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Square Pillow Specifications

Large Pillow
Size: 24" (L) x 24" (W)
Material: Cotton & Cotton Mix

Regular Pillow
Size: 20" (L) x 20" (W)
Material: Cotton & Cotton Mix

Small Pillow
Size: 16" (l) x 16"(w)
Material: Cotton & Cotton Mix

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Handcrafted African Fabric

All fabric used by Ashanti Design is designed and woven in South Africa, where cast-off cotton fabric is turned into high-end textiles on African hardwood looms; this upcycling process reduces final waste that would otherwise go to waste lands. The fabric colors and patterns have a rich cultural history, and are chosen and crafted in the moment by the artist at the loom. A portion of our sales help contribute to rural villages in Africa, timeless areas and peoples whose cultures and traditions we aim to help preserve.


The design captures the vibrant, distinct aesthetic of the African sub-continent, and our sales directly contribute to this culturally rich area. Community, it’s something that no matter where you go, you bring a piece of it along with you — and the heart of ours lies in South Africa.


We’re 100% focused on quality over quantity, it’s absolutely paramount to us. Ashanti Design pillows bought from our website meet our quality requirement; we’re not to be responsible for any fake Ashanti Design products from other retailers.


We want to make sure that production leaves little-to-no carbon footprint; any purchase of any product from Africa Frolic is made 100% guilt-free, including Ashanti Design's eco-friendly pillows.

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Part of the Africa Frolic Family

We have a fabulous selection of colorful, upcycled bean bags, furniture, bags, and home accessories. All our products are stylish, unique, and eco-friendly. Africa Frolic represents the best of contemporary African design. Add a bit of modern, South African comfort and style to your home, discover more of what Africa Frolic has to offer below.

Africa Frolic | Contemporary African Design

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This fine cotton gabi, in a fresh color reminiscent of sea glass, is woven from handspun organic cotton by the artisans of Sammy Ethiopia. First, artisans weave two wide panels, then hand-stitch them together to create one expansive textile. Traditionally worn in pure white for religious services, a gabi can serve in many waysâ as a wrap or shawl, a throw blanket, a tablecloth, or even tied as a baby carrier.

You'll find many reasons to love this heirloom-quality handwoven textile!

Measures approximately 115"L x 58"W. Due to the handmade nature of this item, size may vary.

Care instructions: Hand wash with mild soap. Hang dry.

This luxurious gabi in a coffee-with-cream shade is woven from fine organic cotton into two wide panels, then hand-stitched together by artisans of Sammy Ethiopia. Worn traditionally in pure white for religious services, a gabi is an expansive textile that can serve in many ways, as a wrap or shawl, a throw blanket, a tablecloth, or even tied as a baby carrier.

You'll find many reasons to love this heirloom-quality handwoven textile!

Measures 115"L x 60"W. Due to the handmade nature of this item, size may vary slightly. Color variation is an expected feature, due to the handmade nature of this item.

Care instructions: Hand wash with mild soap. Hang dry.

About the Artisans:

The Sammy Ethiopia brand links the artisan skills of one of Africa's most ancient civilizations with American and European fashion know-how. The result is unique contemporary style that has already gathered fans from New York to Tokyo. A wealth of craft skills known in Ethiopia for thousands of years are applied to a style-forward range of fashion and home accessories to suit current global tastes. Collaborating with community organizations and cooperatives, Sammy Ethiopia creates employment to some of the world's most marginalized people in and around Addis Ababa.

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