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Best DIY Deck Railing Ideas

Do you have a favorite outdoor space? If yes, could it be your backyard? Or your front porch? Or maybe it is your deck. If it is your deck, then we are on the same level because that is my favorite outdoor space too.

The deck is a cozy space in the house where you can sit, relax and enjoy yourself.

However, the enjoyment at the deck in your house can be improved if only you can add some deck railing options to it.

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You don’t have to include some boring and expensive railings to your deck, below are some DIY deck railing ideas you can use to create a wonderful deck space for your enjoyment.

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Here Are the DIY Deck Railing Ideas:

In this article:

1. Recycled Pallets Railing

For those who are on a budget, this is a great DIY deck railing idea. It is also good for those with plenty pallets hanging around their home.

This may not need any tutorial, you just have to be creative when arranging those pellets and fitting them between the posts. Try to get plenty of pallets together and get this done in minutes to improve your house design.

2. Landscape Retaining Wall

This is a great option for deck railing. You can just build this beautiful landscape retaining wall in your deck instead of building traditional posts that have spindles between them.

To beautify this retaining wall, you can plant different beautiful flowers that will add colors to the deck.

3. Wagon Wheel Deck Railing

This is a neat type of deck railing. To get this done well, you can purchase the wagon wheels or you can collect old wagon wheel items from around the neighborhood.

Those you get around may make the design look rustic; buying a new wagon wheel will be the best and it will look great on your house deck.

4. Tree Branch Decking

Just like the wagon wheel deck railing, this is another neat deck railing idea. After building the deck, you will have to replace the normal spindles with branches.

This is a very good idea especially if you have plenty of branches hanging around your house. It is very simple to design and it looks great on your house.

5. The Wood Lattice Screen

A house with a deck provides the best place to bond and rest with friends and family; you will know this if your house has one. However, the deck in your house may lack privacy.

Don’t condemn the deck yet, you can just construct the wood lattice screen around your deck to provide you with enough privacy.

6. The ‘Cracked Ice’ Deck Railing

This is a beautiful deck railing that is generally built by professional custom deck designers. When fully designed, you may be able to swing it if you only have a crafty mind.

After it is done, the cracked ice deck railing provides the best place to relax and hang out with your family. Although it may seem to be expensive, its impact on your house worth it.

Are you building a new deck already?

If yes, you will want to make it look traditional by trying out something new. You can make use of this DIY deck railing idea; this will make it look different than the normal deck railing design. You can do this by mounting decking posts outside the deck.

8. The Lattice Porch Panels


You need to try this DIY deck railing idea if you have an environment that is full of lattice or if the lattice is surrounding a screened porch.

Once you have this, you can cut it to your taste creatively to have a fresh new design. It is a simple DIY project that you may not need the help of professionals.

9. The Branch or Log Railing

The log railing is a great deck idea that will give your deck railing a gorgeous design with beauty. This idea is better with a rustic theme or even a wood cabin theme.

10. Plexiglass House Railing

Do you always feel like seeing what is happening outside? Are you afraid that a custom deck may prevent you from seeing outside? Well, the use of plexiglass will help you out instead of railings.

This idea is safe for you to use and you can easily see through it. This is a DIY project and it may need the help of professionals.

11. Birch Wood Deck Railing

If you have a lot of birch wood in your property or house, you can make use of this great deck railing idea.

Just make use of this wood for the deck and prevent it from getting wasted. This is an inexpensive deck railing idea and it will beautify your deck.

12. The Deck Slide

Although this is not a railing design, it is just a way of adding spice to your deck railing. This is a great especially if you have kids because it will help them get down the deck and it will prevent kids from falling down the deck.

13. Belly Up Bar Rail


This deck railing idea is a great one for your deck because it is unique. The addition of a bar area does not mean that you will have to redo your deck railing; it is just a way to touch up the design and satisfy you always at your deck.

14. Horizontal Deck Railing

If you need your deck to look modern, then this deck idea is for you. The design of this thick, horizontal railing includes the use of thick pieces of wood.

This is mostly useful during winter because it has warmth to the porch. This idea will make people want to visit you!

15. The West Village Terrace Railing


For those who have a low budget, they can try their hand on this DIY deck railing idea. This idea is not for everyone (especially if you are considering the budget aspect) and you can easily do it yourself. It looks very durable and beautiful on your deck.

16. Rope Railing

This deck railing idea would be best for a lake house and a cabin in the woods. It will be great for houses sited in the suburbs. So, think about creating a rope railing in your house, especially that in the suburb now.

17. Flat Slat Railing

The flat slat railing idea is an updated type of the common spindles (you can see this around).

However, this adds a modern touch to your deck and it will upgrade your deck from the basic design to the modern design with an added flare. You need to consider this deck idea.

18. The Modern Porch Railing


This deck railing idea will make your house look more modern again. The design of this modern porch railing can be done with the use of hog fencing to design the railing part of your deck. Try this and see how your house will look like (your house will look classy and modern).

19. The Criss Cross Porch Railing

This deck railing idea is used mainly for houses located at the beach. This is great especially if you don’t want anybody to get under the porch.

It is a simple DIY idea that adds beauty to your porch design and makes it look modern.

20. Thin Rope Railing

As already mentioned in Rope Railing (which involves the use of thicker rope), this railing is mainly used by thin rope and care must be taken when designing it.

Since the rope is thinner, the design is simple and it is a DIY project that you can easily handle yourself. You can consider this railing idea because it is more manageable than so many others.

21. DIY Wire Railing


If you are overlooking the beach or your backyard, then this deck railing idea would work well for you. The design is classy and unique and it will definitely fit anywhere. For the design of this railing idea, you will need both direction and inspiration to get it done.

22. The Store Bought Railings

This deck railing idea is one of the best ideas out there. It does not make use of your time and you can easily create it yourself. All you have to do is to buy these store railings and use your creativity to bring something out.

23. The X-Shaped Porch Railing

This deck railing idea for porch is great for a country setting or a beach setting. The design looks very simple making it one of the simpler DIY you can create.

This is a great idea for you especially if your deck is not too high off the ground. It allows perfect view and prevents you from falling.

24. Galvanized Pipe Railing

This is another budget-friendly deck railing idea that you can use on your deck. It looks simple and the idea is unique.

You may not need a tutorial for this but you can use your creative ideas to get this done. For those who need a durable deck railing, this is a better deck railing idea for them.

25. Chippendale Railing

If you like the look of a Chippendale railing, this option is for you then. Once you know how to do this, you will want to practice it. This is a unique DIY project and it looks different on your house. Check it out and do it yourself.

26. Horizontal Deck Railing 

This deck railing idea is what most people love to use. It is a modern design that adds the modern touch to the deck in your house, making it looks great from every corner of the view. If you are concerned about your view and the design, this is a great railing idea for you.

27. The DIY Deck Railing


This simple DIY deck railing idea is very simple to design and it involves the use of cattle or hog paneling. You can modify the paneling if you already have an extra railing at the top. For those in need of a very simple DIY deck railing, this might be of help.

28. Stainless Steel Welded Mesh

If you want a strong and unique deck railing idea, this option is for you. You may need a tutorial to do this deck railing option. It is not as costly as it looks and it is very durable. Lastly, it will add a touch of beauty to your house.

29. The Modern Wire Railing

The modern wire railing is a unique and a totally different railing idea for your deck. The design of most of these railing ideas is built mostly and totally out of wood with wood pickets and wood posts.

However, modern wire railing is totally different because it is designed with wire for the pickets or metal for the poles but it is still built on a wooden base.

30. Electrical Conduit Deck Railing


Looking for another deck railing idea, this is an easy deck railing way out for you. To do this, you will have to take away the pickets they already used to design most of the house decks. Then, you will have to drill holes around the deck area and put these electrical ducts in a horizontal array into the holes. Although the design looks simple, it looks great too to the eye.


What is the code for railing on a deck?

The IBC mandates that any deck which is 36inches and above in height, sustains at least 300pounds in weight, and with treads that are at least 10inches in depth must require deck railing. 

How much do deck railings cost?

On average, deck railings will cost from $100-700. This range includes materials, labor costs, and installation. 

What is better vinyl or aluminum railing?

Both are considered the top choices for railing. Both are rust and corrosion-resistant. They also share low maintenance characteristics. But between the two, vinyl railing is now a more preferred choice because of three things: the color will not fade, it does not require sealing and it does not need staining. 

Does my deck need a railing?

The general rule of thumb is that any deck that is less than 30inches in height does not require a railing. Nonetheless, you might still opt for it depending on the terrain of your property. So even if it is just 20inches in height, if the surface beneath is unsafe, your deck might still need a railing. 

How far apart can deck railing posts be?

As mandated by the IBC, deck railing posts should not be more than 4inches apart. Maintaining this distance allows enough view in between the spindles and close enough to ensure safety especially for kids. 

How high should deck railings be?

Codes for deck railings are specifically strict because this exterior structure is clustered under critical health and safety matters. According to the International Building Code (IBC), all deck rails should be 36inches higher than the home’s existing residential deck. For restaurants and other commercial establishments, it should be 42inches and above. 

How do you secure a railing on a deck?

Aside from the 36-42inches railing height, you also must note that the posts you should use must not be more than 10inches long. To secure a railing on a deck, the following steps should be mastered:

  • After cutting the posts, you must secure them by bolting the posts to the rim joists. Make sure that the spacing in between is not more than 72inches from the center. 
  • If you are working on a composite railing system, you must slide the post’s sleeve against the wood post. After this, slide the post’s sleeve skirt above the sleeve. This will ensure that both are resting on the deck. 
  • Next, secure the top and bottom rails by screwing them in at 2inches apart. 
  • Attach the top cap and install the balusters next. After which attach the final top caps to secure everything. 

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The IBC mandates that any stairs with four or more steps must have a handrail on one side. But a stairway with more than 88inches of height should have handrails on both sides of the stairs. 

Is cable deck railing expensive?

Yes. On average, a cable railing costs $60 per linear foot. Compute this against the standard 350sq.ft. deck and you would get an average cable deck railing installation of $2000-3250. 

Is it OK to notch deck railing posts?

Strategically, this is not necessary. Notching the deck railing posts set up weak connections in between them. Notching them up will only reduce the structural integrity of the railing posts. 

Is cable railing cheaper than wood?

In terms of materials, cable railing is twice the cost of wood railing but in terms of labor and installation costs, cable railing can be more inexpensive than wood. 

Do outdoor steps need a handrail?

Yes. It follows the four or more steps of stairs requiring a handrail on one side and any exterior walking surface which is 32inches and up requiring two sets of handrails (one for each side).


Above all, now that you have 30 different top DIY deck railing ideas, I am sure you know which one to choose already. You can choose based on your lifestyle, your taste and maybe your budget.

You can also try to lay your hands on different styles. The Canopy Tree services in Southern Highlands may be of help to your desired railing designs. Aside from pruning services, they are also a team of expert tree house builders!

Awesome diy deck railing ideas and designs


Kimberly Crawford


32 DIY Deck Railing Ideas & Designs That Are Sure to Inspire You

What is your favorite outdoor space?

Is it your front porch? Your backyard? I know! Maybe it’s your deck?

Well, if so, I can understand why. I love the decks at my house. They are great cozy spaces I can look out over my yard and breathe for a moment.

But if you’ve ever had to rebuild your deck you know how expensive (and boring) some of the deck railing ideas can be.

Well, that’s why I’m bringing you this list of deck railing alternatives. Some of them are DIY, some have tutorials, and some are just meant for inspiration.

Either way, I hope they help you create a wonderful space that you can enjoy on pretty days.

Here are the deck railing ideas:

deck railing ideas title image

1. Bohemian White Deck Railing


Whether you are looking to build a new deck rail or just update the old one, by painting the beams a classy white it will brighten things up and give your deck a new fresh and clean look. 

By painting your actual deck white to match your deck rail you will achieve a cool and trendy bohemian look. Decorate with wicker furniture, plants, and twinkle lights to get the whole look.

See the railing design

2. Geometric Deck Railing


A gorgeous eye-catching design that your neighbors will be jealous of. This deck railing takes some careful planning and precise measuring if you are building it yourself. However, you could always just show the design and leave it to the experts!

This is a wonderful deck railing idea that looks especially stunning if you live in an old Victorian-style house or have a wrap-around deck. Paint it white or leave the natural wood color for something a little more rustic.

See the railing design

3. The ‘Cracked Ice’ Deck Railing

deck railing ideas

These beautiful deck railing ideas are usually built by custom deck designers. It looks pretty detailed, but if you have a crafty mind then you might be able to swing it.

Though it looks like a lot of work, it would make your deck a great place to hang out and relax.

See the railing design

4. Designer Railing

Designer Deck Railing

The possibilities truly are endless when it comes to a deck railing. You can really go artistic with cool intercrossing beams and arches and patterns. You could also keep it simple and focus the attention on another aspect of the deck.

This designer look falls somewhere in between sleek and artistic. It won’t necessarily draw attention right away, but once you look closer you can see the intricate design and the extra effort that has been put into it.

See the railing design

5. Recycled Pallets Railing

cheap deck railing ideas

This is a great idea if you are on a budget, or if you have an abundance of pallets hanging around your home.

So this doesn’t give you a tutorial, but I’m sure from the picture you could pretty well understand how you take the pallets apart and make them fit in between the posts.

See the railing design

6. The Wood Lattice Screen

If you live in a neighborhood and have a deck, it might be a great place to relax. But there could be one tiny drawback…lack of privacy.

Well, don’t mark your deck off your list of places to relax as of yet. Instead, just construct this lattice privacy screen.

See the railing design

7. The Lattice Porch Panels

Do you have a lattice surrounding your porch? Maybe you even have it surrounding a screened-in porch?

Well, you don’t have to take it down to get a new look. You can just cut out cool looking designs that will give your porch a fresh new design.

See the railing design

8. Gradient Horizontal Railing


I’m not sure if you can tell by first glance, but take a closer look at these deck rail beams. The bottom one is the largest and the two above gradually smaller. This is a very unique look that I haven’t seen often.

The horizontal railings aren’t typical but they just might be the style that works for your home. It’s also a budget-friendly deck railing that doesn’t use a lot of material. If you are just moving into a new home, those few extra bucks that you save will go a long way.

See the railing design

9. Plexiglass House Deck Railing

Do you have a gorgeous view? Are you afraid that your deck railing will hinder that view while you are sitting down on the deck?

Well, with this idea you won’t have to worry about that. Instead of using railings, use plexiglass to fill in the gaps. That way it is safe, and you can see through it as well.

See the railing design

10. The Branch/Log Railing

This is another gorgeous design to give your deck railing some great character and a large handful of beauty.

So if you would like a deck railing that would go with a wood cabin theme or even a rustic theme, then you might want to consider this option.

See the railing design

11. Belly Up Bar Rail

deck railing ideas

This is a great idea for your deck. It isn’t a unique railing idea, necessarily. But it is a great way to add a functional use to cover up your basic deck design.

So if you don’t really want to redo your deck railing, but still want to add a splash of design to your deck, then consider adding a bar area to it.

See the railing design

12. Birch Wood Deck Railing

This is another railing design for those that have excess birch wood hanging around their property. Instead of tossing it away to compost somewhere, you could put it to use.

So if you’d like an inexpensive, natural design to spice up your deck, then consider this deck railing option.

See the railing design

13. Tinted Glass Railing


If you prefer something a little more modern and sleek for your contemporary house consider glass panels. Not just any glass panels – tinted glass panels.

Tinted glass really gives an elegant look. It’s also a great option if you aren’t keen on keeping the glass clean all the time since the dust won’t show as much.

See the railing design

14. Wood On White Railing


If you can’t decide if you would like to paint your deck railing or leave it as a beautiful natural wood consider combining both ideas! 

Just check out how gorgeous this deck turned out by leaving the hand railing wood and painting the bars a soft white. This design would look great on a rustic farmhouse.

See the railing design

15. Flat Slat Railing

This railing is an updated version of the regular spindles that most people put on their deck. Yet, they add a nice modern feel to a deck.

So if you’d like to stick with the basic design of the deck just with an added flair, then you might want to consider this option.

See the railing design

16.  Rope Railing

This rope railing would be great for a cabin in the woods or for a lake house too. Or it could work well for a house in the suburbs.

If you’d like to try your hand at constructing a rope railing for your deck or porch, then here is a picture to help you along the way. You would have to know your knots, so call on a sailing buddy to help. And to get you going, we’ll even point you in the right direction to purchase the rope.

See the railing design

17. The Criss-Cross Porch Railing

A lot of people use this type of railing at the beach. It is great because you can’t get under the porch, which I personally love.

But the criss-cross design is great to add a touch of character to your porch. It also looks pretty simple to do yourself.

See the railing design

18. The Sunburst Railing

deck railing ideas

Do you like the sunburst railing look? Are you worried you couldn’t do it yourself because you don’t even know where to start?

Well, you are in luck because this isn’t just a picture, but an actual tutorial to walk you through the process.

See the railing design

19. The West Village Terrace Railing

This railing may not be for everyone, but it is supposed to be budget-friendly and easy to do yourself.

So if that sounds good to you, then you might want to check it out for yourself. It looks very durable.

See the railing design

20. The Store-Bought Railings

I’ve tried to include pictures of decking that you could create yourself. However, if you are someone that is looking for ideas that you could purchase, I wanted to include something for you too.

So the article linked below allows you to purchase the railing you would like. They have stunning ideas, personally I like their ‘Branches’ Panel, and the ‘Jackson’ could be a conversation starter.

Purchase the railing designs

21. Cathedral Picket Railing


Here is a very traditional deck railing idea that looks elegant and dainty. A lovely look for an older house, a victorian home, or even a small farmhouse.

The old cathedral look starts from a classic picket fence design and interlocking arches. This will bring a vintage charm to your porch and your home.

See the railing design

22. Sunburst Deck Railing

I shared with you a tutorial to create this look already, but here is another glance at a sunburst deck railing design.

This could be a great decking design if you live in a warmer climate, or even if you need a way to add a little pizazz to your home.

See the railing design

23. Galvanized Pipe Railing

This deck railing idea is unique and should be economical as well. It does not contain a tutorial, but hopefully, you could use the picture as inspiration.

So if you need sturdy deck railing ideas, then you might want to give this option some consideration.

See the railing design

24. The Modern Porch Railing

deck railing ideas

This gives a slight tutorial on how to do a modern porch railing. They use hog fencing for the railing part of the deck.

Plus, having a few instructions to help you construct this modern look is always an added bonus.

See the railing design

25. Horizontal Deck Railing

I like this deck railing idea. It is on the modern side, and the pictures give you a glimpse of what it looks like from every angle.

So even though it doesn’t come with a tutorial, if you are looking for a modern idea that would be good for an area that you aren’t too concerned about keeping your view, then this idea might work.

See the railing design

26. The X-Shaped Porch Railing

This porch would be a great option for a beach setting or a country setting. It looks simple enough to create this for yourself, too.

Also, if you aren’t high off of the ground on your deck, then this would be great as well while allowing you to keep your view and not worrying about any danger of falling.

See the railing design

27. Stainless Steel Welded Mesh

This is a great decking option. I mentioned that there is a tutorial for this type of fencing above.

However, I think this provides a great picture of what it could look like on your porch. It is inexpensive (usually) and very durable.

See the railing design

28. The DIY Deck Railing

These are more deck railing ideas that include cattle or hog paneling. They changed it up a little bit because it has extra railing at the top too.

So if you need easy DIY deck railing ideas, then you might want to consider this option.

See the railing design

29. Electrical Conduit Deck Railing Ideas

deck railing ideas

This is another simple deck railing solution. You basically remove the pickets that are used on most decks.

Then you drill holes and place the electrical conduit in the holes in a horizontal pattern. It looks pretty simple to do it and quite pleasing to the eye as well.

See the railing design

30. Chippendale Railing

This is a great tutorial if you like the Chippendale railing look. It looks extremely complex, but after reading the tutorial you might grow a little more confident in your abilities to construct this.

So if you are looking for a different design that can still be a DIY project, then check these deck railing ideas out for yourself.

See the railing design

31. DIY Wire Railing

deck railing ideas

This is another design that would work well if you are overlooking your backyard or the beach. It has a classic design about it that just seems to fit anywhere.

Also, this link is for a tutorial. So if you are needing direction instead of just inspiration, then this might be a good option for you.

See the railing design

32. The Modern Wire Railing

deck railing ideas

This deck is totally different. Most are built completely out of wood, with wood posts, and wood pickets. But this one is different.

So if you’d like a modern deck, then consider using metal for the poles, wire for the pickets, but still having a wooden base.

See the railing design

Now, you have over 30 deck railing ideas to help you construct a deck that will suit your taste (and hopefully your budget too.)

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The Charm of Country Porches

Also Called Wrap Around or Farm House Porches

Country porches are so popular that restaurants use them for branding like Cracker Barrel who lines them with plenty of rocking chairs. And who doesn't take a second look when driving past one on a country road (or highway for that matter). Mary and I love country porches.

Country style porches vary but all have one main characteristic - they are built for comfort.

Nostalgic in nature, music groups are named after them like The Front Porch Country Band and even songs are written about them like "My Front Porch Looking In" or "Sittin On The Front Porch Swing".

Classic country porches
How much more country can you get?

Relaxing Country Porch
Here's a classic country front porch with round tapered columns
and a standing seam metal roof
Note how the owners jazzed this porch by painting the front door a vivid red along with the red glider. Sometimes a little can do a lot! This decorating scheme can help to visually segment a large wrap around porch.

Enter the World of Country Porches

Sit a spell as we've collected not only lots of country porch pictures but also design, decorating, furnishing, and even landscaping ideas. Others love farm house porches too and have shared their decorated porches as well - wait till you've seen what they have done.

farmhouse porch with classic porch swing
Inviting Farm House Porches
Use our country farmhouse photos for ideas you can use on your home. A picture is truly worth a thousand words.
wide country porch with square columns
Country Styles
More pictures to help you determine both design and style for your farmhouse porch. Glean ideas for columns, roofs, and more.

farmhouse porch design with multiple column design
Country Designs
Explore design ideas for your country front porch. Discover column and railing placements along with roof and ceiling options.
fully decorated craftsman style front porch
Anna's Craftsman Style Porch
See how Anna uses Craftsman architecture on her beautiful open country porch in addition to her decorating and furnishing ideas.

Country-style porches bring back nice memories to me. I clearly remember as a kid, sitting on my Grandma's porch swing in Fremont, Ohio. We'd talk for hours and still today, Dave and I love a big country porch!

A country style porch conjures up images of comfortable furniture like porch swings, porch rockers, and sipping lemonade with an old dog sleeping by your side.

Speaking of Country Porches...

Amy's country porch

Can you imagine calling this early 1900's house your home? We're so blessed that Amy shared her home and porch pictures with us. Her family will soon be relocating and another family will get the honor of calling this place home.

Notice the magnificent iron fence and gate, that stone wall graced with spring phlox, the colorful landscaping and spacious wraparound porch.

Amy's country porch

Over 100 years old and we learned that this porch was re-built with compositive materials - making it easy to maintain for many years. Such charm and character.

Amy's country porch

Get out your most relaxing book, put your feet up and enjoy your favorite drink. Time for some real country porch sitting!

Amy's country porch

So lovely that Amy's porch has different conversational areas. Always a spot in the shade for rest and relaxation.

Amy's colorful window treatments for a sunroom
Can't help but show you the lovely sunroom in Amy's home

Relaxing And Calm Country Porch

Time to kick your shoes off and relax. Janet's lovely white porch in the country offers it all - comfort, ambiance and serenity.

Log cabin country porch living

We appreciate Yvonne sharing her log cabin style porch with us. Lovely porch, isn't it? You could get plenty of porch relaxing done here.
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Classic Country Porch

Thanks to Brenda for sharing her front porch with us. Makes you just want to enjoy some lemonade and put your feet up. Note the very cute child's rocker.

Country wraparound porch

We came across this lovely country-style porch on one of our travels. Even though it's not located in the country, it has the warm, inviting and spacious feel for sure.

Characteristics of Wraparound and Country-Style Porches

    Country farm House

  • Simplicity in design, wide and functional for guests and games
  • Expansive spans on the front and/or sides of a house. Most are wrap around porches.
  • Usually no fancy trim. Depending on the height of your porch, porch railings and balusters are optional.
  • Accessories: wicker furniture, rugs, wind chimes, a country curtains, rustic mementos, and perhaps a table and chairs for a game of checkers
  • Perfect for entertaining or relaxing to catch the summer breeze
  • Consider using natural materials and colors that complement your home and that are pleasing to the eye.
  • Pay attention to the front of your home (or whatever side the porch is on). Coordinate shutter, trim, and door colors.
  • Dress up your front door with decorative moldings. Paint your door a vibrant color! Then use these colors for cushions, swings, chairs, tables, and planters!
  • Use complementary storage containers for cushions, games, and other sensitive items.
  • Planters have a dual purpose. Not only do they hold your favorite flowers placed strategically they can mark the edges of the porch thereby providing a safety measure.

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What is an Open Porch?

Open porches are a variation of farmhouse porches and have no visible barriers such as railings. By their very nature they say "welcome"! Open porches can make a great transition from the outside to the inside of your home.

Mary and I love the look of open porches. Open porches allow a complete view of the surrounding area and are usually easily accessible. They generally have wide stairways and only a few steps.

To avoid needing railings (balustrade) your porch floor usually must not exceed 36 inches from the ground. Check with your local building codes department for your area's specific height requirement.

Historically, open porches were popular in the late 1800s and were designed for social interaction, conducting business, and avoiding the heat. Open porches are easily decorated and furnished and add immense curb appeal to your home.


country porch renovation showing width of porch
Farmhouse Porch Makeover
See this renovated porch. Trina shares her story and adds insight into the value of her remodeling efforts to create this beautiful front porch.

Decorating Country

Porch decorating - table and chairs are simply beautiful
Photo courtesy of BJW-58
We love the simplicity of this country setting. Decorations and furnishings can range from the very simple like the table and chairs above to the sophisticated with bistro tables and outdoor chandeliers.

colorful porch furnitureSee Anna's, Michelle's, and Tricia's porches we've featured abovefor farm house porch decorating and furnishing ideas


explore our entire front porch decoratingsection with wonderful ideas for every "reason and season"


discover a multitude of furnishing ideasfrom classic rocking chairs to outdoor rugs and more!

Because open porches (which many country porches are) have no visual barriers, have fun picking out just the right functional and decorative items. You can really show your personality!

Classic Porches

Love me a country porch
The two of us love a country porch. Do you also?

Beautiful Country Farm House
Large country farm house wrap-around front porch with wheelchair ramp
The only thing I'd improve would be adding black vinyl porch skirting to hide the piers. I really like the expansive front steps.

All American Country Porch
A smaller wrap-around porch in a neighborhood
You can create the look and feel of a country-style porch on almost any home, even ranch homes. Many older homes have what I'd call "heavy looking" porches with wider columns and massive railings. Simply changing these features will create a more open appeal.

Country porch in Texas
Farm house-style porch in mesquite country - photo by Pamela Graham

One of Our Favorites

We love this country home's small porch that offers lots of curb appeal

curb appealing small front porch


Kimberly's Country Porch

Kimberly, author of Old Road Primitives, shares pictures of her beautiful country-style porch with us. Here home was built in 2008 and she and her husband longed for a traditional style porch. So look what she got!

Kimberly's country porch

Kimberly's country porch
Thank you, Kimberly. Very charming porch!
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Old Fashioned Porches

Country Porch Railing Ideas Recipes

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2018-09-19  · Brave Country Porch Railing Ideas Looks Cool Article Asfancy inside measurements 1600 X 1200. Country Porch Railing Ideas – If you are capable of …
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Published 2020-10-21
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  • Pumpkins and Mums and Cornstalks – oh my! What’s great about using pumpkins for fall porch decor is that they work with either autumn or Halloween. I don’t typically carve pumpkins for Halloween, but I do use a lot of them on my front porch because they’re great both before and after the trick-or-treating season.
  • Add a Lantern to Your Fall Porch. Days are shorter so it makes sense to add a lantern or two to your porch during the autumn season. Rather than turn on your porch light, simply light the lanterns instead for a cozy glow.
  • Use More than One Wreath. Most people add a wreath or some type of swag to their front door, but why not use more than one? You could even place it on a wall of your porch as opposed to the front door for a different and unexpected look.
  • Take Furniture Out to the Porch. Don’t be afraid to embellish your fall porch with a bit of indoor furniture. Just make sure it’s in a protected spot away from the elements.
  • Don’t Rake the Leaves! Neighbors thought I was a little wacky last year when I took big scoops of fallen leaves and threw them on the front porch just before trick-or-treaters arrived.
  • Use Apples to Create a Fall Porch. Pumpkins and mums are expected on a porch during the autumn season, but why not use apples instead? Apple picking is typically done during the cooler months and they look great corralled in buckets or baskets.
  • Adorn the Porch Railing. Don’t forget to add something pretty to your porch railing. After all, we deck our banisters for Christmas, why not fall? A simple wreath makes a big statement – or consider bittersweet or grapevines that are easy to twist and shape.
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  • Cable Porch Railing. A stainless steel cable railing can be a sleek way to decorate your front porch. It provides a bit of a barrier without compromising visibility.
  • Cocktail Porch Railing. Cocktail railings get their name for their broad, flat top rails that make them the perfect place to set a drink. They’re an excellent option for a deck or patio designated for social gatherings.
  • Composite Porch Railing. If you’re looking for a classic, versatile, low-maintenance option, look no further than a composite railing. Made from a blend of PVC and recycled wood, this type of railing gives you the simplicity and wood-style while being more durable and easy to care for.
  • Metal Porch Railing. While wood and rope are great materials, metal is another wonderful option. It’s sleek, sturdy, durable, and just as versatile. You won’t need to worry about staining it regularly or protecting it from the elements.
  • Ornate Porch Scroll. An ornate scroll porch railing can look like a work of art. Often made of wrought iron or mild steel, these metal deck railings are classy, elegant, and reminiscent of the past.
  • Patterned Porch Railing. If your tastes lean towards funky or abstract, a patterned deck railing can be a great way to incorporate that into the very structure of your home.
  • Privacy Porch Railing. While your view may benefit from an open porch design, it can make the deck feel a little too exposed. This is especially true if your porch, deck, or patio faces a high-traffic area.
  • Rope Porch Railing. For a more relaxed, natural feel, opt for a rope railing. The natural fibers and earthy colors of rope make it a strong addition to a rustic atmosphere.
  • Stainless Porch Railing. Stainless steel railings create a sleek look for both the porch and the stairs leading up to them. This railing type fits best with modern architecture but might look awkward or out of place on older, more traditional houses or apartment buildings.
  • Turned Baluster Porch Railing. Turned balusters are a subtle, elegant detail that create a cozy atmosphere. The curved design adds more visual interest than the ordinary straight lines found in most railings and creates a unique, appealing porch.
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2019-02-07  · Deck railings do more than keep your family members safe: They also provide privacy, support, and sometimes, visual interest. Whether you want a wooden deck railing or a metal one, these stylish outdoor spaces are sure to inspire your own porch or patio. Because there's no better time than now to tackle that long-awaited deck makeover.
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2018-08-22  · French Country Porch Railing – Should you attempt to Get a trustworthy Fencing That the may be your Smartest choice. An invisible fence is an option for pet owners to produce an hidden fence or boundary for the dog. It is a perfect solution! Irrespective of the plan, an improved garden fence is very possible to make your lawn considerably more attractive and provide your c pleasant feeling.
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The top rail size can be either a 2″x4″ or a 2″x6″. If your porch or deck has 4″x4′” posts you will be using a 2″x4″ therefore if you have 6″x6″ posts, you will be using a 2″x6″ board. The top rail will be attached with one finishing nail into each decorative 2″x2″ picket. From there you will use a trim screw to ...
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2020-12-16  · Ideas for customizing your porch railing include: Height: Many communities have established guidelines for porch railing height. Once those are met, a porch railing can be used as separation to disguise a view. For example, a solid portion on the bottom and a latticed area on top can add extra privacy to your porch.
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So those are all the 13 most selected front porch railing ideas you can take into consideration is by any chance you now have a plan to build a new porch or to remodel the old one you already have at home. No matter which choice that you think to be the most interesting one, it comes with advantages and disadvantages that you must consider adequately. This way, you will get the best railing ...
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2020-11-09  · Sometimes stair railing ideas need to blend in instead of standing out. In this ocean-inspired home, this white stair railing contributes to the space's airy feel. Paired with square balusters, simply profiled handrails and posts, and a white-painted finish, this stair railing perfectly suits the home's monochromatic color scheme and simple design approach.
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2017-02-10  · Feb 10, 2017. Here's a trend we can't get enough of: Unique cutouts in fences, porch railings, garden gates, doors, stairs, and more. A modern riff on the traditional white picket fence, some are simple and elegant (think circles, stars, and hearts), others adorably quirky (hello, pineapples and guitars!)—but all add unexpected character that ...
Occupation Lifestyle Editor
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Author Taysha Murtaugh
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1. Regular Home Builder Deck Railings: These are the diagonal 2×2 wood pickets fastened to a 2×6 on edge at the top as well as secured to the edge joist of the deck (outer band of wood in the deck structure). 2. Personalized Wood Deck Railings: Any shape and size you can envision could be made from wood. It takes a professional, and sometimes ...
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The Porch Company of Nashville designs custom porches for discerning Nashville area homeowners. By popular demand, our signature porch panels are now availab...
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2020-04-13  · When it goes to inexpensive or cheap porch railing ideas, there is always a place for recycled materials. In fact, it will be the main part or ingredient on your porch railing project since you don’t need to buy anything new. Don’t be confused if you want to work this idea out. It’s sure there are a lot of recycled things around you. The simplest example is by hanging pallets around your ...
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2020-06-24  · 8 Front Porch Railing Ideas That Designers Recommend #1 // Metal Modern Railing on a Traditional Home. You don’t have to have a brand-new house to choose a modern-style railing. Clean lines can flatter any type of home if you know how to successfully combine old and new. For example, a historic bungalow or craftsman home can easily pull off a modern railing. It just takes some other …
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2020-12-26  · 1. Chippendale Railing. Image Source: The Chippendale railing is the most common and simple railing. This railing is designed in X shape as the main shape. Then it will have such a small line inside all way long the big X pattern. You can use this design for the horizontal railing. 2.
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Browse 98 Country Cottage Porch Railing on Houzz. Whether you want inspiration for planning country cottage porch railing or are building designer country cottage porch railing from scratch, Houzz has 98 pictures from the best designers, decorators, and architects in the country, including KV construction LLC and Jenni Leasia Interior Design.
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Jun 16, 2017 - Explore Robin Patterson's board "Porch railing", followed by 192 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about porch railing, railing, front porch railings.
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Our vinyl porch railing ideas for PVC porch railings often offer the best in beauty and durability while making your life easier. No more painting or replacing broken wooden railing spindles. Please note that vinyl porch railings and PVC porch railings are not the same. What we are speaking of here is high quality solid cellular PVC railings - low maintenance and resembles the look of painted ...
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Wood railing designs for decks can use a continuous 2×6 to cap the posts. This simple DIY deck idea is 3.5″ below this and consists of vertical 2x4s between 2×4 top and bottom plates. 4×6 Beam Railing. with Bench. Read More. A bench is a perfect deck hand railing idea …
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Jun 1, 2018 - Explore Kristi Cattrell's board "Country porch railings" on Pinterest. See more ideas about house with porch, house exterior, porch design.
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Depending on the height of your porch, porch railings and balusters are optional. Accessories: wicker furniture, rugs, wind chimes, a country curtains, rustic mementos, and perhaps a table and chairs for a game of checkers ; Perfect for entertaining or relaxing to catch the summer breeze Consider using natural materials and colors that complement your home and that are pleasing to the eye. Pay ...
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2021-07-30  · Wood Porch Railing Ideas. Source: Source: Wood is known as a classic material for porch railings ideas and can elevate any aesthetic. Regardless of whether you prefer the rustic, modern, or mid-century design, a spacious woo d deck is a perfect place for gathering with friends. To enhance the look of the wood railing, you should choose furniture in complementary ...
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In this video, i would like to share about Front Porch Railing Ideas.Are you looking for this information too? Yes, you are in the right place. Our channel b...
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2019-08-27  · 7. Integrated Lighting. More than just a safety feature, lighting goes hand in hand with railing design. Lights can be attached on top of posts, on the sides of posts, or underneath the top rail to create a warm, ambient light in the evenings. On a small porch, integrating your lighting system with your railing can even help save space.
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10. Darek built this railing up his front porch steps using this Surface Mount Railing Kit. The kit uses a combination of Swivel Socket fittings so that the railing can be installed on stairs with any angle. The flat, painted finish complements the natural tones of the stone accent and wood siding.
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If you like country decorating, include some rustic items in your outdoor room decorating. 3. Consider a porch garden. This can easily be achieved with the use of small containers displayed around the patio or porch. Herbs are perfect for growing on an indoor porch. 4. Decorate the front porch door. Make or purchase a spring theme wreath. Maybe consider changing the paint color. 5. Hang or ...
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2021-07-11  · These cheap and easy DIY fall porch decor ideas will give your front porch a warm and cozy autumn makeover on a budget. From farmhouse fall porches to rustic fall porches, there are plenty of easy fall porch decorating ideas to choose from. These fall porch ideas will show you how to decorate your porch with pumpkins, pinecones, corn stalks ...
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2020-04-22  · The height of the railing depends on the height of your porch/deck. It is a code and a requirement that all decks that are above 30’’ should have a guardrail compulsorily. For single homes, The IRC requires guardrails to be at least 36″ in height. This is measured from the deck surface to the top of the rail. You can have any kind of décor for your railing considered that they are not ...
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Porch railing country

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