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I've been fascinated by HOn30 ever since running across the MR article about Hayden & Frary's Carrabasset and Dead River layout; so much so, that I've done something akin to it in sort of reverse (the main layout is standard HO, with the narrow-gauge line running up the long side of the layout, meeting the the HO portion at a junction station. It will come out of a "tunnel" of trees, loco will uncouple & turn on a wye, then disappear back the way it came, interacting with the standard gauge on a transfer track at the station. It's mainly an excursion train with a little freight, running to an off-layout resort lake location). My main problem; locating at least a combine or pass. car, & maybe another flat and a boxcar. I am definitely not any kind of scratch-builder (not right now, anyway!), and I'm not enamored with the only current offering from the only HOn30 "set" that's offered right now (can't think of their name offhand). I managed to find one loco, a bobber caboose, a sand gondola & a box car at a show, (looked like someone bought part of a scratchbuilder's estate, and sold some of it) but nothing since then. Funaro & Camerlengo aren't making or selling anything in HOn30 anymore, and I haven't  acquired the skill (or courage!) to kitbash anything from a standard HO scale car. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


                                              Fred Barrett

C.I.G.*, Cumberland Transfer RR

(*Chief In Garage; elsewhere, not so much...)

Sours: https://model-railroad-hobbyist.com/node/22052

Does your plan have a particular commodity involved that is the reason for its existence?

Is it lumber?




Why do you have to rail it, ferry it, then rail it to a transload? Why not just rail it to the port of an island and ship it directly the standard gauge?

If you are hauling some raw material (lumber, minerals, stone, coal) then you could put a processing plant at the standard guage junction.

So the narrow gauge (NG) carries logs, rough cut lumber to a finish mill and the standard gauge (SG) carries out the finished lumber, millwork.

The NG carries raw minerals (gypsum or ore) to the junction and the SG carries out refines minerals or products (drywall or taconite).

The NG carries the mine run (coal, stone) to a breaker at the junction and the SG carries out the cleaned and sized material.

That gives the NG more of a reason for being, you can't just put the product on a boat and skip the NG altogether because of the processing step and makes the NG viable longer. The EBT had a similar operation (hauling coal to a breaker at the SG junction and gannister rock to a fire brick works near the junction) which enabled it to remain viable into the 1950's. What really killed the EBT wasn't so much that it was NG, but more that the demand for coal dropped off. Because the change for NG to SG occurred at a point where the products were going to be unloaded, processed and reloaded anyway, there was little or no increase in cost to have the NG railroad.

If you decide to incorporate something like that it might require some changes to the junction track arrangements, but will make a stronger story to explain your railroad's purpose.

The NG was built by a whatever product magnate back in the 1880's, with a railroad on the mainland and ferry service to 3 islands. When the father tragically died in a freak cricket accident in 1903, the railroads where split among the 4 sons, with the eldest getting the line on the mainland and the other three each becoming superintendent of a division on an island. The daughter got the ferry service, but soon tired of being stuck on those dinky islands and sold the ferry and packet steamer line to one of the brothers, took the money and went to Paris where she later married a Duke. Gradually the 4 brothers squabbled about how the railroad should be operated and they ended up splitting the railroad, with each brother creating his own railroad with its own name.

(substitute whatever number of brothers you want and name the packet steamer after the daughter and the tugboat after the father.)

Sours: https://model-railroad-hobbyist.com/node/4536
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Small Model Railroads

Each year the Crossroads Village and Huckleberry Railroad holds Railfan Weekend. This year I was able to attend and be part of the SE Michigan Free-mo layout display. The Railfan Weekend includes train shop tours, historical rail interpretations, tuneful train whistle blows throughout the weekend,
and a special photo run. One layout which i found very well done and full of detail was the Great Lakes HOn30 Modular Group layout. The layout presented featured lots of eastern scenes both prototypical and fictional based on the main 2 footers. The group has done a wonderful job of modeling and putting on a first rate display.


Like this:

Tagged August 2015, featuredSours: http://smallmr.com/wordpress/layout-spotlight-great-lakes-hon30-modular-group/
How my Hon30 modular layout is working

100th Layout!

December 13, 2013 by Carl Arendt

When this Micro Layout Design Gallery was founded in March 2002, I never dreamed we could reach 100 micro layouts … I wasn’t even sure there were 100 different micro layouts — displays under four square feet or so, with capability for interesting operations.

But it turned out that the only limit was imagination — and 26 talented layout designers* from three continents pitched in with highly creative designs. So here we are!

The Centennial Central is a collage of three “quickie” micro layouts — intended to show off some of the options available to modelers who want to make a micro of their own.

Each of these little demonstration layouts is made in a different scale/gauge combination — from the left: HOn30, On18, and Gn15. None of them took more than a couple hours to put together. All of them need a lot more detailing to look really good, but they’re far enough along to give you a taste of what can be accomplished.

All three are narrow gauge layouts because that’s what I have on hand, and because standard gauge models are already familiar to everyone from the mainstream model press. But of course, standard gauge trains in N, HO, O, and even G scale can definitely be used in micro layouts as you can see from many plans in this Gallery.

Let’s take a closer look at the Centennial Central layouts, from left to right.

This little point to point display, in the trendy minimalist style, is built in HOn30 … 1:87 scale trains running on 9mm gauge (same as N gauge). Similar models in England are known as OO9, 1:72 scale on 9mm metals.

HOn30 and OO9 are the most popular scale/gauge combinations for making micro layouts, just as their standard gauge counterparts are the most popular scales in model railroading. A vast array of accessories and scenic splendors are also available, none of which have yet been applied to this layout.

Foundation is a wooden plank (in this case, the walnut base from an old ship model). Using a wood or plywood plank is one of the easiest ways to get started in micro layout modeling. For larger planks, some cross-bracing underneath is desirable to prevent warping.

The trains shown here are Ready to Run (RTR) models from AHM (no longer available). As their name implies, these locos and cars can simply be removed from their boxes, placed on the track, and run. There are a wide variety of RTR narrow gauge models available in HO and OO. Along with ready to lay Snap Track, they’re the easiest possible route to getting your first micro layout up and running quickly.

The same is true of their larger brother, On30 or O16.5 — 1:48 or 1:43 models running on 16.5mm gauge (HO standard gauge). In particular, the Bachmann range of excellent On30 RTR models at affordable prices has pushed this scale way up in popularity in recent years.

The middle model is an On18 “pizza” layout — ideal for going round and round at train shows to show off your rolling stock and scenic talents.

The foundation for this layout is expanded polystyrene, the white plastic used for packing materials and sold in crafts stores as a base for flower arrangements. In this case, a 10″ circle was sprayed with earth-brown acrylic enamel, then covered with glue and green flock.

The track is N scale flex track carefully bent into a 4″ radius and soldered together at the joint. Actually, a better choice would be the 9mm gauge track made with fewer and larger ties especially for HOn30 (OO9) layouts — it also looks good in On18 (O9).

The train was built from Black Dog Mining Co. resin kits. These are typical of many kits available, both in this convenient scale/gauge combination and in most others. I’ve left the kit-assembled locomotive and cars unpainted to show them in their “natural state.”

One advantage of this larger scale is that detailing is easier, and the weight of the trains seems to improve running reliability. (I will probably get arguments from HOn30 fans about that statement!) Lots of accessories and scenic doodads are available for this scale, because it’s the same size as three-rail trains like Lionel and MTH.

The third segment of Centennial Central is another pizza layout, this time in Gn15 — the newest and largest of the narrow-gauge micro scales. It’s the same scale (1:20 to 1:24) as the G gauge garden-size trains, but runs on 16.5mm track, representing a prototype 15″ gauge.

This 15″ square layout uses pink foam-board insulation as a foundation (available from DIY stores like Home Depot). It’s sturdy, fine-grained, and easy to sculpt into attractive scenic contours. It was sprayed with sand-tan acrylic enamel and sparsely covered with glue, green flock and lichen. The palm tree is made of green feathers from the crafts store.

Track was hand laid on basswood ties using Code 100 rail, prebent with a Roy C. Link rail bender. Radius is 6 inches.

The train illustrates another way to get the rolling stock you want (besides RTR and kits) — scratchbuilding. I built the locomotive body from styrene sheet material, and mounted it on a motor chassis from an HO gauge 4-wheel diesel. The rusty skips are an example of “kit-mingling” — they’re Sidelines Models chassis with Gnomy skip buckets mounted on them.

Proponents of Gn15 claim its large size makes detailing a pleasure, and its heft makes running a delight. For more on this scale/gauge combination, check out my Gn15 Squarefoot Estate Railway or the Gn15.info web site.

* I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks and deep appreciation to the talented layout designers whose efforts have made this Micro Gallery possible. To check out any individual’s work, simply click on “Linked Index” in the menu at left and search for his name using your browser’s “Find” function (usually under the “Edit” menu). In alphabetical order, my wonderful collaborators are:

Dick Andrews, Julian Andrews, Gordon Avis, Steve Bennett, Ian Campbell, Alex Ceres, Don Coker, Bill Cooke, Jim Favre, Chris Gilbert, Jeff Hatcher, Pete Heininger, Ian Holmes, Emrys Hopkins, Bernard Junk, Reinoud Kasschieter, Jack Matson, Bill Metcalf, Geren Mortensen, Gaston Schikowski, Jeff Semprebon, Trevor Simpson, Harry Symonds, John Thomas, Jack Trollope, and A. R. Walkley.

Sours: https://www.carendt.com/micro-layout-design-gallery/100th-layout/

Layouts hon30

Narrow Gauge Model Railroad Layouts

This narrow gauge model railroad guide features a directory of model trains, layouts, track plans, and modeling techniques for Gn15, HOn3, HOn30, Nn3, 009, On3, On30 & Sn3 scale model railroading.

Evan Designs - Software for creating realistic model train scenery in any scale; inexpensively create your own custom buildings, window treatments, road signs, and more
Trackside Model Railroading Digital Magazine & Movies - In depth layout tours for model train enthusiasts. The digital magazine features layouts of all fine scales with photos, articles, and videos. DVDs & Blu-rays feature more video of the layouts plus interviews, operations, creative backstories, and history.

Albulabahn RhB in H0m - Modular layout in 1/87 (HO) scale featuring the most spectacular points of the RhB Rhaetian Railway line over the Albula Pass in Grisons, Switzerland

Badger Creek Lumber Company - Photos of an 0n30 scale logging railroad layout

Belfield Hall Estate Railway - Freelance 7mm scale model of a 15 inch gauge estate railway

Books on Narrow Gauge Modeling - Books about narrow gauge model railroad layout design and operation

British Nn3 Modeling - Information and experiences in N scale narrow gauge modeling with British prototypes

Chris' On3 Models - On3 scale projects including articles and photos about the construction of rolling stock

Cimarron and Tall Timbers Railroad - Sn3 1950's representation of an imagineered Cimarron Division of the D&RGW railroad

Colorado & Western Railroad - Gn3 Colorado narrow gauge style indoor layout, built in 1/22.5 scale and located in Spring, Texas

Dave & Midge Grassing Model Railroads - HOn3 scale logging layout set in the 1920-30s and a HOn30/HOn3 layout based on a small fishing village

Dave Burrough's D&RGW in On3 - Freelance On3 model railroad based on the Denver & Rio Grande Western narrow gauge in Colorado and New Mexico

Denver & Rio Grande Southern Railroad - 25x25 foot On3 scale narrow gauge layout featuring the Rio Grande

Denver & Rio Grande Western Spring Division - Freelance O/On3 dual gauge model railroad inspired by the D&RGW narrow gauge in Colorado

Diamond Springs & Western - Models Colorado narrow gauge in HOn3 and HOn30/HOe

Dirk Becker's Railroads - Model railroads in H0m, 0e, On30, O, and Gn15 scale including the RhB, German Feldbahn, White Pass & Yukon, Oregon logging railroad, and CB&Q

Dutton Bay Tramway - Freelanced HO scale 2'6" gauge railway set in South Australia's Eyre Peninsula

East Bend & Northern - Freelance On30 scale narrow gauge layout set in central California

Egger-Bahn - History and photos of HOn30 gauge industrial trains built in Germany in the 1960s

Estrella & Sonora Grande Railroad - On30 scale layout of a copper mining district in southeastern Arizona

Fairlight Works - Documents the construction of narrow gauge model railways in 4mm, 5.5mm, and 7mm scale

Frank's O Gauge Homepage - Small O gauge layout with Prussian and English rolling stock situated in rural Prussia around the 1910s

Gnine - Layout tours and articles about garden railroading in all scales using N gauge track

Haggerleases Light Railway - Narrow gauge garden railway built to 1:19 scale on O gauge track, loosely based on the UK's Stockton & Darlington Railway Butterknowle Branch

Hilvermouth - Small 009 scale narrow gauge layout set in the early 1950s in the UK

HOn30 Home Depot - Mailing list, reference information, modeling tips, and photo galleries of HOn30 modeling, HO scale trains running on N scale track

Ian's Gn15 Pages - Photos and information about using OO/HO scale track and mechanisms with G scale to represent 15" gauge railways

Jackson & Burke Railroad - Extensive photo galleries of a narrow gauge garden railroad in 1:20.3 scale

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Lex Parker's Model Railroad Homepage - Models the Denver & Rio Grande Western in On3 scale in 1937 with a focus on the yards at Chama, New Mexico

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Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette - Bi-monthly publication with how-to articles and features of interest to model railroaders; by Benchmark Publications, Ltd

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Riverside Yard - Small narrow gauge switching layouts in 009, HOn30, On30, and 1n20 scale

Rocky Creek Railway - Outdoor G scale garden railway with hand-built versions of New Zealand Railway prototypes, plus an indoor Gn15 narrow gauge layout

Shelley Railway - HO scale models of the Victorian Railways narrow gauge Cudgewa Branchline and Melbourne suburban operations

Trackside Model Railroading - Monthly digital magazine featuring in-depth layout tours with lots of photos

Twelve Mile Station - On30 and On18 narrow gauge model railroad photos and modeling ideas

YouTube Model Train Videos - Free online videos featuring model railroad layout tours, product reviews, and modeling techniques

Additional Resources
Sours: https://www.railserve.com/Models/Layouts/Narrow_Gauge/
HOn30 mining layout

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