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How To Install TubeBuddy on Chrome & Firefox in 2021

If you are reading this post means, probably you would realize the importance of TubeBuddy on YouTube. Hence, without further delay, let me demonstrate how to install a TubeBuddy Chrome extension and a Firefox extension on your browser.

Still, doubt to install it? then read this tool review here. In simple words, TubeBuddy is the best YouTube helper and video SEO tool ever have seen.

So, in this post, I’m going to explain the installation process for the chrome & firefox browsers. Moreover, it won’t take more than 2 minutes of your time. Let’s get into the topic.

Step by Step Guide to Install TubeBuddy Extension [Chrome]

Follow the below steps if you’re looking to install it for chrome browser.

Step 1: Visit TubeBuddy

Click here to visit the TubeBuddy home page and click the “Install Free Now” button.

Install TubeBuddy on your browser

Step 2: Add Extension

Now, it will take you to the chrome extension page, and then here click the “Add to Chrome” button.

At the bottom, a file will download, and after downloading, visit the YouTube site.

Step 3: TubeBuddy Icon

An extension may add to your chrome browser, and also a small TubeBuddy icon appears on the top row of YouTube. Check out the below image for reference.

Chrome Extension Tube Buddy

Click that icon, and it requires your channel login for verification purposes even if the channel is already “logged in” on YouTube.

Step 4: Sign in

Later, click the “Sign in with YouTube” button. Hence, you can able to access TubeBuddy within the YouTube interface itself. It’s pretty cool, right!

Click Sign In With YouTube

Likewise, Allow access to TubeBuddy to view your YouTube analytics report and manage the YouTube account.

Allow Tube Buddy

Step 5: Installed TubeBuddy

As a result, you installed TubeBuddy successfully and signed in on your channel. Accordingly, click the TubeBuddy Icon and use the free features provided by it.

Successfully Signed Tube Buddy In

Install TubeBuddy Extenstion for Firefox

Want to install the TubeBuddy extension for the Firefox browser? then follow the below guidance. Firstly, open the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Then, click here to visit the Firefox browser add-ons page. (Refer to the below image).

Add to Firefox extension for Install TubeBuddy

Now, click the “Add to Firefox” button and it asks your permission to allow TubeBuddy on the Firefox browser. Just allow it.

Like the above points, visit the YouTube site, sign in, allow TubeBuddy to manage your channel, and use it. That’s all. TubeBuddy installed successfully on your Firefox browser.

Best Features of TubeBuddy

I don’t like to wrap this article with a simple TubeBuddy install process alone. So, I want to show you some of the best features of TubeBuddy have it. In the meantime, it’s hard to tell every feature of this tool in this single post.

Therefore, for the quality of this article, here, I point out only the overview of three basic must-needed features for YouTubers. Let’s unpack one by one. If you’ve time, then read the below article on “tricks I used to increase my views” on the channel using the TubeBuddy tool.

#Feature 1: Keyword Explorer

If you are in the YouTube creator world so far, probably you would realize the importance of keywords on YouTube. Perhaps, the keyword is the first ranking algorithm factor that the YouTube algorithm considers.

The proper keyword with high search volume, including low competition, creates a significant impact on the videos. Here, the game-changer moment is choosing the right keyword.

Hence, TubeBuddy’s keyword explorer feature makes it happen quickly with a single snap.

YouTube Keyword Explorer Tool by TubeBuddy

Once you installed TubeBuddy, here, enter your target keyword in the keyword explorer option, and it will show you enough information about the keyword. Hence it is easy to choose the profitable keyword for your video.

#Feature 2: Thumbnail Generator

Thumbnail is the first place where the audience decides to watch the video or not. In a nutshell, a custom thumbnail helps to get more clicks to the videos. Here, TubeBuddy helps you to create professional-quality thumbnails.

Thumbanil Layer Page

Either you can choose the frame from the video or use the pre-defined templates offer by TubeBuddy. Moreover, add your text, images in the thumbnail from the TubeBuddy dashboard itself. No need to have any third-party tools to make thumbnails.

For step-by-step thumbnail guidance, read this article.

#Feature 3: COPPA Center

Before publishing your video, you need to mention whether the video is made for kids or not. In agreement with FTC, YouTube requires the creator to mention the video under the kid’s category or not. If the creator failed to provide this information, then it leads to a result in significant consequences.

For video information:

Here, the question is,

My video is under which category? (Either made for kids or not).

To solve this problem, TubeBuddy scans your video, finds the content, and shows the result.

Scan YouTube videos for made for kids content by TubeBuddy tool

TubeBuddy Pricing

First of all, TubeBuddy is a Freemium tool, which means it has both a free and premium plan.

Hence, you can even use the free features provided by it without spending any money. But the premium plans provide more stats, info and it helps to make some revenue.

TubeBuddy Pricing Plans are,

  • PRO – $9/month
  • STAR – $19/month
  • LEGEND – $49/month

When I was asked about which one should I buy? Then I would say, go for the STAR plan which is $19/month. Because it covers almost all the TubeBuddy features.

In addition to that, TubeBuddy offers a discount of 20% to 50% discount coupon code for premium plans. If you would like to buy, then click the below button.

In case, you are new to YouTubing, then I recommend you initially go with a free plan, slowly build your channel audience, then get into the paid plans.

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1) Is TubeBuddy safe to install?

100% safe. TubeBuddy is YouTube certified tool. Hence, no need to worry about your channel privacy and other things.

2) Do you think TubeBuddy is worth installing?

Well, there is a lot of works you need to do before and after uploading a video. Probably, the human hand takes more time to do it. But, TubeBuddy makes this work smarter and also quicker. Hence it is worth installing (I call TubeBuddy as, Jarvis of YouTube).

3) TubeBuddy Free or Premium, which is best?

40% of TubeBuddy features are free to use. Initially try a free installation, then automatically you’ll go for the premium package based on your needs.

4) What’s your TubeBuddy review?

My rating is 4.9/5

TubeBuddy is one of the breakthrough tools for YouTubers. You can ‘easy to optimize, finding rich keywords, bulk process, customize thumbnail creations, and many more things.’

5) For which browsers TubeBuddy extension available?

TubeBuddy extension supports the following browser,
> Chrome
> Firefox
> Safari
> Also on iPhone+ and Android


TubeBuddy has a lot of free features for newbie YouTubers. As I mentioned above, if you are a beginner-level YouTuber, then initially go with a free version.

I hope you installed TubeBuddy on your chrome or firefox browser. Now I would like to hear from you; comment here, your experience in TubeBuddy. If you’ve enjoyed this post, then kindly share it on Pinterest.

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How to Install TubeBuddy on Chrome and Firefox browsers: A step-by-step complete guideSours:

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TubeBuddy is a browser extension designed to help you manage your YouTube channel. It has received a large number of positive reviews, averaging a rating of around 4.5 on most platforms.

It can be used in different browsers, making it ideal for Firefox users.

If you want to install TubeBuddy on Firefox, it’s pretty easy. Take a look at these step-by-step instructions, complete with screenshots, to learn how to install the extension and get started with TubeBuddy.

Step 1: Visit the Firefox Add-ons Page

Head to the Firefox Browser Add-ons page for TubeBuddy by clicking this link.

Alternatively, go to the main add-ons page and search for TubeBuddy. It will take you to the page to add the extension, which looks like this:

Firefox Add-ons

Step 2: Add to Firefox

Next, click “Add to Firefox”. You will be asked to give permission to add TubeBuddy to Firefox, so allow it access.

Add to Firefox

When successful, you will get another popup message telling you that TubeBuddy has been added to Firefox. Click “Okay, Got It” to make the window disappear.

TubeBuddy Added

You can also tick the box to allow the extension to run in private windows.

Step 3: Sign In to YouTube

To start using the full features provided by TubeBuddy, you need to be signed in to TubeBuddy. You’ll be prompted to do this when you visit the YouTube website, where there will be a TubeBuddy icon at the top.

Click the icon for a sign-in popup.

Sign in to YT

There will be a button to “Sign-in with YouTube”. Click it, making sure to have checked the box to agree to the privacy policy and terms of use.

Sign in to YT 2

Choose your Gmail account that is associated with your YouTube account. If you have more than one YouTube channel associated with the Gmail account, choose the right channel.

Choose acct

Step 4: Give Access to TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy will then ask for permission to access your Gmail account. It will tell you what TubeBuddy wants access to, so make sure you’re happy with that before clicking “Allow”.

TubeBuddy allow

Step 5: Start Using TubeBuddy

Now you have access to TubeBuddy on Firefox and you can start using the add-on to manage your YouTube channel. Some people suggest that you should consider installing TubeBuddy on Chrome for the full experience.

TubeBuddy Reviews

Are you still unsure whether TubeBuddy is the right tool for you to help you manage your YouTube channel? It has received plenty of reviews and the majority of them are positive.

Plenty of people have great things to say about TubeBuddy and how it has helped them to grow their YouTube channel. Check out some of the examples below to see what people think of the tool and what they get out of it.

TubeBuddy Reviews

TubeBuddy Reviews 2

TubeBuddy Reviews 3

Now that you know how to install TubeBuddy on Firefox, go ahead and install the add-on to your browser. It’s simple to get started with TubeBuddy and start using it to make managing and growing your YouTube channel easier than ever.

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The world's #1 browser extension for YouTube Creators is now available on-the-go with TubeBuddy Mobile. Get more views and subscribers by optimizing your videos for organic growth and access all-things-your-channel quickly and easily.

* Live Subscriber Count
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* Comment Moderation
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* Channel Milestones
- Download to your Photos Library
- Share on Social Networks
* Video Management & Optimizaiton
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With the purchase of a TubeBuddy Mobile Unlimited Subscription, you will have unlimited access to all of our Mobile features for all of your YouTube Channels.

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You can manage or turn off auto-renew in your Apple ID Account Settings any time after purchase.

The price is $2.99/month USD

Your upgrade will include a 1 Week Free Trial.

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Version 2.6.3

* Fix for best practices and tag rankings for non-US customers.

Ratings and Reviews

Milestone Page error

App was working perfectly until few days ago i realized the bottom section of the milestones page is blank (white text on white background). Same thing with the tags explorer page, white text making it impossible to read.

Service is great, but app isn’t.

This app has too many problems.

The thumbnails get mixed up which video they go to, the tag explorer is super glitchy, the comments don’t load properly, the milestones show up in the wrong order, the subscribers don’t refresh, the view count shows up on the incorrect video, and sometimes attempting to share a video is impossible because it automatically closes the pop up after pressing share.

Please update this app to fit the quality of your service.

Tag explorer

It says “free users are limited to 50 searches in a 24 hour period.” Both times I have used it (a week apart) I only searched about 10 and then it says I exceeded the limit of 50 searches. Can you fix this. It is cheating me out of finding good tags in a quick manner.

Also how do you track 24 hours because I would get the notification at 7pm. I come back 7pm or 8pm the next day and it still won’t let me search tags

The developer, Geronimo Systems, LLC, indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.

Data Not Collected

The developer does not collect any data from this app.

Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More


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