a much bigger burner with higher btu which helps water come to a boil way faster than any other ranger I have ever had. That is a real nice feature and I really like having 2 ovens, When cooking on an average day for my small family there is no need to heat up the big oven and the little oven is just the perfect size to bake 1 or 2 dishes. And on holidays when I am cooking for more people or many more dishes I have the capacity to cook more items.

Rated with 4 stars
Mathew of Winder, GA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 3, 2021

The home I bought a few years ago, had brand new Whirlpool appliances. The oven and range, work great, although it does take my oven seems like a long time to get to temperature. The size of the oven is great, has plenty of room to cook lots and/or large amounts. The range, works really good too. It's a glass top range. The glass is very durable, I find it does not scratch easily. Cleans up well by just using a good glass top cleaner. I do have one of the burners, does make a little noise if used but 4 years in, no issues out of the range or oven.

Rated with 1 star
DINESH of Sugar Land, TX Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 7, 2021

My brand new oven kept turning off automatically. When reported, they kept sending a technician who kept lying to both parties regarding what the issue was. Whirlpool customer service people have been extremely rude and declined to fix the issue although my oven was under warranty without giving me proper reasoning for their actions. I am truly dumbfounded with this experience!

Rated with 1 star
Wallace of Hant's Harbour, NL Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 8, 2021

Stove was purchased in June, 2021. Two months later, oven will not heat up!!! Contacts Whirlpool, and TEN days later, a service person finally shows up. Problem appears to be a circuit board that they don't have, and has to be ordered! When will it arrive? He has no idea!!! I called Whirlpool, but it's frustrating and a waste of time. You only get to talk to someone that appears to be reading from a script! If we're lucky, we'll be without an oven for one month; however, it could be two...or three...or four!!! My advice: Don't buy this stove/range!!! Not only is the oven an issue, but it just seems flimsy and subpar quality, especially the oven door. Added to that, the glass top is very difficult to keep clean... Worse than any glass top stove we've had in the past.

Rated with 1 star
William of Seymour, TX Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 6, 2021

Didn’t realize our Gotham cookware is not heavy enough to compress the stupid buttons on burners, but I guess it’s our fault for not researching corporate America’s blunders! Thanks for nothing. I do not recommend this unit.!

Rated with 1 star
Baby of Albuquerque, NM Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 29, 2021

Bought a new Whirlpool range in 10/20. In 06/21 the control panel stopped working. Now they say the necessary part will not be available until 10/21! 5 months without a working range! Don't buy Whirlpool--shoddy products and terrible customer service.

Rated with 2 stars
T. of Greenwood, IN Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 21, 2021

Called Whirlpool customer care for help with identifying make and model number of a slide-in, ceramic cook-top range (one of their popular brands). The representative was cordial, patient and very helpful when it came to giving me directions on how to locate make/model information on the unit. That was until I let her know about a recent problem with the stove. The edge of the cooktop is much too sharp! My hand got cut while wiping down the stove top/adjacent counter. Although I've had the stove for a while, I'd never had that happen before; that's probably because I used a thin rag this time around to do the cleaning.

I asked the rep if anyone else had reported getting cut by the stove top. She said, "No." I let her know that my goal was to just them know about the situation, because such a sharp edge on a cooktop is a safety issue. She disagreed. But what could or should she have said? In all fairness, it came down to balancing loyalty to the company with genuine care for the customer.

I do appreciate how kind she was in communicating with me, but am very displeased that once I'd shared about the problem she seemed rather dismissive of the situation. How could the risk of being cut NOT be a product safety issue??? If you visit the Consumer Products Safety Commission website, you can see where 'risk of laceration' is a reason some products are recalled. Based on that understanding, I would say that sharp edges on a ceramic cooktop IS a safety issue!

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Whirlpool Innovation: Opening New Doors

Whirlpool brand side door range

Whirlpool gives consumers in Latin America a new way to access the oven on a freestanding range

How do you successfully change the time-tested design and operation of an appliance while also gaining the approval of consumers?

That was the challenge for Whirlpool Corporation Cooking Designer Wesley Mendez, who helped refashion how the oven door opens on the company’s new freestanding range platform: not downward, as has commonly been done for decades, but to the side.

“We are in constant pursuit of improving life at home through our appliances,” Mendez said. “On this project, we focused completely on how our consumers perceive a range and what points they care about.”

Whirlpool brand side door rangeWhat resulted is an optional side-swing door on a new 30-inch freestanding range. Mendez, who is based at Whirlpool Corporation’s Global Consumer Design Offices in Mexico, says the distinctive feature evolved after seeing data indicating a shift in consumer buying behavior in Latin American countries.

“All those countries—most of their cuisine is based on the surface, so everything is fried or heated,” Mendez said. “But now people are willing to invest more in the oven—maybe to roast, maybe to bake.”

In response to growing interest in using the oven on a freestanding range and meeting consumers’ changing needs, Mendez says he and his team innovated a new solution to make the oven cavity more inviting for consumers.

“We thought it would be more approachable if we changed the way the door opens,” Mendez said. “Like a refrigerator, when you open the door, it’s a welcome for the consumer. You can get really close and you can have complete control of what happens in the rack.”

The challenge of redesigning the oven door was then posed to Whirlpool Corporation’s Global Product Development team.

“We had to translate a high-level concept to a manufacturable design.” said Ramiro Ruthes, Whirlpool Corporation System Integrator Leader for Freestanding Ranges.

Ruthes led fellow engineers in the construction of a new door that is able to swing more than 100 degrees from the opening of the cavity. He says the door also includes a step on the hinge to hold it clear of consumers while they’re accessing the oven.

“One of the main requirements was to develop the side-swing door using the same product platform and most of the parts of the current drop-down door,” Ruthes said.

Reengineering the oven door wasn’t the only focus for the Whirlpool teams behind the new freestanding range. They also improved the ergonomics and finishes of the handles and knobs. The burners are more efficient and the grates have been strengthened. The upgraded components are complemented by a glass backsplash that’s unique to the Latin American market. Mendez says consumers in the region are drawn to glass not only for its elegant aesthetic, but also because the material’s smooth surface makes it easy to clean.

Whirlpool introduced the side-swing feature to markets in Mexico in Q3 2019. Additional rollout is planned in Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia as well as markets in Central America and the Caribbean in Q1 2020.

Mendez says initial reaction among consumers has been positive.

“The combination of improving the design, craftsmanship, fit and finish, touchpoint materials and this disruptive way of opening the door backed by our focus on usability-improvement—I think that is what makes this new range from Whirlpool Corporation a winning product in the market.”

Whirlpool Oven/Stove review

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Alexa-integrated Whirlpool oven hands-on

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