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Idle King - Medieval Clicker Tycoon Games

Idle King Clicker Tycoon is a casual management simulation that requires strategy.
We mixed Idle Clicker games and Idle Tycoon games and the result is one of the most entertaining clicker tycoon games that can be played both actively and passively and is a great medieval idle game to pass the time.

Manage your own little kingdom, fight with brave knights and epic heroes to save the princess and become the tycoon king of the world.

As Idle King - Clicker Tycoon you have many tasks:
Harvest grain, earn gold and become rich. Earn gold even if you are not in the app.
Invest gold in your knights or collect heroes to fight epic battles against your enemies.
Your job as the king is to fight with your army to expand your kingdom and save the princess who is imprisoned by your enemies.
Unlock epic knights and collect heroes and conquer new lands to become the king of the world

If you want, this idle game has also clicker games mechanics that you can play actively if you like. Equip your finger with weapons and fight actively.
So it is perfect for you if you like a tycoon games or clicker games with strategy.

- Become Idle King Clicker Tycoon and Manager of your own kingdom
- Farms Gold, even if you do not play
- Active and passive playable
- Increase your income steadily
- Activate new resources
- Collect knights and collect heroes
- As a king you win new kingdoms and become a clicker tycoon
- Find the best strategy to get ahead faster
- Our idle game works even without any internet connection
- Ingenious pastime, there is always something to do

We are continuously improving Idle King and are very happy to receive your feedback at [email protected]

Sours: https://play.google.com/
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Games tycoon clicker

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