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Growing side by side

Bob was able to assist our hyper-growth at the right time with its great flexibility, incredible usability and an outstanding customer focus. We were able to deploy in record time, even with a very demanding operation (200% growth) and adapt the tool to our particular needs based on local regulations and company specifics. Since then, Bob has grown on features and adapted even better, both due to their ......

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HiBob evolves continuously, always based on customers feedback and with a very clear understanding of the importance of flexibility and usability, and with not only the HR team but the whole company as target users.This is mostly possible due to the excellent customer engagement team (and focus) Bobs team has. With continuous and proactive interaction with power users and HR teams, looking for ......

September 26, 2021

On a growing business, with operations that include more than one company of what is becoming a group, Bob is still lacking features for managing more complex organizations. ...

September 26, 2021

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  • Growing side by side

    • Reviewer Role: Other CxO
    • Company Size: 1B - 3B USD
    • Industry: Finance Industry

    Bob was able to assist our hyper-growth at the right time with its great flexibility, incredible usability and an outstanding customer focus. We were able to deploy in record time, even with a very demanding operation (200% growth) and adapt the tool to our particular needs based ......

  • Bob - 360 solution for SMB

    • Reviewer Role: Analyst
    • Company Size: <50M USD
    • Industry: Manufacturing Industry

    Very good experience working with the platform - provides a 360 degree solution and they are constantly developing and adding new features which is very helpful ...

  • A really powerful HR system, with continuing improvements to iron out any small issues.

    • Reviewer Role: Infrastructure and Operations
    • Company Size: <50M USD
    • Industry: Media Industry

    There are a few features that we have suggested which we think would make it a 5 star experience. But Bob continue to drive improvements to the system which continue to solidify those ratings....

  • Great system, easy to use

    • Reviewer Role: Analyst
    • Company Size: <50M USD
    • Industry: Miscellaneous Industry

    Really great system and very good support, a few bits that could be better (e.g. reporting) but things are ever evolving and being added....

  • BOB - Review

    • Reviewer Role: Infrastructure and Operations
    • Company Size: 250M - 500M USD
    • Industry: Manufacturing Industry

    The BOB app looks friendly and inviting and it works well in certain areas of employee onboarding and off boarding procedures, but it still lacks integration and better solutions to the technical teams interfaces....

  • Best HR system I have ever used

    • Reviewer Role: Consultant
    • Company Size: <50M USD
    • Industry: Services Industry

    Very good, Bob is definitely the best HR system I have ever used. It is very engaging and more social media like than most systems....

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Sours: https://www.gartner.com/reviews/market/cloud-hcm-suites-for-1000-employees/vendor/hibob/product/bob

Hibob Review

As a robust HR people management platform, bob brings the following benefits to the company:

Streamlined core HR processes. bob’s powerful automation features simplify the end-to-end process of approval cycles from the stage of document creation to ensuring that the approval process strictly follows a certain timeline to avoid delays.

Seamless onboarding. This benefits not only new hires but also the HR staff as bob allows for the creation of onboarding flows tailored according to the needs of new talents or employees or the entire workforce.

Accurate time and attendance tracking. bob uses one central hub for accurately monitoring attendance, employee hours, and time off. Data consolidation, approval, and reporting processes are also fully automated to ensure accuracy and timeliness.

Smooth payroll processing. bob incorporates a fully automated three-step process of collecting payroll data, verifying data accuracy, and submitting a completed and accurate report to the payroll provider within the timeframe.

Hassle-free benefits monitoring. As a company grows, the number of employees and benefits grow as well, which can be taxing to monitor and manage. With bob, pending and active benefits are easily tracked and monitored. Customizing new benefits is also made possible.

Optimized collaboration and mobility. Native and API integrations with communication and collaboration applications and bob’s mobile application further enhance its capability to help HR and employees stay up to date with the latest events and announcements, engaged, and connected.

Creates an inclusive and spirited culture and safe environment for everyone. One of bob’s highlight features is the creation of clubs, which encourages employees to join and engage with others whom they share common interests with. Meanwhile, the anonymous reporting feature helps HR address complaints while ensuring the safety of the employees who file them and maintain a respectful environment.

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  • Customizable dashboards
  • Clubs and club view
  • Org chart
  • Doc hub
  • Time management
  • Single sign-on
  • Custom benefits management
  • Customizable workflows
  • Shoutouts
  • Surveys
  • Reports
  • Analytics
  • Goals setting
  • People directory
  • Anonymous reporting
  • Native and API integrations
Sours: https://reviews.financesonline.com/p/hibob/
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Performance management - performance-main-image.pngPerformance management - performance-main-image.png

Now’s the time for

Empower your employees to grow, develop, and succeed

One centralized platform

Seamless review cycles

Actionable goals

Valuable insights

Performance reviews

Performance management - One-centralized-platform.pngPerformance management - One-centralized-platform.png

One centralized platform

Everything you need to conduct 360° performance reviews

bob provides a 360° view of your people by incorporating their complete career timelines, bob activity, goals and achievements into the performance review, giving you the tools for a fair and unbiased review.

In a few clicks, you can also collect reviews from every angle: self, manager, and direct reports. You can even empower your people to take an active role by selecting their own peer reviewers to gain input that is especially valuable to them.

The entire review process can be conducted easily within bob, moving seamlessly from one stakeholder to the next, with no need for emails or spreadsheets.

Get started→
With bob, peer reviews have been centralized in one system, making it much easier to track who’s taking which reviews, and when.
Gerry McHugh

Gerry McHughOperations Manager, PaddleREAD MORE

Performance management - Seamless-review-cycles.pngPerformance management - Seamless-review-cycles.png

Seamless review cycles

Performance reviews your way

With bob, you get to choose how to run your performance reviews. Stay agile and in control of every aspect of the review process to ensure accurate, seamless cycles.

Setting up, duplicating, and previewing new performance cycles is easy. You can make adjustments throughout the cycle and customize your settings, reminders, and messages.

You decide which team members are involved in the review process and whether reviews are anonymous. You can also track progress at each stage and send reminders if the process slows down.

Learn more →

See bob in action

Learn how bob can improve your HR processes

Performance management - Actionable-goals.pngPerformance management - Actionable-goals.png

Actionable goals

Empower your people to succeed

Empowers growth by setting clear, attainable goals for your employees. In bob, you can establish goals and growth plans to help employees progress and succeed. Not only will these goals support employees, but they’ll also help managers and employees align their expectations.

Depending on how your business functions, you can set goals as part of a team-, department-, or company-wide strategy. Goals can also be tracked as part of a performance review, to keep employees on track and set them up for success.

Ready, set, grow→
Performance management - Valuable-insights.pngPerformance management - Valuable-insights.png

Valuable insights

Make the right people decisions

Managing performance reviews in bob generates data that provides valuable insights about your employees, managers, and your teams. This data enables you to track their progress and address any issues and concerns early.

View results as you choose, slice and dice, and generate reports filtered by system-wide data. You can also analyze results in context, with all question responses from your reviews in one aggregated view. Plus, because all of your people data is in bob (compensation, employee timeline, personal data, and more), you can connect performance to other relevant data points for customized and hyper-relevant insights.

Let’s go→
Performance management - Performance-reviews.pngPerformance management - Performance-reviews.png

Performance reviews

For your employees near, and far

Running performance reviews in bob is simple and intuitive, no matter if your teams are working in the office, remotely, or spread across the globe.

All employee data, including career timelines, bob activity, goals, and achievements, is saved within bob, providing you with the tools you need to conduct a fair performance review experience and empower your people for success.

Plus, you can easily set up new performance cycles within bob, customize them per site, and define which team members (no matter their location) will be part of the cycle.

I’m ready→
Performance management - Fiverr.pngPerformance management - Jane.pngPerformance management - Logo_zenjob-white.pngPerformance management - Rovio_Entertainment-1.pngPerformance management - ironsource-1.pngPerformance management - etoro-2.png

Learn how to

Engage your people and supercharge your practices

Sours: https://www.hibob.com/features/performance/
Implementation - Importing your data into bob

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