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Fortnite's Next Big Crossover Possibly Teased

Fortnite's next big crossover -- after the upcoming Ariana Grande concert -- has possibly been teased. Not long after Fortnite blew up, it began to pump out crossover after crossover, working with the Avengers, Batman, Star Wars, Travis Scott, and more in the process. If you thought the crossover would die out now that Fortnite has lost a little bit of steam, well that's not happening. In fact, it looks like they may start coming fast and heavy.

Various Fortnite leaks have leaked a variety of upcoming crossovers, and now it seems like Epic Games may be hinting at what could be coming in the future as well. In the past, Epic Games has sent Fortnite players surveys asking for their opinion on a variety of characters, franchises, people, and more trying to gauge interest in what players want to see. That said, many of the entities that have populated these surveys have since made their way to the free-to-play battle royale game. Suffice to say, that will once again happen with the latest survey they sent out, which featured both entities already in the game, ones we know are coming via leaks, and others that don't fall into either of these categories.

Below, you can check out the survey for yourself:

That said, take all of this for what it is, which is speculation. It's not unreasonable speculation, but there are certainly speculative elements involved and no way to know what will or won't happen. In other words, take everything here with a grain of salt.


Fortnite is available, for free, via the PS4, PS5, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and mobile devices. As always, feel free to leave a comment or two letting us know what you think or, alternatively, hit me up on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_ and let me know over there. What crossover do you want to see next from Fortnite?


Fortnite Teases Next Crossovers... And Your Favorite Is Part Of It!

fortntie crossovers Naruto Dragon Ball Z Pokémon

A Fortnite survey by Epic Games is making its rounds, and it contains upcoming crossovers that could make their way into the game. The survey contains many different categories: Musical Artist, TV Shows, Video Games, Comic/Anime, Influencers, Movies, Cartoons/Anime, Video Game Characters, featuring the likes of Naruto, Dragon Ballz, and Pokémon.

Let’s check out who made the list and might be coming to Fortnite Season 8!

Epic Games often does surveys for Fortnite and famous Twitter leaker and data miner, Shiina, posted the massive list of possible collaborations that asked various content creators what crossover they would like to see in the game.

We already see that some crossovers on the list are in the game already, like Lara Croft, who was added in Season 6 Primal. Among others, we see Batman and Kratos, who are also already in the game as well. The previous crossover survey had Guggimon on it, and then the skin appeared in the Season 7 Battle Pass, so chances are, one of the things on this massive list will be added to Fortnite in the future.

What Crossovers Are Coming To Fortnite?

It is never easy to know what lucky fandom will be chosen to join Fortnite, but here is a shortlist of the notable IPs mentioned in the survey.

Musical Artist

  • Cardi B
  • Ed Sheeran
  • Selena Gomez

These three recording artists are the youngest and hottest on the list, and the hype would be massive for them.

TV Shows

  • Naruto
  • The Witcher
  • Dragon Ball Z

There are some more pretty well know shows on the list, but these seem to make the most sense in terms of Fortnite and its audience. As much as a Breaking Bad skin would be cool, it would feel 5 years too late.

Video Games

  • Among Us
  • Final Fantasy
  • Uncharted

Once again, there's so many more, but let's be real here: you'd probably be most hyped for these, right?


  • Majin Buu
  • Spider-Gwen
  • Darth Vader
  • Falcon

Again a lot of possible choices from this list, and some of them are already in the game. There are some very interesting choices in here too, My Hero Academy for instance. This is a pretty popular Anime among fans but nowhere near as mainstream as something like Naruto.


  • Charli D’Amelio
  • TimTheTatMan
  • DrLupo

Everyone on this list seems to have a pretty slim chance of making it into the game as a skin. The better question to ask is which one of these influencers actually plays Fortnite?


  • Lord of The Rings
  • The Matrix
  • Pokémon

These three would easily be the most hyped IPs to get Fortnite skins, and the thought of Gandalf wielding an Assault Rifle brings a smile to my face.


  • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
  • Family Guy
  • Transformers
  • Spongebob Squarepants

We saw Rick and Morty join in Season 7, so why not any of the Family Guy or Spongebob characters? They would all fit perfectly into Fortnite.

Video Game Characters

  • Joel (Last of Us)
  • Cammy (Street Fighter)
  • Goku
  • Snake (Metal Gear)
  • Naruto

They could literally put any of these as skins in the game, and they would be insane for Fortnite. Super Saiyan Goku with a Nimbus glider would be a literal childhood dream come true for a lot of people, and there are some early leaks suggesting that Goku might be closer than you think!

It is anyone’s guess who Epic Games picks for Fortnite Season 8, or any other upcoming season for that matter. What we can see, is that Epic Games is down for anything! Even something with a smaller fanbase made the survey, and I’m sure there are plenty here where you have to google who or what that even is.

For more Fortnite news and guides on challenges, check our Fortnite section.

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New Fortnite Survey May Point Towards Upcoming Crossovers

By Noah Vaca


After a flurry of crossovers came to Fortnite in Chapter 2 Season 5, a new survey may point to future crossovers coming to the game.

While Fortnite has cemented itself as one of the most popular battle royale games to this day, the game has become so popular that it has invaded realms of pop culture like no other game has before. From live in-game concerts and collaborations with real life musical artists, to crossovers with some of the world's most popular franchises including Marvel and Star Wars.

Being a free-to-play game, Fortnite opens itself to a huge market, and when tapping into such popular franchises with crossovers, success is only a Fortnite skin away. While recent crossovers have brought Lara Croft from Tomb Raider and Raven from Teen Titans to the game, a new survey sent to select players by Fortnite developer Epic Games may point to franchises the game could collaborate with next.

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Over on Twitter, Fortnite leaker MikeDulaimi posted an image of a survey seemingly meant to gauge Fortnite players' knowledge and awareness of certain lifestyle brands, video game characters, musical artists, online personalities, and more. Fans were quick to deduce that this likely is related to potential crossovers they might see in the game in the future. After an entirely Marvel-themed season, Chapter 2 Season 5 didn't let up on the crossovers much, and it seems that Season 6 may follow suit.

Fortnite is no stranger to crossovers with YouTubers, streamers, and other online personalities, as the game has already collaborated with content creators like Ninja, Lachlan, Loserfruit, and more. The game has also held several virtual concerts in the past, from Dominic Fike to Anderson .Paak, however, the only musical artists to receive their own skins in Fortnite so far are Major Lazer, Travis Scott and Marshmello. It's safe to say that the questions on video game characters are what caught the eyes of most fans, immediately noticing rumored characters like Joker from Persona 5 as well as Dante from the Devil May Cry series.

Of course, some more obscure options appear as well, like Toad from Super Mario Bros. and the North Face and Gap brands. It's worth noting that the survey mentions crossovers that have already occurred in the game, like Doja Cat, who has a "Say So" emote, Street Fighter's Ryu who was just recently added to the game. It may be worth noting that save for Lachlan, the section on online personalities features no collaborations that have already been done.

While fans are excited at the chance to finally see Nick Eh 30 or Spider-Man appear in Fortnite, this survey should certainly be taken with a grain of salt. Of course, there's a good chance the internet may break if Sans from Undertale actually made his way to Fortnite.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Monopoly2018 2018Monopoly:Fortnite Edition is a format crossover between the two series.3 4Arrow L.pngGuardians of the Galaxy20201027 October 27, 2020Skins based on Star-Lord, Gamora and Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy appear in Fortnite.1 4Arrow L.pngStranger Things201973 July 3, 2019Portals from Stranger Things have appeared in Fortnite, as have skins based on Chief Hopper and the Demogorgon.1 4Arrow L.pngBorderlands2019827 August 27, 2019A skin based on Psycho Bandit appears in Fortnite.1 4Arrow L.pngIt (Stephen King)201994 September 4, 2019Red Balloons can be found next to the drainage channels and near the sidewalks.3 4Arrow L.pngBatman2019921 September 21, 2019Several Batman themed skins and items appear in Fortnite; Tilted Towers is changed to Gotham City as part of a limited-time event. The movie Batman Begins was also screened in Fortnite during the "Movie Nite" event.1 5Arrow R.pngRobot Chicken20191029 October 29, 2019Fortnite is parodied in the Robot Chicken episode "Bugs Keith In: I Can't Call Heaven, Doug".2 4Arrow L.pngStar Wars20191216 December 16, 2019The Imperial Stromtrooper skin appears in Fortnite. Also, characters like Rey Skywalker is playable in Fortnite. More recently, Din Djarin and Grogu from "The Mandalorian" appears in "Fortnite".1 4Arrow L.pngHarley Quinn202027 February 7, 2020Harley Quinn themed skin and hammer appears in Fortnite.1 4Arrow L.pngTenet20200321 March 21, 2020A world premiere for a Tenet trailer was a live event as a part of the Party Royale mode in Fortnite.2 4Arrow L.pngDeadpool2020403 April 03, 2020Deadpool is a playable character in Fortnite.1 4Arrow L.pngX-Force2020417 April 17, 2020Cable, Psylocke, and Domino from X-Force appear as skins in Fortnite.1 4Arrow L.pngAquaman20200616 June 16, 2020Aquaman is playable in Fortnite.1 4Arrow L.pngInception20200626 June 26, 2020The movie Inception was screened in Fortnite during the "Movie Nite" event.2 4Arrow L.pngThe Prestige20200626 June 26, 2020The movie The Prestige was screened in Fortnite during the "Movie Nite" event.2 4Arrow L.pngCaptain America202072 July 2, 2020Captain America themed skin appears in Fortnite.1 4Arrow L.pngBattle Breakers20200913 September 13, 2020Skins based on Razor and Kurohomura appear in Fortnite.1 5Arrow R.pngRocket League20200926 September 26, 2020Llama Rama is a special collaboration in Rocket League with Fortnite.1 4Arrow L.pngGhostbusters20201025 October 25, 2020Skins and items based on Ghostbusters appear in Fortnite.1 4Arrow L.pngThor (Marvel)2020827 August 27, 2020A skin based on Thor appears in Fortnite.1 4Arrow L.pngIron Man2020827 August 27, 2020A skin based on Iron Man appears in Fortnite.1 4Arrow L.pngX-Men2020827 August 27, 2020Skins based on Wolverine, Storm and Mystique appear in Fortnite.1 4Arrow L.pngFantastic Four2020827 August 27, 2020Skins based on Doctor Doom and The Silver Surfer from Fantastic Four appear in Fortnite.1 4Arrow L.pngBlade (Marvel)2020924 September 24, 2020A skin based on Blade appears in Fortnite.1 4Arrow L.pngDaredevil (Marvel)20201015 October 15, 2020A skin based on Daredevil appears in Fortnite.1 4Arrow L.pngVenom20201118 November 18, 2020A skin based on Venom appears in Fortnite.1 4Arrow L.pngGod of War20201203 December 03, 2020A skin based on Kratos from God of War appears in Fortnite.1 6


Red vs Blue20201210 December 10, 2020Characters from Red vs Blue cross with Fortnite during a presentation at The 2020 Game Awards.1 4Arrow L.pngHalo20201211 December 11, 2020A skin based on Master Chief from Halo appears in Fortnite.1 4Arrow L.pngThe Walking Dead20201216 December 16, 2020Daryl and Michonne are playable characters in Fortnite.1 4Arrow L.pngGreen Arrow20201231 December 31, 2020A skin based on Green Arrow appears in Fortnite.1 4Arrow L.pngPredator2021120 January 20, 2021A skin based on Predator appears in Fortnite.1 4Arrow L.pngTerminator2021121 January 21, 2021Skins based on the T-800 and Sarah Connor from Terminator appear in Fortnite.1 4Arrow L.pngG.I. Joe2021130 January 30, 2021A skin based on Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe appears in Fortnite.1 4Arrow L.pngTron2021211 February 11, 2021Skins based on Tron appear in Fortnite.1 4Arrow L.pngThe Flash2021213 February 13, 2021A skin based on the Flash appears in Fortnite.1 4Arrow L.pngStreet Fighter20210220 February 20, 2021Skins based on Ryu, Chun-Li, Cammy and Guile from Street Fighter appear in Fortnite as part of a collaboration.1 4Arrow L.pngAlien (Fox)2021301 March 01, 2021Skins based on Ripley and the Xenomorph from Alien appear in Fortnite.1 4Arrow L.pngTeen Titans2021316 March 16, 2021Skins based on Raven and Beast Boy from Teen Titans appear in Fortnite.1 4Arrow L.pngTomb Raider2021323 March 23, 2021A skin based on Lara Croft from Tomb Raider appears in Fortnite.1 5Arrow R.pngSolar Opposites2021326 March 26, 2021Yumyulack mentions Fortnite in the Solar Opposites episode “The Lake House Device”.2 4Arrow L.pngHorizon (Sony)2021416 April 16, 2021A skin based on Aloy from Horizon appears in Fortnite.1 4Arrow L.pngThe Cosmere2021528 May 28, 2021A skin based on Kelsier from Mistborn appears in Fortnite.1 4Arrow L.pngRick and Morty2021608 June 08, 2021Skins based on Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith from Rick and Morty appear in Fortnite.1 4Arrow L.pngSuperman2021608 June 08, 2021A skin based on Superman appears in Fortnite.1 4Arrow L.pngLoki (Marvel)2021701 July 01, 2021A skin based on Loki appears in Fortnite.1 4Arrow L.pngGildedguy2021723 July 23, 2021A skin based on Gildedguy appears in Fortnite.1 4Arrow L.pngSuicide Squad2021803 August 03, 2021A skin based on Bloodsport appears in Fortnite.1 4Arrow L.pngFree Guy20210812 August 12, 2021A skin based on Dude appears in Fortnite.1 4Arrow L.pngWonder Woman2021817 August 17, 2021A skin based on Wonder Woman appears in Fortnite.1 4Arrow L.pngBad Boys2021829 August 29, 2021A skin based on Mike Lowrey appears in Fortnite.1 4Arrow L.pngShang-Chi202193 September 3, 2021A skin based on Shang-Chi appears in Fortnite.1 4Arrow L.pngFrankenstein (Universal)2021105 October 5, 2021A skin based on Frankenstein's Monster appears in Fortnite.1

Crossover fortnite next

Over the past several seasons, Fortnite has come to be known for its crossovers with massive media franchises.

We’ve seen the likes of Master Chief, Kratos, Alien, Predator and several others all debut in Fortnite. The crossovers don’t seem to be slowing down either and it’s even expanding to the real world.

Soccer superstar Neymar Jr. is the secret Battle Pass skin of Season 6 and it looks like there’s a chance he could be joined by another athlete in the near future.

If you’re a fan of crossovers and playing as your favorite characters in a video game, then you might want to keep an eye on Fortnite.

Here’s a look at everything that could potentially be coming to Fortnite in the near future. Keep in mind that there’s a chance these could have been scrapped since the release dates on many of them have long passed.

LeBron James

The documents shown as part of the Apple vs. Epic Games court case revealed all sorts of planned crossovers that could either still be happening or have been scrapped.

LeBron was meant to arrive in 2020, but that doesn’t mean he still can’t. With the NBA Team Battles just around the corner, the time is right.

Samus Aran

With PlayStation and Xbox having characters represented in Fortnite, the void of any Nintendo characters has become abundantly clear.

As it turns out, Samus was supposed to arrive the same season Master Chief and Kratos did, but for some reason it never panned out.

Perhaps the time to remedy that situation is coming up.


While Hunger Games might not have the appeal it did several years ago, it’s still a popular enough name where a crossover would’ve been appreciated.

Documents reveal that Katniss was meant to arrive as a crossover but it never happened. With bows being a prominent part of Season 6, perhaps the time for this crossover has never been more perfect.


With Fortnite embracing more anime characters with the likes of Orin and Lexa, it would make sense for Naruto to arrive at some point.

They even have an emote that features the now-iconic run of the title character, so why not have the skin too? This was supposed to happen in Season 5 with the rest of the crossovers, so Epic might be saving this one for a later date.

The Rock, J Balvin, Ariana Grande & Lady Gaga

We probably won’t be getting actual Ariana Grande or Lady Gaga skins, but that doesn’t mean their music can’t show up in the game.

With Dua Lipa, Bruno Mars, Drake and several other big names all having emotes, these two getting some of their own makes a lot of sense. J Balvin hosted his own concert last Halloween, but never got an emote or anything, which does seem a bit odd.

When it comes to The Rock, there has already been a lot of speculation that he could be tied to The Foundation. This character helped Jonesy get the Zero Point in check at the Season 5, and there’s a good chance we haven’t seen the last of him.

Armored Batman

What would Fortnite be without more Batman skins? Currently, we’re up to three skins in total, but there will soon be a fourth one.

The Armored Batman skin will be available for players who purchase every issue of the Batman Fortnite miniseries as a bonus, but it’ll be in the Item Shop too.

Crossover Skins We ACTUALLY Want in Fortnite!

Fortnite is no stranger to leaks. Cosmetics, challenges, and seasonal events get leaked all the time. However, it’s usually dataminers doing the leaking.


This time though, Epic Games themselves are the culprit. The Epic Games vs Apple lawsuit had the unintended side effect of forcing Epic Games to reveal previously confidential information. The Epic Games vs Apple court documents leaked all kinds of unannounced Fortnite crossovers that are in the works.

So what kind of collaborations can we expect down the pipeline? Let’s run through all of the confirmed Fortnite crossovers and when players can expect their arrival.

Is Naruto Coming To Fortnite?


Not to toot our own horn, but we called this collab back in 2020. We’d like to think Epic Games heard our pleas, as it appears that Fortnite X Naruto has become a real possibility. After all, Naruto’s signature run already exists in the game.

Famed Fortnite dataminer, @ShiinaBR, claims that Fortnite X Naruto was scheduled for Chapter 2 - Season 5. Obviously, the original plans for this collab were either delayed or shelved. We’d like to think it’s the former, as it would be silly of Epic Games not to cash in on the anime craze. We can only hope this dream crossover finally comes true in a later season.

Is Katniss Everdeen Going To Be In Fortnite?

Katniss Everdeen, the protagonist of the Hunger Games series, was leaked as another prospective Fortnite crossover. With Chapter 2 - Season 6 being all about primal weapons like bows, the collab seemed perfect. Unfortunately, this crossover is still nowhere to be found. Instead, we got a Horizon Zero Dawn crossover with Aloy. With Chapter 2 - Season 6 about to wrap up, are the prospects of a Katniss collab officially crushed?

Not necessarily. As Fortnite has developed, crossover events have become a major part of the game. It seems like every week, we get a new crossover event. For such a thing to be possible, Epic Games surely have to have a bunch of potential collabs in progress at all times.

A lot goes into planning these crossover events. This includes determining the perfect time to officially release them. A new Hunger Games Prequel book just released on May 19 and a prequel movie is rumoured to be underway. Epic Games could be saving the iconic archer for just the right time.

Will LeBron James Have A Fortnite Skin?

The Epic Games vs Apple court documents revealed that a crossover with LeBron James was — or is — in the works. With the recent NBA Community Battles event topped off with the official Fortnite X National Basketball Association (NBA) crossover released last week, LeBron James may be dropping into the Fortnite island sooner rather than later.

Some readers may ask, “if LeBron James was going to collab with Fortnite, why wasn’t his skin released with the NBA crossover events that just occurred?” Well, there’s actually a reasonable explanation for this.

James is set to star in Space Jam: A New Legacy, the sequel to the classic live-action/animated sports comedy film featuring Michael Jordan and the Loony Tunes squad. Space Jam: A New Legacy is scheduled to hit theatres on July 16. Epic Games could be saving the LeBron James crossover until a later date that more coincides with the movie release. This would explain why James was not present for May’s NBA collabs.

One thing’s for certain, LeBron James and Fortnite have had serious discussions revolving around a potential collaboration.

Will Samus Aran Be In Fortnite?

Back in Season 5, we saw the Xbox, and PlayStation icons of Master Chief and Kratos join the Fortnite cast. This left some players wondering, “why wasn’t Nintendo invited to this collab party?” As it turns out, they were.

The Epic Games vs Apple court documents revealed that Samus Aran from the Metroid series was planned as a Fortnite skin. So where's the galactic bounty hunter at now?

Samus Aran may have suffered the same fate as the LeBron James collab. Perhaps Epic Games or Nintendo believe that the Samus Aran cosmetics would sell better at a later date. In particular, it’s rumoured that a new Metroid game could release sometime in 2021. This would be the ideal occasion for a Fortnite x Samus Aran crossover.

Will Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Get A Fortnite Skin?

Fortnite players have been drawing up theories for months now on the connection between The Rock and Fortnite. The Rock himself has hinted multiple times at a collab with Fortnite, including name dropping The Foundation in an Instagram post. Now that we think about it, The Rock and The Foundation do share a similar look and voice…

Could The Rock have gone undercover as the leader of The Seven?

Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga Fortnite Skins

Leaks reveal that the musical duo of Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga were at one point scheduled for a Fortnite collaboration. The extent of these crossovers is unknown. The collabs could range from skins and cosmetics to an Icon Series emote or an in-game concert. 

Fortnite loves to collab with music artists. We’ve witnessed Travis Scott and Marshmello put on their own in-game concerts in the Battle Royale mode and a bunch more artists have appeared in Party Royale. Furthermore, Fortnite brings in all kinds of music stars and gives them their own dance emotes. Drake, Bruno Mars, DaBaby, Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion, and many more have an in-game dance and emote.

Perhaps the COVID-19 pandemic is to blame for the delay in these crossovers? Epic Games, Ariana Grande, and Lady Gaga may have postponed their collaboration efforts until some of the craziness going on in the world dies down.

Crossovers between pop culture icons and Fortnite are one of the coolest parts of the game. Thanks to leaks from Epic Games themselves, we now know that collabs with the legendary figures above are in progress. The exact release dates are unknown but don’t be surprised if you see Naruto or LeBron James dropping out of the Battle Bus sometime soon.


Images via @D3NNI_YT  | Epic Games


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Who Fortnite's Next Crossover Characters Could Be

With Thanos' return to Fortnite on the horizon, it doesn't appear that the game's barrage of crossovers will be ending any time soon. The current season is entirely themed around an alien invasion, so it would make a lot of sense for the game to see the arrival of several noteworthy sci-fi characters this summer.

Fortnite has an extensive history of crossovers at this stage. While there were certainly some here or there early in the game's lifespan, they have become a major part of the game in recent seasons with multiple characters now featured in the seasonal battle passes and many others released through the in-game shop. The fifth season of chapter two in Fortnite was even entirely themed around crossover characters who were hunters in their respective franchises. So, there will most likely be more coming in season seven of Chapter Two.

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In many ways, Fortnite is like a big virtual toybox now. Fans of all different movies, shows, and games are seeing their favorite characters make their way into Fortnite as cosmetic items and it's almost like collecting action figures. It's a simple concept and Epic Games has really capitalized on it, as the trend continues with no end in sight and players are routinely asking for more characters to crossover with Fortnite. This season has already brought Superman and Rick Sanchez to the game, which appears to be a pretty clear indication of what kinds of characters will be crossing over in the coming months.

Fortnite'sNext Crossovers Will Likely be Sci-Fi Characters

With Fortnite's ongoing alien-themed season, it makes the most sense that the game's crossovers will lean into the realm of science fiction. Whether these characters are alien or human, they've traveled the stars and interacted with all kinds of people and animals in their respective franchises. And now they could do the same in Fortnite.

Potential Fortnite Crossover Character: Darth Vader

This one almost feels inevitable. Fortnite has done Star Wars crossovers in the past, but one of its most iconic character has yet to drop from the battle bus. Darth Vader could bring the heavily desired lightsaber harvesting tool along with him, so he would make a great choice for a crossover character.

Potential Fortnite Crossover Character: Commander Shepard

Commander Shepard knows a thing or two about aliens and would be a fantastic new addition to the gaming legends lineup within FortniteMass Effect has seen a resurgence in popularity thanks to its remastered original trilogy and if EA ever wanted to release the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition in the Epic Games Store like some of its other titles, a crossover could come along with it. And there's no reason Fortnite couldn't include both versions of Shepard, either.

Potential Fortnite Crossover Character: Spock

If there's any character that has a great chance of making their way into Fortnite this season, it's probably Star Trek's Spock. The Vulcan Salute's inclusion as an emote in the battle pass could be the major giveaway, although there's no official confirmation Spock will be added yet.

There will inevitably be an influx of more crossovers in Fortnite at some point this season, but it's just a matter of when they arrive. It wouldn't be a surprise to see new characters making their way into the game in the weeks following the anticipated destruction of Coral Castle in Fortnite, which could happen as soon as this week with the Cosmic Summer Celebration set to begin at Believer Beach on Tuesday. And given the alien theme of Fortnite'scurrent season, it's a pretty safe bet that those characters will be from notable sci-fi franchises.

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