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Visit us for drive-thru, stay-in-your-car Oil Change and Lubrication Services in Salmon Creek, WA

View of Havoline Xpress Oil and Lube from 134th Street in Salmon Creek

Motor oil plays a vital part of the engine. It's described by many as the lifeblood of the engine. But unlike our blood, it needs to be replaced. Lubricating oil becomes dirty as vital additives in oil begin to break down from heat and friction, no longer providing adequate protection. During our multi-point service, your engine's oil is replaced along with the oil filter.  We make sure to match your oil with your motor type and driving style.

We stock a variety of Chevron and Havoline Motor Oils to meet the lubrication needs of any vehicle. Whether it is precisely formulated synthetic racing oil for European Performance Cars or High-Mileage Synthetics for the Soccer Mom SUV - our oil and lubrication station has the selection to provide the right protection.

Click the photo below for more information on Havoline products by Chevron

Part of the Havoline Motor Oil Line

All oil change packages include these automotive maintenance services:

Motor Oil Change with HavolineInspect Belts & Hoses
Replace Oil FilterLubricate Chassis
Inspect Air FilterFill Power Steering Fluid
Check Brake FluidCheck Transmission Fluid
Check DifferentialCheck & Fill Battery
Check Cooling SystemWash Windshield
Check Wiper BladesFill Washer Fluid
Properly Inflate TiresCheck All Lights

PLUS A FREE CAR WASH at Carl B. Clean nextdoor!

Vital, under-the-hood fluids are checked and replenished to the recommended level (excluding brake fluid, a separate service offering). These vital automotive maintenance tasks, along with checking your engine's air filter, inspecting your wiper blades, adjusting the tires to the recommended pressure, and cleaning your windshield are done in just a few songs on your stereo or a Medium Half-Caff Latte and time with your favorite social media.

No Appointments... Ever.

We pride ourselves as fast and efficient. We take it very seriously, while always trying to greet you with a smile as you drive up. 

at Salmon Creek, WA

Sours: https://havolinexpress-salmoncreek.com/

Havoline oil change service is perhaps their most widely used service, as the company produces a range of motor oils and fluids that are used to help maintain your vehicle. You can get a Havoline oil change for both synthetic and conventional oil, with the latter being the cheapest option available.

They also charge for each additional quart of oil should you require a larger amount to be changed, with a reasonable charge of only $5.99 for each quart. The base rates for high mileage (conventional oil) is $59.99 while the full synthetic oil change will cost a little more at $79.99.

Each Additional quart of Oil $5.99
HIgh Mileage Oil Change$59.99
Synthetic Oil Change$79.99
Radiator Flush & Fill Service $79.99
Transfer Case Service$69.99
Wiper Blade Replacement each$11.99
Air Filter Replacement$19.99
Differential Service$69.99
2 Step Fuel system Service$79.99
Manual Transmission Service$59.99
Automatic Transmission Flush$129.99
Tire Rotation Service$19.99
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Fuel Filter Replacement$49.99
Cabin Air Filter Replacement$49.99
Fuel & Emission Cleaning$79.99
PCV Valve Replacement$11.99
Power Steering Flush$79.99

Other Havoline Services

There are many services beyond Havoline’s oil changes. Most fluid based services can be found here, including radiator, transmission (both automatic and manual), and power steering flushes all available.

You will also find some other service such as replacements for air and fuel filters, fuel and emission cleaning, and tire rotation services. The prices of each of these services are certainly affordable, with prices starting at as low as $11.99!

There will be some costlier services here too, but these reflect the level of complexity of these services. For example, a radiator flush and fill service will cost $79.99, but this is by no means a simple procedure, and the price charged for it remains very reasonable in any case!

Havoline Coupons

Havoline coupons can be easily found at www.havolinequicklube.com. Select the coupons tab on this website and you will find plenty of great deals and discounts that can be downloaded and printed out on coupons.

You will need to search for your local xpress lube service center to find specific deals and coupons, and you can also get deals sent straight to your inbox via their mailing list!

About Havoline

Havoline is a manufacturer of motor oil that also owns a number of auto service centers called Havoline Xpress Lube. These locations specialise in oil changes and other fluid and filter services using their own brand of products, and they also offer a range of other automotive services.

Sours: https://roxysprices.com/havoline-oil-change-prices/
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Oil Change



Why Chevron Havoline® is best motor oil to select


People are keeping their cars longer than ever. For them, 75,000 miles is just getting started. Introducing new synthetic blend Chevron Havoline® High Mileage motor oil. Specially formulated with advanced additives and seal conditioners that help to minimize oil leaks and control deposits and sludge, it provides unbeatable, nonstop protection1 to keep high-mileage engines going.

Available in these popular viscosity grades: SAE 0W-20, 5W-20, 5W-30, 10W-30
Also available in 6 gallon box with the PitPack™ easy-dispense motor oil system.


Havoline High Mileage Motor Oils with Deposit Shield Technology deliver the following value:

  • Helps prevent oil consumption through the use of special conditioners for seals and gaskets

  • Additional cleansing agents that help maintain engine performance over time

  • Helps control evaporative oil losses at high temperatures relative to conventional motor oils

  • Meets “Resource Conserving” requirements for fuel economy improvement, emission system and turbocharger protection

  • Excellent protection against thermal breakdown and oxidation

  • Outstanding anti-wear protection against engine deposits, sludge and varnish formation that can result from heavy load and stop-and-go driving conditions

  • Very good low-temperature pumpability for protection during cold starts


Havoline High Mileage Motor Oils with Deposit Shield Technology are premium, synthetic blend automotive engine oils formulated to provide outstanding protection against harmful engine deposits, while providing excellent oxidation protection and volatility control. They are especially suited for the unique needs of higher mileage engines, older and newer cars, pickup trucks and SUVS that have accumulated 75,000 miles or more. They can be added to and mixed with other full synthetic, part synthetic and conventional motor oils.

As vehicles accumulate more miles, oil consumption can increase due to gradual degradation of engine seals and gaskets. Regular use of Havoline High Mileage Motor Oil with Deposit Shield Technology can help to maintain the condition of seals and gaskets so as to minimize oil leaks and control oil consumption by managing evaporative losses at high temperatures.


Havoline High Mileage Motor Oils with Deposit Shield Technology are recommended for four-stroke gasoline engines used in passenger cars, light trucks, sport utility vehicles, powerboats, motorcycles, and other mobile and stationary equipment where an API SN or previous API “S” category oil, and the appropriate viscosity grade, is recommended.

They are excellent for high-revving engines in small cars and light trucks, and work well in turbocharged gasoline engines. Havoline High Mileage Motor Oil with Deposit Shield is available in viscosity grades SAE 5W-20, 5W- 30 and 10W-30.


Why use premium and HiMi oils


Engine technology is changing. Today’s smaller, more fuel-efficient engines work harder than ever before. Putting unprecedented stress on motor oils. That’s why carmakers like General Motors hold motor oils to the same stringent standards as their most advanced engines. Introducing new Chevron Havoline® Pro DS® Full Synthetic motor oil. Specially formulated to provide unbeatable, nonstop protection to keep today’s modern engines going. It even exceeds the industry’s newest and toughest protection standards, including GM’sdexos™ Gen  specification.

Available in SAE 0W-20, 5W-20, 5W-30, 5W-40, Euro 5W-40, and 10W-30
Also available in 6 gallon box with the PitPack™ easy-dispense motor oil system.


Chevron Havoline® ProDS® Full Synthetic Motor Oils with Deposit Shield® Technology deliver value through:

  • Easy cold weather starting due to excellent low temperature properties of the synthetic base oils.

  • Minimizes engine deposit and emissions under heavy duty and stop-and-go driving conditions.

  • Promotes long engine life due to extremely fast lubrication during starting, and outstanding wear protection during all other engine operating conditions.



Chevron Havoline® ProDS® Full Synthetic Motor Oils with Deposit Shield Technology are recommended for four-stroke gasoline engines in passenger cars, sport utility vehicles, and light trucks. Havoline ProDS Full Synthetic Motor Oils SAE 0W-20, 5W-20 and 5W-30 are approved by GM for use in all GM passenger vehicles that specify dexos1® motor oils. GM dexos1® supersedes GM6094M and GM4718M.


Chevron Havoline® ProDS® Full Synthetic Motor Oils with Deposit Shield Technology are specially engineered for the highest level of protection demanded by high-performance engines. They exhibit outstanding thermal and shear stability to control viscosity, and continue to provide top performance and protection even during extended oil drain intervals. They provide an extra measure of protection for your investment in a sport utility vehicle (SUV), high performance, or luxury cars. Havoline ProDS® Full Synthetic Motor Oils with Deposit Shield Technology give advanced protection to high output, supercharged and turbocharged performance vehicles. Havoline ProDS® Full Synthetic Motor Oils with Deposit Shield Technology are formulated using 100% synthetic base stocks for top performance. The exceptional volatility and stability of synthetic base stocks promotes low oil consumption, fast engine starting (especially in cold weather), and extremely fast lubrication of all moving parts. In addition, a special blend of additives protects the engine against harmful deposits and wear.

SAE 0W-20 is licensed under the dexos1™ Gen 2 specification (License no. D10216GL089). It is recommended for use in FCA, Ford, GM, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Toyota engines for either SAE 0W-20 or SAE 5W-20 applications. It can increase engine efficiency and improve fuel economy up to 2% compared with other common lubricant grades and provides excellent engine protection in applications recommending SAE 0W-20 or 5W-20 motor oils.

SAE 5W-20 is recommended for use in Acura, Chrysler, FCA, Ford, Honda and Mazda engines where an SAE 5W-20 viscosity grade is specified. It provides exceptional performance in extreme cold temperatures.

SAE 5W-30 is licensed under the dexos1 Gen 2 specification (License no. D10168GJ089). It is recommended for Acura, Chrysler, FCA, Ford, GM, Honda, Mazda, Nissan and Toyota engines calling for this grade. It provides exceptional performance in extreme cold temperatures.

SAE 5W-40 (Refer to PDS# PCMO-95)SAE Euro 5W-40 (Refer to PDS# PCMO-95)

SAE 10W-30 provides good performance in a wide variety of weather conditions in the most popular viscosity grade. It is an ideal choice for legacy engines calling for this SAE viscosity grade.


Sours: https://www.speedoilchangecenter.com/oil-change
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Havoline Oil Change

Havoline Oil Change. Most oil filters are included. Up to 5 qts. Havoline oil change is situated in kali tanki 4th road alongside haleem ghar market the doctor of your cars for genuine product Visit our. Inland marine equipment. With 1400 locations across the US Valvoline Instant Oil Change is passionate about cars but were really in the business of taking care of people. You can get a Havoline oil change for both synthetic and conventional oil with the latter being the cheapest option available. Inland marine equipment. They have changed packaging from quart plastic bottles to a 6-gallon box named the PitPack. Oil changes are priced for up to 5 quarts which covers most vehicles. Our Synthetic Star Service Oil Change Includes.

Pin By Abdul Khaliq On Amr Lube Oil Change Lube Oils

Havoline oil change is situated in kali tanki 4th road alongside haleem ghar market the doctor of your cars for genuine product Visit our. Oil Change Oil Filter Replacement on regular basis will prevent you from critical issues and increase the lifespan of your vehicle. Our Synthetic Star Service Oil Change Includes. Oil changes are priced for up to 5 quarts which covers most vehicles. Check out our stunning xpress lube facility. We follow a 16-point inspection for lube services and provides a free car wash for every oil change. Medium large trucks. Inland marine equipment. Light duty and diesel pickup trucks. Additional quarts may be needed for certain vehicles.

Inland marine equipment.

A premium quality synthetic fluid for modern 6 speed automatic transmissions. You can get all offers at an affordable price. Xpress Lube 10 20 off. Retaining operating control of your business. Xpress Lube 10 20 off. Havoline Oil Change Our attendants guarantee quality oil changes with Havoline Motor Oil which protects your engine prevents wear and tear and keeps you on the road. Havoline Xpress Lube Coupon. Our oil changes only take about 15 minutes we even let you stay in your car so you can see the job done right right before your eyes. Motor Oil Change with Havoline Motor Oil. Continues to protect engine in situations where conventional oils break down. Images from across the country as well as.

Sours: http://m.cbs3duluth.com/cbs3/havoline-oil-change.html

Change havoline oil

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