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The Blackpink girls and the BTS boyband are undoubtedly two of the most popular and talented K-pop squads in the world at the moment and their fan following knows no limits and for real. It alling for a mutual collaboration between both the bands but for some reason or the other, it hasn’t been possible yet. Readers, we all are clearly aware of the fact that Jungkook and Lisa have been friends in real life for a long time. But hey, were Blackpink’s Jennie and BTS fame J-Hope also friends since childhood? Well, for some time, there have been reports on social media hinting at that. But is it true?

Well readers, sorry to burst the bubble but there’s absolutely no concrete truth in it whatsoever. We are yet to get a confirmation if both were actually friends since childhood or not.

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1. if BLACKPINK cooks, BTS will wash the dishes. (vise versa) - Kim Seokjin.

2. respect everyone's privacy. - Min Yoongi.

3. keep the house clean and no negative vibes. - Jung Hoseok.

4. don't touch everyone's things unless it's belong to your members or has permission. - Kim Namjoon.

5. no sunbaes, no hoobaes; everyone shall call "noona", "unnnie", "hyung" or "oppa" according to age. - Kim Jisoo.

6. BTS and BLACKPINK will share in studios; the two groups has schedule from using dance studio and music studio. (mon, tue and wed: BTS and thu, fri and sat: BLACKPINK and sun: CLOSED) - Kim Jennie.

7. no fighting; everyone shall get along. - Park Jimin.

8. be yourself, love yourself. - Kim Taehyung.

9. forget about scandals, controversy and getting caught and let's be friends. - Park Chaeyoung.

10. everyone should do somethingbtogether like doing fun activities. - Lalisa Manoban.

11. DON'T FALL IN LOVE. - Jeon Jungkook

or: for some unknown reason, BTS and BLACKPINK force to live in one house for 11 months.

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Answer some random questions & we will tell you if BTS' J-Hope or BLACKPINK's Lisa will be your dance mentor

by Anwaya Mane  |  Updated on Sep 05, 2021 02:16 PM IST  |  337.7K


BTS' J-Hope and BLACKPINK's Lisa pose at an event (Pic credit - News1)

Happy Teacher's Day, well almost! September 5 is celebrated as 'Teacher's Day' in India. It is a day when we honour our teachers, mentors and gurus and thank them for their continued guidance and support in helping us shape to become who we are and strive to become better versions of ourselves in the future.

It is no doubt that BLACKPINK's Lisa and BTS' J-Hope are two of the best dancers in the K-pop industry! Not just that, they are also two of the coolest dance mentors we can think of. J-Hope has been given the title of 'Dance Leader' by his bandmates and he ensures that all of BTS' stage performances are to perfection and every member gets his steps right. On the other hand, Lisa was appointed as the dance mentor for potential contestants on the Chinese girl group elimination show 'Youth With You'. The contestants and the audiences were in awe of Lisa's amazing dancing talent and cool mentoring skills. Both Lisa and J-hope are terrific dancers and take their 'teaching' job very seriously!

However, have you wondered, which of the two K-pop idols would be your dance mentor? Would it be BLACKPINK's Lisa or BTS' J-Hope? Well, don't worry, we have you covered. Answer a few questions and we will reveal who will be your cool dance mentor! Sounds easy? Well, take the quiz below.

You can take the quiz below:

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And jhope lisa

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