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Coast Guard Officer Sabers and Cutlasses

Military Swords for sale include all types of designs. The most popular swords include light and heavy cavalry sabers, officer and NCO swords. Buy all types of swords and sabers from modern US Military Swords to historical Union and Confederate designs on sale now. We are proud to be a preferred military supplier for Over 26 Years. GSA SmartPay credit cards are accepted. Customize with our engraving services.

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US Coast Guard Officer Swords

Official Military Swords:
US Coast Guard Officer Swords
Government Specifications
Military Swords
Windlass Steel Craft Swords

US Coast Guard Officer Swords for sale are available in a variety of blade lengths to provide a customized fit. These swords feature a tempered stainless steel blade that has been hand polished to a mirror finish and features traditional USCG symbols. The gold plated pommel and gold plated guard fittings are made of intricately cast solid brass. The handle features a ribbed grip. The black real leather covered scabbard features gold plated brass mounts and hanging rings. These military swords include a cloth storage bag. Buy the US Coast Guard Officer Swords for $349.99.

US Coast Guard Officer SaberUS Coast Guard Officer Saber

WKC Coast Guard CPO Cutlass

WKC Swords:
Coast Guard CPO Cutlass
Matching Scabbard
Military Specifications
Made in Solingen Germany
Item: 88-502
WKC MIlitary Swords

WKC Coast Guard CPO Cutlass is a modern version of the Navy Model 1860/1861 Cutlass. These swords are the same cutlasses used by the Anacostia Annex from the US Navy Ceremonial Guard in Washington, DC. The blade has an unsharpened edge making them useful for drills, ceremonies, military retirement presentations and display. The polished 26 inch stainless steel blade has a fuller and is etched with USCG near the leather stop. The guard has a traditional French curve which allows the wearer to execute manual of arms. They have a leather grip that is wrapped with twisted gold wire strands. The solid, cast brass guard is plated in 24kt gold and has a polished, mirror like finish. The mirror like shell is securely riveted with the traditional eleven rivets. The end cap is 24kt gold plated cast brass that has been polished to a shiny, mirror finish. The black calf leather covered scabbard has a steel insert to prevent sagging while being displayed. These military swords also include a cloth storage bag. Buy the WKC Coast Guard CPO Cutlass for $419.99

WKC Coast Guard Officer Sword

WKC Swords:
Coast Guard Officer Sword
Matching Scabbard
Military Specifications
Made in Solingen Germany
Item: 88-500
WKC MIlitary Swords

WKC Coast Guard Officer Swords are handmade in Solingen, Germany. These official military swords are identical to the sabers used at the USCGA. They have a stainless steel blade that features a blood groove on both sides of the blade. The blade has an unsharpened edge making them useful for drills, ceremonies, military retirement presentations and display. The blade is acid etched with the official symbols of the USCG pattern and is hand polished. The scabbard is a fiberglass tube covered in real calf leather. All of the fittings are brass with 24kt gold plating. The cast brass USCG guard is plated in 24kt gold. The ivory colored plastic grip features an imitation ray skin surface wrap and three golden wires. The cast brass pommel features shiny 24kt gold plating. These military sabers also include a protective cloth storage bag. Buy the WKC Coast Guard Officer Swords for $499.99.

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We are especially proud to bring you government spec dress and drill sabers and swords. Atlanta Cutlery knows our fighting men ask for and deserve the very best, that’s why we have been chosen by the government to produce the NCO saber for the U.S. Marine Corps. Each fine saber and sword is manufactured according to exacting government specifications. All blades are high polished stainless steel, detailed and appropriately etched according to government specifications. We guarantee that your military personnel, drill teams, students, graduates, and customers will be completely satisfied with these sabers and swords.

This saber is exactly like Naval Officer's, but with Coast Guard initials. Please specify blade length: 28”, 30”, 32” or 34”.  Includes the government-specified scabbard. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.

While supplies last get a padded sword carry case FREE with purchase of this sword!

Sword can be personalized on one line with up to 25 characters. Click here for details on our personalization service.

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Coast Guard Chief Warrant and Warrant Officers Association

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United States Coast Guard


CWOA Sword

Coast Guard Chief Warrant and Warrant Officers Association

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Sword Coast Guard, Episode 63 - D\u0026D 5e Game Session - The Assault on Dur Armel, Part 1

Coast Guard Officer's Sword, Collectible

In 1852, the Navy Department adopted this sword which with only minor variations was to be worn as long as swords continued to be part of the uniform of the US Navy. The United States Coast established there sword in 1915.

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How to wear your sword!

how to wear

What is the proper way to wear the Navy Officer Sword?
The Sword Knot consists of a loop of 1/2 inch gold lace, 20 inches long with slide and tassel.


how to wear
While holding the blade handle to the left, pass the lace through the slit in the guard of the hilt. When forming the initial bight of lace the suspended lengths should be somewhat disproportionate. (One end should be 1/4 inch - 1/2 inch longer than the other.)
how to wear
After taking one turn of the remaining lace and knot around the sword handle, pass the sword knot through the protruding initial bight and adjust the lace slide, as illustrated.
how to wear
Take two or more additional turns. Upon completion, the knot should hang free as illustrated.

How to Wear the Navy Sword Belt

how to wear
Wear the sword belt under the coat. The short belt strap and lock swivels are passed through the coat opening on the left side (as shown) and the longer strap hangs free. Hold the sword with the right hand and attach the back swivels to the scabbard rings as shown.
how to wear
Twist the sword one half turn in a clockwise direction and suspend on the sword hook with the uppermost scabbard ring. The sword handle faces aft when properly worn.
how to wear
When wearing an overcoat with Full Dress Blue,the sword goes through the slit in the bridge coat
and the lower loop goes through the back vent in the coat and the sword attached- same as Full Dress Blue.

Guard sword coast

Model 1852 Naval Officers Sword

United States Revenue Cutter Service Officer's Sword

The Model 1852 Naval Officers Sword was a sword produced for the United States Navy, which entered service in 1852 and was in use during the American Civil War.[1] It was the same style used by officers of the United States Revenue Cutter Service.

The requirement for US Navy officers to have swords was suspended during World War II.

Coast Guard Officers' Sword[edit]

The Coast Guard Officers' Sword, used by the United States Coast Guard, is almost identical to the Model 1852 Naval Officers Sword.[2][3] The only difference is that the Coast Guard Officers' Sword has US Coast Guard inscribed on it instead of US Navy. It is of similar style as officer's sword used by the United States Revenue Cutter Service, the predecessor of the Coast Guard. The sword was created in the aftermath of the first regulations on sidearms for military personnel. Previously, the swords used by the coast guard were either navy swords or a personal preference.[4]

Design and manufacture[edit]

Model 1852 swords produced before and during the American Civil War had a blade approximately 1 inch wide and were slightly curved. By 1870 the blade width was reduced to about 3/4 of an inch and in the early 20th century the swords were made straight.

Both swords are manufactured by WKC Stahl und Metallwarenfabrik.[5]


Weapons of the American Civil War

Edged weapons
Rifles and muskets
  • Augustin M1842 musket
  • Ballard M1861 rifle
  • Brunswick P1836 and P1841 rifle
  • Burnside M1855 carbine
  • Charleville M1816 and M1822 musket
  • Colt M1855 revolver carbine and rifle
  • Deringer M1814 Common rifle
  • Deringer M1817 Common rifle
  • Enfield P1853 rifled musket
  • Enfield P1861 musketoon
  • Fayetteville M1862 rifle
  • Gallager M1861 carbine
  • Hall M1819 rifle
  • Hall-North M1843 carbine
  • Harper Ferry M1803 rifle
  • Henry M1860 repeating rifle
  • Jenks M1841 Mule ear carbine
  • Joslyn M1855, M1861, M1862, M1864, M1865 carbine and rifle
  • Lorenz M1854 rifled musket
  • Maynard M1851 carbine
  • Merrill M1858 carbine
  • Mississippi M1841 rifle
  • P1839 and P1842 Brown Bess musket
  • Potzdam M1831 musket
  • Richmond M1861 rifled musket
  • Sharps M1848, M1850, M1851, M1852, M1853, M1855, M1859, M1863, M1865 carbine and rifle
  • Sharps & Hankins M1862 carbine
  • Smith M1857 carbine
  • Spencer M1860, M1865 repeating carbine and rifle
  • Springfield M1795 musket
  • Springfield M1812 musket
  • Springfield M1816 musket
  • Springfield M1822 musket
  • Springfield M1835 musket
  • Springfield M1840 musket
  • Springfield M1842 musket
  • Springfield M1847 musketoon
  • Springfield M1855 rifled musket
  • Springfield M1861 rifled musket
  • Springfield M1863 rifled musket
  • Starr M1858 carbine
  • Tarpley M1863 carbine
  • Volcanic M1855 repeating rifle
  • Wesson M1859 carbine and rifle
  • Whitworth P1857 rifle
Other weapons
Rapid fire weapons
Ammunition, cartridges
and equipment
How to tie the U.S. Navy \u0026 Coast Guard Sword Knot

For example, sitting down to drink, you choose the most terrible woman. As soon as she began to approach Vasilisa the Beautiful in her parameters, immediately tie it up. Or suddenly there are two, and even worse - four - interlocutors in front of you. It's time to get home.

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