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Adding custom notebook images

This document describes how to add custom notebook images to use in the JupyterHub Spawner UI

How to add a custom notebook image

The JupyterHub Spawner UI provides a list of available images, which are suitable to be run as a singleuser notebook server. Each of these images provide a set of different preinstalled dependencies and each is bound to a different profile. This means each also uses different configurations and compute resources.

Each image is listed in a dropdown list in the Spawner UI.

Adding an existing image

If an image exists in a registry (like and you wish to add it to ODH, you can create an , which points to the image.

Then choose to add a label and enter the: label to enable it in the Spawner UI

The YAML should look similar to this:

Creating a custom image

To create a custom image, you can use as your base image and create a , which has your own repository with your desired customisations as its source.

For example, you could take the repo, and your would look like this:

You can now create an the same way as in the Adding an existing image section and push the build into it.


This feature is not dependent on the version of the UI

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