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My company has switched entirely over to Gravely Pro Turnmowers, as you can see in the above image. I have experienced Gravely's incredible evolution in quality, especially over the past three years. Most significantly, however, is that this past year, Gravely has COMPLETELY redesigned their commercial mower lineup, from the mower body, seat, deck, engine options, to the attachments ~ especially the bagging systems! The brand new Gravely lineup bumps them right to the top of the Best ZTR Commercial Mower List! They are phenomenal machines now! The new design not only looks superior, it's also engineered exponentially better for balance, stability, comfort, and cut quality! I would now rank them up there with my long-standing favorite Scag Turf Tiger series!

Dave [EquipSpecsTech]

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Central IowaHave a friend looking at a gravely 60in zero turn mower and input good or bad would be helpful

SE WisconsinI'm going on my 4th or 5th year on a Pro Turn 260 without a problem. 60" deck and 31 horse gas Kawasaki. Love it.

Greene County, Illinois

I don't own one, but I've been mowing my neighbors yard this summer with his 60" Gravely while he's in Afganistan. 1st, it has no suspension, so it rides fairly rough. 2nd, the radiator lies flat on top of the mower-- there is a screen that covers it, but it doesn't seal good enough to keep grass from plugging radiator-- I have to clean it every time I finish mowing.

Frederick MdHave had a 52" for 7yrs and 900hrs. I am not a fan. Built heavy but I've had many issues with wheel motor pumps. Each time I say I'm getting rid of it, but then I price a new scag and I'm fixing the Gravely.

SE MichiganI have a zt hd60. It's been a good machine. It's kinda of a in between machine, built much heavier than the residential units, but lacking some things the commercial units have. I've had it 4 years now and only changed fluids and sharpened blades.

North Central IllinoisIt is probably not a bad unit but there are better options out there. If the price was super low it would probably be okay. There are so many companies making good quality zero turns right now. The trouble is that they are all very high priced. I think I would buy a well maintained preowned unit from Grasshopper, Ferris, Hustler, Walker, Exmark, Kubota or Deere before I would buy a new Gravely. You just don't hear the Gravely name come up too often in discussions about zero turns.

East Central Ia, S. WaterlooMight want to try a Country Clipper, made in Iowa. Don't know if your going to like it or not, but with the joystick control it's a completely different zero turn option.

Run a 260z diesel and it does a great job for us, important to keep the deck clean like anything else, run high lift blades and it will be happy
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Both motors you listed are residential grade- might be worth jumping up to the next level.

Those Scag machines are really nice- maybe a bit overpriced.
Not a huge fan of the Kohler motor, but I know they sell thousands of them.

For the mid $5K price range, I'd start looking into machines with at least the Kawasaki FS series of motors, which is a step up from the FR series in the Gravely ZT HD.

Not sure if this is an option where you live, but look into the Ferris line.
When I did extensive research on my machine, nothing could touch them, as far as value and feature.

I got the Ferris IS600Z, which has suspension, Kawasaki FS600 motor, and ZT3400 hydros, 48" deck for $5,500 new.
Drives at 10mph which is scooting and has big 'ol 5.5gallon tanks.

They've added an IS400Z for $4,700 that has the FR651 and the same hydros as your Gravely ZT HD. ... mower.html

Anyways, I'm a huge fan. Build quality is great and suspension is well worth it after a long day.


Here's another option that is really good value.
Cub Cadet with EFI- fuel injection
$5,800 for a commercial mower. ... RF050.html

Also look at the Husqvarna MZT52 (too big?) Around $6K. ... 967177006/

Holy cow, this thing is a tank. Almost ALMOST bought this one, but just a bit bigger than my needs.
You could gobble up the grass. FS motor, ZT3400 hyrdos.

NorthStar 21gal Tow Behind Sprayer- TeeJet mod writeup

Why Buy A Gravely Zero Turn?

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Which Gravely ZT Mower is Right For You?

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