Usps termination letter

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365 Separation

365.1 Administrative Considerations

365.11 Definition

Separations are personnel actions that result in taking the employee off the rolls of the Postal Service.

365.12 Effective Date of Separation

The effective date of separation is the last day the employee is carried on the rolls.

365.13 Standard Terminology

A separation from the service must be identified by the prescribed term. Care must be taken to use the term appropriate to the case, (e.g., death, removal, resignation). Standard procedures and terminology must be used in preparing personnel action forms.

365.14 Notice to Federal Employee About Unemployment Insurance

See 550.

365.2 Separations - Voluntary

365.21 Resignation
365.211 Definition of Resignation

Resignation is a separation at the employee’s discretion. Resignations must be accepted and are binding once submitted. However, employees are permitted to withdraw their resignation request provided the request to withdraw is made before close of business on the effective date of the resignation.

365.212 To Avoid Separation for Cause

If an employee submits a resignation after having been notified, either orally or in writing, that an adverse action has been proposed for removal, change to lower grade, or suspension for reasons furnished him or her, the resignation must be accepted. A resignation must also be accepted if an employee receives a written notice of decision to separate the employee for reasons given in a notice of decision.

365.213 Because of Illness

The following policies apply in cases of resignation caused by illness:

  1. 5 Years or More of Service. Employees covered by the Civil Service Retirement System with 5 or more years of civilian service who resign because of illness must be advised of their eligibility to apply for a disability retirement.
  2. 18 Months or More of Service. Employees covered by the Federal Employees Retirement System with 18 months or more of creditable civilian service must be advised of their eligibility to apply for a disability retirement.
  3. Less Than 18 Months of Service. Employees covered by the Federal Employees Retirement System who have less than 18 months of creditable civilian service must furnish medical evidence supporting their claim to the installation head at the time of separation if their seniority on reinstatement is to be restored. The existence of such evidence should be annotated on the separation PS Form 50. The evidence itself is forwarded to the appropriate Postal Service medical official for retention.
365.214 To Perform Military Service

If a career or non-career employee seeks to resign postal employment to perform military service and does not intend to return to the Postal Service, he or she must be notified of the effect this will have on his or her restoration rights and benefits. Therefore, only Human Resources can accept and authorize processing of a resignation for military service (see EL-312 772.3).

365.215 Notice and Acceptance

The following policies apply regarding notice and acceptance of resignations:

  1. Written Resignation. Resignations should be submitted in writing. The employee specifies the reason and effective date. When possible, written notice of resignation must be given at least 2 weeks before the anticipated last day of work.
  2. Oral Resignation. If employees decline to submit written resignations, their oral resignations must be accepted, preferably in the presence of witnesses. The supervisor or other official who receives an oral resignation records the date received, the reason given, the effective date, and the names of any witnesses. This record, signed by the supervisor, is placed in the employee’s official personnel folder as a permanent record.
  3. Reason for Resignation. The reason for a resignation should be clearly stated in either a written or oral resignation. If the employee fails to give a reason for resignation, the supervisor enters the reason she or he believes the employee resigned. See 365.214 when the reason for resignation is to perform military service.
  4. Effective Date. When the employee sets an effective date of resignation to include a period of unapproved leave, the unauthorized absence may be charged to either earned annual leave or LWOP at the discretion of the appointing official. The employee is informed of the decision and given an opportunity to change the effective date. If the employee is resigning in lieu of an involuntary separation, he or she may not set an effective date for resignation that will occur after the effective date for the involuntary separation.
365.22 Separation–Transfer
365.221 Definition

Separation-transfer is an action by which career employees are taken off the rolls of a postal installation to permit their appointments to positions in other federal agencies without a break in service.

Contact Human Resources before processing a separation-transfer for an employee on military service. If the employee does not return to duty with the Postal Service, he or she has not been reemployed and is not eligible for transfer.

365.222 Effective Date

An employee who notifies the appointing officials of a pending separation–transfer may be carried in an annual leave (or nonpay, if no annual leave is available) status between the last workday in the postal installation and the entrance on duty in the other agency. No action is taken until notice of employment has been received from the gaining agency. The personnel action form is then prepared effective as of the close of business the day before the employee’s entrance–on–duty date at the new activity.

365.223 Replying to Requests for Suitability Information

When another government agency requests information on the suitability of an employee transferring from the Postal Service, relevant information contained in Postal Service records is furnished to safeguard its confidential nature and to protect confidential sources.

365.23 Separation, Retirement

See 550 and 580.

365.3 Separations - Involuntary

365.31 Removal
365.311 Definition

Removal is an action involuntarily separating an employee, other than an employee serving under a temporary appointment or a career employee who has not completed the applicable probationary period, for cause.

365.312 Effective Date

The effective date is the date designated by the official making the decision, but is not before the expiration of the required time limit for the notice period.

365.32 Separation–Disqualification
365.321 Applicability

This type of separation applies only to employees who have not completed their probationary period.

365.322 Reasons for Action

Separation–disqualification is an action that results from the failure to meet conditions specified at the time of appointment (such as failure to qualify by conduct or capacity during the probationary period). It may also result from information that, if known at the time of appointment, would have disqualified the employee for the appointment.

365.323 Probationary Period

Separation–disqualification must be effected during the probationary period. Action is initiated at any time in the probationary period when it becomes apparent that the employee lacks capacity for efficient service.

365.324 Who Initiates Action

Supervisors may recommend separation–disqualification, but such recommendations must be referred for decision to the official having authority to take the action.

365.325 Procedure in Separating

If an appointing official decides to terminate an employee who is serving a probationary period due to conditions arising prior to appointment, or because work performance or conduct during this period fails to demonstrate qualification for continued postal employment, the employee’s services are terminated by notifying the employee in writing as to why he or she is being terminated and the effective date of the action. The written notice of termination must at a minimum consist of the appointing official’s conclusions about the inadequacies of performance or conduct.

365.326 Effective Date

The effective date of separation must be before the end of the probationary period and must not be retroactive.

365.33 Termination or Separation of Non-Career Employees

An employee serving under a temporary appointment may be separated at any time after notice in writing. In determining the proper action for a particular case, the following criteria are used:

  1. Termination, expiration of appointment, is the term used to separate an employee who has reached the end of his or her term or whose services are no longer required.
  2. Separation is the term used when describing the discontinuance of the service of a non-career employee because of unsatisfactory performance that warrants termination from the Postal Service.
365.34 Separation–Disability
365.341 Definition

Separation-disability is a term used to indicate the separation of an employee other than a non-career or a probationary employee whose medical condition renders the employee unable to perform the duties of the position and who is ineligible for disability retirement.

365.342 Applicability
  1. At the expiration of 1 year of continuous absence without pay, an employee who has been absent because of illness may be separated for disability. This action is not mandatory, however, and if there is reason to believe the employee will recover within a reasonable length of time beyond the 1–year period, the employee may be granted additional leave in 30–day periods, not to exceed 90 days. If the employee’s condition indicates that LWOP beyond that period is necessary incident to full recovery, the postal official must submit a comprehensive report to the area manager of Human Resources with appropriate recommendation and retain the employee on the rolls pending a decision.
  2. An employee covered under USERRA who is hospitalized or convalescing due to a service-connected disability is required to return to work once recovered. The recovery period may not exceed 2 years (see EL-312 773(d)). Before any employee covered under USERRA can be separated for disability, the requesting postal official must submit a comprehensive report through the proper channels to the manager of Human Resources (Area), with appropriate recommendations. The employee must be retained on the rolls of the Postal Service pending a decision.
  3. If an employee on the rolls of the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (OWCP) is unable to return to work at the end of the initial 1–year period of LWOP, the LWOP may be extended for successive additional periods of up to 6 months each. Extensions are granted only if it appears likely that the employee will be able to return to work within the period of the extension. If it does not appear likely that the employee will be able to return to work during the period, the employee, upon approval of the area manager of Human Resources (Area), is separated subject to reemployment rights.
  4. Before any employee on the rolls of the OWCP can be separated, the requesting postal official must submit a comprehensive report through channels to the manager of Human Resources (Area), with appropriate recommendations. The employee must be retained on the rolls of the Postal Service pending a decision.
  5. If the manager of Human Resources (Area) approves the request, and if the employee has sufficient service for entitlement to retirement, the employee is not separated until given an opportunity to retire. For involuntary separation, the notice and appeal procedures outlined in 650 or the applicable collective bargaining agreement, whichever is appropriate, is followed.
  6. An employee who is eligible for disability retirement but chooses not to apply is not separated for disability until a complete medical report has been received and the employee has received retirement counseling.
  7. An employee who is eligible for disability retirement is not separated for mental disability. Rather, the appointing official files an application for disability retirement on the employee’s behalf provided the requirements are met (see 568 and 588).
365.343 Notice to Employee

No employees who have completed their probationary period are separated for disability until given a notice in writing of the proposed action and an opportunity to reply in accordance with appropriate adverse action procedures. Employees eligible for disability retirement are advised and notified that unless they file application for disability retirement within 1 year of separation their rights will lapse.

365.344 Effective Date

Separation–disability is effective on the date determined by the Human Resources official or on the date authoritative notice is received in the case of legal incompetence. If unused sick leave remains to the employee’s credit, the effective date may be extended to permit payment for the unused sick leave. If an annuity is involved, an employee may wish to evaluate an earlier annuity payment against the unused sick leave. Separations for disability may not be effected retroactively or before the date of expiration of the time specified in the notice.

365.35 Separation, Reduction in Force

The Postal Service procedure for effecting reductions in force parallels the OPM procedure. The Postal Service attempts to make personnel adjustments by various administrative actions other than RIF. If these actions are not adequate, however, and RIF appears to be appropriate, prior approval for such action must be obtained, through channels of communication, from the vice president of Employee Resource Management.

365.36 Death
365.361 Proof of Death

No action is taken to process the separation until credible evidence of death is received. Evidence of death is filed in the deceased employee’s official personnel folder. The time and date of a postmaster’s death should be reported immediately to the vice president of Area Operations and the vice president of Employee Resource Management.

365.362 Effective Date

The effective date of separation is the date of the employee’s death. Personnel action forms also show the last day that the employee was in a pay status.

365.363 Expression of Condolence

The appropriate postal official should express condolences to the survivors, including a sincere expression of sympathy, and an offer to assist in filing claims for any funds to the deceased employee’s credit.

365.37 Separation — Ineligibility for Reemployment Under USERRA
365.371 Definition

Separation due to ineligibility for reemployment under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA). This action occurs when the Postal Service determines that an employee who is performing or has been released from uniformed (military) service does not have reemployment rights under USERRA and as a result, the Postal Service separates the employee. This is an administrative action, not a disciplinary action, in compliance with USERRA (see EL-312 774(b)).

365.372 Effective Date

The official making the decision chooses the effective date for the separation due to ineligibility for reemployment under USERRA.

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Withdrawals that are mailed must be postmarked no later than close of business on the effective date of the submitted resignation. PS Form 2574 December 2010 PSN 7530-01-000-9707. Resignation/Transfer From the Postal Service Privacy Act Statement Your information will be used to finalize the record of your employment with the Postal Service. Collection is authorized by 39 U.S.C. 401 410 1001 1005 and 1206. Providing the information is voluntary but if not provided we may not process your...

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Pennsylvania letter carrier sues USPS, NALC alleging termination after probationary period ended October 1, 2015 A Cumberland County resident is suing the U.S. Postal Service claiming that she was unjustly fired and that the union that represented her allegedly refused to back her claim.

Cynthia Powers of Mechanicsburg filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Postal Service and the National Association of Letter Carriers on Sept. 8 in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania, citing breach of contract and breach of duty of fair representation. Read more

According to the lawsuit, USPS issued Cynthia Powers, a city carrier assistant,  a letter which outlined her reason for removal:

USPS had no justification or just cause for terminating Power’s employment

Pursuant to Article 12 of the collective bargaining agreement between USPS and NALC, the Powers was on probation for a probationary period of 90 days

Pursuant to Article 12 of the collective bargaining agreement between USPS and NALC, Powers was a member of the bargaining unit during her 90-day probationary period as a city carrier assistant (CCA).

By the March 7, 2015 effective date of her termination, Powers been employed by USPS for 120 days, and was therefore no longer a probationary employee

On March 13, 2015, the Powers contacted her Local Union – NALC Branch 500 to request that NALC intervene on her behalf, to challenge her removal by USPS by filing a grievance on her behalf.

NALC refused to intervene on  Powers’s behalf including the filing of a grievance to challenge Pwers’s unjustified termination by USPS.

Powers received a letter from USPS which stated:

commut19According to the handbook for City Carrier Assistants:

Discipline Procedure
CCAs have access to the grievance procedure when disciplined or removed. If you are disciplined or removed, let your shop steward or a branch officer know as soon as possible. The Union can file a grievance on your behalf, but it must be filed within 14 days of the date you receive discipline. In order to give your shop steward the most time possible to investigate and prepare a grievance, it is always best to let them know as soon as possible.

Section 3. OTHER PROVISIONS E. Article 16 – Discipline Procedure found on pages 143-144 of the National Agreement states:

E. Article 16 – Discipline Procedure CCAs may be separated for lack of work at any time before the end of their term. Separations for lack of work shall be by inverse relative standing in the installation. Such separation of the CCA(s) with the lowest relative standing is not grievable except where it is alleged that the separation is
pretextual. CCAs separated for lack of work before the end of their term will be given preference for reappointment ahead of other CCAs with less relative standing in the installation, provided the need for hiring
arises within 18 months of their separation.CCAs may be disciplined or removed within the term of their appointment for just cause and any such discipline or removal will be subject to the grievance arbitration procedure, provided that within the immediately preceding six months, the employee has completed ninety (90) work days, or has been employed for 120 calendar days (whichever comes first) of their initial appointment. A
CCA who has previously satisfied the 90/120 day requirement either as a CCA or transitional employee (with an appointment made after September 29, 2007), will have access to the grievance procedure without regard to
his/her length of service as a CCA. Further, while in any such grievance the concept of progressive discipline will not apply, discipline should be corrective in nature.

In the case of removal for cause within the term of an appointment, a CCA shall be entitled to advance written notice of the charges against him/her in accordance with the provisions of Article 16 of the National Agreement.

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I am wondering if I am a candidate for a defamation law suit. A former employer had me terminated me based on false information from a doctor who I had never seen. This has derailed my career and caus...applies to California  ·  1 answer

What is the statue of limitations on wrongful termination while working for the government in Ohio. Many laws broken. If I had to choose It was wrongful termination.
I was verbally told I was fired because I took FMLA. Many law were broken. I suffer from serious PTSD from the harrassment and wrongful termination from a government position in Canton, OHapplies to Ohio  ·  2 answers

Wrongful termination?
Employed with an company for close to 20 years. I was given shares which makes Me a shareholder. The paperwork I signed states that based on me owning shares I can terminate my position at any given t...applies to Ohio  ·  3 answers

What to do if my former employer is defaming about me stealing from his company?
I am in Florida and my former employer tell to Florida unemployment that he didnt fired me that I resigned when he talked to me that I was misusing company funds at my favor, he claimed that I was add...applies to Florida  ·  0 answers

Termination upheld at Skelly
I am a public employee working with union benefits. I have been served with a notice of proposed termination. Before i asked for a Skelly meeting i was offered a chance to resign and my employer would...applies to California  ·  1 answer

Back pay owed and Termination
I am an at-will employee of a small consulting firm. All 4 employees agreed to defer our compensation when we were operating in the red. I have about $12,000 in back pay salary owed to me that the CEO...applies to Pennsylvania  ·  1 answer

I'm a former usps automation clerk ; had an arbitration hearing. I just learned that my supervisor withheld paperwork from that hearing that would have shown I should never have been fired from my job. Is this a due process rights violation?
I feel I was retaliated against for reporting an n my job and then filing an OWCP claim. For 11 months my supervisor refused to sign my 3971 forms for my absence for dr. appts. for my injury. I was ac...applies to Illinois  ·  0 answers

I'm a former usps automation clerk ; had an arbitration hearing. I just learned that my supervisor withheld paperwork from that hearing that would have shown I should never have been fired from my job. Is this a due process rights violation?
I feel I was retaliated against for reporting an n my job and then filing an OWCP claim. For 11 months my supervisor refused to sign my 3971 forms for my absence for dr. appts. for my injury. I was ac...applies to Illinois  ·  0 answers

Will I be fired for reporting my supervisor (vice president) for his negligence with non-compete?
I am being reviewed by my vice president of NA, sales. My company is very small, less than 10 employees in U.S., incorporated in IL and TX, I believe. Within last six weeks, in a meeting with a potent...applies to Illinois  ·  0 answers

Notice pf Proposed Termination
I am a San Bernardino County employee for the last 4.5 years. I have been served a "notice of Termination" They have given me two choices, meet face to face with the elected official who has proposed ...applies to California  ·  3 answers

If the current employer has "stifled" my career, not allowing for raises, growth opportunities, etc,
I am a senior manager, Director of Operations, for my organization. They were going out of business when I arrived, and we have experienced 62% growth since my arrival. I have asked repeatedly for a r...applies to Texas  ·  1 answer

Someone I know has a customer calling her boss daily saying terrible things, and accusing her of illegal activity. She’s very worried that this will cost her her job. She’s also threatening to contact the paper to report of her supposed illegal activi
Is this defamation or slander, and what legal grounds does this person have to stop this person from ruining her career.applies to Illinois  ·  0 answers

Termination- Company policy and state law
Say I have been terminated, which I have, and company policy requires a written final warning before termination, but termination came before the final written warning. What legal options do I now hav...applies to Arizona  ·  1 answer

wrongful termination
i am a veteran looking for a lawyer that will take a wrongful termination case and thatis knowledgable wth the mspb system can you please help?applies to Texas  ·  1 answer

May I collect severance pay if I find new employment prior to my involuntary termination date?
I have been notified that my office will close in six months, terminating my position. By company policy, I am thereby eligible for severance pay. I am not required to stay through the closing date if...applies to North Carolina  ·  1 answer

Do I have legal recourse if an employer claims that I'm mentally ill and then forces my resignation?
I was accused of being mentally unstable and my employer thought I would commit mass murder in the workplace. None of the policies were followed regarding disabilities and I was forced to resign. I wa...applies to Utah  ·  0 answers

Is there a dollar range on wrongful termination cases?
In a federal case/wrongful termination is there an amount given to the jury to decide on compensatory and punitive damages?applies to Texas  ·  1 answer

Is this a constructive discharge or a rightful termination?
I was informed by my job that I was terminated as of 8/15/18. The paperwork that i received from my employer regarding my termination was dated for 8/7/18. I know Kentucky is an at will state, but is ...applies to Kentucky  ·  0 answers

How to keep termination letter out of my personnel file
• I work for. A county office of education and al A union member I was sent a notice of termination while on disability leave . r a skelly how employees can contest and correct erroneous information...applies to California  ·  0 answers

Wrongful termination
I am the only english speaker I work with all Spanish. Recently i was accused of harrasment and another incident that I swore in front of customers i found out a few of my coworkers wrote false statem...applies to California  ·  0 answers

Do I have the right to know who the accuser was to give proper info for a fair investigation?
I was a female store manager for a large corporation for 11 years and was terminated for sending a cartoon text message 6-7 months ago to a "friend" who NOW says they were offended. When questioned if...applies to Arizona  ·  0 answers

Can I sue former employer
My former employer accused me of theft. I was arrested and charged with grand larceny. Former employer told me that I was seen on CCTV cameras stealing, that's the reason I was terminated. During tria...applies to New York  ·  2 answers

clarification of wrongfull termination
What qualifies legally as wrongfull termination? How can I research this topic as it pertains to Texas law and what conditions would a terminated employee have a case against the employer?applies to Texas  ·  2 answers

Wrongful Termination
I have a strong case to file a wrongful termination against a fortune company. But I would like to settle with them. What is the guideline to negotiate the severance package? What is the "market price...applies to California  ·  1 answer

Is this ageism?
I am 56 years old and am eligible to retire in several months when I reach 30 years of service - I've never stated I'm retiring. My boss just retired - when I asked Senior Management why I wasn't cons...applies to New York  ·  1 answer

Wrongful termination/slander
Hi MEL.... This is an awesome website. My question is for a serverance pay agreeemnt can I change some of the language in the agreement for example. The agreement is standard and does not include the ...applies to California  ·  1 answer

is there really no expiration date on a non compete contract?
I live in nj and have a small business. I hired 4 employees with no knowledge of them having contracts. I posted promotions on my business social media as well as purchased direct mailing to get my ne...applies to New Jersey  ·  0 answers

My husband was terminated from his job. His ex employer called my current employer and informed him of the termination and reason for the termination. Is that legal?
Husband was terminated for an inappropriate relationship with a co-worker. They were both terminated. After the termination the GM called my current employer and informed him of the termination and th...applies to Alabama  ·  0 answers

Wrongfully discharged?
I have been in Sales and Sales Management my entire career and have recently found myself unemployed from what I believe to be unfair practices. I was working in the Cleveland area and had been recrui...applies to Ohio  ·  2 answers

Can I collect Unemployment due to forced resignation?
I recently lost my RN license for 1 year and therefore was asked to resign from both of my nursing jobs. I did not quit, but the stipulations of the career Im in require an RN state license. By beiing...applies to Mississippi  ·  0 answers

Was my termination legal?
I was fired for "destruction of company property". The front door is the item that was "destroyed". When i looked at the door after being told i broke it there was nothing wrong with that door. Is thi...applies to Wisconsin  ·  0 answers

Are IT techs discriminated in california? Meaning - it seem an IT staff is exempt from employer policies when it comes to corrective action. Termination is what takes place unless you are buddies with...applies to California  ·  1 answer

Bonus aftertermination in state of california
The company will not pay me my bonus aftertermination..applies to California  ·  1 answer

Can i rescind my forced resignation and make a federal agency fire me instead?
Can I rescind my resignation and request an appeal to my termination. I believe it would not warrant termination. I think punishment would be too harsh. Was pressured into resigning.applies to California  ·  0 answers

On 4/14/17 I was told I would be laid off effective 5/12/17. I've been with the company for 10 years. I was told that our legal department was working on a severance package. 5/12/17 has come and gone, and I never received any termination paperwork or sev
On 4/12 I was told by my employer that I would be laid off 5/12/17. I still have not received any termination documentation. No info for COBRA, I don't know when my health benefits expire, no terminat...applies to Connecticut  ·  0 answers

My boss made an inappropriate sexual comment about me, what should I do?
My manager, director and two men from from our prime distributor's management team were in a business meeting regarding a change in management within their company. My manager "joked" that I slept wit...applies to South Carolina  ·  0 answers

the amount of severance & termination is $6500
I was previously employeed in a sales division of a company, which is state and federally funded. That division was eliminated. I was given no formal termination, but was told that I should contact th...applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

Commission Payment upon Termination
What is the obligation of an employer to pay outstanding commissions upon termination? Our company policy (no written policy) was commission rate was set based on performance level at the time P.O. wa...applies to Wisconsin  ·  1 answer

I have a signed non-compete. I believe that the employer has broken one of the covenants. Is it still enforceable
The covenant that was broken is the compensation portion at the time of termination. The covenant stated that it was due at the time of termination and it has not been paid. It is now 2 months later. ...applies to Ohio  ·  0 answers

Wrongful Termination
I was let go from a large Public Accounting firm in June 2000. They said it was for poor performance. However, this came as a shock since I always had good written reviews, which I still have. In addi...applies to New York  ·  2 answers

Unlawful Termination
I was accused, then terminated from employment for violating a WORKPLACE policy OFF the job, on my own time. The company accused me of posting a racially derogatory comment on a PUBLIC Yahoo message b...applies to West Virginia  ·  1 answer

How to work around a non compete clause
Hi, I'm currently employed by Company A (Indian entity of a US based company) and in the US on a H1 visa (state IL) and I have a non compete clause in my employment letter which goes as below. During ...applies to Illinois  ·  2 answers

Non-compete agreemnet
I am a Recruiter with a candidate that lives in Texas and is looking to make a career change to Arizona. He is an Engineer and wants to make a move to a competitor in Arizona. The position in Arizona ...applies to California  ·  1 answer

Can I sue over breach of agreement on status of rehire when my job was eliminated?
After 10 years my job with a Fortune 100 company was eliminated due to downsizing. I was given a period of time to apply and secure another position within the company prior to a termnation date. I ap...applies to California  ·  0 answers

Fired for email use without any policy against it.
Can I be terminated from my job for e-mail. There was no policy ever reviewed or access to a policy sight given. A policy was given the day of termination. Also, received email at home from work a wee...applies to Texas  ·  2 answers

My employer recently asked me to sign a revised non-compete clause. It changed from 'not working for a competitor' to 'not working for any firm that provides marketing services' within the industry I'...applies to Arizona  ·  1 answer

I was only with a co. For 2 months and they fired me with no warnings and offers me two weeks severance but wants me to lie and said it was a mutual termination. Sure seems like it is Hugh money as they no I was harassed and was wrongful termination....ho
How likely is an employer to renig on a severance package if u ask for a tad more? It's clear to me that this is hush money so I don't sue but am afraid to ask for more money but should I be?applies to California  ·  0 answers

NYC Non-Compete Agreements
Hi, I am currently being sued by my former employer for going to work for a competitor. I am doing a completely different role currently. There is no information that I feel was considered confidentia...applies to New York  ·  1 answer

I just wanted to know what is the right way to terminate an employee on probation? Be cause I was told by the supervisor during my probation that was almost up on the 1st they decided not to keep me and I only had 1 evaluation and no termination forms
Was I supposed to have termination forms and a 2nd evaluation before they just let me go and no other supervisors were aware. Because I was still on the board to work the next day and all next week?applies to Maryland  ·  0 answers

Can I sue over breach of agreement on status of rehire when my job was eliminated?
After 10 years my job with a Fortune 100 company was eliminated due to downsizing. I was given a period of time to apply and secure another position within the company prior to a termnation date. I ap...applies to California  ·  1 answer

Can termination letter with offer to pay wages be rescinded and replaced?
I was terminated for at-will reason and given an executed letter stating I would be paid through the end of the month and receive severance if I signed release agreement. Three days later, employer re...applies to Michigan  ·  0 answers

If I settle a just cause termination out side of arbitration in the state of CA. Can I still sue my employer for wrongful termination ?
I am a shop steward 10 year employee with no write ups at all on my record or file . My union representatives business agent reported to my company I told him another employee touched me grabbed my bu...applies to California  ·  0 answers

Active Duty solider working part time is it ilegal to be deframed for being called to duty?
I'm an Active Duty solider and work part time at a corporate and wanted to know if it was illegal for an employer to defamed my reputation to another manager about my work due to being called to duty,...applies to Texas  ·  0 answers

Can my husband be terminated during surgery leave?
My husband had hernia surgery on Jan 18th 2013. He gave his employer notice and informed of being out for 6 weeks. His HR person told him to go through FMLA, which he did. They denied him protection d...applies to South Carolina  ·  0 answers

Wrongful Termination - No Explanation
My boyfriend was called in for a meeting Monday morning, to find all his belongings packed and told that "his services were no longer required." ... seemingly for no cause. When asked, "we are not at ...applies to California  ·  1 answer

I recieved 15+ vacation days in Louisiana, then was transferred to Texas and terminated. Eligible?
I worked for a company in Louisiana and accrued 15+ vacation days. However, before I was permitted to use them, I was transferred to a store in Texas, which apparently does not require unused vacation...applies to Louisiana  ·  0 answers

Do I have any legal rights?
I am a School Psychologist Associate who has worked with an Ohio ESC for 7 years, contracted for 6. Up until this year, I have been an exemplary employee with several high remarks from districts and v...applies to Ohio  ·  0 answers

Falsified Review
Okay...for all those attorneys that may be in response to my dilema (of which I am truly appreciative and gratefull)or in review: here is the latest update. A true test for your profession. -My law fi...applies to California  ·  1 answer

1 month notice for termination of conract
I signed a contarct which says either party can terminate the contract by giving 1 month notice. It also says that I cannot work for their clients for 1 year from the date of termination. This company...applies to Texas  ·  1 answer

Termination while on Sick Leave
I have been off of work on approved disability/sick leave. My doctor requested an extension for leave and it was denied. We are currently appealing it - I'm still off work. A colleague said they may t...applies to Georgia  ·  1 answer

Laid off with a future termination date
I was told I was laid off on 12 Jun with a termination date of 14 July. I was told to shut down and was escorted out of the building. If get a new job before 14 Jul, do I have to tell the company that...applies to North Carolina  ·  0 answers

I was laid off from a temp agency and no work was available. Will my non-compete still hold up?
I worked for Job "A" in Tamaqua, a staffing agency of which I signed a non-compete policy which stated I could not work for another staffing agency for up and until a year had transpired after my term...applies to Pennsylvania  ·  1 answer

Termination & Florida Law
Under Florida law, when must an employer provided the final paycheck upon termination? Are the any reasons they can withhold this paycheck legally?applies to Florida  ·  1 answer

how long aftertermination can i fill suit if they did not give a reason for termination then they t
They told a perspective employer a lie and it was proved a lie on a lie detector the perspective employer gave meapplies to Missouri  ·  0 answers

A former state supervisor informed a prospective employer at a state agency that I was not rehireable. However, I have proof in writing from Human Resources that I am. The EEOC is investigating. I hav...applies to Texas  ·  1 answer

I was laid off today. My termination date is Jan 1, 2019. Can I start a new job before that date and still keep my severance?
I was laid off today 11/5/18. The termination date is Jan 1, 2019. I have found another job, and would like to start before Jan 1. Am I obligated to notify my current employer? I am getting a severanc...applies to California  ·  0 answers

I read that it is KY state law for an employer to pay an employee for their unused vacation time (with pto being considered vacation time) when that employee is terminated. But when I speak to HR about it they say that they do not give pto payouts to term
I read that it is KY state law for an employer to pay an employee for their unused vacation time (with pto being considered vacation time) when that employee is terminated. But when I speak to HR abou...applies to Kentucky  ·  0 answers

Do I have "right to resign" to avoid termination?
I had a employment contract with a company that I can nit quit before two years, they terminate my employment before that contract ended. I tried to resign before my termination so I can get a job wit...applies to Florida  ·  0 answers

Question on timeline for wrongful Termination
First of all your site is Fantastic, and very diversified. My question is how long does a company have to respond to a Complaint Filed in a Wrongful termination suit.? How Long will the typical suit t...applies to California  ·  1 answer

Breaking a non-compete, non-disclosure employment service contract
My employer is a Philadelphia based company. It does not have an office space and allows the employees to work from home. I was hired in November 2009 and was made to sign a non-compete, non-disclosur...applies to New York  ·  0 answers

How do you know if your boss is breaking the law by retaliating towards you?
very disrespectful to me in front of all my employees. Several employees were upset at her behavior. When I reported this to my boss he protected her and got upset at me. I then shortly there after re...applies to California  ·  0 answers

Can I sue an employer that lied to me during an interview to get me to accept the job?
My entire 12 successful career was with a company that ranked number 5 in the Fortune 500. I had worked in several deferent businesses this company owned and was a valued employee. In order to get the...applies to North Carolina  ·  0 answers

How can I get an attorney to represent me on a termination charge
I need an employment attorney to go to an administrative hearing for a termination. My agency want to terminate my employment because I emailed the governor then ob riley from my house and told him ab...applies to Alabama  ·  0 answers

Do I have any legal action against an employer for call and stating a company could not hire me.
I work for a skilled nursing facility. I applied with a company that is contracted with my building for services. Nothing in the company handbook against this. It was for an opportunity they can not p...applies to California  ·  0 answers

Does the state of Illinois have to pay commission on deals closed prior to termination?
I was terminated 6/1/18. I have commission due to me on deals closed prior to my termination. Does the company owe me this money?applies to Illinois  ·  0 answers

Does the state of Illinois have to pay commission on deals closed prior to termination?
I was terminated 6/1/18. I have commission due to me on deals closed prior to my termination. Does the company owe me this money?applies to Illinois  ·  1 answer

If an employer doesnt pay severance pay based on terms of termination letter, what can be done?
As part of a mass layoff I was terminated from my position. I signed the release the day of termination since I needed the money. My employer has failed to provide payment within stated time frame. Th...applies to Ohio  ·  0 answers

Need representative knowledgeable about USPS policies
I am a US Postal Service employee. I was charged with sexual harassment and issued a letter of warning in lieu of 14-day suspension (reduced on appeal to 7-day suspension). I was moved from my private...applies to Washington  ·  1 answer

lay-off employee to not give retention bonus
At the time of hiring, my employment had offered me a retention bonus that get paid out over two years on hiring anniversary dates. Retention agreement T&Cs indicates about it getting forfeited due to...applies to California  ·  2 answers

wrongful termination.
I was called in to the office along with 2 other co-workers and we were told that volunteer complained about us and that they had to terminate us. When we asked to see the letter for proof both of the...applies to Arizona  ·  0 answers

What are my rights if the company is sold and wants me to transfer?
The company was sold, and the employees were told that if transfered to the new company and not laid off, the position that would be offered would be comparable to our current position. Well my entire...applies to Texas  ·  0 answers

Unlawful practices or ??
I have currently been employed at the same establishment for nearly 8 years. About three years ago new management took over and they have found every way to make my time at work miserable. It clear st...applies to Ohio  ·  0 answers

Am I eligible for unemployment benefits if I refuse to sign a non-compete?
My company just got bought out and the new owner has asked us to sign a non-compete. The contract states that failure to sign could lead up to termination. I work in the state of Georgia. Will my term...applies to Georgia  ·  0 answers

Hello, if I give my 2 week notice and my employer dates my termination date is such and such, two weeks after my notice, is this considered firing as they used termination date? Should this be resignation date?
Giving in two week noticeapplies to Illinois  ·  0 answers

Florida employee. Unemployed now. Received lump sum severance at termination time (RIF) to equal two months' pay, but no current payments or income. Can I receive unemployment now, during 2 months following termination?
Florida employee. Unemployed now. Received lump sum severance at termination time (RIF) to equal two months' pay, but no current payments or income. Can I receive unemployment now, during the 2 month ...applies to Florida  ·  2 answers

Can my employer force vendors not in direct competition with them not to hire me?
I work at a mid-sized retailer's corporate office. Upon being hired I was asked to sign a non-compete agreement that barred me from being employed at direct retail competitors. My employer is now forc...applies to Illinois  ·  0 answers

Does laying off employees at the same time under different terms qualify as discrimination?
On 12/2 I received notice that I was being laid off and that 12/13 would be my last day (two weeks notice, effectively). On 12/4 I received a company-wide email announcing layoffs at our Philippines o...applies to Texas  ·  0 answers

How to remove job offer contigency upon receiving letter from current employer releasing non-compete
I received a job offer from a NON-competitor, but they are very spooked by the non-compete I signed with my current company. The two companies don't even manufacture the same products. My current comp...applies to Florida  ·  1 answer

There is a non compete between my employer and their client. The client has terminated the contract and I would like to apply for a position with their client. I never signed, or was informed, of a non compete when I was originally hired 2 months ago. Do
Only employed for 2 months. Never made aware of clause. No training given to me or $$ spent to help me with job. Possible job opportunity with former client of employer but unless I get consent letter...applies to Kentucky  ·  0 answers

12 week notice obligation - is it enforceable?
I have a prospective employer in MA who wants me to sign an employment agreement that requires 12 weeks notice of employment termination by either party. Is this enforceable or does it conflict with a...applies to Florida  ·  1 answer

smoking policy results ONLY in termination
my employer at lucy's diner in booneville ar. has started a no smoking policy at work that the only result of an infraction is termination, no write up, no suspension. he used to allow smoking in the ...applies to Arkansas  ·  0 answers

smoking policy results ONLY in termination
my employer at lucy's diner in booneville ar. has started a no smoking policy at work that the only result of an infraction is termination, no write up, no suspension. he used to allow smoking in the ...applies to Arkansas  ·  0 answers

Wrongful termination and withholding documentation
My wife was recently let go after a leave of absence for her pregnancy. They stated it was because of performance issues yet she was never counseled or written up for these so called issues. She actua...applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

Wrongful Termination?
I was recently terminated from a very large California corporation and have been advised that it was wrongful termination. It was an at-will contract, but I feel that my boss (an exec.) retaliated aft...applies to California  ·  1 answer

Lying to the Police
I have recently applied for a police officers position, listing one of my former employers job as a reference. I had to list all previous employers for the Personal History Questionnaire, during my Ba...applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

How to know if your a victim of retaliation.
A few months ago, my manager hired his friend to work for the company. As an Assistant, I asked how hiring this person was beneficial to the corporation because he had no qualifications. Since then, h...applies to Florida  ·  1 answer

Since this is NOT the position I interviewed for and accepted, must i payback the relocation?
I work in a specialized technical field. When I accepted my present position I signed a relocation payback agreement. Now, because there isn't enough work in the position I accepted, my manager is mov...applies to Texas  ·  0 answers

Statue of Limitations on Unlawful Termination
What is the Statue of Limitations on Unlawful Termination in New York State and Federal.applies to New York  ·  1 answer

Privacy/Health Information Ilegally accessed.
I am an employee at a hospital where I also recive my healthcare. One of my employees has accessed my medical records over 200 times (report provided my medical software). I also found another employe...applies to Texas  ·  0 answers

When does the 21-days review period begin?
My company has offered me a severance package today 11/18/05 and stated that my last day of employment will be 11/30/05. However, the letter states that I will have 21-days to review the agreement/off...applies to Illinois  ·  1 answer

I was forced to quit a 22 year career position last year in October. I can go into those details if necessary. I was also attending school full time. I have now graduated and want to secure full time ...applies to Arizona  ·  1 answer

My position was eliminated in July 2009 - but has now been rehired
In July 2009 my position was eliminated. I was a Food and Beverage Director. My position was recently "reinstated" and filled by one of my past associates. There seems to be no change in the duties th...applies to New York  ·  1 answer

unpaid severance pay
I was employed with a mid sized company for 10 years until my employment was terminated in 2014. I was on FMLA bc of my father's illness and was unable to return after the FMLA expired. I filed for um...applies to New Jersey  ·  1 answer

Wrongfull Termination?
"Attendance" was the reason for being terminated. "Paid time off" is accrued and is defined as such, not vacation or sick time, at this company. At the time of my termination I still had "PTO" availab...applies to Texas  ·  1 answer

Can I be terminated without proof of the accusation and a chance to defend myself?
In May of 2009 I was terminated from my position at a Charter School as Principal because of an alleged "inappropriate comment" that I had made towards a staff member. I was not offered the opportunit...applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

Fraudulent Representation?
I interviewed, was offered and accepted a position with a company that basically was very dishonest in the status of the organization as it relates to HR functions. I left my previous company, which I...applies to Texas  ·  0 answers

workman's comp / termination / personal injury
While at work, I injured my shoulder during physical training, which 1 hour each shift is required by my employer. My employer is trying to terminate me for another matter, am I still eligible for wor...applies to Arizona  ·  1 answer

Federal EEO (US Postal Service) attorney who can take a case in Utah on contingency?
Unfortunately I'm finding it very difficult to find an attorney who handles federal at all. I developed a spine condition and reported it to my supervisor with my doctors notes, and filed for FMLA. I ...applies to Utah  ·  0 answers

Can I get wages back?
At my current public company, I am being investigated by HR for falsifying expense reports. They believe there were some personal expenses that I charged to the company, which I admitted were a mistak...applies to Colorado  ·  0 answers

My employer gave me a 30 day termination notice but are letting me go after 2 weeks. I have suffered harassment/ sexual from my boss. I have reported it and nothing has been investigated. I am happy to free myself of . This stress
My employer gave me a verbal 30 days notice of termination. I asked for it in writing as well as my duties. Received a text that my duties would remain the same. They are letting me go after 2 weeks w...applies to California  ·  0 answers

Wrongful termination & severance accepted under duress
My husband was fired after 5 years in the company for "vague" reasons. He was the Executive VP and CFO for the company. He has been given several promotions recently and a pay raise 3 weeks ago. His b...applies to Illinois  ·  2 answers

Does the Termination Clause Cancel truly because of the way it is written?
EMPLOYEE AGREEMENT TERMINATION CLAUSE? I am about to sign employment contract and there are more details in the contract but wondering if someone could say if this contract is shown as "termination" b...applies to Texas  ·  0 answers

Will a non compete hold up if my employer has changed my compensation several times since ive signed
I signed a non compete when I was being hired. Within the last 3 years my employer has changed my compensaton package (cutting my pay) several times. I have been in my industry my entire working caree...applies to Ohio  ·  2 answers

I was a sales representative in North Carolina, we were paid 6% of all sales once the customer has paid their invoice. I have been terminated from my position. No where in the Handbook does it say that you will not be paid commissions upon termination.. I
I was a sales representative in North Carolina, we were paid 6% of all sales once the customer has paid their invoice. I have been terminated from my position. No where in the Handbook does it say tha...applies to North Carolina  ·  0 answers

Employment Termination on the internet
I was wrongfully terminated from my Job with a City Government. Started a lawsuit process and had seltled out of court. Signed documents saying would not bring action against this Government agency. W...applies to California  ·  1 answer

Can a sheriff call you about a civil complaint at your place of employment?
I decided to pursue a different career path and resigned from my previous employer over 2 months ago. My ex-boss decides to text me a couple of weeks ago about a charge that I supposedly owe. We conve...applies to Texas  ·  0 answers

Job termination during pregnancy
I'm six months pregnant working with a company since more than 8 months as a Computer Software Engineer. Right now my probation period is going on, as I was moved to another group in January 2002. Ear...applies to California  ·  2 answers

Can I be terminated after I have resigned and received the approval of resignation weeks before a termination letter?
I worked at an amazon fulfillment warehouse and resigned. I received the approval of my resignation. Weeks afterwards I am receiving a letter of termination. Is this something I need to have an issue ...applies to Michigan  ·  0 answers

Is it legal to accept a position in client's office, after signing a non-compete?
My husband signed a non-compete statement at the beginning of his employment. He as recently been offered an in-house position by a client. The client will no longer use his current company regardless...applies to Arizona  ·  1 answer

Can your supervisor announce your termination to all staff before you are notified even if the emplo
You are transferred from one office to the other to clean up mess. The job is performed above satisfaction and you have received exceptional performance reviews. Then directors are re-assigned. New on...applies to District of Columbia  ·  0 answers

Commissioned dealer employees: What are the laws?
I was recently terminated as a Finance Director from an automobile dealership. My "effective date of termination" was 12/21/04, with termination paperwork completed on 12/27. I did not receive (what w...applies to California  ·  1 answer

Is it wrongful termination if my employer lets me go after my baby bond is over? I informed them while on maternity leave that I was interested in more time off to bond with my baby. I filed online for paid family leave and they approved it. I did not rec
Wrongful termination Baby bond/ Family leaveapplies to California  ·  0 answers

non-compete agreement
I received a job offer from an investment bank. However, a partner mentioned to me that the firm will likely request that I sign a non-compete agreement after I start (perhaps months later). After ini...applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

Can a contract employee be terminated twice for the same reason?
Can a contract employee be terminated twice for the same reason, and if so, which 90-day termination notice would apply? By the way, the second termination was written by the president of the company,...applies to Florida  ·  0 answers

What do I do?
Today, I was accused of conducting myself in an unethical manner in the workplace. Two women made a complaint about me sometime over the past week or two. I have worked along side both of these employ...applies to Texas  ·  0 answers

termination form positive drug test results in loss of new job
My husband was terminated for failing a drug test after an injury at work. Can another employer rescind a job offer after finding out about this reason for termination even though my husband passed th...applies to Indiana  ·  1 answer

can you recieve write up for injuring yourself on job with theats of termination if injured again
after ijuring my back on the job7-28-09, i came back to a write up for injuring myself withthreats termination if any more injurys occur. today 8-10-09 when i retuned to work is the first time i was t...applies to Kentucky  ·  0 answers

How the reason for termination as business decision affects future job opportunities?
I got severance package and company said that termination reason is business decision. what it means and how it going to affect my future job opportunitiesapplies to Illinois  ·  0 answers

Wrongful Termination
I was terminated from my previous job for the reason, as indicated by the person who fired me, "I don't think she can handle it." Although this company has an "at will" policy, I was not informed that...applies to California  ·  1 answer

Wrongful Termination
I was terminated from my previous job for the reason, as indicated by the person who fired me, "I don't think she can handle it." Although this company has an "at will" policy, I was not informed that...applies to California  ·  1 answer

Employment terminated for supposed HIPPA violation. Can I sue for wrongful termination?
2 postings on Facebook page led to allegations of HIPPA violation. I have documents showing I did not violate HIPPA 18 Identifiers or PHI. Ex-employer blocking IDES unemployment pay. Have appealed to ...applies to Illinois  ·  1 answer

Employer not fulfilling termination clause
I was an at-will employee with an employment agreement that stated "The Company shall provide at least 3 months notice prior to termination unless it would be for cause or if the company were to exper...applies to Illinois  ·  1 answer

Does my previous employer have to give an explanation since I was given a reason for termination?
I worked for a small town as city recorder for 9 months. I was the 3rd recorder in less than a year. The Mayor created a hostile work environment which is the reason for the previous 2 recorders quitt...applies to Tennessee  ·  1 answer

Can my company pass over me for a promotion when I have 35 years experience for someone who has none
I have been in Display for many years. My store was closed so I transferred to another branch. After a few years, the lead position came open. They hired a man with no Display experience and no manage...applies to Georgia  ·  1 answer

What about the HR process being compromised.
I filed a formal greivance with ER against my managing director (MD) who responded with a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP). I was asked to file the greivance by our HR rep who had been in our office...applies to Oregon  ·  0 answers

Can an Employer Post date your termination?
Can an Employer Post date your termination? Fact: here is the Email I received from the head of HR on June 19th 2001 XXXX, As per our telephone conversation of June 19, 2001, please consider June 2, 2...applies to Wisconsin  ·  1 answer

Asthma developed on the job
I work at an allergy source materials plant in Idaho and am getting allergy shots paid for by the company. The doctor has diagnosed me with asthma due to the work environment and suggested i been remo...applies to Idaho  ·  0 answers

In New York State, is it legal for a company to select individuals for layoff based on their age in order to achieve an average target for all impacted employees?
In a recent layoff event employee's ages were used to select individuals for termination so that the average age of those impacted matched the average age of those retained. However, NYS HRL 296.3 ind...applies to New York  ·  1 answer

How does leaving a company because of rumors of termination affect a non-compete agreement?
My non-compete agreement was not funded. Nor was there any agreements of severance pay if terminated. I heard from my immediate supervisor that they (higher management) had grounds for terminating me ...applies to Oklahoma  ·  0 answers

After 2 years of silence my former company is now collecting relo expenses. Do I have options?
I was a manufacturing engineer in the pharmaceutical industry and was with the company for over 2.5 years. The relocation expenses are for failing to complete 2-years of work after I was relocated to ...applies to California  ·  0 answers

Severance And Final Wage Payment Dute Date
I have s Separation and Release Agreement from a New Jersey corporation which has following paragraphs: 1. Termination Date. Employee acknowledges that his employment with the Company will terminate A...applies to Pennsylvania  ·  2 answers

I need to know how to get out/ fight a non compete clause
I was let go from my job Friday morning. I have already found another job but it is at a competitor (Im a florist). When i started employment in 2006, my former employers had me sign a non compete cla...applies to Kansas  ·  0 answers

Forced resignation or termination
In June, 2010 I was employed as a nurse at a Correctional facility. I was asked to resign because I wrote an inmate 3 letters (I know this was wrong now). I was offered a great job at a hospital. Mont...applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

Termination due to retaliation for reporting supervisor
I recently worked for a hospital in my hometown of Paris, Tx and had problems with my supervisor. I called the integrity hotline which the employees were advised to do so if they had problems, the pho...applies to Texas  ·  1 answer

Can an employor share information about a possible termination of an employee to their manager, who then shares that information to that employees Co-workers before that certain employee is even terminated?
After frustration with how the office was managed, an employee expressed their frustration and then smacked a wall (drywall) with their palm, causing a hole in the wall. That employee was sent home fo...applies to Georgia  ·  0 answers

What is the statue of limitations to file a suit based on retaliation?
I believe I was fired due to two possible reasons: 1. reporting unhealthy/unsafe conditions in my classroom....water leaking in...wet slippery carpet...potential mold...this report was ignored. 2. A c...applies to Florida  ·  0 answers

wrongfull/illegal termination
I used to work in San Diego at Leaptek( as an Office Manager. In April of this year, I was told that there was no more money from Shanghai headquarters to pay me and I was let go, with no ...applies to California  ·  1 answer

breaking a non-compete
I am a resident in Kansas but worked for an employer in Arizona. I was terminated Dec. 2003 for downsizing/financial reasons. I was forced to sign a proprietary rights and non-compete agreement 19 mon...applies to Kansas  ·  1 answer

My former manager accused me of being an addict and fired me. The company doesn’t have a drug abuse policy. I am not a drug addict. Is this wrongful termination?
My former coworker lied to our manager about me. She told our manager that I am currently addicted to drugs, having an affair with a married coworker and very jealous of her. Although there’s not a ...applies to Alabama  ·  0 answers

can I be denied a promotions as a police officer because my brother inlaw works for the same Dept?
I am a police officer who has been working for the same agency for over eleven years. During that time, I earned by bachelors, MBA and PhD. At the same time, I have elevated myself to the most recogni...applies to Oregon  ·  0 answers

Wrongful Termination?
I was a graphic designer at a marketing agency, and was laid off in the end of june. The reason given was "financial hardship of the company" and that my job position was being eliminated. Three other...applies to Illinois  ·  1 answer

Is it a wrongful termination if my employer fired me after she receive garnishment judgement for me and fired me stating poor work performance?
My employer received a garnishment judgement for me and she was given 20 days to answer it,but before the 20 days passed she let me go accusing me of poor performance. Before she fired me she keep on ...applies to Nevada  ·  0 answers

termination is result of his retaliation.
I joined Accenture in November 2014. My Project Manager expressed retaliation after I complained about a new hire who discriminated based on religion and gender. He didn't allow me to change project w...applies to California  ·  0 answers

Texas state agency supervisor falsified documents from transfer to termination
My wife a worked for a texas state agency. Her supervisor falsified documents from transfer to termination but she still transferred state agencies. Insurance and retirement is all messed up now, also...applies to Texas  ·  0 answers

New job responsibility imposed by Employer
I work as a Sr. Telecommunications Specialist in the IT dept. where I was hired to do a specific job relating to the company's voice systems and devices, (I'm paid salary, not hourly). In an effort to...applies to Massachusetts  ·  1 answer

contracts, Pennsylvania
Reading, PA. I about to sign a contract. Does the following terminology from the termination section of the contract mean that I have to stay the full time even in an "at will" state? 'Termination by ...applies to Pennsylvania  ·  5 answers

What information to limit on your resume if you are fired for breach of confidentiality
I was terminated by company XYZ without prior notice due to breach of confidentiality. I have yet to receive any written termination letter. Moving on, I have to start my job search and will have to u...applies to North Carolina  ·  1 answer

Reverse descrimination suit.
Do I have a reverse descrimination suit?My boss and the 2 teachers I worked with are both gay. Both the other teachers have other jobs with substantial pay. I depended on this job as my only source of...applies to Arizona  ·  1 answer

Can senior people who do not like you change a review with no observable behaviors?
At my work my direct supervisor and then his supervisor who oversee's our department tried to present my year end review with objective observable behaviors. The Vice President refused to acknowledge ...applies to New Jersey  ·  0 answers

Emplyer's Refusal to give Letter of Termination
My friend recently got a letter from the NYS Dept. of Labor telling her that her request for unemploymeny benefits was denied because her former employer contends that she voluntarily quit on Dec. 24,...applies to New York  ·  1 answer

They fired him and they still want him to do work...
My co-worker is being "bullied" with threats of criminal charges of extortion if he does not produce paperwork on a laundry list of categories -- none of which currently exists in a written form. Once...applies to Texas  ·  1 answer

Hours cut in half would not accepting new terms be a quit or termination?
I work for a single doctor office as a medical biller/coder. I have been informed my hours will be cut in half. If I inform him that this is not acceptable, and he says there are no options, would thi...applies to Connecticut  ·  0 answers

domestic violence situation - wrongful termination
am in a domestic violence situation. i have an order of protection against my soon to be ex husband whom i left his house. he then retaliated and wrote a unanimous letter to my company. my company sus...applies to New York  ·  1 answer

Non competition valid after 11yrs service?
I signed a Employment Agreement with a Non Compete clause in 1997. The company was one of the holding companys of the US parent. Since then the Parent has split itself into many holding companies, sol...applies to Pennsylvania  ·  1 answer

Does a company have to provide a separation agreement if they state that in the termination letter?
I was officially laid off on 6/3/2011 and received my termination letter on 6/4. Bullet point 5 in the letter states that I am being offered additional consideration in exchange for execution of a Con...applies to Illinois  ·  1 answer

Constructive termination, daily explosive stressful atmosphere.
After working for the same company 5 years, owner one day demanded my resignation after coming in late without calling in. I was only sales person, each year better than previous, working on best year...applies to Texas  ·  2 answers

I've out on medical leave and the company I work out announced they terminated me. They have not contacted me directly or provided me a letter documenting the termination. Are they allowed to notify the whole company that I am terminated even though they
I am out sick on medical leave. The company announced I was fired to other employees but did not contact me or provide me a letter of termination. I found out I am fired but other employees that work ...applies to New Jersey  ·  1 answer

Contract language for terminating the agreement
Reading, PA. I about to sign a contract. Does the following terminology from the termination section of the contract mean that I have to stay the full time even in an "at will" state? 'Termination by ...applies to Pennsylvania  ·  2 answers

wrongful termination in a nursing home - health professional
I am a professional health care provider. I recently informed administration that 'I would not stay at a facility in which the social worker was not apprised of resident abuse/neglect allegations.' Wi...applies to Illinois  ·  1 answer

At-will employment, stock option vesting acceleration, termination without cause, change in duties
I am employed on an at-will basis. The company is now asking that I sign a statement that includes "I also understand that the COMPANY may modify the other terms and conditions pursuant to which it wi...applies to California  ·  1 answer

What to do if let go and feel like employer has not followed procedure?
Hi MEL, I am on an H-1B visa and in March 2016, I was let go from my job where I had been employed, for almost three and a half years. Firstly, the company informed me they would not be renewing my vi...applies to New York  ·  0 answers

Is it illegal to threaten termination for speaking with a co-worker about wage
My boss threatened to fire me for talking about salary with a co-worker. The co-worker approached me at work and asked. We are not prohibited in any way from speaking about non work topics while worki...applies to North Carolina  ·  0 answers

wrongfull termination/does Texas employment Law protect people from this
My wife worked at a company were her duties not limited to answering 7 phone line for three companies and various administrative duties. She was called into the HRO reps. office and told that the owne...applies to Texas  ·  1 answer

first step with wrongful termination when less than 15 employees
I was wrongfully terminated in retaliation for complaining about unlawful discrimination-I gave written notice to my boss explaining my intent to quit in 15 days if he didn't show some willingness to ...applies to Arizona  ·  1 answer

What can I do about my wrongful termination?
I was recently terminated by my employer, and on the day before termination I had reported one of my residents for inappropriately touching myself and others while trying to perform care. We were all ...applies to Virginia  ·  0 answers

Do I have a harrassment case?
Dear Mel; I am a top-performing sales exec for an advertising company, with an 11 year track record. I am a 36 year old man, and am single. Lately my sales success has been exceptional. I have a new s...applies to New York  ·  1 answer

Termination for making a few data entry errors with nothing to tie back to
I have taken a new position at my company. I have been an employee for 10 years. In this new position I have had little to no training from my supervisors or guidance. I know that I have made a few mi...applies to Texas  ·  1 answer

If you were given a sign on bonus and three weeks after hire they terminate you, are you required to pay back bonus if the contract does not say anything about termination just if you resign you pay back bonus? Can they withhold your paycheck?
This was termination out of retaliation. I reported patient safety issues, black mold throughout building and age discrimination towards me. Have photos and evidence. That same day they walked in and ...applies to Texas  ·  1 answer

Severance pay after declining relocation of current job?
There is a good possibility that my employer (a major regional bank) will close our local office in a reorganization and ask me to relocate my current job to a bank office in another state. I do not h...applies to North Carolina  ·  1 answer

Termination due to cost of healthcare benefits? is this possible?
I was working as a registered nurse in an emergency department. I was on my 6 month initial employment probationary period. my healthcare benefits started as of June 1, 2016. I am obese and a smoker. ...applies to Florida  ·  0 answers

What if I signed a severance agreement, received a check & then they stopped payment on it?
I was notified about termination, signed a severance agreement & received a check for owed wages + 2 weeks severance all on the 17th. On the 22nd the employer stopped payment on check stating I delete...applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

What can I do when I feel I'm being targeted at work?
I have worked for this employer for nearly 14 years. Recently our ED was replaced and things have changed considerably. I was falsely accused of bullying and harassment by a relatively new employee. A...applies to Florida  ·  1 answer

defamation/wrongful termination
I was terminated suddenly after 6 weeks of work. I wanted a reason, and I was told they would not discuss it with me. I never had any discipliary action or warnings. Management met me in my office one...applies to Pennsylvania  ·  2 answers

I am being accused of sexual harrassment at work. I have a 34 yr career and I don't remember the incident at question taking place my employer is investigating there are 2 witnesses that say they heard my off handed comments. I feel my rights were violate
I have been training a new male employee since the beginning of January. Approx 6-7 weeks ago he and another employee came to that they broke a spore and had glass and fluid on his hand. They washed t...applies to Montana  ·  0 answers

Asked to stay longer after term date given in writing. Unemployment effects?
My wife was told she is being terminated because the medical office she works for needs someone with Medical Assistant qualifications, which she does not have, to fill her role. She was able to get a ...applies to Maine  ·  0 answers

Discrimination/wrongful termination
I have been discriminated against as well as wrongfully terminated. I was recently terminated from my Supervisor position. The reasons stated on the termination letter (which I can prove to be false) ...applies to California  ·  3 answers

Is this wrongful termination???
My boss terminated me on the spot after telling him (owner of company) he was required by federal law to pay me for all hours I worked including overtime hours (he had been refusing to pay) and if he ...applies to Tennessee  ·  0 answers

Terminating an employment contract
I signed a contract for an employment starting in a future date. Due to family reasons I decided not to take up that job and sent them a notice of withdrawal almost 3 months before the start date of t...applies to New York  ·  1 answer

Hi, I have two questions, one-I was terminated from a teaching position due to not gaining licensure (I did not pass a requred test to become licensed. However, I never received a professional letter from Human Resource of termination. I only received a p
I am a teacher my contract required me to take three different test to be licensed in the state of Virginia, however, i took these tests many of times and only passed one but need to pass all three to...applies to Virginia  ·  0 answers

Retaliation as a witness in an unemployment appeal hearing
A close friend of mine was recently denied CA unemployment benefits due to conflicting reasons for termination by her former employer. At the time of discharge, she was told that the reason was for ne...applies to California  ·  2 answers

Do I have rights to reimbursement of relocation expense, or to refuse to move with being terminated?
I work for a sales representative agency in California. I have been with them for 8 years. 4 years were as an independent contractor and 4 as an employee. The current position I hold is as an outside ...applies to California  ·  0 answers

Termination of Employment
As a Branch Manager for Firstar Bank, I was terminated for "conducting transactions for immediate/distant family members (3). These transactions were done to secure a $5-10MM per year account with Fir...applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

I was fired on Jan. 12, 2017 from my job of almost 15 years. I was a salaried employee and should have received a check the day after my termination and one the next Friday,I didn't receive either one of those checks for time I worked. Is it legal for him
During my termination I was told I was guilty by association because my employer was firing my father-in-law because he suspected him of theft. So myself and my 2 brother in laws were also let go caus...applies to Alabama  ·  0 answers

Why Hr keep denying me accommodations?
I was hit by a car while walking in crosswalk returning to my work place. The result of the accident cause me to have surgery on my LFT shoulder, and to be out of work for 6 months. My job denied my F...applies to Maryland  ·  0 answers

Does Judge order reinstatement if a former city employee prevails in a lawsuit?
I decided not to appeal for administrative hearing with civil service Board of Commissioners (Board) my unlawful termination from the City of Los Angeles. I was told by the clerk of the Board that I n...applies to California  ·  1 answer

Termination and retaliation
applies to Nevada  ·  0 answers

Can an employer withhold a final paycheck for refusal to sign a termination document in IL?
I was recently let-go from my job due to under-performance of the establishment. I am still owed a final paycheck due to work performed. I received a "termination letter" (a converted severance letter...applies to Illinois  ·  0 answers

Wrongful Termination
My husband was recently fired from a company were we both worked. I am still employed with them. I know that in the State of Florida the Employer does not need an excuse to fire you. If they still pro...applies to Florida  ·  1 answer

Got terminated even tho I was promised a Skelly Hearing. Can I get a lawyer to sue?
I recieved a proposed action against me in a form on termination. The personnel informed me that I can get a skelly hearing or forfeit it and go straight to termination. She highly recommended me goin...applies to California  ·  0 answers

I had a mini stroke on Oct. 3, 01. I informed my employer and my doctor wrote a note explaining that I would be out of work for an undetermined amount of time. He wasn't sure what was wrong with me. H...applies to Louisiana  ·  1 answer

Disability discrimination and pretext for termination
Looking for advice on a disability discrimination complaint/wrongful termination. As a senior manager, i worked for a large consulting firm in CA (significant federal contracting). I have a long histo...applies to California  ·  1 answer

Disability discrimination and pretext for termination
Looking for advice on a disability discrimination complaint/wrongful termination. As a senior manager, i worked for a large consulting firm in CA (significant federal contracting). I have a long histo...applies to California  ·  2 answers

If I ask for short notice leave to care for my special needs child can my employer deny my leave repeatedly without making an effort to determine whether it qualifies as FMLA?
Asked employer for 2 days leave to care for my son whom he is aware is a special needs child. I was immediately and repeatedly denied due to 'short-staffing'. I didn't know about FMLA wasn't told anyt...applies to New York  ·  0 answers

Why are they doing an internal investigation over my termination?
applies to Pennsylvania  ·  0 answers

I received a settlement for 52000 for wrongful termination. They sent a check for 17000 to my attorney. They paid me 17000 in a check and they took our taxes. They also deposited 17000 in my bank account that I have to file a1099. Do I have to pay taxes o
I won a wrongful termination law suit with my former company. They sent me a check for 17000, and they deposits 17000 into my bank acct which I have to file a 1099. They sent a check to my attorney fo...applies to Florida  ·  0 answers

I was terminated because an employee lied and informed my employer that I run and escort company. It has caused extreme emotional distress as well as financial burden and negative impact on my employment reference with the reason for termination in Maryla
An employee went to HR reported that I own a escort company. When I returned off vacation HR had termination paperwork stating they were told by an employee and resident that I own a escort company. I...applies to Maryland  ·  0 answers

Wrongful termination?
What exactly qualifies "wrongful termination"? In August, I left my job of nearly two years to work for my father's company. Two weeks after I began working for my father, he left the house - and walk...applies to California  ·  1 answer

is this wrongful termination?
upon interviewing for an insurance company they asked which of the two positions open i preferred. i advised i would let them choose where they think i fit. i advised i have no experience so i was lea...applies to New York  ·  1 answer

Is Non-compete Agreement enforceable if the employer has no more business with the client
I was laid off from the current employer (Say, X) because they don't have any clients and its hard to keep all the consultants. I signed a non-compete agreement with X when I joined them 2 years ago. ...applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

Purposely misclassified as independent contractor and then constructive termination?!
I think I was purposefully misclassified as an independent contractor. I had a verbal agreement to work 40 hours a week. The business was doing so poorly that they could barely offer me 8 hours a week...applies to Connecticut  ·  0 answers

Hello, I had just graduated and had 10 months w very light experience w a very low level of responsibility at one client. I was an intern to entry level employee. I signed a non-compete for only one month’s compensation and could not (even more so now)
-Near entry level (intern) -Laid off early Covid -Low responsibility -Narrow scope of work -Information technology -Non-compete states I cannot compete for a job with any of their employees or competi...applies to Illinois  ·  0 answers

Can I sue McDonald’s for wrongful termination and defamation
I was an employee at McDonaId’s. I was accused of making sexual advancements towards other employees which, is completely untrue. I have never disrespected any female employee, let alone any of my c...applies to Pennsylvania  ·  0 answers

Can I sue McDonald’s for wrongful termination and defamation
I was an employee at McDonaId’s. I was accused of making sexual advancements towards other employees which, is completely untrue. I have never disrespected any female employee, let alone any of my c...applies to Pennsylvania  ·  0 answers

Do I have a case for age and/or medical discrimination?
Hello, I was recently terminated from a salaried position in Tennessee. This came shortly after the hiring of a new General Manager, he started January 2018. Until the new GM started I had never had a...applies to Tennessee  ·  0 answers

applies to Arizona  ·  0 answers

Was I wrongfully terminated?
I was terminated from my employment without an explanation. I was contacted by my manager and told that I was on administrative leave due. She then explained to me that I would be contacted by the HR ...applies to New Jersey  ·  1 answer

Can my 2nd employer enforce the non-compete against my 1st employer?
I went to work for TCi in Apr '11 as a Business Development Manager to grow the trailer repair business. I signed a non-compete agreement with them upon acceptance of offer. In December 2011, I was ap...applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

My boss bullied me into resigning. Is this constructive discharge or wrongful termination?
Six weeks ago I made the mistake of going into my boss's office when I was upset about a perceived miscommunication (she always gave the impression that her staff was welcome to do so) and made the ev...applies to Ohio  ·  2 answers

Full Time Offer at Consulting Client
I am a consultant of company A (based in CA) working for a client. I have worked for the client in IN through another consulting company B (based in CA). Client doesn't know about A. After that projec...applies to New York  ·  1 answer

promises, promises,promises = SNAKES
I worked with a residential home builder. After my 90 day probation, my immediate supervisor called me on a Friday afternoon to tell me what a great job I was doing,and to make my weekend a better wee...applies to Nevada  ·  1 answer

Employee termination PTO payout and termination cancellation thereafter
An employee gave self resignation for Friday of a week, basically Friday is the last working day of that employee. Now on Friday morning, PTO payout for the employee got processed and employee got pai...applies to California  ·  1 answer

My former employer contacted my current employer to set up a meeting, the two employers discussed my employment, stated that I was overall a good employee, but are concerned about confidentiality. The conversation was not during a reference call, but in a
I was terminated, in an at - will state (kansas). I was only marked as exemplary and outstanding on all of my evaluations, I implemented a policy to cover confidentiality, which they did not want to a...applies to Kansas  ·  0 answers

Can Lowe's refuse to hire those who have had workman's comp claims with them?
I worked at Lowe's from 2003-07 in Virginia, leaving as a Level 4 CSA. In '03 I hurt my back and was told I have to file a workman's comp claim. I did. Through my entire career at Lowe's I received no...applies to Florida  ·  0 answers

Forfiture of commissions upon voluntary termination
In Texas, is an employment agreement provision calling for the forfiture of earned but unpaid sales commissions upon voluntary termination of employment legal? Specifics: Texas work-from-home rep of C...applies to Texas  ·  2 answers

is my non-compete enforceable
Hello, my company was recently acquired, and I was asked to again sign my non-compete, as the original was supposedly lost. The non-compete carries over to the new company. The specifics of the non-co...applies to Massachusetts  ·  1 answer

How can I hold them to a promise to provide training?
I'll just list the facts: (a) I worked for a company 7 months as a contractor. And my contract expired and I left. (b) With Y2K coming up fast and desperate for programmers, they offered a full time e...applies to New York  ·  1 answer

I sold my physical therapy practice 2 years ago, with a non-compete clause for 3 years within an 8 mile radius. The buyer has since moved the clinic to a new office which is now 8.5 miles away from a possible new employment opportunity for me. Am I safe t
I sold my physical therapy practice 2 years ago with a non-compete clause for 8 miles and 3 years. 1 year ago the buyer moved the practice 3 miles further away from the old office. I have a new career...applies to California  ·  0 answers

What is the shortest possible time you can file a court case in a State or Fed. court?
RE: Employment Discrimination, including Retaliation and discrimination for reasons of National Origin, Age, Sex/Gender as well as Prohibited Employee Policies/Practices by my employer. NOTE: This cas...applies to Texas  ·  0 answers

Fired with no reason and given negative employment reference.
My husband was a maintenance person for a large rental property. About a month ago, out of the blue, he was called to the rental office, where he was greeted by an attorney and given a "Notice of Term...applies to California  ·  1 answer

Can my former employer really pursue a legal course of action against me?
I left the company I worked for 7 months ago to pursue a new career. Today,I received a certified letter from my former employer's Attorney. The letter states that I have been making "disbaraging comm...applies to Oregon  ·  0 answers

Can I sue previous employment for wrongful termination; reinstated; denied med loa ext.&unemploymen
I am seriously considering suiting my former employer for wrongful termination they claim to be accidental months later; reinstated me then screwed with me ever since I got sick and went on medical le...applies to Washington  ·  0 answers

Professional with 20 year career fired for going on a vacation with a female employee
I have been terminated for going on a vacation on days off with another female employee and asking her if I could share her hotel room with her on the last night. She agreed without hesitation, went a...applies to Washington  ·  0 answers

My son, a nursing home kitchen aid, was fired over false accusations from fellow employees.
My son was fired from his job over accusatios that he threw a "head fit", broke dishes, and threatened fellow employees. Management claims there are four witnesses. My son claims no knowledge of these...applies to Maine  ·  0 answers

Non Compete in CA
I have worked for a company's client worked for company's client for 2 yrs. Now I have got a job offer from client. but i have signed non compete with my company. Can they sue me? Here are the clauses...applies to California  ·  1 answer

I am interested in working for a competitor but I want to know if I can after signing the non-compet
I signed an "Employee Confidentiality Invention Assignment and Restrictive Covenant Agreement" before I started work. I am interested in working for a competitor but I want to know if I can. I was onl...applies to North Carolina  ·  0 answers

I am working in so and so company for past 7 months. Actually they took me for Cloud technology like aws. But they put me in Linux Admin side. I already told them that I don't have experience in Linux and I don't know linux environment as well. Even thoug
I am working in so and so company for past 7 months. Actually they took me for Cloud technology like aws. But they put me in Linux Admin side. I already told them that I don't have experience in Linux...applies to Arkansas  ·  0 answers

Do I have a case for an Unfair Demotion
in 2016 I was questioned by the MTA Inspector General about 8 inconsistencies with my time record sheets submitted over a 18 month period beginning in January 2015. I answered their questions truthful...applies to New York  ·  0 answers

recently employer has initiated a no smoking policy that results in termination
applies to Arkansas  ·  0 answers

If a contractor in TX accepts a full-time job from a client, did they violate a non-compete clause?
I have been doing contract work in Texas through a recruiting firm for a client for a little over a year and the client is offering me a full-time job in the same role. My recruiting firm put a clause...applies to Texas  ·  0 answers

Discrimation-Termination of employment
I was terminated from my employer with no reason for termination given when contacted via answering machine from company vp of operations. i have since filed a claim with eeoc because of the firing, i...applies to Pennsylvania  ·  1 answer

Can I be terminated for filling out a company requested medical form?
I am facing a termination. I am a cba protected worker. I was recently (last one year) injured on the job. While I was out under medical care I was to periodically report to my company physician to do...applies to New York  ·  1 answer

Wrongfull Termination
I have been working for this employer for the better part of two and a half years. Having no sick days available points were collected as a consequence of calling off or coming late. This was a new po...applies to Pennsylvania  ·  2 answers

Wrongful Termination
Recently I discovered that my employer was underpaying me by $492 a month for 18 months. My check is direct deposit and I file the pay stubs without opening the envelope. I notified the owner and the ...applies to Texas  ·  1 answer

Possible wrongful termination
Hello, We need a referral to a local Employment Law specialist, but we are not sure how strong our case is. The facts are these: 1) My husband was laid off from his job, along with about 20 or so of h...applies to California  ·  1 answer

Do I have a case for wrongful termination?
I had been friends with a fellow manager during the duration of my employment. Recently, my husband and I split up. When this friend found out, he started to make advances both at work and off work. H...applies to Florida  ·  1 answer

I was recently terminated from GEICO along with up to 100 people for what they refer to as gross misconduct. Some people in the company were removing credit scores from a quote to get a better company...applies to Georgia  ·  1 answer

My employer is closing my division. We've all been given notice of severance. I found a job prior to my expected termination date, but at a much lower wage than what my current employer pays. Are they obligated to pay my severance if I leave earlier than
Our entire division is closing. Every employee is being given severance. Minimum of 4 weeks, maximum of 26 weeks depending on the length of employment. My termination date isn't until March 31st, 2017...applies to Texas  ·  0 answers

wrongful termination
hello, my name is Kelly P and my question is this, in Dec 2003 I was terminated (w/out just cause according to the ohio unemployment office). My situation is quite lenghty to explain,i apologize. In N...applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

wrongful termination
can i be fired for voilating company policy that i didn't know existed.applies to Pennsylvania  ·  1 answer

Can an employer force an employee to work and stay out of town under threat of termination?
applies to Michigan  ·  0 answers

Career assassination?
I have worked at financial services company for the past 3 1/2 years. Each year I've been there, I have received the highest rating during the annual evaluation. My work requires that I pass judgement...applies to New York  ·  1 answer

Wrongful termination due to appropriate use of computer
My employer set up computers at my jobsite for billing. Staff at the jobsite share the same computer. When the system was set up, I asked my supervisor what would happen if someone used it inappropria...applies to Arizona  ·  1 answer

Does prior 401k distribution pay outs effect nj unemployment, or just the distribution you get after job termination?
Does prior 401k distribution pay outs effect in unemployment claim, or just the one that you take after job termination?applies to New Jersey  ·  0 answers

Wrongful termination
I was terminated from my position as an Instalaltion Manager on 9/5/06. This was upon return from a scheduled vacation. Seven days prior to my vacation, I had an extreme anxiety attack at work brought...applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

IL - Commissions upon termination
Our company pays our sales reps commission when payment is received from the customer. If the sales rep is terminated, are we required to pay commission when the payment is received from the customer ...applies to Illinois  ·  2 answers

Is my company forcing me to quit under the guise of offering a very low relocation allowance
I have a couple of decades at my organization. Got great reviews for performance in the past. Recently they nudged someone in my group to retire. Than they replaced him with much senior guy who has tr...applies to Colorado  ·  0 answers

Can I sue my manager personally for creating a hostile work environment?
I live in Nevada and work in a casino as a dealer. I have filed with NERC/EEOC and my employer has been charged with discrimination due to failure to promote and is currently being investigated, the r...applies to Nevada  ·  0 answers

Can I be denied severance pay if I accept a position that is not comparable with my current package?
My company has lost the support contract with the company I have supported for 20 years+. There is another company that has won the contract. My company does have a standard severance package that all...applies to Florida  ·  2 answers

My unemployment benefits have been pending for 5 weeks
I am just wanting to check all avenues. I was terminated for interviewing with another law firm on my own time after work hours (how they found out I do not know), but the policy manual states seeking...applies to Texas  ·  0 answers

How do I get out of my Noncompete contract from a previous employer?
I worked for a home health aide company located in Fairfield, PA for less than four months. Toward the end of my employment there, I was led to another job where it would better hours, more convenient...applies to Pennsylvania  ·  2 answers

Termination letter vs Employment contract
I'm one of the programmers brought in from overseas on H1B. My employment agreement with my H1B sponsor has a non-compete clause that prohibits me from working with any client company should my employ...applies to New York  ·  1 answer

Severance and retaliation

Refusing to sign non-compete - wrongful termination?
3 years ago, I came from a long employment situation (business closed) to a new company and brought many longtime customers and the resulting business. That's why I was hired. First employment agreeme...applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

I was terminated from a local employer, for what was listed as poor performance. In my termination letter it states three discussions in a six week period (never happened, No documentation). Three wee...applies to Tennessee  ·  1 answer

Terminated prior to resignation date - Am I liable to repay relocation bonus?
Terminated prior to resignation date - bonus and PTO pay-out withheld to offset repayment of relocation expenses per employment contract. Per contract, I was liable to repay expenses in the event I re...applies to Connecticut  ·  0 answers

I had a poor performing employee in which received write ups and was spoken to about their poor performance. She eventually quit, assuming she feared a termination was imminent. I was suspended during a time frame which included an investigation due to he
I had a poor performing employee in which received write ups and was spoken to about their poor performance. She eventually quit, assuming she feared a termination was imminent. I was suspended during...applies to Texas  ·  0 answers

Current Employer Blocked Me From New Job
I have been working as a department lead for a grocery store for four months. One of my distributors changed routes, leaving his sales rep job open. I interviewed for the position, and was told that m...applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

Harassment - Retaliation by Employer
Would this be considered retaliation for not supplying damaging information about another employee. President of company feels performance of an employee on my team is poor. Although he has expressed ...applies to New York  ·  1 answer

Discrimination, Wrongful Termination and Wage Dispute
My husband was terminated from ******* as a result of absences resulting from my ADA covered illness and hospitalization. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy Type 1 in 2005...applies to North Carolina  ·  0 answers

My spouse and I worked for the same company. I accepted an offer from a competitor and they walked us both out the door. Is this discrimination or wrongful termination?
My spouse and I worked for the same company. I accepted an offer from a competitor and they walked us both out the door. Is this discrimination or wrongful termination?applies to Wisconsin  ·  0 answers

Fired for a bad back...
A little over a year ago, I was involved in an auto accident that left me with a lower back injury. I got a job in a factory as what they term a "secondary." Basically, I am supposed to learn all of t...applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

I signed a non-compete October 2009, and no longer work there and it expired. Is it enforcable?
I started working for this company in Oct. of 2009 and signed a non-compete that stated that it is forcable for 1 year after my termination. I left the company in May of 2010. Six months later (Novemb...applies to Illinois  ·  0 answers

I signed a non-compete, then gave 2 weeks notice and was fired. Can they still enforce?
I signed a non-compete, then gave 2 weeks notice one year later due to a dramatic degrease in sales leads and pay. (100% commission sales). The day I gave my 2 weeks, I was told to leave. I feel as th...applies to Delaware  ·  0 answers

Who do I report unlawful termination to and what can I do to get compensation for my hardships?
Area lead lied about me to boss and got me terminated while I was in the process of filing intermittent fmla. One of my shifts that I for sure worked is now showing up in my termination letter as an u...applies to Utah  ·  0 answers

What Can I Do About False Accusations That Are Negatively Impacting My Career?
A former employee who is still with the company, but who no longer works for me directly, repeatedly falsely accuses me of discrimination. This began because I held the employee accountable, per compa...applies to Georgia  ·  0 answers

Is there a loop-hole in this non-compete?
I am looking for another job in the same automotive field. My old job delt with aftermarket car parts and the new job does too. The new job is an up in coming company. Here is a copy of the non-compet...applies to Illinois  ·  2 answers

I started a working in a company A Feb 20, 2016 it was job full time overnight most like on weekends. Soon after I found another job company B on March 23 2016, full time during daytime, related to my...applies to Florida  ·  1 answer

I was employed with a healthcare agency, worked hours, participated in educational training, and pu
Recently I was hired by an agency to provide mental health services in a middle school to several children. I worked for the agency one month and was terminated. Aftertermination I sought my wages bu...applies to Florida  ·  1 answer

What criteria must employers consider in termination for failure to perform job duties?
The situation is that an employer terminates employment of a long-term senior employee. The employee has an exemplary performance record and is a very well liked employee. The employee begins experien...applies to Ohio  ·  2 answers

How long after a "mutually separated agreement" can a case be reviewed as wrongful discharge?
On Dec 27th 2012, I was called to come into my company while I was on my mandatory one-week vacation to meet with my boss, who is the Deputy Exec Director. I agreed to come into the office, because I ...applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

Can an employer require evening social events/12-hour days at risk of being fired?
I work remotely for an online school. The employer has decided on short notice that we will be required to travel for 4 days to the home office for a "conference." (Travel was not in the original term...applies to Pennsylvania  ·  1 answer

Recently been terminated after 7 months of work and believe this termination was unjust. My question is can I collect unemployment and sue the company in the state of New York?
Recently been terminated after 7 months of work and believe this termination was unjust. My question is can I collect unemployment and sue the company in the state of New York?applies to New York  ·  1 answer

can i sue my former employer for wrongful termination?
I were falsely accused of stealing, did not go to court or anything I ask to view my charges the official could not find any record of it.applies to Arkansas  ·  0 answers

Holding Hostage
I posted a question last week and recieved usefull feedback, but have run into yet another situation with my law firm upon termination..and demand of a resignation letter. I received a voice mail mess...applies to California  ·  2 answers

Big severance "carrot" taken away
My wife worked for a company 19 years. She had stellar performance throughout her career and was the corporate secretary for her last 5 years. She was on the company's lucrative supplemental benefit p...applies to Pennsylvania  ·  1 answer

Defamation/Non-compete/and wrongful termination
I was recently fired for "gross misconduct" for being insubordiant to an Operations Director hired as a consultant for my company. It was never communicated to me that he was my superior or that I rep...applies to New York  ·  1 answer

In the state of NC can wages be withheld in the event a sign-on bonus was offered for employment?
My contract states the following: 1. Amount of Sign-On Bonus. Upon commencing employment with xxxxxx (defined as arriving for your first day of work), you will be entitled to a Sign- on Bonus, subject...applies to North Carolina  ·  0 answers

Is telling a co-worker you don't care if she gets cancer or burns in hell sufficient reason for termination?
30-year employment -- one wrong sentenceapplies to California  ·  1 answer

Wrongful termination. No miss conduct. Awarded unemployment. Escorted out in my underwear.
Do I have a case? Defamation?emotional, punitive. Everyone saw him escort me out in my skivies!applies to Wisconsin  ·  0 answers

Do I have ANY chance of retribution?
I was a 2nd tier PERS employee thru the county for 10yrs. During termination process misdirection from lazy steward caused legal charges against me. Shifting the basis of my termination away from orig...applies to Oregon  ·  0 answers

I am an executive with an employment contract that provides severance of 1-year base salary. The language in contract very clearly indicates a trigger is termination. However, I believe the new owner of our company is likely going to offer me a role with
I am an executive with an employment contract that provides severance of 1-year base salary. The language in contract very clearly indicates a trigger is termination. However, I believe the new owner ...applies to Nebraska  ·  0 answers

unpaid wages-contract work
I have consulted for an X company in NYC for few weeks and I terminated my contract with them. According to the contract terms I have submitted all invoices and related termination letters to the COO ...applies to New York  ·  1 answer

Do I have any rights as being accused of Harassment?
I am a male over 40 years old and I work with primarily women. I have known the accuser for about 8 months. I see her at school and work. She would come up to me and touch me on the back say Hi and I ...


Letter usps termination

Link to "5-13.2 Termination for Default"Link to contents for "5 USPS Supplying Practices Process Step 5: Measure and Manage Supply"      Link to "5-13.4 Remedies"

5-13.3 Termination on Notice

If a contract provides for its termination on notice by the Postal Service, the Postal Service may terminate the contract by sending the supplier a written notice consistent with the contract’s provisions for termination on notice. A contract containing a termination on notice clause may also contain a clause allowing for termination for default and providing less notice than that in the termination on notice clause. In such cases, if the contract is terminated for default or for cause and it is subsequently established that the termination was improper, the supplier’s damages will be limited to any amount to which it would have been entitled had the termination for default or cause been a termination on notice.

5-13.3.1 Termination Notices and Postal Service Actions

If the supplier can establish that its failure to perform arose out of causes beyond its control and without its fault or negligence, a termination for default will be deemed a termination for the convenience of the Postal Service, and the rights and obligations of the parties will be governed accordingly.

The CO may terminate contracts only by written notice to the supplier. In terminating a fixed-price contract for default for a cause other than failure to make timely delivery, the termination notice discussed here must be preceded by the notice or notices discussed. Notice must be by:

The notice must state:

When the termination notice is sent to the supplier, the CO must simultaneously send a copy to the applicable accounting service center and to any known assignee, guarantor, or surety of the supplier.

Link to "5-13.2 Termination for Default"Link to contents for "5 USPS Supplying Practices Process Step 5: Measure and Manage Supply"      Link to "5-13.4 Remedies"
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