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Post Listing Update: This CZ did not meet reserve with 31 bids up to $23,036.65 on eBay in Jamul, California.

In 1972, serious off-road racers had few options, all of which were in Europe. Realistically, you were looking at one of the Spanish brands, a Penton, Husqvarna, Maico, or CZ. CZ had a reputation for building rugged and simple machines, and two of their styling trademarks were the coffin tanks and gold anodized hubs. This example’s a bit more special than most, as it’s a former factory racer campaigned by Greg Robertson of Southern California.

The seller of this example documents Greg’s history by saying he “started his career at age 10 when his father bought him and his older brother a Minarelli motorcycle. His first race was at Bay Mare Cycle Park at the age of 13. He won the first moto but DNF’d the second. Over time, Greg became a well know rider for Mid Valley Cycles in Van Nuys, CA. Campaigning a 125cc CZ with great success. Greg was probably best know for his win at the Snake River MX in 1972. Riding a custom 125cc CZ, Greg beat some of the best in the sport including Brad Lackey, Tom Rapp, Ken Zahrt, Bill Silverthorn and Tim Hart to name a few. Greg got a coveted Factory CZ ride in late 1972. That Factory CZ is featured here.”

This example (VIN: 12, Engine #:980*72*4) has been restored by refurbishing most of the original parts “in an attempt to keep the bike as original as possible.” How could you not love the aluminum sunburst heads?

Find this CZ for sale in Jamul, California with bidding up to $2,275 and the reserve not yet met here on eBay.


Sours: https://www.bike-urious.com/factory-racer-1972-cz-250/

1972 CZ 250 Vintage motocross Model 980.4


Time to clean out some of the old Motocross Bikes in the garage. Up for sale is a 1972 CZ 250 which is in fairly good shape for an unrestored, lmost original 250. Engine runs quite well but I haven’t run it much in the last year. Fork tubes were replaced shortly after acquiring the bike as they were badly rusted and also rebuilt the forks including seals. While the forks were apart, he steering head bearings were replaced with tapered roller bearings. The cylinder head has not been removed but did remove the left side clutch cover housing to inspect the clutch which is in good condition. It has the Mikuni Carb conversion and a plastic aftermarket “coffin” shaped fuel tank which were popular “updates” at the time. The frame and engine numbers do not match but was like that when purchased. The frame seems to have the original paint which is in good shape for a bike of this age. There is some rust on the handlebars but all controls work as they should. The bike is ride-able as is and has been run with Amsoil two-stroke synthetic oil. Bill of sale only. This CZ 250 is in Jacksonville, lorida, uyer is responsible for shipping or pick-up and a $250.00 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required with-in 48 Hrs. and the remainder is due in cash or cashiers check at pick-up. Vehicle is sold "as is" and has no warranty. Contact me for other shipping or pick-up options. If you need more pictures or have any questions, et me know and I will get back to you as quickly as I can.

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Sours: http://suprememotos.com/other_makes/221993-1972-cz-250-vintage-motocross-model-9804.html
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In the world of modern day vintage racing, it’s hard to beat a CZ when it comes to power, handling, and overall fun. Manufactured in Czechoslovakia, CZ Motorcycles quickly grew in popularity following World War II with the company garnering success in Grand Prix road racing before transitioning to motocross. Belgian motocross legend Joël Robert won three world championships aboard the bike while Russian racer Victor Arbekov garnered one and German Paul Friedrichs won three consecutive titles aboard CZ machines. Through the success, CZ became known as the dominant manufacturer for motocross bikes, and was the first to introduce expansion chambers on exhaust systems.

Unfortunately, with the introduction of inexpensive and more advanced Japanese bikes in the 1970s, CZ lost a considerable amount of the market until ultimately selling the motorcycle manufacturing side of the company to Cagiva. In spite of this, CZ bikes will always be remembered for their speed, innovations, and dominance of 1960s and early ‘70s motocross racing.

This particular 1972 CZ250 was restored by Bill Lutes, and like his other vintage bike—a 1972 Penton Six Days 125—the CZ was originally purchased by him. The bike now resides in Southern California where he has passed it down to his son Brendan Lutes who regularly races the bike at local vintage events, including the recent Hell On Wheels Stadium Steeplechase at Glen Helen Raceway.


Hours: 175

Custom Parts: Renthal handlebars, forks reworked for seven inches of travel, Works Performance shocks, Excel rims, aluminum coffin tank, Mikuni carberator, electronic ignition, CR Performance exhaust pipe, CR Performance footpegs, and custom chain tensioner/guide

Money Spent: Too much

Sours: https://fasttimes.fasthouse.com/the-scene/1972-cz-250-vintage-iron
CZ 250 Resto-Mod

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Cz 250 1972

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CZ 250 modelo 1979 restauración de motor

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