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Eureka’s ergonomic standing desk converter is designed to take the ordinary office desk and turn it into an option standing desk. It’s a great alternative to 10 of the best standing desks.

Standing at the office is becoming increasingly popular thanks to health benefits: your posture improves, you burn more calories as you move around, you avoid back problems caused by sitting down for too long, and other benefits associated with more physical activity. But for all that to work, you need the best standing desks from Gadget Review that can support your computers and devices in an easy-to-use way.

Our adjustable desk reviews have the answers you need.

Here’s where Eureka’s desk comes in strong: It offers plenty of sturdy space and allows you to adjust the desk converter to find the ideal angle, or return it down to a more sittable position. These types of desk converters are useful when more than one person share a workspace, when a workspace is used for both standing activities (think drafting or more active design) and sitting, or when you just want to get off your feet for a bit.


Price: $369.99
Availability: Now
Model: DSN-02994-B

Summary: A large, sturdy standing desk converter ideal for professional who have enough space to use it.

What We Liked: 

  • Spacious
  • Smooth operation with simple controls
  • Enough grip to stay put

What We Didn’t: 

  • The weight makes it difficult to set up without help
  • No extra features, such cord routers or docks.

Time to Set Up: 5 minutes
Time to Adjust: Seconds

Eureka Standing Desk Converter Specs

Experience: A Heavy-Duty Standing Desk Converter for the Serious Office

Eureka Standing Desk Above

The first thing you notice about the Eureka standing desk converter is that it means business. This isn’t a casual consumer model for elevating a side desk at home – unless you are seriously into your hobbies.

The converter is 36-inches wide and comes in at 57.3 pounds. You will want a clear desk, plenty of room, and an extra pair of arms to set this model up. It’s not something a worker can move around or tear down in minutes: the combination of weight and size means that when this converter is place it’s going to stay there.

On the plus side, this converter is the furthest thing from flimsy, and is entirely unmoved when leaning against it or making monitor adjustments.

The design underscores this: the black, high-quality surface is surrounded by sturdy mechanics. Two inset levers on either side of the desk control its height. Pull up on both levers, and you can pull the desk gently to the height you want. Release the levers, and it will stay there. There’s no way for it to “memorize” where you stop the desk like full digital models do, but the process is simple, safe, and easy to adjust on the fly.

The lift range varies from 5.5 inches (when the converter is fully set back down) to 20 inches (at its most extended). Gas-powered springs elevate the desk, a combination that makes for very smooth lifting in an expanding Z shape. According to Eureka, the gas springs were tested for 100,000 cycles to make sure they would last.

If you are interested in a converter note the 5.5-inch resting height. On particularly high desks or tables, this may elevate your workstation higher than is comfortable when sitting. The Eureka model works better on more traditional desks with lower heights that can stand a several-inch boost without drastically changing how easy it is to work from them. Be prepared to adjust your nearby office chair seat height for sit-down sessions, to make this difference more comfortable.

Eureka Desk Shape

The “feet” of the converter are large, solid supports with gripping, rubberized layers to ensure the desk stays still. The keyboard section is large, with enough room to install a mousepad and mouse of your choice on either side of the primary keyboard area.

Since you’ll probably only be using a mouse on one side, that means you also have a space for your phone, notes, or other handy accessories. That’s even before we get to the monitor space, which is significantly larger. Unless you are using a large dual monitor setup, you probably don’t need to worry about room here. Even 27-inch and ultrawide monitors can fit. However, the surface of the Eureka model is slick, so to keep your monitor from sliding around we suggested sticky pads or a similar method of placement.

While there is plenty of room for accessories, the desk converter itself doesn’t support many other devices directly. In other words, there are no docks for your smartphone, no cord organizers or holes for routing – only a shallow groove above the keyboard for you to prop up a tablet computer. If you want to set up areas for your accessories, you’ll have to do it yourself. Given the model’s rising-hinge design, there are plenty of options for trailing cables, but no built-in methods available. Cable clips or ties may prove helpful here.

All these features also mean you will need to take extra time planning out where you want the standing desk and how it will be used. Not only is this model difficult to move on a whim, but small, lightweight desks may not be able to handle its weight. It is certainly not designed for collapsible, plastic desks or counters mounted to the wall.

Keep in mind that even with the spacious design, the Eureka standing desk converter is only designed to hold a max of 35 pounds. If you are planning on attaching multiple monitors or complex monitor mounting arrangements that include lots of accessories, you may want to stop and do some brief math to see if the total weight exceeds this amount. Over the long term, that could become a problem.

If you have enough room on your desk, you can choose to either have the keyboard section poke out, or stay inside. You may want to try both options to see what feels right. And speaking of feeling right, the Eureka desk is designed to have the monitor fairly far away from your eyes. That’s good – it means less eyestrain – but if you are used to working with a monitor close to your face, it could take some getting used to.

Keep in mind there are plenty of full standing desk options for you to compare if you aren’t sure whether you prefer a converter. And if you plan on spending a lot of time standing, think about a standing chair to go along with your new heights. For a look at more converters, we have some of our other favorites right here!

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Eureka Ergonomic® is one of the newest companies to enter the standing desk converter market and they are looking to position themselves against top brands like Varidesk, Ergotron and FlexiSpot. I had planned on ordering their desktop converter for a review. I read some good things about it and wanted to see how it stacked up for myself. Before I got a chance to order it, I was contacted by Eureka to review the product. I am happy to share my experience with the Eureka Sit Stand Desktop 36”.

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Full Disclaimer: We are an office furniture dealer and sell some of the products we review. To learn more about the products we sell, our review process and why you can trust us, please visit: Why we’re different. Who is and The Breakroom Blog?

Eureka Converter Review Snapshot

Eureka Standing Desk Converter Review Header


  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Ships fully assembled
  • Good build quality
  • Easy to adjust
  • Good stability
  • Infinite position lock


  • Not Dual Ergonomic
  • Limited Adjustment Range
  • Raises Minimum Height
  • Awkward keyboard tray shape
  • Mediocre Warranty


ERK-CV-PRO36 Manufacturer

EUREKA ERGONOMIC® was founded in 2017 and operates under the company name, Eureka LLC. The name “Eureka” was used because of the owner liked the state of California’s motto, based on the 1849 Gold Rush. While Eureka has only been in business for about a year, they are backed by a much larger company, Designa.

Designa has extensive experience with manufacturing, exporting and importing products. They were founded in 1999 as a joint Chinese and US operation. The products are made at a Designa factory in Foshan, China. Their factory is about 35,000 square meters in size and the company employs about 1,000 people. Their main products consist of wire mesh desktop storage accessories. They have recently entered the standing desk market with the EUREKA ERGONOMIC® product line.


– Quick Summary Video
– Country of Origin
– Specs / Features / Pricing
– Return Policy and Warranty
– Installation
– Build Quality
– Footprint
– Making Adjustments
– Stability
– Ergonomics
– Task and Keyboard Space
– Wire Management
– What I Like
– What I Don’t Like
– Bottom Line

Eureka Converter Quick Summary Video

Country of Origin

Made in China

Product Specifications

Overall Weight Capacity: 35 lbs.
Unit Weight: 61 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 77 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: 40” x 36” x 22”
Overall Dimensions at Lowest Height: 35.5”W x 32”D x 5.25”
Overall Dimensions at Highest Height: 35.5”W x 37.5”D x 19.25”
Base Dimensions: 30”W x 24”D
Monitor Platform Dimensions: 35.5”W x 22”D
Monitor Platform at Lowest Height: 5.25”
Monitor Platform at Highest Height: 19.25”
Keyboard Tray Dimensions: 35.5”W x 9.5”D
Keyboard Tray Lowest Height: 1”
Keyboard Tray Highest Height: 15”
Distance from Monitor to Front of Keyboard Tray: 24”

Product Features

Two handle gas assist height adjustment
Infinite position lock
Sits on top of existing desk
Dual Platform Design
Slot on keyboard tray for tablets and papers
Ledge to secure keyboard
Monitor arm cut-out

2021 Price – $319.99

Color Options

The platforms are available in black, cherry, white or taupe. The black, cherry and taupe options feature a black base and arms. The white option features a white base and arms.

Return Policy

You may return your Eureka converter within the first 30 days that you own it. Eureka will arrange for the pick up and you will get a full refund. They recommend that you hold on to the original packaging but will send you a replacement box at no charge if the original is damaged or has been thrown away.


Eureka covers the ERK-CV-PRO36 for three years. This includes all components on the converter. Three years is a decent coverage period. It is longer than low end products that typically offer one year warranties. But, it is not as long as industry leaders like Varidesk, Ergotron and FlexiSpot who offer five year warranties.


Eureka will ship your converter within one business day. It ships via FedEx or UPS ground and will arrive within a few days of shipment. The ERK-CV-PRO36 arrives in a large box that weighs over 70 lbs. You will want a second person on hand to receive the box and move it into your office. The ERK-CV-PRO36 was packaged with thick cardboard and everything was protected by foam. There were some scratches on the top of the monitor platform but I would not expect damage to be the norm.

Unpacking the Eureka Converter


There is no assembly required on the ERK-CV-PRO36. I would recommend having someone available to help you lift it out of the box and place it on your desk. But, once it is on your desk, it is ready to go.

Build Quality

The ERK-CV-PRO36 is a fixed dual platform converter with a double z shaped base. The z shaped base has an arcing pattern that moves the platforms out as they are raised. This arcing pattern is much less pronounced than models like VariDesk Pro Plus 36. The movement is assisted by gas cylinders and features infinite position lock. The height adjustment is controlled by pressing two handles found underneath the monitor platform.

Base on the Eureka

The movement is smooth and silent through all heights. The locks also function consistently and there is no awkward bouncing. The platforms are made from MDF. They have a nice finish with slanted edges that feel and look nice. Eureka also made an effort to make the rest of the converter more attractive. They used uniform colors on the base, with all of the inner working hidden from sight; it’s a nice touch. Overall, the ERK-CV-PRO36 is one of the highest quality fixed dual platform converters I have tested.



The ERK-CV-PRO36 is going to take up a lot of space on your desk. The base is 30”W x 24”D so that is the minimum desk size you will need to place the unit on top of. But, the platforms are quite a bit larger than the base. You will need to make sure you have 36”W x 32”D at a minimum for the sitting position. You will also need to make sure that you have enough space behind your desk. When raising the ERK-CV-PRO36, the platforms will move away from your desk. At the maximum height, you will be pushed about 5” from your desk. This is not a huge amount but it may make a difference for people that have small workspaces.

Eureka converter footprint


There is no mobility or portability to the ERK-CV-PRO36. The unit is large and weighs over 60  lbs. It also has an awkward shape, making it difficult for one person to carry. It is not reason to use this product for multiple offices or locations. It is also not a good option for someone that wants to move their converter around their desk or on and off their desk. Not only is it large and heavy but it also features rubber stoppers under the base that prevent it from sliding.

Adjusting the ERK-CV-PRO36

The ERK-CV-PRO36 features height adjustment for the platforms and that is the only adjustment. The platforms remain at a fixed height from each other at all times. To change the height, you’ll need to press and hold the two handles underneath the monitor platform. Holding the handles will unlock the platforms and allow you to move them up or down. Releasing the handles will lock them in place. I found the height adjustment on the ERK-CV-PRO36 to be really smooth and easy to perform. It required very little effort in both directions. The gas cylinders do a good job of making the adjustment process easy at all heights.

Height adjustment handles on Eureka


The ERK-CV-PRO36 did a good job in the stability category. This starts with the large, heavy base as it provides a nice anchor point for the rest of the product. The arms that extend from the base to the platforms are thick and sturdy. They do not bend or twist like I have seen on other similarly designed products. The unit also fully locks into position and doesn’t have any awkward bouncing or tilting when it should be locked in place.

At sitting height, the keyboard hovers slightly above your desk which produces a very small amount of platform tilt, keyboard bounce and monitor shake. It is so minimal that it will not affect your work. When going to the tallest height, the keyboard bounce and monitor shake will increase slightly. But, again, I do not think the increase will be enough to affect your work. Overall, the Eureka ERK-CV-PRO36 is among the most stable standing desk converters I have tested.

Sitting Wobble (10%)Standing Wobble (15%)Sitting Bounce (10%)Standing Bounce (15%)Sitting Shake (10%)Standing Shake (15%)General (25%)Total Score


The ERK-CV-PRO36 has a couple features that are nice for ergonomics but there are also several downsides. The good things that the ERK-CV-PRO36 has going for it are the infinite height adjustment and monitor viewing distance. Most standing desk converters will limit you to a predetermined number of positions. Infinite position lock allows you to choose any height you’d like which eliminates the potential problem of having your most comfortable height between two different predetermined heights. The recommended ergonomic viewing distance is somewhere between 20”-40”. This is the best distance for reducing eye strain. I found myself to be about 30 inches from my screen while using the ERK-CV-PRO36.

The first downside is that the ERK-CV-PRO36 is not dual ergonomic. Dual ergonomics means that your monitor and keyboard height are adjustable independently. This allows you to have the proper monitor viewing angle and keyboard typing angle at the same time. In order to make the ERK-CV-PRO36 dual ergonomic, you will need to add a monitor arm. The ERK-CV-PRO36 does not have a grommet hole but there is a cut-out in the back of the monitor platform that allows you to use a monitor that can be mounted with a clamp.

The next downside is the overall adjustment range. On the low end, it raises your keyboard height about an inch. On the high end, it adjusts high enough for people that are 6’2” to be in an ergonomic typing position. While this will work for most people, it will not be good for short or tall people. Another thing that may be a problem for shorter people is that the minimum platform height is pretty high, at over 5”. This can create an upward monitor viewing angle, which is not recommended for an ergonomic posture.

Sitting height at the Eureka

Task Space

The monitor platform is made of MDF and features a nice smooth finish. It is a large platform with a big cut-out in the front. The cut-out is there so that you can use a laptop on the keyboard tray. This is an obvious trade off because it takes away quite a bit of your potential task space. The platform is large enough for dual 24” monitors and a few accessories but you will not have a large space like we have seen on the FlexiSpot M2 or Victor DCX760.

Keyboard Space

The keyboard tray is fairly large but it has a bit of an awkward shape. There is a small indentation in the front of it. This puts the mousing platforms behind the section that you place your keyboard on. This forces you to reach back to use your mouse, which could be uncomfortable for some people. The keyboard platform also features a large section behind the space where you would place your keyboard. This extra depth allows you to use a laptop on the tray instead of a keyboard. Or, you can just use the space for smaller objects, like a phone or notepad, when using a keyboard set-up.

Task and keyboard space on the Eureka

The back of the platform has a couple plastic pieces to keep your keyboard from falling off the back of the tray. There is also a slot built-in to make it easier to stand up a tablet, smartphone or reading material. Overall, the keyboard tray is large enough to fit almost any keyboard and mouse combination. I tested the ERK-CV-PRO36 with my oversized, ergonomic keyboard and had no problem fitting it comfortably on the tray.

Wire Management

Unfortunately, the ERK-CV-PRO36 does not come with any wire management tools. There is not a built-in system on the unit and Eureka does not include things like Velcro strips, zip ties or cable sleeves to assist with cable management. The best way to handle cable management on a converter, with a design like the ERK-CV-PRO36, is to run all of your cords straight off the back. This will help you to avoid pinch points and reduce the chances for damaging your cords.


The ERK-CV-PRO36 will have the inherent safety risks that come with any double z or x shaped base. But, Eureka does a better job than most companies at covering up as many potential pinch points as possible. There are still a couple major pinch points that cannot be avoided with this design.  The extra little pinch points we have seen, in areas like the space between the gas cylinder and the arm, are not present on the ERK-CV-PRO36. This is one of the safer dual fixed platform converters I have tested.

What Do I Like?

Risk Free Trial

Eureka is one of the only companies that offers a 100% risk free trial. You do not have to pay return shipping, restocking fees and you are also not responsible for holding on to the original packaging. This is a great incentive for people that are on the fence about which product to buy or for people that want to try a standing desk but are not sure if they will like it.

No Assembly

Not having to worry about installation is a huge positive for a lot of people. Some people don’t have the time or ability to assemble a standing desk. Other customers may not be allowed to order something that needs to be assembled due to restrictions from their employer. The ERK-CV-PRO36 solves that issue since you can use it right out of the box.

Good Build Quality

The ERK-CV-PRO36 is made in China but it is definitely a high end dual fixed platform converter. All of the components feel solid and the unit operates smoothly.

Easy to Adjust

The ERK-CV-PRO36 is one of the easiest converters to adjust. The gas cylinders provide a great balance to make the adjustment process easy in both directions. I also like that the adjustment is silent and without any stopping points or awkward hitches.

Good Stability

The ERK-CV-PRO36 is a very stable product. It really has no weaknesses and excels in almost every category. Even at the tallest height, it remains sturdy.

Infinite Position Lock

Infinite position lock is a function that is a bit of a luxury on a fixed dual platform converter. Most models will use the system with a limited number of height options for you to choose from. Having infinite position lock further solidifies the ERK-CV-PRO36 as a higher quality product than most similarly designed converters.

What I Don’t Like

Not Dual Ergonomic

The lack of dual ergonomics will be a problem for a segment of the population. Adding a monitor arm will solve this problem but that will come at an extra cost that some people may be unwilling to pay.

Limited Adjustment Range

While I like seeing the infinite position lock function, the overall height range will be a problem for tall people. People over 6’2” will want to find an alternative product that can adjust high enough for the keyboard tray to be in an ergonomic position.

Raises Minimum Height

Some people may have issues with the increased minimum keyboard height and the minimum monitor height. For short people, both will be at an upward angle, which goes against the principles of ergonomics.

Awkward Keyboard Tray Shape

The keyboard tray has plenty of space but I am not a fan of the way that you have to position your mouse behind your keyboard. It feels awkward to me and I think others will share the same sentiment. I believe that the cut-out is there to allow you to get closer to the handles to make the adjustment easier but I do not think the trade-off is worth it. It not only changes your mousing posture but also takes away a bit of space that would be useful to have.

Mediocre Warranty

Normally I would not consider a three year warranty to be a downside. Three years is right in the middle of the two most common warranty coverage periods, one and five years. I would normally look at three years as average and therefore not an upside or a downside. But, in this case, it is the main aspect that is pulling the overall score of the ERK-CV-PRO36 down. I feel that the build quality, price tag and Eureka’s intention to compete with the industry leading brands justifies a five year warranty.

Bottom Line

The ERK-CV-PRO36 is a product that has a lot going for it. It arrives fully assembled, has a good build quality and comes with a 30-day risk free trial. The height adjustment process is simple and the infinite position lock is a high-end feature that ensures you will be at the correct height. I am also a big fan of the stability on the ERK-CV-PRO36. There are a lot of similar products that have noticeable bouncing and shaking. The ERK-CV-PRO36 is solid at all heights.

The ERK-CV-PRO36 has some attractive features but it is also important to address the downsides. The biggest problems with the ERK-CV-PRO36 are going to be the lack of ergonomics and the shape of the keyboard tray. The fixed nature of the platforms and limited height ranges will be things to consider if you are looking for a converter that provides an ergonomic working experience. The ERK-CV-PRO36 also may not be the best choice for people that prefer a large, rectangle keyboard tray.

After getting a chance to use the ERK-CV-PRO36, I think that it is a nice overall product. It has a lot of nice features and also compares favorably to a lot of similarly designed products. It is not perfect and won’t be the right choice for everyone but I would have no problem recommending the ERK-CV-PRO36 to people looking for this type of standing desk converter.

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Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S PRO Gaming Desk Review: A Worthy Battlestation

By Sergio Solorzano


The Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S PRO probably isn't the magic cure to bad gaming posture. But it is a quality, feature-heavy desk.

Gaming is a career now. Whether you're training to become the next Overwatch League MVP, acting a fool on webcam to get Twitch subscribers, or writing about the games you play, you're going to be spending a lot of time sitting in front of your computer. All of that inaction is bound to have an effect on you at some point. Especially because most of us probably don't exercise proper posture. Data is still being gathered on exactly what continuous gaming does to us, but in the meantime, we can take steps to sit better. Like maybe look into a new gaming desk.

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What Is Eureka Ergonomic?

Ergonomics has been a thing in the office world for years. Much like gamers, people who work in offices often spend hours upon hours sitting in front of a computer screen. We eventually learned that this had negative effects on employees, from both an efficiency and long-term health standpoint. Companies like Eureka began to engineer desks that played with ergonomics, rethinking the ways we looked at our monitors or where we placed our keyboards. Eureka's Vice President of Sales, Mike Whaley, explained to me that the recent rise of esports inspired the company to take ergonomics to gaming.

As to what that means, exactly, Whaley admitted that even Eureka's engineers were still figuring that out. But they knew that they could at least start with the basics. To that end, the Z1-S PRO is designed with efficient length and height in mind. After a week of swapping it in for my old desk, I can definitely say I like the setup a lot better. My monitor is at a much more comfortable distance and my keyboard feels like it's at the perfect height.

By Gamers, For Gamers

Whaley would later go on to tell me that Eureka sourced opinions from its engineers as well as the customer reviews for its first wave of gaming desks. That would form the basis of Eureka's claim that its desks are "by gamers, for gamers." I have to say, as tired as that phrase sounds, they honestly did a great job packing requested features into the Z1-S PRO. The standard version comes with a headphone hook, a cup holder, a controller/game stand, a long mousepad, clean paths for cables, and RGB lights on the sides. For an additional cost, you can add things like monitor stands or a separate keyboard tray.

I was given the standard version to review, and it still feels like I'm living the life. A cup holder was apparently the #1 requested feature. Again, I have to admit that's accurate. Having my coffee safely off the to the side where it can't spill on my work (or God forbid my fancy new keyboard) makes me embarrassingly happy. The included long mousepad and controller stand are very welcome additions as well. Overall, I'm very impressed with the features included and their placement.

The one thing that isn't really blowing me away is the RGB lighting. It's neat, it matches the rest of my setup. But it also feels kind of unnecessary. It doesn't exactly make the desk worse, though, so it's not a true negative. I just wouldn't care either way if Eureka left it out of future products.

One Tough Desk

Not that I'll be worrying about buying a new gaming desk anytime soon, the Z1-S PRO seems built to last, and Whaley confirms that was one of the key focuses of the design. Eureka prides itself on putting out quality products, to the point that it offers a 30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee. The secret to that confidence seems to be the way Eureka emphasizes sturdy construction of the legs and points of contact. Supposedly, the little red stabilizer arms that connect the legs to the desktop are inspired by F-1 race cars. Another claim that seems wild, but that I can't totally disprove. This thing never even gets close to wobbling. The desktop is thick and finished with a carbon fiber texture. It's like a Mass Effect ship in desk form; sturdy and sleek as it is.

What does the future hold for gaming pros who sit in front of their desks for way too long? It's still too early too tell. The Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S PRO probably isn't the magic cure to bad gaming posture. But it is a quality, feature-heavy desk that reminds me to sit a little better. It's an investment at $218.99, but it might just be one of the best investments of your gaming career.

The Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S PRO is on sale now through the Eureka website.

A product sample was provided to TheGamer for this review.

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30 Seconds Of Elden Ring Gameplay Has Leaked, Why Isn't It January Already?

Who knew such a short clip could get you so excited?

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Sergio Solorzano (1438 Articles Published)

Sergio is the Lead News Editor for TheGamer. But usually he asks people to call him "Serg" because he wants to sound cool like the guy from System of a Down. He began as a convention reporter for FLiP Magazine and Albany Radio's The Shaw Report to get free badges to Comic-Con. Eventually he realized he liked talking to game developers and discovering weird new indie games. Now he brings that love of weird games to TheGamer, where he tries to talk about them in clickable ways so you grow to love them too. When he's not stressing over how to do that, he's a DM, Cleric of Bahamut, cosplay boyfriend, and occasional actor.

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Eureka Ergonomic Standing Desk Converters Review

Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S Gaming Desk for Console & PC Gamers Review 


  • Great for Small Bedrooms or Dorm Rooms
  • Comes With a Cup Holder
  • Comes With a Headset Hook
  • Comes With Control Rack
  • Come With a Wide Mouse Pad
  • Smooth Carbon Fiber Texture Desktop
  • Sturdy and Stable Z-Shaped Leg Design
  • Leveling Feet
  • Looks Great
  • Easy to Assemble


  • Only Blue LED Lights. Not RGB

Final Verdict

The Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S gaming desk is Amazon's Choice for the top rated gaming desk. It's hard to beat this gaming setup at its low price and gaming features. I highly recommend this gaming desk if you need a small gaming desk for a bedroom or dorm room. The only minor downgrade I had was the LED lights are only blue. I would like to see the Eureka Z1-S with RGB lighting or some type of upgrade kit to converter the lights to RGB. Otherwise, this is a great gaming desk for console and pc gamers looking for a small gaming desk for a bedroom or dorm room.

The Eureka Ergonomic is a great small gaming desk. The z-shaped legs and carbon fiber texture top gives this desk a great gaming style. Made of high-quality materials. Very stable and easy to assemble. 

The Z1-S comes with a lot of added features. Includes a cup holder, headphone hook, gaming mouse pad, and controller rack for the console gamers. Blue LED lighting in the side armor. Leveling feet under the z-shaped legs. And cable management ports.

Stop gaming on your old boring desk and get in the game with the Eureka Z1-S gaming desk. The Z1-S was designed by gamers for gamers. You will not find a better small gaming desk for console or PC Gaming on the market today. Loaded with features like Blue LED lighting, smooth carbon fiber texture desktop, headphone hook, cup holder, and controller stand.

Watch your Z1-S gaming desk come alive with built-in Blue LED lighting in the desktop armor pieces. Simply plug the USB cable into your gaming pc, gaming laptop, Xbox or PS4 and watch your desk light up the room.

The Eureka Z1-S Gaming Desk is the best small gaming desk for console and pc games. The Z1-S has a sleek, smooth carbon fiber textured desktop with plenty of space for your gaming monitors, gaming keyboard, and gear. Whether you’re playing PC games, gaming on Xbox or PS4, the Eureka Z1-S is the perfect command center for you.

The Eureka Z1-S Gaming Desk is an ultra stable and sturdy Z shaped leg design. The Z1-S also boasts a super strong metal frame under the desktop with side support arms to stabilize your gaming desk from wobbling under the most extreme gaming conditions. Game with confidence that your Z1-S Gaming Desk is going to stand up to your extreme gaming demands day after day.

The Eureka Gaming Z1-S Gaming Desk comes with plenty of added features to help you have a better gaming experience.

1. Gaming Headphone Hook

2. Gaming Controller Stand

3. Cup Holder

4. Extra Large Gaming Mouse Pad


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New Addition To GameRoom - The Eureka Ergonomic Keyboard Tray - Installation and Review

With standing desks and ergonomics top of mind for a lot of office spaces, it can be difficult to know which is the right choice. Eureka Ergonomic is offering up yet another height-adjustable standing desk choice which offers some key differences than existing options.

“At Eureka we keep our finger on the pulse of emerging work life needs and accepted scientific ergonomic principles to continuously innovate the best products to meet those needs,” said Michelle Comrie, of Eureka Ergonomic. “With the Eureka Desk, we feel that we have created a new standard in the height adjustable market when it comes to quality, user experience and providing the key features that users want at a price that offers some of the best value versus functionality on the market. We could not be more excited about seeing the reaction from users.”

The Eureka Desk hopes to stand out from other standing desks in the market with three key factors:

  1. Smooth and Effortless: The Eureka Desk’s lifting mechanism makes it possible to be raised or lowered seamlessly to any desired height to ensure proper posture and the perfect ergonomic fit according to currently accepted science. Other current solutions only allow users to adjust desks to a limited number of preset positions.
  2. Virtually Silent: The Eureka Desk’s patented gas strut lift mechanism allows users to silently adjust the desk in seconds without the industry standard cranking and clicking.
  3. Solid Design: The Eureka Desk is the most stable sit stand desk on the market. Eureka listened to customer’s needs and designed their desk to give users the most confidence possible while standing and working. Users can also work smarter with a two-tiered setup that can accommodate dual-monitors and arms, while still allowing plenty of room to hold a laptop, keyboard, speakers, mouse, and other critical accessories…. without spilling their coffee over everything – a well-documented hazard.

Other features and specifications of the Eureka Ergonomic adjustable standing desk include:

  • Received highest independent testing evaluations compared to other brands in the market, with “Very Good” and “Good” (top SGS ratings available), where requirements and functions of handling the desk exceeded testing expectations
  • Steady Workspace – Does not extend outward as much as others when adjusted maintaining a truly stable, vertical workspace
  • Convenient built-in slot for your tablet and smartphone
  • Unmatched manipulation when fully loaded: Easily allows shifting of positions, even when loaded with up to 35 pounds
  • Ample room for all necessary equipment and accessories
  • Colors Available: Black, White, Cherry, Deep Bronze
  • Main Materials: MDF, Steel and Plastic
  • Product Weight: 61.6 lbs
  • Desktop Weight Capacity: 35 lbs
  • Overall Dimensions: 36”W x 32”D x (5.5” – 20”)H
  • Extension Height: 20″ (Display Surface) & 14 1/2″ (Keyboard Tray)
  • Work Surface Measures: Display Surface – 36”(W) x 22”(D)
  • Keyboard Tray: 36”(W) x 16 7/8”(D)

The Eureka Ergonomic sit-stand desk is available through their website or on for as low as $369.99USD.

Do you use an adjustable standing desk at work? What do you think about the new Eureka Desk? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

Last Updated on September 2, 2017.

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