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The AN/PEQ-2 Infrared Target Pointer/Illuminator/Aiming Light (ITPIAL) is a laser sight for use on rifles fitted with a Picatinny rail. It was manufactured by Insight Technology.[1]


U.S. Marines in November 2001 armed with M16A2 rifles equipped with AN/PEQ-2s.

The AN/PEQ-2 succeeded the AN/PAQ-4C, which was designed in the early 1990s after the Persian Gulf War.[2]

The device, which is mil-spec, is still seeing active service but is being withdrawn and replaced amongst U.S. Armed Forces. It was also part of the U.S. SOPMOD kit, though the device is being replaced by the new smaller AN/PEQ-15 (ATPIAL) model.[3]


The AN/PEQ-2 has two infrared laser emitters—one narrow beam used for aiming the rifle, and one wide beam used for illuminating targets, like a flashlight.[4] The beams can only be seen through night vision goggles.[4] Each beam can be zeroed independently, and the illuminator's radius is adjustable. The two lasers are tied into one 6-mode switch, which has the following modes:

Mode Marking Targeting laser IR illuminator
0 OFF off off
1 AIM low power off
2 DUAL LO low power low power
3 AIM HI high power off
4 DUAL LO/HI high power low power
5 DUAL HI high power high power

Turning the mode switch does not turn on the lasers. A recessed button on top of the device is tapped once to briefly turn on the lasers or tapped twice to turn the lasers on until deactivated, either by pressing a third time or by turning the mode switch to off. Additionally, an extra pressure switch can be plugged into the rear of the device and then placed virtually anywhere, limited only by the length of the pressure switch's cord; typically one to two feet. This pressure switch operates the same way as the recessed button.[5]

The AN/PEQ-2A upgrade incorporates a blue removable safety block which physically prevents turning the mode switch to any of the high power modes, which are capable of causing eye damage. Both variants are waterproof to a depth of 20 meters and run on two AA batteries. Additional civilian variants also exist—they can provide greater power, visible/IR laser combinations, or other features.[5]

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Advanced Target Pointer/Illuminator Aiming Laser - ATPIAL-C


The Advanced Target Pointer Illuminator Aiming Laser (ATPIAL) is a rugged, combat-proven and easy-to-use aiming system. Featuring integrated infrared and visible aim lasers as well as an infrared illuminator, the ATPIAL stands battle-tested for nighttime direct-fire aiming and illumination.

The ATPIAL-C includes a commercial class laser created to support tactical training requirements for law enforcement and military organizations. Other ATPIAL models are restricted for use by law enforcement and military organizations. Contact EOTECH at 888-368-4656 or Contact Us for more information.

Export is strictly prohibited without a valid export license issued by the U.S. Department of State, Office of Defense Trade Controls, prescribed in the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR), Title 22, Code of Federal Regulations, Parts 120-130. 

L3 Technologies reserves the right to change the product specifications at any time without notice.

PROP 65 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including (Epichlorohydrin, Phenyl, Hydrazine or Cumene) which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Technical Specifications

Product Details
L x W x H4.6” x 2” x 1.6” (117mm x 71mm x 41 mm)
Weight7.5 oz (with batteries)
Battery PowerOne CR123 battery
Visible Aim Laser (ATPIAL)Output: 4.0 mW (Class IIIa)

Beam Divergence: 0.5 mrad

Wavelength: 605-665 nm

Range: > 25 m

IR Aim Laser (ATPIAL)Output Power Low: 0.6 mW (Class I)

Output Power High: 25 mW (Class IIIb)

 Beam Divergence: 0.5 mrad

Wavelength: 820-850 nm

 Range: > 600 m (Low), 2000 m (High)

IR Illuminator (ATPIAL)

Output Power Low: 3.5 mW (Class IIIa)

Output Power High: 30 mW (Class IIIb)

Beam Divergence: 1-105 mrad (minimum)

Wavelength: 820-850 nm

Range: > 2,000 m

DangerLaser Radiation  Avoid direct eye exposure to beam
IR Laser Power50 mW  Wavelength: 830 nm  Class IIIb
VIS LaserPower: < 5 mW  Wavelength: 650 nm  Class IIIa
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I picked up Tarkov about 2 years ago and the IR laser/IR light "fix" has been Soon™ for longer than I've had the game.

For those unaware, some tactical device attachments in the game have infrared Laser, and infrared light modes on them that are supposed to emit a non-visible beam of light that is used in combination with NVG's to create a laser that is only visible to those with night vision goggles. This way, you can have a toggleable, accurate secondary form of aiming that gives you a distinct advantage over those without NVG's.

As of right now, both of these modes are bugged. IR lasers are fully visible, and IR flashlights emit a low, slightly visible red glow, and have no interaction with NVG's.

Fixing this would be such an excellent boost to night-time play style enthusiasts, and it would give players more incentive to actually run night vision, instead of just cranking up their brightness/gamma settings.

I truly believe it's time as a community to let this issue ring a bit louder so that it can be heard, and fixed in the next patch.


Why are IR Lasers Used for Shooting with Night Vision? Focus.

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Tarkov infrared laser

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IR Lasers and Illuminators (DBAL, Perst, Holosun)

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