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POP-CHARGER AIR FILTER W/HEAT SHIELD Produces a real 6.5+ hp increase at the wheels! Hood sealed heat shield insures outside air temperatures. This system consistently out performs extended piping systems on the 350Z without the risk of ingesting water due to remote filter positioning. NissanPerformanceMag: "Not wanting to mess around we put the car on the dyno immediately and recorded the biggest gains we.ve seen on any 350Z yet: 6.5 hp at the wheels! The driving difference was noticeable, springing a welcomed quickness to redline. To say we were amazed is an understatement."

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Sours: https://www.amsmotorsports.com/ind/350z-g35/exhaust/jwt-350z-pop-charger-intake.html

JWT PSER1-1221X Pop-Charger Intake System 91-99 Nissan Sentra SER/SE 2.0L

JWT PSER1-1221X Pop-Charger Intake System 91-99 Nissan Sentra SER/SE 2.0L

Your new POP-Charger is the most efficient air intake system available. By adhering to ideal venturi theory, a 4:1 convergent area and a modified parabolic profile maintain a near linear air velocity along the entire venturi surface. Interestingly, it is the POP-Chargers aluminum venturi that accounts for the largest performance gain; the filter element itself is designed simply to not adversely affect this venturi. The POP-Charger uses a very low restriction gauze filter element. By saturating the gauze with a sticky oil, foreign particles are literally stuck to the gauze. The �wicking action� of the oil quickly coats each trapped particle, making it an active part of the filter. Your original filter uses a sieve principle, which must restrict all air passages in the element to a size no larger than the smallest particle being filtered. An oiled gauze filter however does not need to restrict particles, but instead, attracts them, allowing for much larger air passages while still removing particulates. Unlike your original paper element filter that must be discarded when it is clogged, gauze element filters can be continually cleaned and reused.

Sours: https://www.importpartspro.com/pser11221x.html
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Jim Wolf Technology Pop Charger Review

Was originally planning to get silicone post-MAF tubes to compliment my K&N drop-ins and call it a day, but after finding a set of JWT pop chargers for a seriously good price I couldn't help myself. Although the K&N and R2C kits offer more complete solutions, I didn't like the capped cone filter right behind the air inlets design and wanted velocity stacks.

DISCLAIMER: I would never pay retail for these, and only see them worth it if you can find them for 1/2 price at least. They are a short ram kit that does not replace the entire intake assembly, or utilize an enclosed box heat shield so DO NOT expect performance gains. There is mild improvement under the curve but this is not a peak numbers part and is virtually only good for increasing intake volume, with marginal improvements in MPG and throttle response.

NOTE: I decided to wrap the heat shields and tubing in Heatshield Products reflective tape, which actually make a noticeable difference. the tubes remain cool to the touch even after long drives, and the area around the intake by the heat shield is much cooler than the area behind it. Absolutely worth the $20 on Amazon for any kind of aftermarket intake.

Appearance - These look about 10x better in the bay than the factory airboxes, and I mounted the MAF side down for an even cleaner look.

Sound - Wow. These are literal intake megaphones. I have a catback exhaust and these dominate the exhaust noise after 5000 RPM (in a VERY good way). They get rid of the grainy noise quality VQ's suffer at high RPM, and they absolutely scream.

Performance - As mentioned, kind of a useless point. I've noticed a bit better throttle response and increased MPG (~1-2) but they're not a gains-focused kit like the G3 and other longtubes. However I'm looking forward to getting silicone tubes to compliment these in hopes of another small bump in throttle response.

OVERALL: They did exactly what I expected. At $360+ MSRP they're wayyyy overpriced, but used for sub $200 they're much better than any Ebay short ram. The first time I stood on the pedal after install I laughed out loud at how loud they are. If you can find them for a good price and don't care about peak gains, go for it.

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Sours: http://www.the370z.com/
MORE NOISE for the Z! 350Z gets a new Intake! JWT Popcharger install and quick review.

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