Creative matchmaking

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Step 1

Launch Fortnite

Once in the Fortnite Lobby, head to the Discovery game selection screen.

Launch Fortnite

Step 2

Enter Code

Navigate to the Island Code tab and enter the copied Island Code:


Code has been copied to clipboard
Enter Code

Step 3

Press Play

If your Island Code is valid, then we will display the Island. Press Play to confirm the map, once you are back in the lobby, press play to load the Island.

Press Play


Load Islands In-Game

Alternatively, you can walk up to any featured island in the Welcome Hub and enter the code there. After a brief load time, the game you’re looking for should display.

Load Islands In-Game
THE MAKERSMatchmaking for makers!

Grow your network, meet creative and tech people
with complementary skills.


A developer, designer, entrepreneur, growth hacker, data analyst, tech enthusiasts, craftsman and creative mind - people who create products and innovate by breaking the status quo.


Maker's algorithm shortlists a few people to match with you according to your interests, needs and preference. Potential matches are then proposed daily in your newsfeed.


We believe that every maker needs a partner with complementary skills to create innovative projects. The Makers brings a fun way to building your network and finding your next collaborator, right under your thumb.

Discover great Makers every day.
Swipe anonymously.

Create your group in the app so members can match in that specific community!

Break the ice and start chating when the interest is mutual!

ANDROID? Join the waiting list

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What is Find Me I'm Yours?

An interactive, multi-platform entertainment experience by Hillary Carlip including an eBook novel, original videos, 33 custom websites, web series, and more.

Find Me I'm

The main hub for the book and the entire "storyverse." Includes videos and polls from the book, continual updates, and links to series, contests, etc. on all the other sites.

Take Me There
Worship The

Showcases brand-inspired arts, crafts, and fan art. Contests with substantial cash prizes, and expert feedback, tips, and tools from art world pros.

Take Me There
Freak 4 My

Celebrates pet obsession with funny pet pics and videos of pet theme songs. Includes “Dear Tabby” – purrfect advice for all of your pets’ peeves (voiced by Susie Essman).

Take Me There
I Fckd

A public apology website where users upload their apologies (texts, pics, videos) and visitors can rate, comment, share, and vote if the apologies should be accepted or not.

Take Me There

An online magazine that takes an irreverent look at all things wedding. You’ll love it so much you’ll want to marry it!

Take Me There

eVOLVE inspires people to see the world, save the world, and explore their own inner world. Now casting Karma Bankers, which pairs socially conscious entrepreneurs with mentors.

Take Me There
Text Your

Text your wish, it automatically appears on the website, and whatever you wished for might even come true!

Take Me There

A Tumblr started by Find Me I’m Yours protagonist Mags Marclay for people to share photos of messages that speak to them (through street art, random signs, etc).

Take Me There

Fictional West Hollywood tattoo parlor specializing in matching "tattwos." Includes a gallery where people can upload pics of their own. Also figures into the treasure hunt in Find Me I’m Yours.

Take Me There
DIY In The

A Tumblr started by Find Me I’m Yours protagonist Mags Marclay dedicated to "Questionable Patriotic Displays. Share your own pics, too!"

Take Me There
Madelyn Evans

Silver Lake CA art gallery committed to exposing new talent with a focus on Urban Post-Modernism.

Take Me There
Shari Acts 4

Official site for Hollywood hacktress and model, Shari, who is also the torturous roomie of Find Me I'm Yours protagonist Mags Marclay. Please DON'T buy Shari’s pin-ups!

Take Me There
Paint By Number

Showcases and sells artist Al Harp’s paintings of aliens and their craft on old school paint-by-number backgrounds. His work is out of this world!

Take Me There
The Naked

Features Sylvia, the Stripping Psychic, who has seen better days. Sylvia offers "Cunning Clairvoyance" and "Extra Sensual Perceptions."

Take Me There

This site is full of big love for giant landmarks and roadside attractions. Also figures into the treasure hunt at the crux of Find Me I’m Yours.

Take Me There
Collage A

Created by Find Me I’m Yours protagonist Mags Marclay in an attempt to make original collages consistently. Check it out & see how that worked for her!

Take Me There

Join the new exercise craze sweeping the nation & laugh your ass off!

Take Me There
The Tanked

Sail off to oblivion at the fictional Tanked Tiki bar in Hollywood. Featuring Polynesian funk and tropical libations.

Take Me There

A Tumblr started by Mags' BFF Coco that shows, well, kneeboobs. Check ’em out & upload your own, reblog, etc.

Take Me There
This Is Your

Wall in downtown L.A. where the public can add their own street art legally, with a camera running 24/7 streaming the activity on the site.

Take Me There

A guide to LA’s hidden staircases with descriptions, pics, maps, and descriptive tags (Pee Alert, Self-Esteem Crusher, etc.). Also has a clue to the treasure hunt in Find Me I’m Yours.

Take Me There

Website for a zine created by Find Me I’m Yours protagonist Mags Marclay, chock full o’ collage elements for others to use to make their own work.

Take Me There

If you’re into glamping in a stunning SoCal beach environment, then don't go to Malibu Campsite! Figures into the treasure hunt in Find Me I’m Yours.

Take Me There

LA food truck that serves up Jewish-Indian street noshes including Korma Kugel and Chicken Tikka Matzo Ball. Figures into the treasure hunt.

Take Me There

A dating site for artists and creative types looking for that special someone to share their he{art} with.

Take Me There

Your guide to the LA-area burlesque and striptease scene, featuring reviews of revues and venues. Also has a clue to the treasure hunt.

Take Me There
I Spotted Your

Have you seen a dog with a polka-dot tongue in or around LA? If so, post your pics on this website and you could get a reward!

Take Me There
Mags Marclay

Featuring street art created by Find Me I’m Yours protagonist that incorporates iconic images from the treasure hunt and the story.

Take Me There
Hollywood Sign Close

Get an arty hand-illustrated map that shows directions right up close to the Hollywood Sign!

Take Me There
Dog Parks

A guide to LA-area dog parks with descriptions, maps, photos, etc. Also has a clue to the treasure hunt.

Take Me There
I Heart Bob

Dedicated to the legendary game show host and pet activist, Bob Barker. Includes pics of Bob Barker fan art, as well as resources for pet lovers.

Take Me There

Shoe repair shop in Burbank, CA, that figures into the treasure hunt.

Take Me There
Villa Seaside

Luxury apartment living in Venice, CA (no vacancies currently). Also has a clue to the treasure hunt.

Take Me There
Creative matchmaking 1v1 easy

Creative Matchmaking

Yunite offers a system that allows you and a selectable amount of random users to join the same creative session without adding them as friends.


The host and all participants must be verified through the Fortnite Registration system for this system to work.

Getting started#

To get started with creative games, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Creative page under the Fortnite heading.
  2. Select the host role. Anyone with this role will have access to use the presets.

Match Presets#

Before you can create a creative match, you must create at least one match preset. You can figure out how to set up a preset with the information below.

NameYesThe displayed name of the preset when presented to hosts.
Max playersYesThe max. amount of players that should join the match. Max. allowed value is usually 15 (you + 15 players). If you have access to a large creative mode, you can enter up to 49; however, Yunite will grade it back down to 15 if you're in an incompatible game mode.
Preferred RolesNoPeople having this role will always be preferred when choosing random participants. This is useful for VIPs etc. Do not use this for a bigger role.
Role to pingNoIf selected, this role will be pinged once a new game is started.
Sign Up ChannelYesThe channel Yunite posts the sign-up message in.


To run invite users to your creative session, please switch to host mode by clicking on the "Host Creative" tab in the top middle of your screen.

Running the creative matchmaking with 16 players#

First, click on the preset you are hosting. This will post the "Sign Up Phase" message into the Sign Up Channel you previously set up.

After you opened the sign-up phase, your members can sign up. Once enough members signed up, press the "Dispatch" button to start the process:

  1. Yunite will ask you (the host) to add one of our in-game bots as a friend. Make sure you are in the creative hub in your game or any joinable map.
  2. You need to set your party privacy to "Friends only" for three seconds and back to "Private" right after.
  3. Once the system captured your session, it will start to invite your users as follows:
    • 3.1 Each user has to add one of our in-game bots. This bot will stay their friend for the time being and always use the same one in future matches, reducing friends handling and speeding up further matchmaking.
    • 3.2 After that, the user has to "join" the bot's match by clicking on its name in the friendslist and selecting "Join Game". Yunite will route them into your session afterward.

You can follow the state of each player live on the webpage. Once everyone joined, start the match and have fun!

Here's quick tutorial video for you on how to host a normal creative match with 16 players:

Running the creative matchmaking with up to 50 players#


Support a Creator code is required.

Hosting a creative match with 50 players is almost similar to the one with 16 players. However, as there're a few minor differences, we recommend you to watch the following videos.

How to host#

Watch this video in order to learn how to host:

How to join#

Watch this video in order to learn how to join:

Feel free to share the latter with your community as well. Here's a direct, short link for you:

As this comes with a few limitations, an alternative is to use our custom key distribution system for creative matches as well. You'll find the new game mode options in your custom games presets. However, using the latter option, users would have to enter the island code themselves, while it's only a few clicks to join a match using the creative module, so we advise to use it whenever feasible.


Matchmaking creative

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Fortnite LIVE 🔴 Scrims \u0026 Creative with Viewers

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