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The Meaning of the 30 Most Popular Slang Words These Days

Bob Dylan said the times are a-changin' all the way back in 1964 ... and they haven't stopped since. So many slang words are floating around these days that you may not even realize you're using half of them. And thanks to our obsession with texting and Twitter, new abbreviations keep popping up all the time.

These millennial slang words get thrown around on internet and in person, but good luck finding them in the dictionary. Although Merriam-Webster has officially added the likes of "bingeable" and "hangry" to its thousands of entries, etymologists may have a hard time keeping up with all of the lingo making it into the mainstream these days. And if you've ever hung out around teens, then you also know that existing words like "ghost" and "receipts" can have completely different meanings. Fair warning: Prepare for major eyerolls before using any of these terms around your kids, but at least you'll understand the memes getting thrown around in the family group text.


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Best friend, main man, a person who has someone’s back, or protection or who will go down for there friend or crew.


Short for “all right”, everything is cool,
or, a way of saying something is not great, and not bad, but in the middle like.


AK 47 gas-operated assault rifle.

All that

You think you hot, or the hottest, or the coolest.



An east coast term short for brother, or bro.

Baby Mama Baby Daddy

Baby Mama
Baby Daddy

A person you had a child with.

Back/Back up

1- Booty, but, nice looking round butt. Remember the song “Baby got back”.
2- Crew, people that will defend you and back you up in a situation.



To Leave, or go. Short for leaving someplace (usually

Bangin/ Bang

1- Short gang term for “Gang Bangin”
2- Girl with a ghetto body, big booty, slim waist
3- Term for sexing a girl.


Knife or a sharp weapon.



Money, cash


Ghetto term for money makers in the hood, be it by legal or illegal activities.
Also a term for a street basketball player.



Serious trouble with an individual, or group, or gang. It’s to have arguments or war.



$100 bills.



Short for Mercedes Benz.

Blew it up/ Blew up the spot

When a Hip Hop crew (MC’s, BBOYS, WRITERS, DJ) gives a great performance that leaves the crowd or observers screaming.


High Off of marijuana rolled in a Philly blunt (cigar).


1) Meaning: Be on the lookout.
2) Term used to describe a wild punch that was invented by famous boxer Kid Chocolate and used by Sugar Ray Leonard.


1- A graffiti rampage on trains and walls, where you try and flood as many tags and throw ups as possible.
2- When fighting to throw as many big punches as to end the fight quick.


1-The percussive part of an 70’s James Brown style record, where the drums play a funky beat. This we called the break, and is one of the key roots to Hip Hop music.
2- original NYC gang term for getting violent on someone, or a situation. Stems from the word Breaking Point.


1- sound of a shot gun blast
2- Used as an exclamation point
3- Name of a west coast Samoan Gangsta rap group

Break it down

1- To dissect a knowledge situation or concept, and explain it in a simple format
2- to get down in any aspect of culture, especially dance.


Buggin means you trippin or wilen

Bust / Bus

To take action or fight/hit/punch/shoot gun.
Also can mean to dance, or get down
note: saying “bust a move” is incredibly corny and old now.


A person who is fake, phony, or a punk who can’t fight, or snitches.


When someone, something, or someone’s Hip Hop skills are great and smooth.

Buck/ Buck Wild

1- To shoot someone, or at someone.
2- To get crazy one someone, or violent on someone.
3- To get crazy with ones Hip Hop skills.

Bum Rush

1- When a crew or group of people rush the door or gates of a party without paying. Bum meaning person with no cash, rush meaning forcing there way in.
2- A person getting jumped/ beat up by a group of people.


1- When someone, someone’s skills or something is not good or is lacking.
2- Someone’s butt



Money, cash



Relax, stay cool.

Chin Check

Punch someone in the chin/ face, To test someone’s chin with a punch to see if they can take it.



Referring to casino chips, money, cash.


1- Guns
2- Chrome car rims


Short for Chuck Taylor Converse all stars sneakers, made popular in the 1970’s and were heavily popular in East coast Hip Hop and West coast Gangs.


1- refers to a circle of people where Mc’s battle, and freestyle, or BBoys battles and get down. It is where BBOYS and MC’s get there real training and work on there skills.
2- in 5% religion (an NYC based religion made popular by rap artists like Brand Nubian and Wu Tang) it refers to the chosen and the non chosen, 5% and non 5%, and angels and forth.

Clock, Clockin

Clock, Clockin

1- Killin time
2- Punch someone in the head.

Clown walkin

New young Hip Hop dance style. Uses allot of footwork.


1- Short for cold hearted. Not nice, that’s not cool, what you did was cold.
2- Great, nice, good. Young people now use it to mean when something is great.
3- a word that expresses an attribute of something. Cold chillin, cold knock you out, Cold gettin down.
4- When your wrist cold


To buy, originally a term for buying drugs.


1-A ghetto girl with nothing happening and too much attitude. A slutty girl.
2- A person who has nothing to show for him or herself, and still likes to talk crap

Crackin/ What’s crackin/ Crackalackin

Whats happening.


A group of people who work together for a common cause. Originally a slang used by the Mob for a crew of men who work to rob, steel and extort money.
In Hip Hop a crew can also be a group of MC’s (rappers), BBOYS, WRITERS (graffiti artists).



A persons home.



Slang for Brooklyn

Cut up/ Cuttin the rug

Refers to gettin down, dancing.

Dead Presidents

Dead Presidents

Paper money.


1- A wise person, a person who speaks with great knowledge.
2- A large group of people traveling together to a party, or how a person rolls up to a club, or spot.


Old school term for something great.


Ghetto way of saying the number 2
22 caliber gun = deuce deuce
42nd street = forty deuce

Dilly/Dealy/What the Dealy

Whats the deal?, whats going on?.



1- Time to go, to leave.
2- Original Hip Hop rhyme started by members of the Furious 5.
Dip dive socialize
trying to make yall realize
that we are qualified
to rectify
to satisfy
to burn in desire, set them on fire
to boogie



Phone number


1- bag of weed
2- A snitch, the amount for a phone call in the 60’s and 70’s and that’s what it took for a snitch to make a call.
3- a way to tell a female or male to call you.
4- referring to Bo Derrick’s move TEN, a perfect woman with pretty face, and ghetto body



Short for disrespect


1- friend that you can count on in times of trouble. A person who watches your back.
2- Old school NYC word for beating someone up.

Dome/Dome piece

A persons head. Usually referring to fighting and punching someone in the head, or shooting someone in the head.


Spanish and Italian word for God father, or person of great respect.
They will put the word before there real name.


1- Another word for someone or something great
2- Drugs, heroin

Do or Die

Do or Die

Slang for Bedstuy Brooklyn. Do or Die Bedstuy.

D.L/Down Low

D.L/Down Low

To keep something quiet, to protect a secret, shhh don’t tell anyone, or to lay low and not be seen for a while because of a situation.

Down by Law

An old school term for a person who is certified, or who has great credentials, great repoir in the streets


A back and forth game of making fun of each others mothers, family, disabilities. This is no holds bar jokes where people get there feelings hurt, but you have suck it up. Mama jokes seem to be the most common and popular.-Your girlfriend is so stupid, the first time she used a vibrator she cracked her two front teeth.

-Your sister is so stupid, she went to the baker for a yeast infection.

-Your mother is so dumb, she couldn’t pass a blood test.
Your mother is so ugly, when he sits in the sand the cat tries to bury he

Drop Science

To teach street knowledge to other people, knowledge of self

Easy, Be easy

Easy, Be easy

Be smooth.


Short for make ends meet, to have or keep money.


1- refers to the Philly haircut where they fade the sides and the back to your skin
2- It’s to be high on drugs or liquor

Fakin jacks

To be phony or acting phony.
A person telling lies.


To be desperate for something, like a crackhead.



A fifth of bacardi.


To have style, pizzazz.



Referring to flexing muscle. To try and intimidate someone, or to prepare to fight someone.

Fly/Fly Girl/Fly Guy

A person who looks, dresses, and smells good. Always got there hair done, spends allot of time and money to make themselves look good.


1- to have plenty of money/ income flowing in due to legal or illegal activities.
2- An MC or Dancer who can move or rhyme nonstop smoothly without breaking there flow.


Referring to a forty ounce of beer.


1- Original term for a style of dance that came before house dance.
2- Off the top of the head, when an MC (rapper) rhymes with no pre written rhymes.
3- term for a form of Hip Hop dance that borrows from many styles of dance in and outside of Hip Hop and then freestyle’s it off the top of the head with no routines.



To be great, or brand new. To dance or rhyme, or do a great wild style graffiti piece. To dress nice and look good.



To fake something your not. Pretending to be tuff. To not show up for a situation or a fight.


1- It refers to a music style that originated with drummers in New Orleans like earl Palmer describing the type of sound they want to play.
2- It was a term also coined by James Brown referring to the music making people move and dance so much that at the end of the night the club would be/ smell funky from all the sweating and perspiration. so James Brown would say
3- refers to a style of music originated by the African American community. heavy bass, syncopated drums, and funky grooves.
4- FAKIN THE FUNK means to be fake in music or Hip Hop or on the streets. Or not really funky.


Slang for “FOREAL”


1- short for gangsta
2- short for grand, $1,000


1- To have rap or the words to talk to a fly girl. Or to have words to get out of trouble.
2- To be down to do something, or ready to forward in a situation.
3- To be good at basketball, to always have a good game.


To rob a house. And fly like geese.

Get Down/Get Loose/Get buzy

They all mean to dance, jam, rock turntables, rock a graffiti piece.

Ghetto Bird

Ghetto Bird

Police helicopter.



To disappear, to leave inconspicuously, without know one seeing you.
2016 Rolls-Royce Car

Go Off

1- To let off physical energy like a bomb. To let loose and fight or get violent on someone.
2- To get down and dance with massive energy.


1- another word for face.
2- To be stared at by another person with a mean face.
3-A thing in someones teeth


When a drug dealer is on the streets selling drugs, he’s on the grind or grinding.
A person who is constantly hittin the streets to find ways to make money to survive in the hood legally or illegally.


Street, dirty, diggin deep.


Ghetto tuff, gutter, raw, gangsta.

Hard Core

1- Real street raw. A person into street raw style Hip Hop music about street life, guns, murder, drugs. Raw Hip Hop, Not the party stuff.
2- when a person is into something, or an activity more than others.

Hard Rock

Hard Rock

An old school term for a New York thug or gangsta.


1) To stare at or be stared at hard.
Originally this was from people of color who were stared at by store or shop owners/ workers who thought that you were gonna steal something. So the shop owner/ worker will follow you around the store and stare at you.
referring to a bird of prey with great vision.
2) Weapon



To have courage, to be brave


To call someone out, or contact someone.


1- A punk, or someone who is soft.
2- Marijuana, weed.

Home Skillet/Home Boy/Homey

1- Close friend from around the way.
2- Used to be a dis, when calling someone homely meant like a mamas boy, who never goes out.


Short for neighborhood, but refers to ghetto neighborhood.

Hood Rat

Refers to a girl from around the way (your block, hood) who has sex with every guy on your block/ hood.

Hot 110

Hot 110

And old school original graffiti term. When a writer (graffiti) writer or crosses out his enemies name, or a toy (week graffiti writer). He or she will write “hot 110” over there name.



Mid eighties term for a fine young lady. meaning she’s hot, She’s a hottie.


1- Rhymes with bummin so was used to call someone a bum.
2- Person with bad breath.


Person who is always on the grind trying to make money.
A person who never sits on his or her riches, but stays grinding for more money.
A person who does what ever it takes to make money legal or illegal.

Hype/Hype Man

1- To perform (Hip Hop)or play ball with great energy. To get hype with a burst of energy.
2- It is an MC who backs up a main rapper (in a rap group) to keep the crowd/ audience hyper during the performance.

I Ain’t the one

Short for “I ain’t the one to be messed with”.



Jewelry covered with diamonds



Way of saying something is so great it is sickening.

Iron Horse

Iron Horse

Subway train.


1- Term for robbing a person, or car jacking, steeling someone’s car.
2- Also a word similar to dude.


A cop, police officer.


1- Name of an old school original Hip Hop party in the parks, school yards, small night clubs, youth centers, and so forth.
2- A term for a cool funky record that someone really likes.


A persons street credibility. In the streets it means to have what we called Pull. Meaning we can make something happen.


Sneakers, tennis shoes


Good, appealing, great.

Know the ledge

To have knowledge or self and everything around you, to have street knowledge


New Hip Hop dance that just came out of the streets of LA, made popular by the movie “RISE”. Affiliated with dances styles like clown walkin, the stripper dance.


1- To have a good time, and party hard
2- new style of Hip Hop music made popular in the Dirty South (Southern States) by artists like Lil John.


1- Short for elevated train platforms. Outside train stations.
2- joint


A person who is high off drugs or liquor.


Master of ceremonies. In Hip Hop an MC was the original term for Rapper. Mic Controller.


Ladies man, a guy who can get any girl he wants. Made popular by the blaxploitation movie in the 70’s.


A term used to explain when something is extra huge, or great.


1- To kill.
2- To leave.


A person wet behind the ears, who has no street experience, a rookie.

Non stop

Term takin from subway train terminology. Used to describe a party or situation or activity that won’t end for a long time. made popular in early Hip Hop rhymes.

Old School/Old Schooler

A way of saying Back in the days in the streets, school of hard knocks. A person who was representing the streets back in the days. Early days of the streets.

One/One love

Street way of saying good bye. Bidding someone peace.
Latino people will say Uno.


A box cutter or razor blade


Chillin, relaxing


Punk City, a term for a special protective jail cell for inmates who are in danger within prison population. Usually meant for inmates who can’t fight or have no pull in the prison (they don’t know any one).


1- A gun
2- An outlined graffiti artwork with color fill ins, and decorated on a train, wall, or black book (hardcover graffiti book)

Played/Play yourself

1- To be discovered that your pretending your something your not, or to get caught in a lie.
2- when someone takes you for a fool. You usually get played by a so called friend or boyfriend/ girlfriend cheating on you.

Playa/Playa Hater

1- a guy who has tons of girls and manages to play them all at the same time.
2- A person who can play the streets and system to get what he wants.
3- It is a person who down plays another playas game.

Played Out

When a fad is over and old, and no one is doing it no more.


1- To shoot someone
2- To get busted by the police and sent to jail.

Run it/ Run it back

1-What a stick up kid (robber) would say to a victim, if it’s for a bike, or a wallet or a chain.
2- Mean rewind, or try again, or bring it back.


Wearing you pants low and most of the time with no belt. This style of dress originated in the prison system because they confiscated belts and shoe laces so an inmate can’t hang himself.

Sawed off

A sawed off shotgun, in which the barrel(s) are sawed off to become shorter, for the purpose of the pellets inside the shells to spread out over a vast area. The accuracy is lessened by this but a sawed off 12 gauge is a gully weapon to have.


A type of Puerto Rican food seasoning that gives Spanish food it’s flavor. The term is used by Puerto Ricans to describe someone with style and flavor.


1- Originally a sports term for a person who sucks at a particular sport.
2- A term used by material girls/ gold diggers to describe A dude with no money, no car, no class, but he fronts and tries to get material girls.


To beat someone in a Hip Hop Battle. MC battle, BBOY battle, Graffiti battle, DJ battle.


A home made knife made in prison out of any object that can be sharpened.


1- Originally a gang term for a young kid from the neighborhood.
2- A cute/ fly ghetto girl/ honey.


80’s term for slut.


To sneak a punch or an attack on someone when there not lookin.


1- When an MC (rapper) starts rhyming.
2- It is when a person is flirting with a female.

Stack chips

To make money and save it, or put it away, then go out and make more money. A term for hustlers.


Everything is OK.
An individual is OK.


Writing your nick name on a wall or train.


Forcibly take your money like the government. To rob.


When something is cool, good , or safe it’s thorough.

Toy Cop

Security guards who act like there real cops.

True Dat

Means that is true.


Don’t get it wrong, or don’t get me wrong. Don’t mess around.

Up North

A prison North of NYC. Clinton Correctional Facility.


The upper parts of Manhattan. Anything above 100st. Harlem, Spanish Harlem and upwards.

Up/Get up

A writers (graffiti) main goal is to gain fame. To get up, is to gain fame by bombing the system (trains, walls, busses) with as many tags and throw ups.


Short for victim. A stick up kid (robber) term for a potential victim.


Not good, terrible. Referring to someone’s skills, clothes, situations.


1- An LP or record. A DJ term for records.
2- Means to keep it cool


1- a nice looking expensive car.

Wreck/Wreck Shop

To accomplish or destroy.

Zootie/Zooted/Zootie Bang

High on angel dust, PCP.

24/ 7

24 hours 7 days a week. Meaning your doing something all day and all night.

411/What’s the 411

Imformation, gossip, rummors. Stems from telephone information servcice.


Roland 808 drum machin sounds. Refering to one particular bass beat sound made popular in early 80’s NYC Hip Hop, now used in most Dirty South music as well as Miami Bass music.

No half steppin

Don’t half step, don’t half fast. Put 100 % into your efforts not 50%.

Catch this fade

When you wanna fight





RDX, an initialism for Research Department explosive,[2] is an explosive nitroamine widely used in military and industrial applications. It was developed as an explosive which was more powerful than TNT, and it saw wide use in World War II.



A diamond; Marquise cut diamonds are very sparkly.

AMC Pacer

AMC Pacer

Ugly car.

Ford Excursion

Ford Excursion

Ugly car 2.

Toe tag

1. A method of identification of bodies in a morgue. A label on string tied to a deceased persons toe with their name and other information on it. Anklebands (like the wristbands you get when you visit a hospital) are now more common.2. (Slang) To kill somebody.



Maafa (or African Holocaust, Holocaust of Enslavement, or Black holocaust as alternatives) are terms used to describe the history and ongoing effects of atrocities inflicted on African people.



“Echelon” is a level of rank, achievement or reputation.

Ted DiBiase

He was a wrestler. He was called the “Million Dollar Man”, a millionaire who wore a gold-studded, dollar-sign-covered suit.

Cheeba & Ganja


Strong Island

Nickname of Long Island



It is a jacket that were popular in East Coast cities in the ’70s and ’80s.

New York Hot Tracks

It is another classic NYC throwback. It was a television show guest hosted by The Beastie Boys and Run DMC, among others. It was cancelled in 1989.

Mr. Magic

John Rivas, was a prominent hip hop radio DJ.

Nu Nile

Nu Nile is a hair product that made African-textured hair look really slick back in the day.


Conceited, superior, having an air of rude hauteur particularly with regard to personal appearance – but with good reason.

Sirat al-Mustaqim

It is an Arabic term for the Islamic concept of the straight path, or the way of life which makes God happy (it’s a quote from the first Surah in the Quran: Surat Al-Fatiha)


It is a common Arabic term that is associated with religion. In Islamic context, it refers to a way of life that that is pleasing to God

“Talking out your neck”

It is a jive phrase that essentially means to lie.



A woman who is regarded as evil and scheming.

“Poppin’ yang”

Means talking trash.

Clock G's

Clock G’s

It’s ambiguous: It means sell drugs, but also receive thousands of dollars.

Cap peeling

It’s the act of shooting someone in the head.


Means fake in Italian slang.


A London Dry Gin. It is sold a various proofs, but the lowest seems to be 80 (or, around 40% abv). It is, in other words, a very strong drink.


It was a popular brand of glasses.



They were shoes made of plastic.


A pair of sunglasses


It is a game, in which the seeking team would try to grab kids on the hiding team and hold them long enough to say ‘Ringolevio 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3’.



Infrared beam


Means to hold something, usually a drink, joint, cigarette, etc., for a long time without sharing it.


It refers to a weaving pattern of broken V-shapes, called such because it resembles the skeleton of a herring fish



Angel Dust

Big up

A Jamaican term of encouragement or otherwise good cheer.

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– Ace. Best friend, main man, a person who has someone’s back, or protection or who will go down for there friend or crew.
– B. An east coast term short for brother, or bro.
– Baby Mama. Baby Daddy. …
– Bail. To Leave, or go. …
– Bank. Money, cash.
– Beef. Serious trouble with an individual, or group, or gang. …
– Benjamins. …
– Benz.

Considering this, What are new words for 2020?

– Climate Emergency. Let’s begin our list with The Oxford Dictionary Word of The Year – climate emergency. …
– Permaculture. Permaculture is an old word that’s recently become more popular. …
– Freegan. A freegan is also a portmanteau that combines the words free and vegan. …
– Hothouse. …
– Hellacious.

Also, What are some popular sayings in 2020?

– of 13. “Karen” …
– of 13. “Zoom” …
– of 13. “Essential” …
– of 13. “Virus” …
– of 13. “Quibi” …
– of 13. “Social Distance” …
– of 13. “COVID/Coronavirus” …
– of 13. “Remote”

Regarding this, What are the new words for 2020?

– Climate Emergency. Let’s begin our list with The Oxford Dictionary Word of The Year – climate emergency. …
– Permaculture. Permaculture is an old word that’s recently become more popular. …
– Freegan. A freegan is also a portmanteau that combines the words free and vegan. …
– Hothouse. …
– Hellacious.

What are some current slang words?

– Dope – Cool or awesome.
– GOAT – “Greatest of All Time”
– Gucci – Good, cool, or going well.
– Lit – Amazing, cool, or exciting.
– OMG – An abbreviation for “Oh my gosh” or “Oh my God”
– Salty – Bitter, angry, agitated.
– Sic/Sick – Cool or sweet.

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What are popular slang words?

– Dope – Cool or awesome.
– GOAT – “Greatest of All Time”
– Gucci – Good, cool, or going well.
– Lit – Amazing, cool, or exciting.
– OMG – An abbreviation for “Oh my gosh” or “Oh my God”
– Salty – Bitter, angry, agitated.
– Sic/Sick – Cool or sweet.

What are some ghetto slang words?

– Ace. Best friend, main man, a person who has someone’s back, or protection or who will go down for there friend or crew.
– B. An east coast term short for brother, or bro.
– Baby Mama. Baby Daddy. …
– Bail. To Leave, or go. …
– Bank. Money, cash.
– Beef. Serious trouble with an individual, or group, or gang. …
– Benjamins. …
– Benz.

What is the most used phrase in 2020?


What is the most popular word in 2020?


What is the most positive word of 2020?

– Start.
– Excitement.
– Peace.
– Love.
– Powerful.
– Mindful.
– Strong.
– Motivation.

What are the top 10 slang words?

– On Point. This slang expression means that something is well done, high quality or perfect. …
– On Fleek. …
– Basic. …
– Obvi. …
– Turnt. …
– Bye Felicia.

What is the word of 2020?

Based upon a statistical analysis of words that are looked up in extremely high numbers in our online dictionary while also showing a significant year-over-year increase in traffic, Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year for 2020 is pandemic.

What is a positive word for today?


What are some new English words?

New English Word Meaning
—————- ————————————————————————–
awe-inspiringly So impressively, spectacularly, or formidably as to arouse or inspire awe.
awesomesauce Extremely good; excellent.
awfulize To class as awful or terrible
awfy Terrible, dreadful; remarkable or notable.

What is a positive word example?

What Is A Positive Word? A positive word is a word which has a positive meaning or imposes a positive meaning on an existing word. For example. if you take the sentence ‘this is a cake’ but you wanted to convey that the cake was really good, you could use a positive word to imply that.

What is the 10 vocabulary words?

– Atrocity.
– Fanatical.
– Pensive.
– Respite.
– Discordant.
– Eloquent.
– Encompass.
– Imperceptible.

What word was added to the dictionary in 2020?

Whatevs, simples, chillax, sumfin and Jafaican have been added to the Oxford English Dictionary. They are among 203 new words which appear in the dictionary for the very first time.

What is an example of a vocabulary word?

An example of vocabulary is all the words that a toddler understands. An example of vocabulary is the language used by doctors. All the words of a language. … A usually alphabetized and explained collection of words e.g. of a particular field, or prepared for a specific purpose, often for learning.

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Hip Hop Slang Dictionary

Hip hop music’s dictionary uses a variety of slang terms that have changed as hip hop itself has changed over the years. In fact, much of the language used in hip hop is drawn from African American Vernacular English (AAVE). Specifically, hip hop slang makes use of alternative pronunciations, mostly drawn from AAVE. Hence, ordinary words are given new meanings, new coinages and portmanteau words, and vernacular phrases. Furthermore, the slang used in hip hop can often be linked to a certain era and/or school of hip hop. Consequently, as the hip hop culture has become popular worldwide, non-Americans and non-English speakers have borrowed from and contributed to the slang of hip hop, often modifying the meanings of words to their own uses.

Hip hop slang from music

Lamont Coleman

To begin with, Harlem rapper Lamont Coleman (stage name Big L) released a song on his posthumous album “The Big Picture” entitled “Ebonics”. In detail, Big L goes through various hip hop slang terms and gives their “proper” meanings.

Yo, pay attention
And listen real closely how I break this slang shit down
Check it, my weed smoke is my lye
A ki of coke is a pie
When I’m lifted, I’m high
With new clothes on, I’m fly
Cars is whips and sneakers is kicks
Money is chips, movies is flicks

Big L, “Ebonics”

aks – another word for “ask”; a way of saying hip hop artists don’t give a shit about pronouncing words correctly.

Blood vessels poppin’ out my craniums
Niggas aksin’ when the tape gon’ drop but I got nothin’ to say to them

Joey Bada$$, “Snakes”

bangin’ – of extraordinary quality; attractive or desirable.

God damn, backyard’s bangin’ like a Benzie
If I was jiggy, you’d be spotted like Spuds McKenzie

Ghostface Killah, “Ice Cream”

big willie – someone with a lot of money and luxury goods, usually acquired through hustling; one with extravagant taste and a penchant for flaunting their wealth.

The crew is lampin’ Big Willie-style
Check the chip-toothed smile, plus I profile wild.

Nas, “The World Is Yours”

Mo’ money, mo’ problems – the eternal conundrum of success; the more money you get, the more problems you have.

I don’t know what they want from me
It’s like the more money we come about, the more problems we see.

The Notorious B.I.G., “Mo Money, Mo Problems”

Frankie Smith and Snoop Dog

This particular style of hip hop slang was created specifically by certain hip hop artists. Originated by funk musician Frankie Smith with his 1982 nonsense single “The Double-Dutch Bus”, this style was popularized by rapper Snoop Dogg when he used it on Dr Dre’s The Chronic album in 1992. So the ending of a word is removed, and replaced with the -izzle suffix. In other cases, -izz- is added in the middle of a word, for example, the word “house” becomes “hizzouse”.

  • bizzle – bitch
  • fizzle – can be female, fuck, flatulate or any number of words starting with the letter F
  • hizzle – hook, as in the phrase “off the hook”
  • nizzle – nigga
  • rizzle – real
  • shiznit – shit (usually in a general positive sense); used especially in the phrase “Thats tha Shiznit!”
  • fo’shizzle – for sure
  • skizzle – a drip of any sort of intoxicating liquid.
  • tizzle – tizzy, a state of agitation or nervousness.
  • wizzle – wigga

English words with changed meanings

Surely, these words can be found with the same spelling in any English dictionary. However, in hip hop music they are used as slang words and are given an alternate meaning, forming their own dictionary.

  • Wat it do – Hello (Houston)
  • Who am is – Who am i (South)
  • bent – adj.- intoxicated
  • biscuit – n.- gun, pistol
  • cap – n.- bullet (e.g. “I’ma bust a cap in yo’ ass.” = “I will shoot you.”)
  • cheese – n.- money
  • dog (also “dogg” and “dawg”) -n.- a close and trusted friend
  • fly – adj.- cool, appealing, etc.
  • ghost -v.- to leave, leave quietly, quickly. (e.g. “He got ghost.” = “He left quickly.” or “It’s time to get ghost.” = “It’s time to evacuate from the scene.”)
  • hood – n.- neighborhood, usually, or the turf of certain gangs
  • ice -n.- diamonds, usually refers to the plural. (e.g. “That nigga got shit loads’a ice on his wrist.” = “That guy is wearing a bracelet with a lot of diamonds.”)
  • marinate -v.- chill, relax
  • pig -n.- police officer
  • popes – n. – the police, an abbreviation of po-po. (e.g. “Look out for the popes!” )
  • tight – adj.- cool, high-quality, appealing

Invented terms and portmanteaux

These words and their meanings would not be found in an English dictionary, but are used in hip hop music slang. Though used and popularized by M.C.s, most of these words were not coined by any M.C. Instead, they were taken from the local street slang of each M.C.’s area. Many of these words have become mainstream because of various popular hip hop artists.

  • wifey – girlfriend
  • kicks – sneakers
  • Big Face – 100 Dollar Bill
  • baller -n.- a high-roller, a money-maker
  • chillax -v.- relaxing. A combination of “chill” and “relax.
  • diss -v.- to criticize or disrespect someone. (e.g. “He dissed that bitch.” )
  • hella -adv.- very formed from “hell” and “of”; not used much by M.C.s anymore; common on the West Coast
  • Mo’ Fo’ -n.- motherfucker
  • scrilla -n.- money; used especially by West Coast M.C.s. (Mack 10, E-40, etc.)

Hip hop slang for drugs, gangs and guns

Gang slang terms

  • BG -n.- Baby Gangsta; an adolescent gangster
  • bluh -n.- a slurred pronunciation of Blood. Generally means friend, homie, fellow Bloods member. Usually used in phrases such as “What up, bluh?”, meaning “What’s up, Blood?” Generally used to refer to a Blood gang member, but sometimes used by Bloods towards non-Bloods gang members to provoke confrontation.
  • Cuzz/Cuzzo -n.- Crip. Sometimes pronounced “cuh”. A familiar term between members of the Crip gang, it can also be used in a confrontational manner from a Crip gang member towards a non-Crip.
  • G -n.- a gangsta. (I’m a G, I’m a G) in East Coast or “old school” hip-hop can mean simply a guy or girl.
  • OG -n.- Original Gangster. Initially referred to the founder of a street gang, but now commonly refers to any older gang member. Usually common to gang bangers who live up to their notoriety, reputation, and never “sold out”. Has been adopted outside of the gang culture for general use in hip-hop to refer to any originator of something or older person.
  • overhoe -n.- derogatory term towards a Ova Soldier gang member.
  • suwitchboy -n.- derogatory term towards a D.T.B ganster.

Drug-related slang terms

  • Papi – The drug connect
  • White Lady – Cocaine
  • Dope boy – Drug Dealer
  • boi – heroin
  • cookies – crack cocaine
  • nick (also “nickel”, “nickelbag”, “nickelsack”) – a five dollar bag of illicit drug
  • dime (also “dimebag” or “dimesack”) – ten dollar bag of illicit drugs
  • fire – marijuana or meaning a sex term towards oral sex
  • green – marijuana
  • primo – a joint laced with angel dust or crack cocaine
  • powdering his face – snorting cocaine

Gun-related slang terms

  • Glock handgun – nine, nina, Nina Ross
  • .22 caliber gun – Deuce Deuce, Scooby-Doo (used by Cypress Hill)
  • 40-caliber gun – 4 pounda
  • 44-caliber gun – 44, Fo’ Fo’
  • 45-caliber gun – Fo’Five
  • Desert Eagle- Desert Eaze, Deagle
  • shotgun- pump, shotty, “The Dimple-ator”

Hip hop slang for brand names and trademarks

  • Benz/Benzo – short for Mercedes-Benz
  • Beamer – any model of BMW vehicle
  • Cad/Caddy/’Lac – a Cadillac
  • Deuce and a Quarter – a Buick Electra
  • Dom P. -Dom Perignon, a brand of champagne
  • Henny, Hen – Hennessy, a brand of cognac
  • L dog – a Lincoln
  • Lex – short for Lexus, also short for Rolex watches
  • Timbs – Timberland boots
  • Rolly (also Rolley) – a term for Rolex, as used in Snoop Dogg’s 2004 hit “Drop It Like It’s Hot”. Also a synonym for Rolls Royce.

Meaning of numbers in hip hop slang

  • 187- homicide
  • 24/7 – all day hustle
  • 411 – information. From 4-1-1, the number for directory assistance in the United States.
  • 420 – Number associated with cannabis and cannabis usage. Also refers to April 20th, which many people refer to as “Marijuana Day” because of the date.
  • 5-0 – in reference to the police (as in the television show Hawaii Five-O)
  • 1096 – police code for mentally ill suspect (from the film The Sugarland Express). Commonly used in the state of Texas.
  • 5150 – code for mentally ill from the California Welfare and Institutions Code. Also the name of a Van Halen and an Eazy-E album.
  • 730 – the code for a crazy person. According to some New York City rappers the term “730” originated from mental health patients receiving their medication at 7:30 am and 7:30 pm.
  • 211 – robbery
  • 20 – location (e.g. “What’s yo’ 20?” = “Where are you?”)

Hip hop slang phrases

  • bust a nut – ejaculate
  • bust a move – to act first in an altercation, to perform a dance step. popularized by Young M.C.’s hit single, “Bust A Move” (1989).
  • coolin’ it – relaxing
  • da bomb – the bomb; cool, appealing, or popular
  • keep it trill – keep it true and real (true + real = trill)
  • off the hook – unbelievable, outrageous, wild, etc.
  • open up shop – sell drugs, establish a drug-selling spot
  • what’s goin’ down? – what are we doing tonight? can refer to a fight.
  • what tha dilly yo? (also “…dealio?”) – what is going on?. Originated from “What the deal, yo?”.
  • what up? – hello, how are you?, or what is going on?
  • wiggity-wack – very disturbing. presently, the “wiggity” has been dropped and those in hip-hop now use just “wack”.
  • word up – you got that straight, that’s right, or how’s it going. many now simply use the word “word”.

Furthermore, if you’re interested to know more about the language of hip hop, Pudding did an article just about that. As a result, you can look through 308 hip hop artists and see their vocabulary similarity, a dictionary of the most used hip hop slang terms, etc.

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This term actually isn't new—according to Mirriam Webster, the first known use of "vibe" was 1967. says that the association between "vibrations" and a source of positive energy goes back to 1983. In the '60s, the term "good vibes" was popular (as evidenced by the 1966 Beach Boys song "Good Vibrations").

The word "vibe," as opposed to "vibes" or "vibrations," is used commonly today. If we want to get technical, "vibe" can be used as both a noun and a verb. When it's a noun, "vibe" describes the distinct emotional impression of a place, gathering, or even a person. It's the feeling you get after you leave, and you're reflecting (i.e. "that place had a spectacular vibe" or "this room has a weird vibe"). When a verb, "vibe" means to kick back and hang out, or to get along (i.e. "she and I were vibing on our date").

Or, you can say, "It's a vibe," referring to the specific emotional atmosphere or sensation you find yourself in.


Now discussing:

A series of slang words and large amount of grammaticalerrors used during speaking to make someone sound 'cool'. Used commonly by teens.

Timmy: Wassup mah niggas! Its yo boy, Lil Timmy, the real balla. We about to pop some joint, bitches!
Jared: TIMMY! What the fuck are you doing on my yard? Is that a joint? I thought you were a nerd!
Timmy: You's crazy, bitch. Lil Timmy is always cool, fo real. Poppin' joint is my specialty.
Jared: Yeah, right. You're a fucking virgin. I doubt you even got as far as a handshake with girl.
Timmy: Her hand be shakin'. Shakin' whle beatin my meat, nigga.
Jared: Timmy, you're as white as white can get. You can take that imaginary girl hand, and go fuck yourself. Your dumb ass ghetto talk will get you nowhere. Now get your white ass outta here.
Timmy: Dayum, nigga. Ok, I see you.
Jared: You'll be seeing nothing after I beat the shit out of you. Go away.

Ghetto Talk has taken everyone.

Click my handle to see my other definitions.

by Malware. January 20, 2019

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The language of 90% of urban dictionary users.

"Oh nigga, I just gae dat guh da nastiest case o' hupes eva at da partay down in da ghetto of ATL!!!!!"

"Dude, you're 12. You're parents are lawyers. You live in a mansion for fuck's sake."

"Ah shoo, whyzyooz hatin' on me?"

"Look shitnitz, take your white ass and your CapriSun out of my house."

"Aight Dawg!"

"I'm not your 'dawg' and stop with the Ghetto talk... seriously..."

by Glass Cup April 19, 2010

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Ghetto-talk is the usage of informal words/ slang in sentences (i.e wanna, gonna, yo, ain't, etc.). It is becoming increasingly accepted by most people in the world.

Example 1

'With an attitude like this, you won't be winning the national spelling bee.'
'But I don't wanna learn no more of that stuff.'
'What have I told you about using ghetto-talk here?'

*example inspired by Akeela and the Bee

Other Examples

'Hey, I wanna watch the news.'
'You shouldn't be sitting down with your phone in yo' pocket. It may buttdial someone by accident.'
'He ain't going to school today.'

Please note that the word "buttdial" has been added today (August 27, 2015) and may not be recognized by your computer.

by R-Ry August 27, 2015

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Nick names or code names on situation , objects , personal references and insults used on the streets or in gangs

The gist Ghetto slang talk

What's cracking , whats popping , wassup , what it is , what it do - hey what's up

Bread , dough , paper , stacks , bands , racks - money

Opp , fuck boy - enemy

Flay , mook , fruity - homosexual

by I had swag , now I work KFC December 01, 2013

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