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Street Kings 2: Motor City

2011 American film

Street Kings 2: Motor City
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Directed byChris Fisher
Written byEd Gonzales
Jeremy Haft
Produced byAsh R. Shah
StarringRay Liotta
Shawn Hatosy
Scott Norman
Clifton Powell
CinematographyMarvin V. Rush
Edited byMiklos Wright
Music byJon Sadoff


Silver Nitrate

Distributed by20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

Release date

  • April 19, 2011 (2011-04-19)

Running time

92 minutes
CountryUnited States

Street Kings 2: Motor City is a 2011 American action thriller film starring Ray Liotta and directed by Chris Fisher. It is a stand-alone sequel to the 2008 film Street Kings starring Keanu Reeves. The film was released on direct-to-DVD in the United States on April 19, 2011.[1][2][3]

The film as it takes place in Detroit rather than Los Angeles and only Clifton Powell comes back, albeit this time with the rank of Detective Tyrone Fowler rather than Sergeant Green. However, it deals with similar themes of police corruption and internal affairs investigations that were seen in the first film.


Marty Kingston is a veteran detective that works in Narcotic Division alongside his partner Sal Quintana and two other friends, Tyrone Fowler and Jimmy Rogan. Their unit takes down a neo-nazi biker gang called The White Alliance. They then split over a million dollars of drug money up four ways. Sometime later on it is shown that Quintana has become a corrupt cop who regularly extorts a local strip club on the pretext of "protection". One night, while collecting his fee, Quintana is suddenly ambushed and killed by a hooded assassin.

The day after his funeral, Marty's superior Lieutenant Walker assigned him with a new partner Dan Sullivan to investigate the Quintana's murder and to get his killer, dead or alive. They go to the strip club he regularly visited and extorted, and learned from the owner that he used to collect money with his friend that he describes as "big, black, and scary". Sullivan correctly deduces that Fowler was Quintana's friend. He goes to Fowler to ask some questions, but both Fowler and Rogan refuse to cooperate and ominously tell him to leave them alone. Later that night, when Fowler visits a brothel, he's killed by the same assassin who later goes to Rogan's yacht to kill him too. But Rogan easily overpowers him and during their struggle, unmasks the assassin and shocked that it was Kingston before he, taking advantage from his confusion, turned things around and killed Fowler instead.

The next day, Sullivan got a recording from CCTV at the harbor and watched it along with Kingston, but couldn't see his face clearly due to stain of seagull poo. Kingston decides to destroy the recording, pretending to give it to the forensic lab. Later that afternoon, he goes to the abandoned barn to pick up the drug dealer Trevon 'Bones' Richardson who was tied to the chair. He took his DNA sample in order to frame him for the murders, but Bones escapes when he tried to kill him at the harbor. Nevertheless, the police thought it was Bones who killed them all and ambushed his hideout along with SWAT team. Bones tries to escape, but is followed by Sullivan. After a long chase, they ended up at the tram where Bones takes a woman as a hostage. When Sullivan accuses him of the murders, he denies it, telling him that he's being framed and held up in a place that "smells like garlic". He proceeds to attack Sullivan, who in return shoots him dead.

While the police celebrate Sullivan's success, he still has doubts because he feels something was off. During an interview with Rogan's wife, she confesses that her husband was a part of an undercover cop group who was assigned to bring down the White Alliance, a white supremacist biker gang that works as a drug dealer in Detroit. She also said that Kingston, Fowler, and Quintana were undercover as well. Sullivan visit the prison where the gang leader is being held, and he told him that when they were arrested, their money that was worth two hundred million dollars mysteriously disappeared. And at a Sullivan and Kingston family gathering, Kingston's son indirectly mentioned a place that smells like garlic, similar to what Bones said. Sullivan goes to the barn house and discovered Bones' torn fabric cloth. Realizing that Sullivan's onto him, Kingston confesses that he murdered all of his partners because they refused to help his wife who was pregnant with their child with the money they robbed from the gang out of greed. He warns Sullivan to drop his investigation for the sake of their families. Facing with dilemma, Sullivan consults his pregnant wife Leila, who encourages him to expose his partner's crimes.

When Kingston gets called by Parker to have a word with Internal Affairs with Sullivan, he decides to kill him by planting a bomb in his car. But it killed Leila instead when she decided to use Sullivan's car. Devastated, Sullivan go to Kingston's house to kill him, but he was subdued by Kingston, who takes him to the barn to be killed. But Sullivan manages to escape and hides in barn. After a long cat and mouse game, Sullivan subdued Kingston. Kingston begs for his life to Sullivan, telling him he didn't mean to kill his wife and admits that Sullivan better than he was. Sullivan is about to relent, but decides to shoot him anyway. Sullivan is shown surrender to the police as the credit ends.


  • Ray Liotta as Detective Marty Kingston
  • Shawn Hatosy as Detective Dan Sullivan
  • Scott Norman as Detective Sal 'Q' Quintana
  • Clifton Powell as Detective Tyrone Fowler
  • Kevin Chapman as Detective Jimmy Rogan
  • Inbar Lavi as Leila Sullivan
  • Charlotte Ross as Beth Kingston
  • Stephanie Cotton as Sonyia Rogan
  • Linda Boston as Lieutenant Walker
  • Corey Emanuel Wilson as Trevon 'Bones' Richardson
  • Jack Moore as Sergeant Harrison Clark


It is set in Detroit, Michigan, where it was filmed in 49 days, from May 20 to July 8, 2010.

Home media[edit]

DVD was released in Region 1 in the United States on April 19, 2011, and Region 2 in the United Kingdom on 3 October 2011. It was distributed by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.[4]


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critics consensus

Street Kings contains formulaic violence but no shred of intelligence.Read critic reviews

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Movie Info

Tom Ludlow (Keanu Reeves), a veteran member of the LAPD, is still mourning the loss of his wife and trying to navigate through a world that does not make much sense anymore. When evidence implicates him in the death of a fellow officer, Ludlow begins to question the loyalties of everyone around him.

  • Rating:

    R (Strong Violence|Pervasive Language)

  • Genre:

    Drama, Mystery & thriller, Crime

  • Original Language:


  • Director:

    David Ayer

  • Producer:

    Lucas Foster, Alexandra Milchan, Erwin Stoff

  • Writer:

    Kurt Wimmer, Jamie Moss, James Ellroy

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  • Sound Mix:

    Dolby SRD, DTS, SDDS

  • Aspect Ratio:

    Scope (2.35:1)

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Street Kings

2008 action thriller film directed by David Ayer

Street Kings is a 2008 American action thriller film directed by David Ayer, and starring Keanu Reeves, Forest Whitaker, Hugh Laurie, Chris Evans, Common and The Game. The initial screenplay drafts were written by James Ellroy in the late 1990s under the title The Night Watchman.

The film was released in theaters on April 11, 2008 and was followed by a direct-to-videostand-alone sequelStreet Kings 2: Motor City in 2011, with Clifton Powell returning as a corrupt cop.


Tom Ludlow is a disillusioned, alcoholicLAPD detective working undercover for a unit known as Vice Special. He meets in a parking lot with Korean gangsters who are looking to buy a machine gun from him and who he also believes have kidnapped two teenage girls. After a vicious beatdown, the gangsters steal his car. This was planned, however, and he has the cops locate the vehicle via GPS.

Upon arrival at their hideout, Ludlow storms in and kills the four gangsters inside, he then puts on gloves, takes a shot of vodka and alters the scene to make the shootings look justified. He then finds the two schoolgirls locked in a closet. While the other officers in his unit congratulate him, he is confronted by his former partner, Detective Terrence Washington, who no longer approves of the corruption as well as the deception and has gone straight, reporting the problems to Captain James Biggs, of Internal Affairs, who apparently starts an investigation against Ludlow.

Believing that Washington was snitching on him, Ludlow follows him to a convenience store to beat him up. But Washington is executed by two gangbangers under the pretense of a robbery. Though the two were working together to fight back, the surveillance video of the shootout shows Ludlow to have accidentally shot Washington while trying to protect him with his .38 revolver.

The DNA of two criminals known as Fremont and Coates is found at the scene, as well as a large amount of cash in Washington's possession. It is assumed that Washington was corrupt and stealing drugs from the department's evidence room and selling them to Fremont and Coates. Ludlow teams up with Detective Paul Diskant, who has been assigned to the official case to join him in his personal investigation.

Their search for the two involves gangmembers and drug dealers that eventually lead them to a house in the hills where they discover the bodies of the real Fremont and Coates buried in a shallow grave. The condition of the bodies makes it apparent that they were killed well before Washington's murder.

Ludlow and Diskant, posing as dirty cops who are willing to take over Washington's supposed activity of stealing and selling drugs, are able to set up a meeting with two criminals masquerading as Fremont and Coates. Ludlow questions who "Freemont and Coates" really are and when Diskant recognizes the two, he is shot and killed. Ludlow manages to kill both men and escapes back to his girlfriend's house, where a news report reveals the killers were undercover Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department deputies.

Shortly afterward, Ludlow is subdued by Detective Cosmo Santos and Detective Dante Demille — two fellow officers from his unit. Taking Ludlow with them, the two admit that they planted Fremont and Coates' DNA and the money at the scene of Washington's murder. This causes Ludlow to learn that Washington was surrendering their captain, Jack Wander, up to Biggs, as they were the ones who were stealing drugs from the department's evidence room.

The two cops take Ludlow out to the house where the two bodies of the real Fremont and Coates were found earlier, for execution. But Ludlow manages to kill both of them. He then heads to Washington's house where their supervisor, Sergeant Mike Clady, is about to kill Washington's widow. He captures Clady and places him in the trunk of his car.

Ludlow confronts Wander at his house and apprehends him after a brawl between them. He then discovers that Wander has incriminating evidence against almost all the brass in the department, along with judges, council members and politicians. Wander planned to use the information to become LAPD chief and eventually Los Angeles mayor. Wander, asserting that he is Ludlow's best friend and mentor, attempts to buy off his silence by bribing him with a large amount of stolen money and incriminating documents — which Ludlow had uncovered from the wall moments ago. But Ludlow refuses and executes Wander.

Captain Biggs and Sergeant Green arrive, Biggs reveals to Ludlow that they used him to bring down Wander and get access to his files by opening his eyes to the real corruption going on within his unit. As he leaves, Biggs tells Ludlow that the department does need him.



In 2004, it was announced that Spike Lee would be directing the film for a 2005 release.[3] In 2005, it was announced that Oliver Stone was in talks to direct the film.[4] However, Stone later denied this.[5]Training DayscreenwriterDavid Ayer took over the project.

On February 5, 2008, it was announced that Fox Searchlight Pictures changed the film's title from The Night Watchman to Street Kings.[6]


Critical response[edit]

On Rotten Tomatoes 36% of 152 reviews of the film are positive with average rating of 5.11/10. The site's consensus reads, "Street Kings contains formulaic violence but no shred of intelligence."[7] On Metacritic, the film has a score of 55 out of 100 based on 28 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews".[8]

Box office[edit]

In its opening weekend, the film grossed $12.5 million from 2,467 theaters, finishing second at the box office. It went on to gross $26.4 million domestically and $39.2 million internationally for a total of $65.6 million.[9]

Home media[edit]

The DVD was released on August 19, 2008, as a single-disc offering with director commentary, and 2-disc special-edition set with numerous documentaries, interviews and a digital copy of the film. It is also available on Blu-ray disc with all the special features of the 2-disc DVD version. By January 2009, the film had made $14.6 million from DVD sales.[2]


The film is followed by a sequel, Street Kings 2: Motor City, released direct-to-video in 2011. Other than both featuring Clifton Powell (playing different roles), the films are unrelated.


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