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To resolve auto codes quickly and ensure the appropriate problems are being diagnosed and addressed, trust the OTC OBD II and ABD Scan Tool. This tool is designed to diagnose and fix problems on vehicles 1996 and newer when the check engine and ABS warning lights are on.The tool reads your onboard computer's error signal, interprets the code, and displays theappropriate error breakdown for you to review and resolve!

This tool operates in real time, giving you live data that allows you to view vehicle sensor, switch and relay inputs without delay, while the engine is running. This ensures quicker, more accurate fixes and eliminates the need to hook up complicated hardware, run the vehicle, decipher the code and address the issue sequentially. This tool consolidates steps to give you a direct read-to-resolution approach to automotive care.

The OTC OBD II and ABD Scan Tool encompasses the entire gamut of OBD II and ABD codes, giving you comprehensive insight into a vehicle's various error reports for more refined approaches to repair. Read and resolve powertrain, chassis, body and network issues via deciphered codes—the tool will even provide you with the parameters of the issue to assist in resolution approach.

In commercial automotive environments, this tool is optimal for quick reads. Moving from vehicle to vehicle is easier than ever—just use Read/Erase hot keys to quickly view and erase error codes for accuracy across an entire garage of vehicles. Identification of the problem is just the press of a button away!

Key Features of the OTC OBD II and ABD Scan Tool - 3208:

  • Applicable on all vehicles 1996 and newer
  • Works on GM, Ford, Chrysler and Toyota vehicles
  • Reads all OBD and ABS error codes
  • Operates with live data, in real time
Sours: https://www.autobodytoolmart.com/product/otc-obd-ii-abd-scan-tool-3208/otc-tools

OTC Tools 3208 OBD II & ABS Scan Tool with Enhanced Engine and Transmission Codes, Blue
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Top Customer Reviews: OTC Tools 3208 OBD ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings

4 / 5Chieko

I want to do the point of explanation partorisca some people that has written that it does not do partorisca verify ABS in his vehicle. I have bought this does the year and has been pissed when I thought it could very neither so only to @gives did not dip it on correctly. It is the small confusing. When Asking in ABS the CODES gives some options of OBD2/EOBD, USA, EUROPE, and ASIA. I have chosen initially OBD2/EOBD and has been also hailed with a ABS any one has relieved. They are then gone in and has chosen EUA and has asked year, mark, and the model in that my chance was the 2001 Buick LeSabre and has done then well. I am guessing that it was also a chance with some other negative users. I used it on a lot another of then and verified it both ways and he have done always spend for a street of EUA. I have not verified in an Asian vehicle or European still, as it does not know partorisca that. Not even the one who a OBD2/EOBD chooses is partorisca so that the has not linked never in any I have tried. Otherwise The work adds.

5 / 5Jerilyn

A OTC 3208 Technical Support the crew verified it could read mine 2005 GMC Invernadero ABS CODES.
Was able to verify a sensor of speed of bad wheel, buy the substitution ABS harness by means of Amazon, changes it to me, clears a ABS code, and save tonnes of money! A OTC 3208 requires thorough selections of paper and some patience, so only like other escáneres. It verifies with his crew of support saws email that will he in your vehicle.

4 / 5Kristan

Grieves has taken east unplugged the sensor of wheel in mine 2003 Dodge 2500 and mine 2005 Glorious Jeep Cherokee. The codes have been caused like this expected and a OTC 3208 was able to read some codes and say me that the sensor had unplugged. I have tried this test in other readers of economic code in some pasts and is returned reason could not read these vehicles. This one east the keeper and a prize was a lot.

4 / 5Gerda

Has bought this specifically partorisca read my ABS lack. It covers he in, enters all the information required and volume ABS any available, knows is not my van reason my hand-held help of the edges there is pulled a subject a lot on, as you sell something concealed can a lot of that announces, calm perhaps would owe that be more concrete roughly is the happy client .

4 / 5Lilly

Better that has expected!! Works in ours 2010 Silverado, 2008 Impala, and still in the 1995 Blazer. In some two newer vehicles tip the TONNE of data of alive engine and was able to pull and erase a ABS codes. A Blazer also distinguished alive die, so only very so much, and could not read a ABS. Partorisca ABS There is select a vehicle and he Ford has listed so only partorisca 1995 Truck. My sympathetic is 95-96 is when GM has transmission to OBD2 so that it has taken lucky in some codes of engine, so only a lot of ABS.

Some ready manuals 5 pages of alive data can show according to a vehicle. This comprises voltages in of the sure sensors, cariche of engine and RPM, fuel trims, temperatures of fluids and intake air. The data adds partorisca troubleshooting questions of engine that could not trip the code of question.

No sure reason but both Autozone and More than the wheels was unable to pull codes in a Blazer. This reader found immediately a O2 code of sensor and by means of a data of alive engine was able to diagnose some questions of engine.

My only complaint is that a text in the screen is small and there is no backlighting as it can be difficult to read. But in decent lighting is not the question.

5 / 5Camille

Has purchased recently he 2003 PT Cruiser. Some instruments of pinch are recessed in 3 averts tubular projections. During time at night that walks so only some indicators of the dial and the numbers are illuminated. During behaviour of time of the day, the shadows are launched down some the tubular projections that split of hide of some stairs in a speedometer. I clamped this light to one of a spokes of a steering wheel that regulates to a flexible arm likes illuminates a speedometer in front of him on a group of instrument. Some light turns with a steering wheel but of the majority of behaviour is done with a steering wheel has centred partorisca go down a street, a provisional loss of the illumination does not distract of a solution.

4 / 5Raina

Has squandered My money that buys this scanner does not sustain ABS FUNCTION at all partorisca mine 2005 Nissan any partorisca mention managing a cord expose partorisca direct. Never seen the scanner that has the goodness that warns on that. It gives the thank you partorisca warn me now can launch this piece partorisca crap in some rubbishes. Has another scanner that was more economic and offer all a work this a fact. So only it has expected partorisca one this would sustain ABS. I will maintain partorisca look for

4 / 5Alonso

has ordered this because scanner of mine of load of the port does not read ABS CODES. When it has taken this has been partorisca erase 2 codes of engine so only partorisca see if he and he would not clear I so that it has thought perhaps so only read a memory. As I then tried partorisca read a abs the light and has said any code in spite of a pinch that says does the question. Tried he with the vehicle that careers, has tried he with vehicle was but your in an on place, has then tried he with key was dipped. It would not read a abs the codes neither clear a cel codes. An only thing can say positive roughly is that it read it a cel the codes and was easy to read.... But one the economic scanner has had was able to read some codes also.
Are happy was able to send it behind

4 / 5Laronda

has used this partorisca one 05 Ford f150 5.4 in the complete engine that does of time. Work well and is simple and fast.
Has another bluetooth reader that resembles pickup some same codes but took more with a longitude partorisca read. It gave it alive this in spite of and a otc no. An economic bluetooth the scanner was 10-15usd compared to around $ 50 partorisca a otc. Ossia The mark trusted this in spite of as it does not trust an economic some partorisca any serious work.

4 / 5Vaughn

The work adds. No more need to trust on some tent of parts of the car intent on selling part, maquinal incompetent the one who in reality are exchangers of parts.

OTC I products are historically state and still is service and tools of glorious diagnostic. Easy to use and any no calm really need a cord of extension, a cord of the factory usually will do. It suggests partorisca buy with only a built-in cord, can order an extension later yes calms really require it.

4 / 5Naomi

Like this far, like this good.
My ABS and Service Advantrac warning the lights have come on in mine 2010 Mustang GT. A cochera said would cost me around $ 300 partorisca try it and the figure out of the sensor was bad and the substitute... But it can a lot of fool this little daughter!
Has purchased this tool and has discovered was a sinister front ABS SENSOR. Now, all I need partorisca do is partorisca buy a boss of sensor of the substitution and dip the on I.
Saved the tonne of money! 💰BOOYAH!!! 😆

5 / 5Laurence

This otc the scanner is a lot well, uses it to them all a time partorisca diagnose all my codes in mine car and the law adds. The so that only does not like is that it does not have of the light behind lit, another that that his a lot of a lot of

5 / 5Cheri

has Bought he partorisca ABS SYSTEM. The use has limited ABS READER. Mark control sure partorisca do sure will read your ABS system. I bought it reason was economic and fact with my car. The next times can require buy the $ 200 unit of dollar partorisca do with the newest cars.

No in of the newest cars, can a lot of upgrade software in him.

5 / 5Jessia

Be honradamente ossia a better OBD II & ABS Tool partorisca Scan that has used like this calm far give you exactly all precise .

5 / 5Lianne

The work adds. Easy to use. Used on 2002 sport trac and 2007 mountaineer. The subject only is partorisca turn light but has the light on then does not import . I add partorisca a Prize.

4 / 5Albertine

Adds small obd can verify the light engine ABS LUZ also and can control the sensors live
This work in mine 2008 Avalanche there has been it abs light on and help me the figure was . I create it is not bad partorisca a prize can any gone bad

4 / 5Cole

These works of good scanner. Controls a OBDII codes and a ABS system. Works on more cars. Well value a yes calm prize yours own work (taste ) or wants to do sure of of the code and some possible questions before you go to see a mechanic.

5 / 5Buffy

Has used this in mine 2002 Chevy S10 4X4 with one 4.3. Easy to hook on and easy to use. Has a capacity to erase ABS CODES as well as codes of engine. I have had a ABS question. I said that it was a ABS form to control as well as a bank of engine has left river on sensor of oxygen. I have substituted both elements, and has cleared some codes. No more questions.

4 / 5Demetra

Has had the pesky abs light. Has no the bed any question and said exactly where a question was. Law all the codes and errors on 2006 ram 2500

5 / 5Danelle

The fact adds partorisca mine 2002 ford browser. Pulled ABS codes and left partorisca fix @@subject. Cleared out of the codes and everything is a lot now

5 / 5Tess

has Bought specifically partorisca antilock light on pinch of 97 s10 pickup. It does not aim the code. Light still on and have occasional limit of abs during braking.

5 / 5Delmar

My husband has said he the work adds. He so more than a half some do.

4 / 5Kaitlyn

OTC Has been around done a lot of years and the plot of maquinal knows it. You can read and codes of toallita humid with east. The works add has the automobile thats ready partorisca spend emissions. Toallita Humid 'in and go...

5 / 5Marguerita

Has bought this partorisca read codes in mine 2000 Corvette. It can do in other cars but he would not read my ABS codes. Already I have a reader of code of diagnostic of engine.

5 / 5Helene

An ad has said that read in Toyotas. He never done in mine Rav 4 or Camry. Dud ad, notw a 30 grace of day the period has finalised a lot can take the repayment.

5 / 5Tynisha

Will not relieve ABS on 2009 Nissan Altima Hybrid. Tried on 2 of these cars. Returning like this this was a purpose partorisca spent of mine.

5 / 5Maple

OTC Is the good name but this have not cleared ABS LUZ or resupply with a code, will not recover codes of transmission, papers like this small is hard to read. It would owe that have on graded partorisca the best a. The desire could send it behind

4 / 5Bettyann

there is not reading a ABS the light and ossia a whole reason bought it. Tried using it on mine 1997 Tahoe and has not registered.

5 / 5Alethia

Partorisca A prize can not take more than the scanner of pocket. The concrete vehicle abs codes and alive die partorisca powertrain, any abs unfortunately but there is still partorisca find the scanner of pocket that reads abs die. The boss fijamente built in easy to cruised any colour but that did not annoy me never there is all some functions of the tool partorisca scan that it costs 3-4 times a prize (c altar of reader) adds partorisca buy my coworkers altars actuate this in spite of wants to take loaned this reason is much simpler... 5 stars

4 / 5Georgene

It does not aim I live it graph like in pics. It loans all sensers dip voltages. That will help yes or know like this partorisca read difference...

4 / 5Mara

Does not have @to @give when I ordered it that it is database achieves so only until 2013 vehicles and second that it can find is not able to update for the newest vehicles

4 / 5Kanisha

after so only 2 months now a mark of my car disappears of a cast of Mark how is obsolete partorisca me, Marcos Nissan

5 / 5Ron

reward Low but still pulls ABS CODES, quickly and easy.

4 / 5Simone

Is the tool adds for obd2 but buy something more wants to abs the codes have read.

5 / 5Alex

The laws Add easy to use pulled on my ABS question and the Vac. Leak. Well value of the money.

4 / 5Leone

Has used so only two times, but both times gave a code and I was able to fix a question easily.

4 / 5Ina

Works of tool of the scanner to the equal that has to that. It has been rid earley. Im Very happy thank you

5 / 5Kenton

the work adds to good sure would buy it again need the

4 / 5Cherelle

Against ad, a OTC 3208 would not read mine 2013 Hyundai ABS CODES.

5 / 5Marla

There is not reading ABS CODE in 2000 Pontiac Glorious a lot last to read, need the light.

5 / 5Rosy

This tool will do in of the multiple vehicles like him 99 Ford Ordine and he 2006 Audios A6.

4 / 5Hilma

DOES not READ ABS CODES! I have bought specifically this to rehab abs the codes and does not read him . I tried it on 3 different GM (Chevrolet) vehicles with a abs light in variable of 1998-2011 and everything says in any communication. A lot disappointed, will be partorisca return the.

4 / 5Corliss

This looks partorisca be faster of the mine old plus OTC 3108N and ABS too much. My only complaint is is much bigger that a 3108N, which is no longer available.

5 / 5Mireya

This tool is something on!
Has bought this partorisca diagnose ABS.
Very satisfied. 99 of the tents a lot they was to have such the tool!

5 / 5Lu

Ossia The handy tool partorisca have . The ones of way that used it far in the 2002 Tahoe, 2000 Windstar and he 98 Blazer and work on all 3. He that says that it does.

Top Customer Reviews: OTC 3211 OBD I ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings

4 / 5Ozell

It has not been able to read codes on 1994 toyota camry v6. Odb2 Has read was a lot. A ablity partorisca read odb1 was a reason bought it to them.

4 / 5Marya

In the first place was is a OTC has produced am pleased enough with all a material has purchased of his and all a material Taken of friends, has put on the picture like this folks have an ideal that is taking he so that it is more than just a device, has has wanted to very sure some adapters for some earlier vehicles reasons have loved this thing to be like this useful like possible. I have used my unit of friends in mine Subaru, has moved 3 hours was to have to that way that be in a phase for the scanner of the mine own ossia bi-directional, has then seen the Mechanic that read in the used car dealership this gives his cars he 6 months Warrantee, You using this very same model. And I concealed I said that like the mechanic of tree of the shadow this unit was probably like this as well as it could expect stops!

5 / 5Ismael

A OTC the scanner are add, has any complaint. Good quality and feels well in a hand. One looks that I have not expected was one 'Touching System Monitor'. When you Begin a vehicle will inform a condition of a battery, electrical judge of start and alternator. An alive data will leave to analyse questions to the equal that begin to develop.

4 / 5Bert

Has not spent the plot of time with a device still, but used it to read codes of the 2011 Mustang and 2001 Durango. It has identified some vehicles, with the accuracy read and has translated/has described some definitions of code and has cleared some codes to the equal that has commanded. A boss and the adapter dip comprised in a box for ODB1 the vehicles has to that I have required for mine 1995 Dodge RAM and more.
Looks like this far to be the good OBD2/1 reader with the good and good exposure on-instructions of screen

5 / 5Farrah

Adds scantool partorisca fast looks to a OBD
is a lot of gain in OBD1 systems.

5 / 5Erlene

Has diagnosed 3 vehicles now and work perfectly. Easy to use with the little knowledge of technology.

4 / 5Amparo

Look so only:
Last update of the software of the tool was 6/30/2017, and does not cover the newest cars that 2013! I have called support of technology, and has said that has any plan partorisca update software of tool. Still functions like the tool of generic scanner, but worthless partorisca scan partorisca level main and special tests.
Saves your money, and go elsewhere.

4 / 5Vena

Would owe that it has done more the investigations is, has required abs function of bleeding in this tool. I have squandered 200.$ . I have bought two month ago a time so only found partorisca do in mine explore. I know a rest.

Top Customer Reviews: Bosch 1699200240 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings

4 / 5Stefanie

I plugged he in but would not communicate with DD15. When it Looked in one covers in looks two connections have been missing out of him. I have bought the separate Bosch out of eBay but has not had the boss with him. Utilisation a boss that is coming with this box and that the scanner has not done neither. I have been sent the scanner with the faulty boss. One $ 200 scanner has taken partorisca substitute work and has has deleted codes of failure.

5 / 5Alfreda

Has bought he partorisca my Kenworth T680 with the paccar engine. A setup was easy and walks thru any to a lot it partorisca the use. They are happy with this product.

Top Customer Reviews: OTC Tools 3209 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 13 ratings

5 / 5Josefina

This resembles “underlying-gem” of the scanner partorisca a prize partorisca have ABS & SRS. Transports older could take these codes partorisca jump the “line of Service” and reading ONE THOUSAND blinks. The majority of the newest cars does not have this option to my knowledge and require the scanner.

Has 3 Deep: 03 Agreement, 09 CRV & 12 Crosstour. It has recognised a OBDII, engine, transmission, SRS & ABS FORMS in a Accrord & CRV. One 2012 has recognised all but he there is scanned a SRS then has not aimed likes the form recognised but any fear: I manually dipped a vehicle to a 09 Agreement & has recognised all the forms in a 2012. If has questions with other models & of frames, tries manually dipped-on a vehicle to the different (old plus) year in planting to trust a Car has COME CHARACTERISTIC to see all your forms.

Be conscious this so only will give you a basic ABS & SRS codes at least partorisca Deep in all the chance. Calm so only take a main code and no “sub-to to the codes” so only like has counted blinks. Also this only reset ABS, SRS & codes of engine. If your vehicle has procedures of concrete start (airbag forms, sensors of weights of the chair, ABS calibration, etc) this or any one gone in-scanner-of levels any that.

Remarce: The upgrade a unit of a web: it downloads a Continuazione Swept 4.3 of OTC model 3210. This will find a correct Firmware partorisca this unit. Also manual is non-existent you so only take drives “ of fast start” but OTC, Actron & Bosch scanner all the work exactly one same so only download the manual OTC 3208 or 3210 and can imagine it was. A ball-drop in OTCs the leaves do not owe that update a web of place or give you the manual.

If you are technically savvy, has used the scanner before and does not import jumping by means of the little smaller hoops partorisca the take to do highly recommend – is adds partorisca a prize-point.

4 / 5Phyllis

Does on all tried it on- until to 2011 Odyssey. My old OTC the scanner there was roughly 12 years and no besides new CANBUS vehicles, or read ABS or SRS codes. This new one all concealed and in the prize that was quite so only. A boss is not removable like my old scanner, but my fears in a boss that suffers the harm there is not coming never to spend in 12 years have had to the way that will not resist that like the negative.
Aims readings of real time of some points of individual data but any graph him. The papers are the pocolos hard the decipher at the beginning, no like this intuitive likes one could expect. A screen could be bit it big also. To the left it is to be realistic, ossia the unit of prize of the @@subject as no attended a lot of some newer characteristics. It comes with the boss of data to link to a PC for updates.

4 / 5Margie

Has been a automotive tries for 30 years and I have done in a lot of cars. It uses this for the scanner of fast control as I do not owe that shoot in upper of a big boy. These companies all have beaten to convince you concealed to have the tool to scan calm like this will be able to read and comprise that it is bad with your car. Ossia misleading The codes are only symptoms that it is bad a lot in fact say you that it is bad with a car sure and need a lot of formation to imagine this out of that is reason still have the work. Like reason do the companies say you these things? To sell tools to scan of course

5 / 5Ailene

has taken this like an addition to the majority of scanner advanced. Slightly different paper that another otc scanner. Nizza Little scanner for simple diagnosing.

4 / 5Lyda

To Characteristic still likes them the model that the identical looks for the mark of name.

4 / 5Blaine

Easy to use and vehicle of reparation of the helps without big cost

4 / 5Teisha

Does more and more easy that use that a an I is spent double for and has to that paid for updates

5 / 5Kiana

A first car I plugged a 3209 in era he 2002 Agreement with a ABS light on, did not see it. A second car was the 2003 Civic with a seatbelt light on, does not have of a neither, has called a line of support of the Technology and they have recommended downloads the program of the newest version, concealed and has not had any transmission, has asked where a cast of some cars that the no on partorisca a airbag and a ABS and could does not find neither in a OTC put web, would like me mention one has read all another OBD2 parameters in these same cars.

4 / 5Loren

No quell'I needs, Returned with out the open, the cause will not accept it ; it Concealed it is not Justo . As you will know if some is doing without the try ?

5 / 5Dianne

Useless unless you possess the computer duquel I no.

4 / 5Arvilla

No preform so that it has announced no abs codes in nissan produced A lot DISSAPOINTED4

5 / 5Kristen

the Latest update partorisca tool is 6/17. The company has called the complained the rep in updates. It has verified with engineering, and has said that has any plan partorisca updates of tool! So much, if has the vehicle the new plus that 2014/2015, or like this, any of some characteristic special and the tests will do. Look so only!

5 / 5Myrta

Plugged He in and no at all, Some lights of screen but ossia. Any text or die of screen. The amazon does not offer returns in this product neither. Quite Disturbed roughly the, so only lost in $100

Top Customer Reviews: OTC 6522 LeakTamer ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 11 ratings

5 / 5Rosanne

It schemes very good!, it Was able to find immediately where evap the leak is coming,. Although I recieved this unit with one of some accessories that is defective which is a schreder port of service of the valve (6522-4) ossia a lot of entity. But a vendor helps immediately partorisca contact a costruttore partorisca substitute it. It takes the moment because it is out of stock, but happy that has taken the substitution . Now I do not owe that take a whole schreder T-returning partorisca treat testing. I have used air of nitrogen partorisca be more surer, but has tried also uses he with compressor of mine of normal air,..And honradamente seat sure that it was really sure partorisca use he with compressor partorisca air also, while utilisations a recomended solution of smoke. Five star partorisca me and easy to use.....

4 / 5Gaston

A tamer of leak has done adds. Praise each one partorisca evap fixes small leak troublecode (after the impossible to find) easy to use, connects air of tent the unit, tamer of league partorisca filter to evap port of service under a hood,full system with smoke (highly recommends to do test with tank of empty fuel or connect the nitrogen compressed partorisca filter tamer in place of air of tent been due to shoot hazzard) and inspect integer evap system for leaks .The solution contains uv trace,the use has distributed black light to locate tiny leaks. A tamer of leak are also adds to find intake vacuum leaks and so only in another situation with the leak in the system sealed.

4 / 5Leatha

Really the must for any mechanic. It finds EVAP and vacuum leaks in of the seconds! To stop that suppositions and substituting parts unnecessarily. Value a cost in timing to save!

5 / 5Ellan

I work in of the cars for the living and ossia the product adds to verify for evap leaks.

4 / 5Shan

This leak declares the work adds! In the So many has fixed far the little of our cars of question with east. Simple to use and very effective. So only downside is a dye does not look very a lot of

4 / 5Ambrose

Acts a lot well, was able to find multiple EVAP,vacuum, and exhaust leaks-saved tonnes of money and a lot especially time.

4 / 5Whitney

Easy too use, the product adds. Joint also all the tents of reparation there ,taking sounds the investment adds for the emission that tries

4 / 5Morgan

Exactly that has wanted and expected, thank you for a fast and friendly service!

4 / 5Verna

It schemes of the smoke has done well until it has broken. Sent an element to a costruttore with which there is prendido partorisca do afterwards having he partorisca less than the year. It has been on three month and is not returned my product. Every time the called partorisca give me to us the different response.

4 / 5Birgit

10+ years in the cochera. I can any one my work effecttively without him. Each value of technician his salt would owe that have this in his box.
Agota, intake, evap, coolant leaks, and focus same of bad door. This spends time of diagnostic down to small more than hours.

4 / 5Russell

The product adds, the law adds, the careers adds, will require a pressurized air partorisca run it. The desire has had to that sparking plug better hose solider that house.
Does not take Me bad has a lot of adapters but the desire, has had a same hose to dip smoked to a car like the test of compression gauge fact. A a that rays in as to sparking plug to ensure the air tries of tight smoke. One 1400 $ to seal of the prize is also extremely big.

Top Customer Reviews: OTC (3111PRO) ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 42 ratings

5 / 5Domenic

This scanner has failed partorisca connect with several frames, comprising Mitsubishi, Nissan, Suzuki.. Some frames have called is gone in an ad is so only partorisca Airbag and ABS COVERAGE. Like this basically service of the client always is signalling was partorisca conclude that some frames are not sustained, which is the lie . Some papers in a scanner clearly tip some mark sustains given in a ready manual of selection.
Are a mechanic of car to the equal that am familiarised with this type of the service there is advised finally that this produces so only does on ''American Cars'' and other zones. Misleading Description partorisca list and dud ad.

4 / 5Guillermina

Has had the technical question in a product and has called a OTC lines of help concealed has been listed with a product .
Has said , based in mine serial numbers this was the Chinese swipe was , which of course do not sustain .
Apparently this popular model is frequently state copied without permission.
Am returned unit to vendor partorisca repayment.

4 / 5Hulda

My father is the Mechanic partorisca have that heavy and has been turning wrenches partorisca on 35 years now. When I have asked to bear buy has said that this unit would be a better election without buying the solution of tent of full reparation that spends $ $ $ $ on software partorisca look rich interaction. This does on so many vehicles and like this when I have purchased this like the present of anniversary partorisca my father in law, has has has saved hundreds of dollars in of the escáneres and of the reparations partorisca his diverse vehicles. Ossia The unit adds partorisca a prize! Any balk in a cost, is a lot of value he in a competition, so only look his demo video!

5 / 5Melia

Has bought this scanner partorisca mine there is not reading his particular vehicle to the equal that has found a emailed some costruttrici, come partorisca discover that a scanner is the swipe was. Some costruttrici have asked some information in an instrument, has said has been having questions with the imitations of his be of the products have sold. Real McCoy Coast the little more than double this prize.

4 / 5Aura

Has purchased a 3111PRO partorisca use when doing in the vehicles of my family. The some researches partorisca try to determine quell'tool the scanner would be appropriate partorisca the DIY maquinal in the estimativa limited and decided in 3111PRO. I possess the little another OTC tools and has a lot of state pleased with his action. Like this far, I have been also satisfied with a 3111PRO. It is easy to use. So only connect to a port of diagnostic, can he on and select some elements love control of some papers. A PIDs that can be controlled and components of vehicle that can be actuated depends in a be the car cement has tried. Calm look will not know like some are available until a tool is connected. It was the little disappointed more is not available for my GM transports. If you are interested to use this tool to control the individual PID, suggests to contact OTC technical support previously to purchase it. The batteries have been comprised in a box. An exposure is very lit, which was the mine has surprised pleasant. Some keys of arrangement in a poster forward is uncomfortable and takes the little time to take used to. It would have been better if some tones of arrow has been fixed in the model of alike cross to the controller of game. Still I am learning in OBDII, as it can not resupply details in this functionality. I will resupply another description discovers anything the value that comment.

Has had a subject with a delivery of this element. A prime minister an I has received has been used, any new. A box had been he has opened previously. A data of more the car was stored already in a tool. I have contacted service of client of the Amazon and fixed for the substitution. My disappointment, a second box also had been has opened previously. Some the pieces circulate of the tape has situated on some flanges of a cup had been cut. A device had not been used, but a boss of PC has been missing. This was all a lot of nettling, but the service of client was a lot of gain solving a question and also resupplied the partial repayment of a price of compraventa because of all a question.

4 / 5Jasmin

Likes another, like this of some things can go, can the no. said it that it could read it SRS codes in the 19997 Olds 88. It is it listens to say you he no, so only PCM codes. Another reviewers has had subjects with these hips. Also my connector was hard to take of a DLC port. Has has had to that the file down. Thought my AutoXray personally was easier yours then this tool. It is it has been doing with tools to scan partorisca quite the wile now. Unfortunately my AutoXray so only can read the codes of emissions have like this decided to buy this tool to scan owed of more than coverage. Be conscious of this

4 / 5Tamatha

has Been bought like the present like the relative would leave to take the mine has loaned. The prize has touched to lose of cost of mine, but has there is not founding never the code my OTC the scanner could any one has read.

4 / 5Kelsie

Has bought this to read SRS codes of question. It has done. I have used other tools to scan and his all has done well for an emission/of engine has has related codes. Some have said that would read ABS and SRS codes, but that determines the coverage can be delicate. For example, one said it would read Dodge Ram 1500. Has the Dodge Ram 1500 van that is different and any covered, but a OTC 3111PRO has listed a van of Ram and sure enough, has read some codes. Also it says it that it will read it a WINE for the majority of 2000 and vehicles later. The mine is to 2000 , but would not read a WINE. Any question. Has has had to that so only enter some data, not even a WINE, and has done well.

Has found this really easy tool to use and, although any required, installing a software in my computer has been he was without the hitch. I have it quell'has used so only a tool for the short while, but am very pleased. It is easy to use, all want to and calm can not beat a prize.

5 / 5Lourdes

The scanner adds for the prize adds. I used it a lot of time to clear my SRS code that towers of the mine passenger airbag. One of some characteristic better is a capacity to update a software. Highly it recommends this scanner to any concealed precise to scan for codes and in fact be able to interpret them and erase (clear) him.

5 / 5Sofia

HAS good functionality and is easy to use. Has in my workshop beside a trafficante so only pro boxes and use he for appeal of fast code downs and diagnostic. For a mechanic of House will be all precise .

5 / 5Dewayne

I am spent the plot to time partorisca find the tool the scanner that would do he in mine 2002 Excursion with a Powerstroke diesel. This tool partorisca scan utmost work partorisca my needs. A thing partorisca remark, this in spite of, is this diesel has not required any crew of control of the contamination been due to a weight of a vehicle. As any sensors of control of the contamination or the controls will not be in this vehicle. It will read any PCM, ICM, ABS and codes of stock exchange of the air. It does not take a plus falsified readouts likes analysis of contributo of the injector that requires the much more expensive scanner. In spite of, has a lot of be happy with him.

4 / 5Sun

Tool of the fraud of house adds. It is the little slower reason has verified that a vehicle matches which is good dose the plot of things more few some the no. has amused to touch with

5 / 5Jenifer

has bought this unit in 2015 and used it the handful of time in the vehicles of my family. When I have tried it uses the the few days , ossia that it is trace an exposure. The support of technology say can not be fijamente and have buy another scanner. This was a propiciado by support of technology! It gives the graces for at all. My next scanner will not be done for OTC.

5 / 5Ludie

The excellent tool for any concealed loves service his own vehicle. It was in a trade of reparation of the car in fact a lot of years and this work to scan as well as any those some tents of reparation have. Calm still need to comprise an electronics of automobiles to use to his full potential.

5 / 5Clay

Is returned as it would not connect to mine 2005 Jeep CRD or my friends 2002 Toyota Rav4

4 / 5Myra

Has has used so only 2 times, 2012 tundra and 2015 Nissan Juke. It does not transport you go any vehicle, limiting use. The availability of data is exceptional with more pids there is showed.
Thinks a Bosch the tool is probably the better value.

4 / 5Regenia

Never import the one who that a specs and the description has said, this will not diagnose ABS SYSTEMS in Hyundai. I bought it specifically for the Saint Faith, this was one of a bit those that the devices have found that it has said it to it to him would do. But he no.

5 / 5Bobbye

One very good OBD II READER of Code. It is a lot it has built it; easy to use (comprises one the majority of
to the equal that solve to some questions) and is upgradeable on-line street a boss has comprised.

Is identical to a Actron 9580A (which OTC builds).

4 / 5Brittney

Like this far a scanner has been a lot of help to diagnose and control the variety of vehicles. I have had it issues without when being pas able to control everything of some parameters would have liked me. Have Also still to have subject he that has had help of available code to the equal that would have been well in the little of my reparations.

4 / 5Arletha

It is like this well it likes to take in this point of prize. And one is quite good. So only the update before using. Calm also has to that love a fact that the amazon has fallen a prize for in $ 16 a day has ordered my unit like this now are out of $ 16.

4 / 5Shela

Adds little tool for a money. Saved the travesía for mine kids the one who is out of state. I have bought so only the second an and shipped to them of then was more economic that that goes to the tent to read a airbag code. Shipped the cradle of clock and some tools and will walk him by means of him on a telephone. In an end will cost less than a bill of the tent and I have the reader of code and like them for any subjects in a future.

A DUH moment that has discovered. They are use to readers simpler or readers of big final. Some the simple readers are dumb, sometimes are more transmission, and some readers of big final am a lot ready. These needs of reader to listen some different systems that speaks to the each one like this another to know that it can read him. I have found that has dipped once a precise car detail cause a reader of the code then turns a key on so much can listen everything of them initialises. It has not read a screen and has had a reader already on and scanning when I have turned a key on way that has not relieved any form but an engine the one who any do any for incumplimiento. Chico chair like an idiot especially with which have had has done already the call to sustain of technology. Justo happy has not opened this chance of turn.

5 / 5Janelle

Easy to use and easy to diagnose questions of engine when the codes are launched.

4 / 5Taina

The work adds. It chooses on codes mine another no. of scanner

5 / 5Towanda

Value of the money.. But of the one who take your hopes on thinking the $ otc there will be for complete data, there is well alive die in pcm, but reader of only code for ABS and SRS. im The mechanic of full time, OTC3111 is compact, has brilliant screen, and unless the require the cast of data detailed the leave a clunky modis in a shelf .

4 / 5Ping

The fantastic tool concealed saved me the fortune owed to the glitch in the mine embroiders it computer.

5 / 5Myesha

Has done with mine 2003 Chevy,Imapala no with 2001 Mazda 626 that 2 other tools to scan that they comprise the in fact port load in a Mazda. The support is horrible, condescending, abusing and at all another that say his yours the fault of cars. If has the question will be said his yours the fault of the cars and they will do at all. Begun with email, envoy very concrete info like my automobile pinout and all have done and tried with a tool has taken answered really poor a lot at all answered. As I have decided that it calls him. Call and take 'And' looks the good type, listens mine and my subjects, says tongue the engineering and go back mine, his to the long of the week later, any call behind. The call has retreated again takes 'Jeff', has has not fulfilled never the like this disinterested person is the agent of support of the technology. It says a history, that it wont laws with Mazda, those read with 2 other tools to scan and he say me his mine the fault of cars. More on it is that I speak and hostile. It asks like this it has concluded it his mine the fault of cars, has said because pins 3 and 4 is Gnds and pin of use 3 and calm of the one who has the Gnd. Consultor Nails 4 and 5 ossia frame and system gnd (ODB2 spec) regarding the agent of technology a lot included knows his subject own, sarcastically said ' am happy calm yours investigation'. It maintains to blame my car, taken another entrance of me but right of a start said with another car and no with your then his automobile your car, very hostile and condescending again, asks again, the because laws with 2 other escáneres and escáneres of mine of maquinales, has no another response that sweats my car. It says that they have tried he with a Mazda, calm said in fact plugged he to the 2001 Mazda, has said any one has protocol testers sound in a laboratory. Yes he '' in a laboratory but no in a field. I do in the hardware sever laboratory to draw, sometimes does things in a laboratory and no in a field, you cant try each variable, one more OBD2 spec has not been writing a lot well, more the manager that spec, is for this that in 2008 all the vehicles owe that be CAN and adhere to concrete timing and protocols of container. Jeff does not concern , asks to speak to the supervisor, say me not being any supervisor, yeah well, question to speak with And, at least was reasonable type , says ' has spoken to And ( yeah right) and wont left, say me to send tool to them, yeah well, am returning to the amazon and To the amazon can return to OTC can take a loss like this obviously does not concern quite roughly support or his clients to assume any those who concerns . As Jeff has said, 'only chair here, answered the telephone and take the one who the controls spends for the bank.' I think that that they are on 100. So only it seats there and it says, his yours fails. Kinda Agrees of a type in a bank the one who so only seats there and image 'Any agreed' in papers of loan without looking in them'

Sees OTC' page of support, his said ' TAKE YOUR BACKSIDE', if the write the one who answers a telephone and does not go back your partorisca to the long of the week and another hostile and sarcastic the type answers the telephone and calm say you your car is has broken included although he cant see it and calms you car with 2 other tools to scan, can be sure OTC does not have your backside. They are happy another reviewer has not had the question and have 3 weeks have squandered, the more than has to that dipped up with such habladuría and negligence of the agent of support of the technology. If you want to touch to the Russian roulette goes advance and buy one, if has the question, Jeff will say you his yours the fault of cars and a lot as much as blinks to help you. They are by train of the turn, will find the real professional tool

5 / 5Leena

the work adds for a prize, bought it to clear codes and waters of control he of the mine car temp was having question with heating in mine Pontiac


4 / 5Denny

This scanner has done exactly the one who required it to them partorisca do, saved the few dollars of hundred. Identified a question ( right front ABS SENSOR) grieve has taken them plant up. The tool adds partorisca have

4 / 5Cyndy

the works add! It comes with the good pouch partorisca dip he in partorisca maintain he partorisca take rasgó up in a good tool partorisca a prize....

5 / 5Alden

HAS question partorisca read nissan cod of stock exchange of the air, a/b the light is on, the tool does not aim any failure, has had time last the esinc' with 2003 Toyota siena does well in mine Trailblazer and Strong and Saab 9-3

5 / 5Ingeborg

Does a lot well. This tool partorisca scan hooked on and everything would expect the tool partorisca scan partorisca do. It is dulcemente when it comes time partorisca communicate.

4 / 5Pamila

Has paid partorisca he on first subject and has help a lot of my friends with his codes of question.

5 / 5Earl

Very impressed with this product!... Arrived really quickly. Work well in mine 2000 Row Rover, very happy with him...
Highly recommended to all the world! :-)

5 / 5Dann

Has possessed the few escáneres and ossia some better and law all some systems in the car.

5 / 5Norene

My husband is the mechanic and has seen this device and wan4ed partorisca purchase it but everywhere looks this element wss stops . I have surprised and found the here on AMAZON partorisca half a prize. Really it loves it.

5 / 5Marybelle

Adds compraventa, that has required he partorisca,very easy to operate,,thank you...

4 / 5Melvina

Works in mine 2003 Tundra. Able to quickly diagnose and turn of the mine SRS airbag light. Toyota The trafficante has changed partorisca take airbag and now light continuous prevail paralizaciones time never!! There is scanned and said, 'at all bad.' I have bought this and says ' was bad, there is B1100 code of failure.' Service of typical inept car dealer. And of course they will touch me partorisca fix his negligence.

Update: somehow there is it TOTALLY DECREE to be able to turn of the mine SRS airbag light at all in spite of a lot of test. downgraded To three stars.

4 / 5Mabelle


4 / 5Heather

work but he no airbags on more hyundais a lot of mine 2005 touched 2.4 he wont read a airbag system.
But all another work of functions but the does not know in ABS there is wanted really give 2 to to 1/2 stars likes them to them the averages a work.

4 / 5Onie

Reads codes in the each vechicle the'go hooked he until. Car GO the works add! Car GOES instantly done in my sisters G6 and read codes after coming from the tent that has said his computers would not connect

4 / 5Laine

has purchased this unit to verify mine ABS sensors of a unit for hire of Autozone has not been the able model of him. They have rented of a OTC the frames has known of then would do in mine Nissan. I said that it sensor was bad and maintained to spend $ 100 in a dealership only for an inspection so only. It was able to do a reparation for my account and has has saved hundreds in of the cariche labour of a trafficante. Paid for him in 1 reparation.

5 / 5Lita

A tool adds that extracted in a professional level. There is has very extended my capacities to diagnose questions of systems of model later in OBDII has has controlled subsystems.

Top Customer Reviews: OTC 3177A ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 26 ratings

5 / 5Neal

A unit is sum , when it operates this in spite of,
A OEM the battery generally is rubbishes. Taking resulted of SPX/OTC is the waste of time, as many have said. I have found a battery by means of east link;

A lot Max Battery ML5-12 - 12V 5AH Battery of System of the Alarm Behind On Dress 20P ADT Produced of Mark
He, has more Amp Hours like OEM this in spite of, is some same dimensions esatte like OEM and a prize are adds.
I controls Was.

5 / 5Denice

Has used this 2 times is start to the day to the use has not taken any lights in the saver by heart has tried to touch a battery at all so only another tool of still of the boat that any last very a lot the time will not buy another a battery will cost so as buying the new a like this any value he.

5 / 5Kenyatta

Has tried to touch a battery partorisca a first time and an indicator the touch would light partorisca the pocolos second then begin partorisca flash battery of substitutes. Bought this directly of Amazon.

5 / 5Dorinda

Has tried this is gone in mine 2001 Favours CLK55 and he that was partorisca suppose to do. Some data of only instructions have been printed in a unit and ossia all this is to require. It had left a cost of of the this with my brother. I seat it has to that be worth it. Certainly cut down frustration very potential.
Good piece of crew. Solid construction of a unit and some bosses with his respective discharge. I have tried different 12v spent and a quality of one of concealed them is coming with east is of better quality. I stick the update if any subjects arise.

5 / 5Carrol

Fallen Around an idea to buy this partorisca too long.
Are very pleased with east.
Installs crew of mobility, and has used some interesting
and usually clumsy methods partorisca maintain some systems by heart.
A course a harder to the use is east finding some links of diagnostics.
And expensive accident he, ossia usually very hard.
Is compact and quite light that using is not to cry it.

Calms anything concealed involves disconnecting the
battery of vehicle, highly recommends this.


4 / 5Marilee

Less than 7 month partorisca use this saver by heart and no longer is work . The battery will take the load, but will not save a memory of a vehicle is plugged to. It does not import it is plugged in by means of a OBD2 port or a lighter of cigarette. The guarantee is so only 90 days and OTC has any support troubleshooting partorisca he. It will not buy again.

5 / 5Ruthe

The work adds partorisca save a memory while it changes the battery. No more than it has to that find radio or nav codes after the battery that change.
8 month later will not resist the load. It will not buy again if ossia all hard .

5 / 5Vasiliki

A really solid unit. It comes with uploading it, and the interview that touches the requirement is reasonable compared to other available models. It had bought Schumacher give form and has had to return because of touching questions well out of a box. This compraventa gave he casualidad partorisca compare, and in each way this a better east. An only thing that would be it well would be if some bosses could store in a unit, perhaps the poster that opens, or the zone of cube that some cariche of battery have. I like him have this was, and does not like a bit bosses in the separate box.

4 / 5Joi

Never has not taken never a same product with which two month partorisca treat
his and when being well. They have not had any question that touch immediately this in spite of.
No extracted these idiots

5 / 5Tommye

Used it a time and when I have tried the touch behind on a esbatería of plant' the light has maintained so only blink. I have tried a battery and he have confirmed a battery was junk. It does not order it is one . I can not find the way to contact a vendor neither.

5 / 5Eldora

On Sep. 23 2015 bought it, less than three month no longer is work . The battery resists one load, a question is does not save a memory in a vehicle, any one imports which are using, OBD II Port or lighter of cigarette. The amazon Called in a guarantee and he have said, that so only have 30 days.

5 / 5Dolly

If works of car and wants to maintain an electrical source with a battery disconnected or has takes ossia to good sure a way to go. So only be sure to maintain a battery has touched he so that it is ready for a next time. You will be happy has done!

5 / 5Antonetta

Uses this model in the national automotive the canal of service has done in. It is spent for a lot of hands in the long period of time and has not failed never. It was impressed like this, has bought one for my own tent. One looks particularly taste is of a capacity to substitute a battery in an end of the life of service of a battery. I am impressed also for OTC support of client: I have sent OTC the technical question in the particular application for this device, and has received the clear, cogent, and answered complete less than 24 hrs.

5 / 5Yun

Has bought this because of the recommendation to always use the saver by heart for mine '03 Correspondent when disconnecting a battery to protect a HVAC siervo/the memory of the actuator and subsequent relearning accuse which is suspicious in his failure. A Correspondent has has not lost never a radio or mirror or settings of the chair but my Enclave has. I used it today when that substitutes the battery of an Enclave today and has done like this radio or the settings of chair have lost. In my money of opinion is very displaced.

5 / 5Francoise

Have another mark I use in the work but they have jumped a way of big prize. I have required the by heart good saver for side progects and OTC is the name quite bueno.un 1.os time used has had it he hooked up for almost 5 hours a lot-the stop with many closes/inaugural of some doors and has had a lot has been for the touch was touched fully in this one is anything as mine another mark of saver to appoint by heart will be the addition adds my collection of tool of the house.

5 / 5Tyrell

When Your need of battery partorisca be substituted, ossia the good element partorisca have manually. It will save a memory in a computer of vehicle, as well as one the Identification of ready security has the newest radio, and also a programming of canal. This is not something will use all a time, but will go in handy when it has required. The majority of car situates that it offers partorisca change your battery, will not use anything like this saver by heart, as this will help partorisca maintain an information has required.

4 / 5Gemma

With which little time partorisca use the, will require the new battery and wont work. You could take something better partorisca east prays

5 / 5Jenee

the work adds, maintains memory partorisca radio, pcm, and computer of organism when that has to that that the transmission was battery .

4 / 5Chantelle

Ossia A better thing of then bread of piece , the work adds , so that described , the directions are clear , unit of load , covers at stake , easy , easy easy , the clients are happy happy happy !

5 / 5Gino

Works to the equal that has described. The quality adds. Utilisation this in the tent of reparation of big volume.

5 / 5Marline

Has used a lot of savers by heart and this one is a lot of fact and a lot constantly has to that the touch. Has the indicator of level of the battery partorisca a unit and helps the plot.

4 / 5Bula


4 / 5Marie

I produce it adds, just prize and fast nave. Highly it would recommend it and a vendor.

4 / 5Hoa

Adds partorisca the car with so many electronic controls and has all some accessories have required partorisca connect to a car. Good product partorisca DIY.

4 / 5Alfredia

Has to that have tool partorisca which love battery of substitute of the vehicle without that has to that spend for all a relearn procedures roughly of these modern vehicles have. They are the technician of the flat price and this save me time, every time!

5 / 5Marjory

Beast Punk, does not come my tent! They are the upper Automotive the Master technician and I so only will accept clients of big final. Any punk will be indorsement any question of cause. You will turn away.

Sours: https://bestreviews.tips/otc-code-readers-scan-tools_906139/
OTC 3111Pro de OTC

OTC Tools 3208 OBD II & ABS Scan Tool with Enhanced Engine and Transmission Codes, Blue

OTC Tools 3208 OBD II & ABS Scan Tool with Enhanced Engine and Transmission Codes, Blue


200 ratings Write a review

Item #:


Order now and get it around Tuesday, October 26

Note: Electronic products sold in US store operate on (110-120) volts, a step-down power converter is required for the smooth device function. It is mandatory to know the wattage of the device in order to choose the appropriate power converter. Recommended power converters Buy Now.

Product Details

  • Live OBD II Datastream – Reads codes and live engine data for all 1996 and newer cars and light trucks
  • ABS codes and definitions for most 1996-2013 GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and Hyundai vehicles
  • Erase codes and turn off the check engine light
  • Enhanced Engine and Transmission Codes and Freeze Frame data
  • MIL Status and I/M Monitors
ManufacturerOTC Tools
Item Weight3.04 ounces (86.18 grams)
Product Dimensions9.3 x 6.3 x 1.4 inches (23.6 x 16 x 3.6 cm)
Country of OriginMexico
Item model number3208
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Manufacturer Part Number3208


The OTC 3208 is a diagnostic scan tool that reads live data to help pinpoint vehicle issues. View vehicle sensors, switch and relay inputs in real time for a faster diagnosis and making the correct repair decision. Also includes ABS Codes related to the Brake Warning Light for most U.S. and Asian vehicles. Includes Engine and Transmission Codes.

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3208 otc

Top positive review

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5.0 out of 5 starsHow to use for ABS.

Reviewed in the United States on August 12, 2020

I want to make a point of clarification for the people that wrote that it doesn't work to check ABS on their vehicle. I bought this a year ago and was pissed when I thought it couldn't either only to realize I wasn't setting it up correctly. It is a little confusing. When asking about ABS codes it gives the options of OBD2/EOBD, US, EUROPE, and ASIA. I initially chose OBD2/EOBD and I also was greeted with the ABS not detected. I then went in and chose US and it asked for year, make, and model in which my case was a 2001 Buick LeSabre and then it worked fine. I'm guessing that was also the case with the other negative users. I've used it on many others since and checked it both ways and it always worked going through the US path. I have not checked on an Asian or European vehicle yet, so don't know for that. Not even what the OBD2/EOBD pick is for as it has never linked on any I have tried. Otherwise works great.

Sours: https://www.amazon.com/OTC-3208-Enhanced-Engine-Transmission/product-reviews/B0176W045U?reviewerType=all_reviews
OTC 3109 Scan Tool

You. you want. Yes, I would like to arrange a competition, which one of you will make me pour out faster. Oh-oh-oh-oh, you.

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