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Ready, Set, Present (Marketing PowerPoint Presentation Content): 100+ PowerPoint presentation content slides. People say, ”Nice to see you.” The response can be, “Nice to be seen.” This exemplifies marketing which in today’s world has never been so important for both large and small companies alike. Marketing PowerPoint Presentation Content slides include topics such as: Defining the elements of Marketing, developing key positioning statements and messages for your products and services, using a three-step process for market research, and understanding the benefits of Internet marketing. Learning about marketing models, strategy and programs including 7 slides covering branding, 10 slides describing steps to market research followed by 4 slides of effective marketing examples. Gain the necessary information on how to brand your business as well as ways to develop brand positioning. Further, this presentation includes 11 slides covering marketing plan, 4 slides about customer feedback followed by examples, plus 5 slides teaching how to name a product, company and service. In addition you will receive 40 slides covering marketing materials, internet marketing, search engine optimization, the future of marketing and much more.


5 Marketing Activities Sample Of Ppt

Let your business to stand out and be noticed with this 5 marketing activities sample of PPT. This presentation layout of marketing automation allows you to showcase activities performed by software to avoid repetitive tasks such as emails, social media, and other website actions. With the help of this online marketing PPT template you can build connections with your audience through various channels such as content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, blog marketing, and paid mediums or through search engine optimization. Our digital marketing presentation slide helps you to define various digital tactics and channels to connect with customers where they spend most of their time and then running digital marketing campaigns to support business objectives. You can also use this template to analyze the consumer buying trends and conduct market research surveys to learn about their desires or needs. Download this guerilla marketing presentation template to help your company to build reputation. Feel the beauty with our 5 Marketing Activities Sample Of Ppt. Actually experience the effect of great artistry.

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35+ Best Marketing Plan PowerPoint (PPT) Templates for 2021

35+ Best Marketing Plan PowerPoint (PPT) Templates for 2021

Whether you work in marketing, or you’re working on a marketing strategy for your business, you’ll know that when it comes time to deliver a world-class marketing plan presentation to clients, colleagues and other stakeholders, a brilliant set of slides is absolutely crucial to back up your content. But you’re a busy person, and you’ve got much more important things to do than fiddle around in PowerPoint with fonts and color schemes, right?

Thanks to the following list of the best marketing plan PowerPoint templates for 2020 that we’ve put together for you, you’ll no longer have to worry. These templates are all professionally designed, fully customizable, and ready to be downloaded straight away. Within minutes, you could have your very own professional marketing plan PowerPoint template on the screen in front of you, ready to be filled with your own content – wouldn’t that be amazing?!

If you agree, just read on and choose your favorite template.

Marktr – Marketing Plan PowerPoint Template

marketing plan powerpoint

If you’re wanting to showcase your clients the key highlights of your marketing plan, Marktr is a solid contender for your cash. We recommend you take this remarkably unique PowerPoint template for a spin or add it to your shortlist at the very least.

Clean Marketing PPT Template

Our next marketing strategy template PPT is a premium option from Envato Elements, and features more than 80 unique slides, each with drag and drop image functionality, light and dark background options, and 30 different color schemes to choose from. It also comes with 16 purpose-built sections.

Infinity – Marketing Plan PowerPoint Template

Wanting a clean, and modern marketing presentation template that really stands out? Look no further than Infinity, a gorgeous marketing ppt featuring 40 plus unique slide designs, 36 character positions, 10 premade colors, and 30 business concepts.

Marketing Strategy Template PPT

Featuring a colorful and abstract design, this marketing presentation template will make you fall in love at first sight. It’s a versatile option that can be put to use for a variety of purposes and can be fully customized to meet your requirements.

Netfinic – Internet Marketing PowerPoint Template

If you’re looking for a professional and uncluttered marketing PowerPoint template for your next social media campaign, take a leap of faith in Netfinic, a collection of 210 total slides, infographics, 3 color variations, and a range of other amazing features.

Modern Marketing Plan PowerPoint Template

marketing plan powerpoint

Achieve your marketing goals with this professionally designed PowerPoint template that features 30 custom slides, animation effects, infographics, and a multitude of amazing features for you to take advantage of. In our opinion, this is one of the best marketing plan PowerPoint templates for nearly any kind of business or industry.

Glow Marketing Plan PowerPoint Template

The Glow marketing presentation template for PowerPoint is a modern and clean set of 150 total slides, including five different color schemes for you to choose from, plus drag and drop image placeholders, fully editable vector icons, and versatile graphic elements that are easy to customize.

Leandro Marketing Plan PowerPoint Template

This fun premium marketing strategy template .ppt download is a cheerful and modern option that’s ideal for any professional business or firm and offers 30 awesome slide layouts with free web fonts, editable vector icons, and a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Benevo Marketing Plan PowerPoint Template

marketing plan powerpoint

Preparing for your upcoming meeting with your marketing team, but don’t have enough time to create a presentation from scratch? We got you covered. Benevo is a ready-to-download PowerPoint template, allowing you to spend more time preparing the content, and less time designing the slides.

Impress Marketing Plan PowerPoint Template

Check out this stunning premium option that’s sure to impress any audience – featuring elegant slide transitions, drag and drop image placeholders, and a high-quality HD resolution, it’s perfect for any kind of professional or corporate organization.

Professional Marketing PPT Template

Next up, we have a clean and modern marketing plan PowerPoint template that’s perfect for a corporate marketing presentation. It includes subtle animations, free web fonts, device mockups, and a range of professional-looking slide designs. You’ll have more than 30 layouts to choose from and 10 premade color options.

Vallencia Marketing PPT Template

For a more feminine approach, check out this stunning design – featuring 45 beautifully crafted slides and an elegant, sophisticated style, it’s perfect for any fashion or beauty marketing plan presentation. Drag and drop images and fully customizable graphics make it simple to customize.

Modern Marketing PPT Template

Here we have an ultra-modern professional marketing presentation template that’s super easy to edit and features a range of unique portfolio slides to help showcase your products and services. It also comes with media placeholders, predefined text styles, and a full HD resolution.

Simple Marketing PPT Template

If you’re wanting a simple yet engaging marketing PowerPoint template for your project, this option is a solid choice. It consists of 150 total slides, including five color schemes, each of which features a clean and minimal design that’s easy to customize using drag and drop placeholders and resizable vector icons.

Prosma Marketing PPT Template

The Prosma marketing presentation template features an abstract design with strong use of gradients and cohesive colors to create a unique and modern look that’s ideal for any kind of marketing plan. It offers widescreen and standard sizing options, dark and light backgrounds, and a range of premade content slides to save you even more time.

Impressivv Marketing PPT Template

Next, we have Impressivv, a marketing strategy template PPT that lives up to its name! It includes 30 professionally designed slide layouts with modern design elements, high-quality vector icons, a 16:9 aspect ratio, and free web fonts. Every element of this template is fully editable.

Marketplace Marketing PPT Template

Here we have a creative, colorful collection of 30 unique slides, featuring an eye-catching color palette, widescreen ratio, and several handy premade content slides. The design is clean and modern, with simple sans serif fonts and a grid-based alignment, and it’s perfect for a new business or startup to really impress their audience.

Wissa Marketing PPT Template

Here is another clean and modern set of 30 slides that’s perfect for a marketing strategy presentation, and uses master slides to make it easy for you to customize according to your project’s specific requirements. It offers editable vector icons and shapes, as well as full supporting documentation.

Eleska Marketing PPT Template

Eleska is a highly versatile marketing presentation template that features plenty of space for both images and text and gives you a total of 120 slides to mix and match, plus four color variations. There are also image placeholders, editable icons, and vector shapes to help you customize.

Mix Marketing PPT Template

For an ultra-modern design, consider this dark and sophisticated set of 30 master slides, featuring two size format options, versatile layouts, drag and drop placeholders, and a range of data visualization tools such as charts and diagrams that you can customize for your project.

B2B Marketing PPT Template

Designed specifically for business-to-business sales and marketing strategies, our next presentation PowerPoint template features more than 60 unique slides with unlimited color options and fully editable graphics, making it easy to adapt for any industry and to suit your company’s corporate colors.

Creative Marketing PPT Template

Offering five color variations, 30 slide layouts, and a pixel-perfect resolution, this simple yet stylish marketing strategy template PPT is sure to impress. It comes with a range of handcrafted infographics that you can populate with your own facts and figures, as well as gallery and portfolio slides to help showcase your offerings.

Digital Marketing PPT Template

Next in our roundup is this clean and modern set of 60 unique slides, purpose-built for use by a digital marketing agency to demonstrate their strategy. It comes with eight different color choices, fully editable layouts, and free fonts, and will give your presentation a professional and upmarket feel.

Corporate Marketing PPT Template

Perfect for a corporate marketing strategy presentation, this marketing PowerPoint presentation features a simple, flat design with classy graphic elements and a minimalistic layout, making it easy to adapt for different industries and aesthetics. It also comes with animations and transitions for you to use.

Infographic Marketing PPT Template

If you’re wanting to include lots of interesting and useful infographics in your marketing presentation, this is the template for you. It offers 30 slides with modern and fully customizable infographics, including charts, graphs, diagrams, and more, perfect for sharing all those facts and figures without resorting to long paragraphs of text!

Property Marketing PPT Template

Perfect for real estate marketing plan presentations, our next template is based on the property sales industry, but is versatile enough to be adapted to fit other businesses as well. It comes with 50 slide layouts and seven different color themes, plus a thousand vector icons and a range of animations and transitions.

Bonus: Free Marketing Plan PowerPoint (PPT) Templates for 2020

We’ll now feature some free marketing plan PowerPoint templates. Let’s have a look:

Free Summer Vibes Marketing PPT Template

Starting with this fun download from SlidesGo featuring a bright and cheerful design with summer-inspired elements, our first free option is perfect for a hospitality or retail business to use for their next marketing strategy presentation.

Free Real Estate Marketing PPT Template

marketing plan powerpoint

If you’re a realtor looking for a minimal, strictly professional marketing PowerPoint template that doesn’t let your audience’s attention deviate elsewhere, this freebie deserves your consideration. The slides are designed with attention to detail, and there is a full range of customization options to keep you busy.

Free Ecommerce Marketing Plan Template

marketing plan powerpoint

This PowerPoint template will help throw light on your e-commerce marketing plan and garner the attention of your colleagues, clients, and stakeholders. Featuring a bold, and dark purple background with wavy shapes, easy-to-edit slides, graphics, maps, and mockups, this free PowerPoint marketing plan template definitely deserves your closer inspection.

Free Fashion Marketing PPT Template

Quebec is a clean, minimal, and contemporary marketing plan Powerpoint template exclusively designed for fashion, photography, and other creative businesses. It offers a striking design, unique slides, drag and drop image placeholders, customizable colors, and free support.

Free Marketing Strategy Template PPT

Whether you need a marketing presentation template or brand guidelines ppt, Merylin has you covered. It contains virtually every element that you’d expect in a professional, and good-looking marketing PowerPoint template. Best of all, it’s absolutely free for download.

Restaurant Marketing PPT Template

And now, we have a fresh, modern set of 22 unique slides that’s been designed specifically as a restaurant marketing presentation, but can be customized to suit most hospitality or food and beverage businesses. It offers a thousand vector icons, fully editable graphics, and a clean, geometric design.

Free Memphis Marketing Plan PowerPoint Template

The Memphis marketing plan presentation template is a funky pastel-toned choice for a creative business to use for its next strategy pitch, and comes with 23 unique slides in five color scheme options, with fully editable graphics. It’s available as a free download from SlidesGo.

Free Social Media Marketing PPT Template

A strong social media presence is essential to any modern business, so it makes sense that social media marketing strategies are commonplace in many larger companies. Utilize this free social media marketing PowerPoint template for your own strategy presentation, available for free from Free PowerPoint Templates Design.

Free Marketing Plan PowerPoint Template

Finally, we have a straightforward and easy-to-use collection of 26 simple slide layouts that can be arranged and customized to suit any professional needs. With five color schemes, including emerald, orange, pink, red, and yellow, it’s also a great choice if you’re looking for a freebie – you can download it from PowerPointify.

And that’s it! Thanks to our list of the very best marketing plan PowerPoint templates for 2020, your marketing strategy presentation will now have a seriously impressive deck of slides to back up your brilliant content, giving you one less thing to worry about when preparing your project.

Best Marketing Plan PowerPoint Presentation Template

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Best Marketing Plan PowerPoint Presentation Template

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