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How to Embroider a Heart Garland for Valentine's Day


  • 1 yard linen
  • 1 yard mid-weight fusible interfacing
  • 1 water-soluble stabilizer
  • 2 perle cotton embroidery floss (this example uses DMC 309 & 899)
  • 1 striped heart pattern
  1. Attach Interfacing

    Iron the fusible interfacing onto the back of the linen, following the manufacturer's instructions. The interfacing will give the garland flags more structure and it will also help to prevent fraying. 

  2. Cut Heart Shapes

    Download the Striped Heart pattern. When printed at 100%, each heart should measure about 5.5 inches across. 

    Trace or print the heart pattern on the water-soluble stabilizer. You will need five hearts. Cut around each heart and attach to the linen, leaving space between each heart for cutting out the flags.

    You can mark your pattern with other methods if you prefer. The water-soluble stabilizer method is effective, especially when working with linen.

  3. Working the Heart Embroidery

    Stitch around each heart with back stitch, and embroider the stripes with a different stitch of your choosing. 

    This example uses two hearts with coral stitch and three hearts with upright cross stitches (they are upright along the diagonal lines, but appear as standard cross stitches when the heart is straight).

    Any stitches that can be worked along a line would be suitable for this project. You could even have a mix of stitches in each heart. 

  4. Preparing the Garland Pieces

    When all of the stitching is complete, soak the embroidery to remove the water-soluble stabilizer. Gently squeeze out any excess water and hang it to dry.

    Sometimes in the process of working with the fabric as you stitch, as well as from soaking, the interfacing may start to lift from the back of the work. Fortunately, it should adhere once more with a good ironing. 

    Even if the interfacing didn't lift, your embroidery will need to be ironed to smooth out the linen.

  5. Cut the Pieces

    Measure and cut each banner piece to 7 x 9 inches. If you have a quilting ruler, you can line up the indent and point of the heart along the 3.5-inch marking. 

  6. Assemble the Garland

    Mark the top of each embroidered flag for stitching the string through. Measure 3/4 inch from the top and then mark at 1, 3, 4, and 6-inch mark across. 

    Cut a 4-yard piece of perle cotton and thread your needle. Slide the needle all the way to the center, doubling the thread.

    Stitch through each flag, coming up from the back at the first marking, down through the second, and so on. Slide the flag across the floss, and continue adding banner pieces. Space the flags evenly.

    Tie an overhand knot at each end of the string to use as a loop for hanging. 

    Now you can display your hand-stitched garland and celebrate Valentine's Day!


The 10 Most Adorable Free Valentine’s Day Embroidery Designs

Valentine's gifts are not only shared between is the perfect time to share the love with children, teachers, friends and family.

I am sure you do not want to incur a lot of cost doing that, because of Christmas spending and all the expenses with the new year.

The chances are that you are probably hoarding stash - I have yet to meet the DIY-er without a trunk load of this-and-that's just in case she needs it!!

Some of the links are affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase as a result thereof, I will receive a small commission.

10 Free Valentine Machine Embroidery Designs The 10 Most Adorable Free Valentine’s Day Embroidery Designs

Let's see how you can use scrap pieces of fabric with the 10 Free Valentine's Designs:

Please note:

Almost all sites require registration as a subscriber before you will be able to download anything.

  • Complete the registration process, and add the freebie to your cart;
  • Complete the checkout;
  • Download the free design from your email, or
  • From your accounts section of the site.

Happy valentines day The 10 Most Adorable Free Valentine’s Day Embroidery Designs

Royal Present Embroidery

Embroider the Happy Valentine's Day saying onto a pocket, some undies (you naughty mamma!) or a hanky.  Alternatively, you can add it to decor items, such as a pillow or pillowcase.​

​For a more family-friendly option, stitch it on a gift bag or small pouch.  The design is only free if you make another purchase of $5.

LOVE free applique by GG Designs Embroidery The 10 Most Adorable Free Valentine’s Day Embroidery Designs

GG Designs Embroidery

This lovely appliqued design will make you fall in love....It will look cute on a onesie for a little one, a towel for a mum or dear friend, even a zippered pouched for a teenager will do.

SewSweetly free valetines design The 10 Most Adorable Free Valentine’s Day Embroidery Designs

Sew Sweetly

Say what you feel and embroider this lace design to treat bags or socks! (we have to be creative!)

Available from size 4 x 4 to 6 x 10.

Applique Market heart embroidery frame The 10 Most Adorable Free Valentine’s Day Embroidery Designs

Applique Market

Please note that you will only receive the free frame, not the letter as well. 

Insert text in the frame or a monogram. An easy and cheap idea is to stitch it on a rectangle piece of felt and cover a jar with it!

CupidsCutestValentine The 10 Most Adorable Free Valentine’s Day Embroidery Designs

Julias Needle Designs

Julia is a generous lady.

With the link in the image, you will be taken straight to all the freebies.

You do not need to register or log in to download. Thanks, Julia, this is a cutie!

tobearwithlove1 The 10 Most Adorable Free Valentine’s Day Embroidery Designs
 The 10 Most Adorable Free Valentine’s Day Embroidery Designs

Bunnycup Embroidery

Download the whole set of 10 cuddly bear designs from the Bunnycup's retired sets.

The cuddly bears will bring a smile to your sweet baby's project or that special valentines gift.

KBK FEB17Free 320x320 The 10 Most Adorable Free Valentine’s Day Embroidery Designs

Kreations by Kara

The huggable bear is available for free download.

Freebies from 2008 to date are available on this site.

Are you thinking grey T-shirt too?

Free heart from Swak Embroidery The 10 Most Adorable Free Valentine’s Day Embroidery Designs

Swak Embroidery

A girl can never have enough hearts for Valentine's Day.

I kind of like the doily effect of the border around the heart.

Try it on a pillow....

There you have a list of free designs to add to your own library! 

Happy stitching!


Amanda @ Easy on the Tongue is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

My choice of the best Machine Embroidery Books P The 10 Most Adorable Free Valentine’s Day Embroidery Designs
15 Site of Free Embroidery Designs Pinterest The 10 Most Adorable Free Valentine’s Day Embroidery Designs
Free ITH Machine Embroidery 3 The 10 Most Adorable Free Valentine’s Day Embroidery Designs
 The 10 Most Adorable Free Valentine’s Day Embroidery Designs
 The 10 Most Adorable Free Valentine’s Day Embroidery Designs
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  4. Antique gold lights

Valentine’s Day Embroidery Designs

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15+ Valentine's Day hand embroidery patternsWith all the Christmas decor packed away, I’m thinking of the next fun holiday to break up the winter chill. Needlework goes hand in hand with warm blankets and cold nights, so I thought I’d round up some ideas of what to embroidery and cross stitch for Valentine’s Day! There are a bunch of independent designer’s Valentine’s Day embroidery designs and then a few freebies at the end of the list. I can see lots of these stitched and hanging on a wall, or added to a shirt, sewn on to a pillow, the possibilities are endless.

If there’s no picture it is because I didn’t hear back with permission to use it, but click through to check it out! Please don’t pin individual photos from this post, use the long collage at the bottom.

I also have a list of Valentine’s Day cross stitch patterns, if you are a versatile crafter!

If you’re new to hand embroidery, check out my list of favorite hand embroidery tools here and see the trick for how to transfer embroidery patterns with a picture tutorial here!

If you are looking for embroidery project ideas, check out these other posts:

Please pin this collage image of the Valentine’s Day hand embroidery patterns and not the individual photos, you can use this link:

So many modern Valentine's Day patterns to choose from, and here is a curated list. Great Valentine's Day crafts to stitch and gift or hang on the wall.

‘Love” embroidery pattern/pre printed fabric from Trellis & Thyme Patterns, this is so modern and clean looking.

Fun little flying love note hand embroidery pattern from Elise and Higgs, the backing fabric on this example is perfection!

Floral heart hand embroidery pattern from Lolli and Grace, she is one of my favorite designers so it is no shock that I adore her heart!

French knot heart embroidery pattern from Oh Sew Bootiful, lots of french knot practice here.

Floral heart embroidery kit from Oh Sew Bootiful, I love how lush and spring-y this looks.

Modern, clean heart hand embroidery pattern from KFNeedlework Design, I can picture this on a pouch or a tote.

Geometric heart embroidery pattern from Oh Sew Bootiful, nice and modern.

Squirrel embroidery pattern from Jenny Blair, this is the cutest and the one I’d love to have hanging on my wall!

Deer embroidery pattern from Jenny Blair, this is so pretty and dreamy.

“All you need is love but money helps” embroidery design from Gina Matarazzo, for the cupid with a sense of humor.

Love embroidery pattern from Hug Sandwich, blooming and beautiful.

Kaleidoscope heart embroidery pattern from Little Dear, these look like they’d be so relaxing to stitch.

Hand heart embroidery pattern from Stitcharama Craft, simple and subtle but full of love.

Simple Valentine's Day decor ideas can be beautiful, too! Check out this needle felted wool heart garland kit; it takes less than 10 minutes to make and you can choose your colors! #valentinesday #diyvalentine #valentinecraft

Bonus! This requires very little stitching, per se, but I had fun with it so I’m including it! A wool heart garland kit, everything’s included.

Free Valentine’s Day Embroidery Patterns

Free geometric heart embroidery design here on a felt sachet, shared for free in this post

[not pictured]

Super cute heart sampler embroidery pattern from Adventures in Making

[not pictured]

I Love You embroidery pattern from Make and Do Crew

“Love everyone always” embroidery pattern from Wild Olive

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Valentine's Day Embroidery - Couple Love Embroidery Pattern - Embroidery Hoop Art - Handembroidery -

Today, a couple things for you! I’m going to announce the winner of last week’s Appleton real thread color card at the end of today’s article, so read on for that!

And for the rest of it – well, guess what’s coming up next week?

That’s right! It’s Valentine’s Day! It’s that time of year when things turn rather heartsy.

I like heart designs for embroidery. (I’m working on one right now.)

But are hearts just for sweethearts? Of course not! Hearts are for everyone we love, and hearts are for all year long, too! After all, if you hold someone in your heart on the 14th of February, I imagine that person is tucked away in there on other days of the year, too, correct?

But yes, Valentine’s Day has become rather synonymous with the giving of tokens of affection (and a good excuse for indulging in chocolate – if you need an excuse!). So here’s a collection of free hand embroidery patterns in case you want to give a heart to someone you’re fond of – and not just any heart, mind you! A hand embroidered heart!

Free Hand Embroidery Patterns: Hearts & Valentines

If you’ve been following along here on Needle ‘n Thread for a while, you’ve probably seen many of these designs already. Maybe you’ve even stitched a few of them?

But if you’re somewhat new to our little community, then perhaps you’ll find some designs here that will delight and inspire you!

Heart Designs for Hand Embroidery

Scalloped Heart Design – this is one of the earlier patterns I added to Needle ‘n Thread. It’s a sweet little heart, very simple and quick to stitch.

Heart of Flowers – this design features some vibrant flowers tucked inside a heart frame. You can see a goldwork and silk version of this, stitched and made into a pretty little bag, here, if you’d like some extra inspiration!

Curly Heart – this heart design is filled with an abundance of curlicues and swirls – great for practicing line stitches!

Blooming Hearts – this is one of my favorite heart patterns, because the intertwining vines make a very delicate, airy outline, touched by little blossoms.

Hungarian Whitework Hearts designs – this pattern comes from a Hungarian designer (you’ll find information in the article that features the pattern), and it would be a nice study for whitework and pulled or drawn thread.

Heart, Branching Out – this is a very stylized heart, vine, and leaf design, perfect for formal embroidery (think: silk work, goldwork, and the like).

Heart Snowflake in Cross Stitch – I have this listed as a kind of snowflake, but it’s a little too square for a snowflake. It’s a great motif for folksy cross stitch, especially worked in monochrome.

Will Ewe Bee Mine?

If you’re looking for something a little more in-depth, with stitching instructions and color ideas and so forth, and if you enjoy stitching monograms and fun border designs, you could check out my e-book,Will Ewe Bee Mine?

Will Ewe Bee Mine heart monogram

The e-book features three variations on a pretty monogram alphabet – one with hearts, one with bees, and one with sheep. There are a few variations on how you can work the heart elements, too.

Will Ewe Bee Mine monogram collection - bees

Frankly, I’m just as fond of the bees…

Will Ewe Bee Mine monogram collection - sheep

…and of the sheep!

You can find Will Ewe Bee Mine?here in my shop – it has patterns for all three variations of the alphabets, plus a plethora of matching boarders to use with each variation.

And yes, that was a shameless plug. I occasionally have to do that, to keep the wheels turning…

Appleton Color Card Winner!

Last week, courtesy of Jan at The Wooly Thread, we had a little give-away for a real-thread color card of Appleton wools. I drew the winner for that this morning, using a random number generator, and Yvette from Fort Worth will be the lucky recipient! I’ll drop you an email today, Yvette.

If you’re looking for Appleton, you can find the whole range at The Wooly Thread – along with other wooly treats, like wool felt, wool flannel, wool roving, and on and on! You’ll also find Inspirations Magazines sold individually and subscriptions, as well as many stitching books and other goodies. Be sure to check them out!

What’s Up at Needle ‘n Thread

We’ll have some Thread Talk next week (I’m trying a new-to-me thread), a look at an inspiring book that might drop you into a fantastic rabbit hole, hopefully some project progress. We’ll also be talking about needlework projects and travel – I’ll update you on my travel / grab-n-go project – and I’m going to show you a terrific little tool that strikes me as perfect for traveling. What else? Oh, a fabulous resource for those who struggle with color… and so much more coming up!

Hope you have a jolly weekend!


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Patterns valentine embroidery

With Valentine’s Day coming up and love in the air, hearts are all the rage at Anita Goodesign, and we’ve found a great assortment of heart embroidery designs that will be sure to have your pulse jumping. 

Depending on your interests and stylistic preferences, we’ve come up with a number of different heart embroidery options, so you’re sure to find something you’ll like. 

But what can you do with these hearts? Beyond putting them on clothing, tote bags and household linens, you can create beautiful valentines, quilt blocks for those special people in your life, create framed art and stitch awesome patches. Here’s a look at the 12 heart embroidery designs we’ve selected, along with project ideas to help you get your creative juices pumping.

What You’ll Need for Heart Embroidery

Before you get started, you’ll need to make sure you have hoops of the appropriate size for the patterns you’re selecting, thread of appropriate colors (metallics look fabulous on some of these patterns), stabilizers that are appropriate to the project you select, fabrics and materials to stitch your designs onto and spare needles, just in case you have one break.

Popular Heart Embroidery Designs


1. Winged Heart

If your heart has wings, this is a great design to consider for teens, artists and free spirits. Working well for hoops 5″ x 7″ up to 9.5″ x 14″, this design has a relatively dense stitch design, making it a great option for patches, midweight jackets, heavier fabrics, hats and canvas tote bags. If you want to stitch this design on lighter fabrics, consider switching up your thread to a lighter-weight option to decrease the heaviness of the stitching, which can impact how your fabric flows on garments.


2. Lotsa Hearts

For adults and those who might like the idea of a heart that isn’t over-the-top romantic, this design provides great options for 6″ x 10″ to 9.5″ x 14″ hoops. Including several different individual patterns in the kit, this design features heart shapes filled with a range of different embroidery motifs, including bunnies, butterflies, sewing tools, seashells, cacti, flowers, pumpkins and, of course, smaller hearts, allowing you to focus on that individual’s specific interests. These hearts look fabulous on totes, quilt blocks or centerpieces, shirts or frame them for a lovely art piece.

3. Heart Belly Pouches

When you’ve got little ones in your life, what’s more fun than spoiling them with precious little gifts that will brighten their day and be passed down to their children someday? These adorable appliqué heart embroidery design options include eight individual designs with beautiful animals featuring a heart-shaped vinyl appliqué insert on the belly to provide a tantalizing peek at the special treat that is hidden inside. This makes them a great option for Valentine’s presents for your little ones, and use heart embroidery hoops from 6″ x 10″ to 9.5″ x 14″.

4. Jacobean Hearts

If you’ve got a flair for history, this heart embroidery design collection of ten patterns provides a great reflection on yesteryear, mimicking the fine embroidery of the Jacobean period. Using hoops from 5” x 7” to 9.5” x 14” in size and featuring a medium stitch density, this collection looks great on a wide range of projects, from blouses and bags to pillows, table runners, quilts and other home linens. It requires few color changes and stitches up well on medium-density fabrics, making them a great option for home decor and lightweight jackets.

Christmas Flowers & Ornaments Heart in Frame

5. Holiday Hearts

Need to knock out some hearts quickly or create a really special piece for framing? This assortment of ten heart embroidery designs features a low thread density combined with few color changes, which makes them fast and easy to finish for last-minute gifts. However, the low stitch density creates a delicate appearance that also means they’ll look fabulous on fine fabrics, such as velvet, especially if you use metallic thread in the pattern to really make it pop. This pattern requires heart embroidery hoops ranging from 8” x 12” to 9.5” x 14”.

6. Heart Tile Scenes

For a vibrant, detailed heart appliqué embroidery design, this set of patterns is a wonderful option to consider. Each heart includes four colorful blocks that are then stitched together, using the detailed directions to get a perfect fit the very first time. You can then choose to make these pieces into one or a set of pillows, a beautiful quilt or an outstanding jacket back. The hearts include blackwork inside of the colorful border or whitework outside of the colorful heart. Best of all, they can be stitched up in hoops from 5” x 7” to 9.5” x 14”, making it easy to fit a wide range of machines.

7. Dutch Hearts

For a touch of old-world charm, the heart appliqué embroidery design options in this set of five hearts work well for Valentine’s Day or any other time of the year. Inspired by folk art from the 1700s which were often used for marriage or home blessings, these beautiful hearts work up in 5” x 7” to 9.5” x 14” hoops and use textured appliqué and vibrant colors to stand out. They work very well simply framed, to create quilt blocks, used in patches, stitched onto lightweight jacket backs or on canvas bags to create a beautiful appearance with a touch of historic charm.

8. Love Knot

If you want a gift that works for more than a single day, this Celtic love knot embroidery will do a wonderful job to stretch from Valentine’s to St. Patrick’s day. The love knot is a traditional symbol of endearment and fits easily into a 4″ by 4″ or larger hoop, making it easy to use with virtually any machine on the market. The smooth stitching works well on a variety of medium to heavyweight fabrics, including felt, canvas, denim, twill and much more, giving you a world of possibilities to explore. Consider adding a colorful thread to dress it up and make the pattern pop.

9. Be Mine, Valentine

This package includes 11 different heart embroidery designs requiring a hoop size of 8” x 12” to 9.5” x 14”. Though the package intends them for pocket pillows, giving you a place in the back to store a special treat or gift, these patterns would also look great as quilt blocks, especially for the pre-teen to a teenage group. They’d also work up well on tote bags. Relatively light stitch densities would make them a good fit for lightweight to middleweight fabrics such as heavy quilter’s cotton, lightweight twills and much more.

10. Hearts ‘n’ Hugs

Another great option for little ones, these heart appliqué embroidery designs deliver plenty of cuteness. Featuring an assortment of animals, each holds a heart with a special message inside. They are easy to create using felt appliqué embroidery. They can be given as they are, or stitched into place on a piece of heavier clothing or a canvas tote. The patterns take two hoopings, with the separate pieces stitched together in the hoop, requiring no further stitching, and uses hoops from 5” x 7” to 9.5” x 14”.

11. Floral Hearts

If you know someone who is a gardener at heart, these floral heart embroidery designs will make an amazing impression. With a relatively lightweight thread count, these delicate designs still pack plenty of color, making them an amazing choice for clothing and household linens, or perhaps a gardener’s apron is in your future? With 20 unique designs in this set, you’re sure to find something to please. They set up easily in 6” x 10” to 8” x 12” hoops to create an amazing gift for your favorite green thumb.


12. Hearts Aplenty

To decorate your home or the home of a loved one for Valentine’s Day, these three projects feature a range of household pieces, including a table centerpiece, four heart-shaped coasters and a wall hanging. The lighter thread density makes it a great option for quilter’s cotton, heavier calicos and similar fabrics, and the pieces work up easily in 6” x 10” to 9.5” x 14” size hoops. For a bit more glitz and glamour, consider adding metallic threads to make the designs pop.

Get More Embroidery Designs from Anita Goodesign

If you want to get all of these heart embroidery designs and so much more, you might consider our All Access Club, which provides you with a wide range of designs. You’ll get exclusive project ideas, a full-color print or digital magazine of outstanding designs, exclusive designs, fully-illustrated tutorials to help you get the most out of your machine and time, sneak peeks at upcoming designs that are not yet released and bonus content including more project ideas and embroidery education. 

If you’re ready to take your embroidery to the next level, why not start by taking a look at the All Access Club, which gives you the tools you need to succeed?

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HAND EMBROIDERY - Valentine Embroidery - Border Design

If you make a purchase through an affiliate link, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Now that this last year is finally over, it’s time to start thinking about my Valentine’s Day embroidery projects.

Usually, I’ll embroider something cute for my niece and nephew and make small items for my daughters’ teachers and classmates. Something small, inexpensive, and handmade is usually perfect.

Now, I’m a huge fan of free Valentine’s Day embroidery machine designs! Free designs allow me to view a digitizer’s quality without having to spend money, and to be honest, after Christmas expenses, I’m always looking for ways to decrease spending in the new year.

If you’re also looking for free Valentine’s Day machine embroidery designs to download, I’ve put together a list of websites that offer Valentine’s Day embroidery freebies. 

Notes About Valentine’s Day Embroidery Design Freebies

  1. Make sure you’re downloading designs to your computer or USB in the file format required by your embroidery machine. Since I’m a Brother embroidery machine user, I download free .pes Valentine’s Day designs. If the digitizer doesn’t have designs in your file format, you can always use basic embroidery software to convert the file format, though.
  2. Some sites may require registering first to download. Follow instructions to register. Signing up for their emails might also get you special deals later if you end up liking their design styles!
  3. If you like the designs you download free from a designer, make sure to bookmark their site for visiting again when you have a specific need and want to purchase!
  4. Some embroidery websites are like malls with lots of people listing their embroidery designs for free. As such, keep an eye out for star ratings from other customers to make sure you’re getting good-quality designs! Not all designs are manually digitized by people who know what they’re doing.

Websites with Free Valentine’s Day Embroidery Machine Designs

Now, I’ll list the name of the website followed by a link to the website below. On some of the websites, you’ll have to click filters to find the designs. I’ll let you know if that’s the case to make things as easy as possible!

1. Ann the Gran Embroidery Designs

Website: HERE

There are lots of cute free Valentine’s embroidery designs on Ann the Gran. As I’m writing this, there are over 200 designs! You can download up to 3 a week, so make sure to get a start on your downloading early on.

If you make a purchase, you can download even more designs. If you join her club, which usually has a free trial, this gets you even more free designs!

Ann the Gran is a great digitizer, and I have never had issues with stitch outs of her designs. Some other digitizers seem to sell on her site also, and I don’t have much experience with stitch-outs of those designs. So, just make sure to view the design in a program or do a test stitch-out before embroidering an expensive item!


Website: HERE

There are a little under 100 free Valentine’s embroidery designs here.

I’ve downloaded a lot of designs from here in the past, and the majority of them have very good stitch outs.

The great thing about this website is the designs also have free commercial use if you like to sell your embroidered products in quantities less than 100. I always like to support the digitizers with a link back, of course, but this is so sweet of them to offer so many freebies!

My favorite design is a cute “Be Mine” with an arrow and heart separating the words. The infinity love design is also very cute! They’ve recently introduced more ads on their pages, so make sure to not click on ads thinking you’re downloading the design!

3. Kreative Kiwi Embroidery

Link: HERE

While freebies can circulate at times here, right now there are 4 free in-the-hoop Valentine’s Day designs (bookmark, coasters, and pillow) and one free redwork Valentine’s Day design, which would look great on a dishtowel.

Search their entire free designs section to find all their free ITH designs, a few of which are heart-themed and weren’t included in the link above. Some are SO cute!

4. Bunnycup Embroidery

Pages: Free heart designs and free bear with heart designs

There is a nice selection of general freebies on Bunnycup Embroidery, but I’ve linked above to their two sections with heart-themed embroidery designs freebies.  One is just a selection of cute heart fill-stitch designs, and the other design set is a teddy bear doing various cute actions with one or more hearts.

Bunnycup is one of my favorite places to buy designs as they offer lots of designs that are perfect for young kids.

5. GG Designs Embroidery

Freebies Page: HERE. Scroll through designs to find the love-themed designs!

At the time of writing, GG Designs has three VERY cute heart embroidery designs. The petite lace hearts applique design is one of my absolute favorite heart designs thanks to its decorative border stitch. And with 6 sizes included, you likely will be able to find a size that works well for your project if you don’t have embroidery software to resize the design.

There is also a cute double heart applique and a LOVE applique.

6. Kreations by Kara

Link: HERE. Click on the tab for each year and check out the freebie offered for February.

Often, in the yearly February download spot, you’ll find a rose or other Valentine’s embroidery machine design like a heart. There’s even one of a monster holding a cute heart in the 2014 section.

7. Pro Digitizing

Website: HERE

If you scroll through the designs, there are 4 cute conversational heart embroidery designs, several other heart and love designs, and even a Singles Awareness Day design! In total, there are close to 10 free Valentine’s Day embroidery designs to download.

Places to Check that Rotate Freebies or Have A Few Freebies Only

Here are places that either only have a free design or two or who have a seasonally rotating freebies section. They’re worth checking out, though!

  1. Applique Corner has a “For the Love” design and the word “Love” written in a script applique font.
  2. Creative Fabrica has a rotating freebies section which usually has hearts or some sort of cute love designs there!
  3. Applique Market offers a heart embroidery frame, which is perfect for monogramming!
  4. Scroll past the Valentine’s free-standing lace designs and you’ll find a handful of free Valentine’s day designs including a “By My Valentine” and a cute angel holding a heart on SWAK Embroidery.
  5. Embroidery Garden has a free Forever Valentine stamp design that would be cute to embroider on fabric envelopes for a quick kid’s gift. There is also a chenille heart embroidery design you can try out if you’re looking to embroider new effects!
  6. ABC Embroidery Designs has a fun cross-stitch Happy Valentine’s day design that would make a cute gift idea! I’m new to cross-stitch embroidery designs and want to try one soon!
  7. Sew Sweetly usually has a nice set of freebies. Since they rotate seasonally, you may not find any Valentine’s Day designs when you are looking. Right now, there is a cute Valentine’s bee embroidery design, though.

Looking for more free designs? Check out my huge lists of where to download free embroidery machine designs and sites offering free embroidery fonts.


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