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Primary: Dentist

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General Dentistry

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Practice At 11900 Bellaire Blvd Suite A

11900 Bellaire Blvd Suite A

Houston, TX 77072

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11900 Bellaire Blvd Ste A

Houston, TX 77072

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Mon - Thu:
Alief Forest, Westside, Alief


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master card, visa

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Parking: Valet

Insurance: Delta Dental Premier

By Appointment Only: Yes

Services: Dentists, Tooth Whitening


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You are better off pulling your own teeth than going to this place. The customer service is the WORST you will ever get. I should have known something was wrong with this place because I was the only customer in there every time (3) I went. Sadly I only went to this dump because I had a terrible sudden toothache and needed to find out what was wrong quickly and it was close to my residence. Big mistake. After being told that they could not verify my insurance (?) I ended up entering into a costly payment plan. The result? They scheduled a follow-up appointment I when I got there no one even acknowledged my presence. When I went up to the counter and politely introduced myself The receptionist "pretended" (yes pretended) to go and inform the dentist of my arrival. After waiting for 30 minutes (remember I had an appointment) I approached the desk and asked them if the dentist was ready to see me. One of the women at the front desk said "umm-hmm". And walked away, again pretending to go and inform the dentist of my arrival. Then, they had somebody I had never seen before come out and tell me the dentist wasn't in. When I asked why I was scheduled in the first place, I was told "I don't know why". Then I was told the three part bridge I was supposed to have installed wasn't ready anyway. When I called their "corporate" office, I was given the run around like you would not believe!!!! Then, get ready for this, they told me that all of the managers at every location and their "corporate" offices were on vacation. When I made additional inquires (i.e. when will they return, who do I need to speak to, etc...) I was left on hold for over 1 hr. 1hr. Then the lady who answered the phone (and refused to identify herself) said that I could just stay on the line because no one was going to speak to me. Then she hung up on me. If that wasn't bad enough, when I called back to the original location I was seen at (westheimer and dairy ashford) to seek a refund, I was told to come in and fill out paper work to get the "process" started. And what was that paper work? A Release of Liability Form. which of course I refused to sign. Add to that, a month after my procedure my mouth still hurts. I called the financing company and informed them that I will not paying for a bridge I have not received. They called Apple Dentists and are supposed to speak with the office manager on Monday July 3, 2015. That's great, but I doubt that it will happen. But that's okay, Because of this ordeal, I've already contacted an attorney. You've heard my story. I just should have gone to my regular dentist when my tooth first began to ache This place has the most unprofessional, attitudinal staff you will ever encounter. And after I took a good look around this place I realized that it is a raggedy dump. I was in real pain because there is no way in hell I would have gone that crappy place (with a dirty fountain, raggedy chairs and unskilled help) unless I was suffering. I need a physical to make sure I haven't caught anything. Now I'm walking around, a snaggle toothed professional. Don't go to this place. You have been warned!!!!!!!!!!


I went in to get my wisdom teeth removed.

Lets start off with the non-important items.

The place smelled like rotten seafood.

The restroom seemed like someone urinated all over the walls and there was no toilet paper.

The rooms where the patients sit are not private .

There were holes in the walls.

They have a beautiful fountain in the middle but the water has not been changed since I think the establishment was built.

My actual experience:

I walked in, filled out paper work, got sent to the room immediately ( so far so good).

The assistant came in to take the xrays of my wisdom tooth. This took about 15 minutes ( not bad right).

Then an asian lady came in, reclined my seat, asked me where it hurt. I told her upper left tooth, I can feel my wisdom teeth poking out and I want them removed. She looked into my mouth for a few seconds. Sat me back up and went about her merry way.

Then a different lady came in. Reclined my seat, stuck something in my mouth. Didn't exchange a word with me. Propped me back up and left.

Lastly, ANOTHER young lady comes in with the clipboard and tells me. " The procedure will cost $400 is that okay?"

I was appalled. Not once did any of the doctors come in and explain to me the procedure. Nor did they take the time to explain the xrays. Just not the kind of service I expected. I got real upset and asked if I could talk to one out of the two doctors that dug into my mouth and left.

The first lady came, she told me verbatim " You told me you only wanted to deal with removing your tooth, I cannot do that. That is why the other lady came in and looked to see if she could do the procedure for you. The first person was your assistant, I am doctor, the second lady was a doctor, and the last lady is the consultant is there anything I can explain for you?" she finished her thought with a roll of her eyes.



I ask if i can come in when they were about to close. I was surprise they took me in and finish the treatment. The faculty did a great job.


I went for an ortho consult. the price was cheap. i went somewhere else for braces consult they said 500 down and 99 a month and i would get a free ipad i like the place but the only problem was that doctor Nguyen wasn't an orthodontist so that's why i came to apple dentists i got my braces started with a real orthodontist.


HORRIBLE service. The guy who wanted to look at my teeth was sliding around wearing HOUSE SHOES!!! Then gets upset when I ask what did he think he was about to do. The front desk customer service was bad too. I will never go back and recommended no one else either.


Never again

They will rip the hell out of you like a car salesman, and they would never tell you at the beginning, the service is sorry too. I would give it a half of a star because of false advertisement. They would do anything to rip you off as deductible as much as your insurance money. Yeah, they will be friendly as long as you agree with the price, who else doesn't. Waste my time...


Worst place ever

Dont goooo... U will regard if u go to this place, I don't know how can they run this place for sooo long


!!!!!WARNING!!!! I would say don't do it. this place is seriously bad. Before I started writing my review I read all the other ones and I agree with every single one of them (the bad ones only).

Yesterday I took my kids because the were schedule for their 6 moth check up. My wife schedule the appointment last week for Mon at 3 pm for my son and 3:30 pm for my daughter. at 4 PM I got up and asked them how much longer I had to wait. The manager said, " it will be a few more minutes only Sr." The finally call my back and then the nurse or dentist assistant told me that they couldn't do anything because it was not over 6 moths after their last visit. Are you freaking kidding me? They made me wait over an hour just to tell me they can do anything? plus, if my wife schedule the appointment the week before why they din't say anything back then? I was furious, I tried to talk to the manager but he was not even able to express himself correctly, the receptionist was rude and careless from the get go, and the DDS it was like a ghost. but that is not all. Then around 5 pm they called my wife's cellphone and asked her why she didn't make it to the appointment? That is how clueless they are.

I also have to mention that the place was a dump. I was dirty and you can clearly see that they don't care for the proper maintenance of the building.

I got my kids and fled out the place immediately. I am seriously warning you!! DO NOT GO THERE!!!!!


I would give it a zero! I pu...

I would give it a zero! I purchased my braces on February 6th 2012 at 12601 Westheimer Houston, TX 77077. On November 15th 2012, I requested a refund due to moving overseas and received a letter from Apple Dentist for refund of fees for my dental braces. Also, I was informed that it may take fifteen days for the request to be processed. Unfortunately, the refund has not been processed because the bank statement of my braces loan continues to reflect payment. It has been over a month and nothing has been done so far. On December 20th 2012 at 2:15 PM I spoke with you (Tatianna or Adrianna) and you informed me that you will telephone me with a resolution by the end of the business day but I never received the call. After that, I have made numerous attempts to contact the office manager. But the phone only to be placed on hold or told the manager was out of the office and call back on a certain time or even day of the week. When I attempted to contact the manager on the date and time specified by the office staff, I would be told once again the manager was out of the office or have my calls go unanswered. This is not the correct way for Apple Dentist to respond to their customers. I am very very upset with the customer service. They drag their feet when I ask for a refund. Also, I am very unhappy and confused with the way they calculate my refund. Many unexpected fees and charges suddenly show up! Do yourself and your teeth a favor and AVOID them like the PLAGUE!!!!!!!!!!!


Horrible experience!! DO NOT G...

Horrible experience!! DO NOT GO HERE! They will steal your money!

I went there to get new dentures. They told me that I will have them by the end of the month. I paid over $3k for this. TWO months later and I still do not have my dentures! They kept telling me that they will have them in 2 weeks, but every time I go there, they give me a bunch of excuses. They even told they LOST the dentures and have to make new ones.

I can't put up with this anymore that I decided to go elsewhere. I told them to give me my money back, and they said they will after a week for them to process. ONE month later and they still have not give me my money back. They kept making up excuses and said that their manager is out. Now they are avoiding my calls, but when I used a different number to call them, they pick up! They are scammers and liars! They still have not given me back the money til this day! I am posting this review anywhere I can so that people will not get cheated from this place like me.


I went to the Apple Dentist on...

I went to the Apple Dentist on Bellaire and Kirkwood. They overcharged me for deep root cleaning $800.00 and they charged everything on my Delta Dental Insurance, but they did not perform all of the surgeries like they were supposed to. When they clean my teeth, they did not even do the deep root cleaning. Kieu Le was my dentist and she did the cleaning so fast that I was not satisfied at all. I ranked this Apple Dentist the worst that I have ever been to.. Several people have told me that Apple Dentist have been sued several times and they even killed a kid by injecting him too much with pain killer.


worst doctor ever, they do the...

worst doctor ever, they do the worst job and i am sure that you will be waited more than 1 hour to get your turn even you made an appointment before you come. they are careless on you, the young receptionist was the stupid one, she talks to us like no care anything, and she doesnot know anything as well.

please do not come over there if you want to be treated like stupid. trust me


I went to Apple Dentist off of...

I went to Apple Dentist off of 1960 and Jones with my kids. (despite what the reviews said) It didn't take us long at all to be seen. The assistance were great with my boys and repeatedly told them how great they were doing the whole time! The doctors talked to them through the whole procedures to ease their minds about what was going on. Lots of smiles and high fives given to my boys for being so brave having teeth pulled. I would definately recommend Apple Dentist to my friends. Even got a prize (back-pack) when leaving. Great experience, I will be back!


Apple Dentists

They have TERRIBLE service. The receptionists there are young & could really care less about customers. The orthodonist there doesn't even do what she's supposed to, she hires assistants to do do it for her. Everyone is so rude. I only met ONE nice dentist. They don't even have toilet paper. They made me wait 2 hours when I already had an appointment. The very last day I go there I'm gonna cuss them all out. They're so disrespectful, it's crazy. It'd actually be a nice place to go if the workers changed their attitude. I hope they read all these reviews.



I would not recommend this place to any one. They find ways to recommended all the service that you dont need. They recommended me all this service but I was like I dont feel pain just stick to my cleaning. What made me mad the most is they made me waited for 2 hours, charged me $200 for a 10 minutes cleaning and my teeth didn't even feel clean afterward. They say my service is in between deep cleaning and light cleaning but when it come to it, their middle cleaning is no different to other people regular cleaning.



They started charging me for braces when i didnt even have them on nor made any sort of arrangement that i was going to get my braces and i waited for over an hour. the receptionists were rude and unprofessional. dont recommend this place to no one


Convenient location, nice doctors average good price for first visit but inefficient service

This review is for the Jones Rd and 1960 office in Houston. The day I went there were no patients waiting and the first attention was prompt and very efficient, both the technician who took the x-rays and the doctor who made the diagnose. I just felt a little uncomfortable by the insistence on cosmetics than on just addressing the very simple problem that got me there in first place. I was told I would be given a quote and if I approved, he will fix my tooth that same day.

I walked in and started filling paperwork at 11:45 but now I was left to wait for more than 45 minutes to get the quote of my service and proceed with the treatment. I decided to get to the front desk at 1:15pm and found the doctors were chatting there at front desk....Very quietly I paid my service and left. Nobody seemed to care, so if this is the attention given to something as simple as a quote I do not want it in the fixing my teeth. Lack of care for a patient-client is the kiss of death for any business in a place as large and full of options as Houston.



What Makes Apple Blossom Dentistry
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Welcome to Apple Blossom Dentistry

Apple Blossom Dentistry of Winchester, VA 22601, has an experienced and professional team. We combine state-of-the-art dental technology and a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

Our goal is to provide the best dental practice and the best dentist, Winchester, VA 22601. Apple Blossom Dentistry, the Dental office in Winchester is to educate our patients, which means putting our patients first. We believe in the importance of listening to your dental issues and worries. We also believe in continuing education, which is why we’ll give you all the information you need on dental health. Our practice focuses on creating a partnership with our patients to explore the most effective treatment options.

We make our patients feel comfortable and confident to promote a lifelong relationship built on trust, confidence, quality of work in our dental office in Winchester. Rest assured that we treat you as a family even on your first visit. We look forward to seeing you at our dental office in Winchester, VA 22601. Experience quality dental care and exceptional patient care.

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     The process was straight forward, the front desk receptionists were helpful, clear and concise. The Dr, I think his name is Chung(sorry if I spelled that wrong) did a good job. I was scared, but he was quick and efficient while also making sure I was pain free and doing okay. His assistant was also awesome!


Comrade Jace Beleren

     The staff is super friendly. They are also pretty good about not overbooking so the wait to be seen isnt long. One of the best dentists ive found in apple valley


alison montague


     Very good office! We been going here for about 3 years now and they're always so good to my kids. The dentist is great! Very thorough and informative. Highly recommend!


Kelly Rose

     I've been to a few dentist in my time, and desert dentist Apple Valley is simply the best. The staff is friendly and professional, and the dentist is amazing..If your looking for the best, well look no further.


Dion Johnson


     Staff here is so friendly and respectful. It really takes a team to provide great service and from the minute you walk in the door, you know you are taken care of. Thank you Dr. and team!


Jennifer Sotelo

     Great staff friendly dentist and very informant you are apart not just a person in the chair. Great place to come . The dentist assistant to the billing nurse are amazing I hope I never have to go anywhere else.


Raquel Vizcarra


     Great work and very efficient. Extremely nice staff, will return...



     They are very nice here! Made sure everything was sanitized and up to COVID standards and got me in and out of there in an hour! They were very busy too!




     I’ve been to Desert Dentist twice now and both times I’ve had a great experience! The staff and doctor are kind, informative and professional!



     Desert Dentist - Apple Valley treated me delightfully. The staff works well as a team striving to do everything in excellence. The Dentist is very thorough to a "T" in explaining her medical diagnosis and treatment plan. I would recommend this dental office to friends and family.




     Got me in immediately fair pricing and everyone was extremely nice



     Good place to have a good health




     I took my 9year old daughter here. All of the staff here is wonderful! They made my daughter feel comfortable during her procedure as well.




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Phone (appointments): 760-203-3619|Phone (general inquiries): 760-503-9233

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I Love offering my patients great quality care at a convenient price. Dr. Dalila Valdez is a specialist in dentistry and general dentistry. Dr Dalila Valez is currently practicing in Houstin, TX. Dr. Dalila Valdez received her medical degree at The University Of Illonois, Chicago.

Recent reviews

The plce is definitely the worst place I have ever been. The wait was almost 2hrs. They called me on two occassions to reschedule my appointment because the fromt desk made a mistake. I can understand making a mistake once but not twice. They had no concern how it was interrupting my day and how I had to adjust my work schedule to be there. They also charge you upfront, which meant they over charged me before billing anything to my insurance company. To make it worse, the doctor spent the entire time talking to her coworker in Spanish while she was cleaning my teeth. I run a business of my own and I would probably close the front doors myself or fire my entire staff if my business was ran this way.

The plce is definitely the worst place I have ever been. The wait was almost 2hrs. They called me on two occassions to reschedule my appointment because the fromt desk made a mistake. I can understand making a mistake once but not twice. They had no concern how it was interrupting my day and how I had to adjust my work schedule to be there. They also charge you upfront, which meant they over charged me before billing anything to my insurance company. To make it worse, the doctor spent the entire time talking to her coworker in Spanish while she was cleaning my teeth. I run a business of my own and I would probably close the front doors myself or fire my entire staff if my business was ran this way.

Initials hiddenMore than 1 year ago

Short staffed. Staff was friendly but front desk is easily confused. Waited 2.5 hours. Beware this is apple dentist.

Short staffed. Staff was friendly but front desk is easily confused. Waited 2.5 hours. Beware this is apple dentist.

Binh T.March 4, 2017

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Apple Dentists

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Short staffed. Staff was friendly but front desk is easily confused. Waited 2.5 hours. Beware this is apple dentist.

March 4, 2017Binh T.Verified patient

I needed a visit and I came without appointment the reception are good. Very good attention for patient. Very good service.

More than 1 year agoHD

The plce is definitely the worst place I have ever been. The wait was almost 2hrs. They called me on two occassions to reschedule my appointment because the fromt desk made a mistake. I can understand making a mistake once but not twice. They had no concern how it was interrupting my day and how I had to adjust my work schedule to be there. They also charge you upfront, which meant they over charged me before billing anything to my insurance company. To make it worse, the doctor spent the entire time talking to her coworker in Spanish while she was cleaning my teeth. I run a business of my own and I would probably close the front doors myself or fire my entire staff if my business was ran this way.

More than 1 year agoInitials hidden

Very unpleasant doctor, she did not even say hi.

April 10, 2017Johanna C.Verified patient

I waited over an hour and when she walked. She didn't speak just said open your mouth and when I questioned who she was she gave me a nasty look and said I'm the dentist and said open your mouth . made me feel uneasy about her .

More than 1 year agoAyanda D.Verified patient

They were very nice and professional. My daughter had a tooth pulled and she didn't evem feel it. She was pleased about that part. Very nice staff and clean facility.

March 11, 2016Jazaria C.Verified patient

Had a 9am appt, the office didn't open the door until 915,once I was in they stated they didn't know I had an appt since I scheduled it online. Waited 1.5hrs to be seen. The dental assistant and Dentist were very nice and attentive to my concerns as to why I had to wait so long to be seen. They were very nice,that was appreciated. I needed additional work but was not able to get this done since It was almost 12pm before I was finished.

June 15, 2015Initials hidden

No Pain

June 1, 2015Balbino A.Verified patient

Maravilloza Highly Satisfactory

More than 1 year agoSC

She's great

More than 1 year agoEJ

June 3, 2016Arianna R.Verified patient

May 14, 2016Jose D.Verified patient

Frequently asked questions

What are common reasons for patients to see Dr. Dalila Valdez?

Dr. Dalila Valdez frequently sees patients for Bridge, Dental Cleaning, Dental Consultation, New Patient Dental Exam (Adult), and Root Canal. You can see other visit reasons for Dr. Dalila Valdez on their profile.

What languages does Dr. Dalila Valdez speak?

How do patients rate Dr. Dalila Valdez in reviews?

12 patients have reviewed Dr. Dalila Valdez. The overall rating for this doctor is 3.50/5. They have a 3.58/5 rating for bedside manner and a 2.75/5 rating for wait time. You can read individual reviews and ratings on their profile.

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Welcome to Apple Dental of San Diego, where you’re sure to find the very best in quality family-friendly dental care! We are a compassionate and patient-focused dental office that has been serving the community of San Diego, CA for many years. Our talented dentists, Dr. Mark Olson, Dr. Thi Phan, and Dr. Jose Ruiz, welcome people of all ages and treat all of their patients like family.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff work hard to create a comfortable environment for all of our guests. We will happily answer any questions and take time to educate patients in all treatment options as well as good dental care habits.

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When it comes to preserving your dental health, we know the clearest picture provides the best results. We offer state-of-the-art digital imaging to get a full view of your mouth, allowing us to find and address potential problems swiftly and accurately.

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At Apple Dental of San Diego, we put the health and well-being of patients first. We care about each of our patients, both new and returning, and we promise to go the extra mile for you during every visit.

Many of our patients have been with us over a decade. Our practice caters especially to families, treating guests young and old with equal attention and care. We are also a proud multilingual facility, offering language assistance in Spanish, Burmese, and Vietnamese.

We value patients of all types and will work with you to ensure you receive the care you need. We accept most dental insurance, including PPO, Medical, and many HMO policies. For patients in need of financing, we offer payment plan options through CareCredit. Please call our office for more details on financing options.

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We would like to invite you to Green Apple Dental. You will find dentists and staff who value your time and appreciate your choice in giving us the opportunity to serve you as your family dentist in Surrey.

With two locations in Surrey, BC; Newton and Fleetwood, Green Apple Dental is a perfect place for patients looking for a dental professional in Surrey. We offer a full range of general, cosmetic, surgical, and emergency dental procedures under one roof.

Dental Services

We offer a wide array of dental services under one roof. Our list of services includes teeth whitening, dental veneers, dental implants, Invisalign, root canal therapy (endodontics), regular check-ups & cleanings, smile makeover, mercury free fillings, wisdom teeth extraction, dental emergency appointments, and much more! If you are looking for an experienced and friendly Surrey dentist, give us a call.

We strive to provide a comfortable experience at each visit. Our dentists Dr. Pavandeep Kooner, general dentist, and Dr. Mirna Cancar, general dentist, are passionate about dentistry and about improving the oral health of their patients. Dr. Kooner, general dentist, is also a certified Invisalign provider. She believes that Invisalign is a great treatment option for straightening teeth.

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Whether you need a check-up and cleaning, or extensive dental work, rest assured you’re in good hands. We will answer all your questions, do all assessments thoroughly, formulate a plan with you, carry out all treatments you wish to do, carry out necessary insurance correspondences, and make a plan for future visits.

We warranty dental treatment provided in our office; feel confident about the service you receive from your Surrey dentist at Green Apple Dental.


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