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We're sure there are a select few out there who enjoy installing holiday lights, though for most people, it's a time-consuming drag of a task. Stringing Christmas lights on your tree is one thing, but decorating outdoors is quite another. Luckily, a very clever person came up with the idea of Christmas net lights, which you can blanket over bushes, hedges, fences, and more in much less time than it takes to install individual strands. Read on for our top recommendations worth considering, plus shopping tips and advice on installation and storage.

What to Consider

The place to start when shopping for Christmas net lights is with the dimensions. Although it may not be exact, it’s essential to find a set that’s as close as possible to the area that needs coverage. Using net lights can save you a ton of time, but don’t expect installation to be as quick as throwing them over the hedges and calling it a day. Slapdash jobs with net lights are painfully obvious. You want the end result to look like you spent hours stringing regular light sets, which requires pre-planning and patience.

Net grids are either square or diamond-shaped, and if you prefer a uniform design, a square grid may be easier to line up. As for power source, there are plug-in, solar, and battery options. The majority of sets have LED lights and offer end-to-end connection, and the selection of wire and bulb color is just as varied as traditional lights. In terms of extra features, there's everything from multiple lighting modes and timers to remote controls and memory function. There are also sets made specifically for wrapping tree trunks.

Installation Tips

For square or rectangular hedges, drape the net over the top and make sure the overhang is the same height on both sides. For help approximating where to place them correctly so you don't have adjust them, measure the hedge's height and mark the net with painter's tape or something similar to guide you where to fold them over. For bushes, aim to have the middle of net top and center. Tuck any excess net underneath.


How to store net Christmas lights is a common question, as they tend to tangle easily. To prevent them from becoming a ball of wire next season, spread the set out on the grass or driveway and fold it into quarters. If you want to get fancy, lay sheets of tissued paper in between folds and use a piece of cardboard on the bottom to keep them flat. Slip them inside a large Ziploc bag or buy a clear organizer bag for long-term storage.

How We Chose

Every set of net lights we write about below have an average customer review of four stars or more. Our selection includes lights in a range of sizes to suit small and large installation projects, as well as the best plug-in, solar, and battery-operated sets. We feature multicolor, warm white, and cool white net lights on both green and white wires, and note if there are other options available.

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Best for Small Bushes

100 Christmas Net Lights


Key Specs

  • Dimensions: 5 x 5 feet
  • Bulb count/type: 100 LED 
  • Power source: Plug-in
  • End-to-end connection: Yes; up to 12 sets 

This set of net lights is ideal for small bushes, as it's a 5-foot square. It has 100 LED lights spaced about 6.5 inches apart and features end-to-end connection with up to 12 sets, so you easily decorate multiple bushes, plus a generous 16-plus feet of lead wire for landscaping that's spaced farther apart. 

The set is available in multicolor lights in addition to the warm white lights shown in the photo. 


Best for Larger Bushes

200 Christmas Net Lights


Key Specs

  • Dimensions: 9.8 x 6.6 feet 
  • Bulb count/type: 200 LED 
  • Power source: Plug-in
  • End-to-end connection: No 

For larger bushes—or to hang from the porch—this set of lights is your best bet. The net has 200 LED lights and is nearly 10 feet long and 6.6 feet wide, giving you plenty of square footage for coverage, plus there's almost 10 feet of lead wire. There are also eight lighting modes to choose from using a button on the plug. The set comes in cool white, plus green and other colors. 


Best for Hedges

360 Christmas Net Lights


Key Specs

  • Dimensions: 12 x 5 feet 
  • Bulb count/type: 360 LED
  • Power source: Plug-in 
  • End-to-end connection: Yes; 3 sets  

For decorating hedges, you'll need a longer set of lights that are just wide enough to cover the sides and top of the shrubs, ideally with no overhang. This option is 12 inches long by 5 feet wide, with an impressive 360 LED lights and a lead wire that's more than 16 feet, plus end-to-end connection for up to three sets. 

They also feature eight lighting modes with a memory function that saves your last choice along with timer that keeps lights on for 6 hours and automatically shuts them off for 18 hours. 


Best for Long Hedgerows

300 Christmas Net Lights


Key Specs

  • Dimensions: 14.8 x 4.9 feet 
  • Bulb count/ type: 300 LED 
  • Power source: Plug-in
  • End-to-end connection: Yes, 2 sets 

This set of net lights is perfect for long hedgerows, at nearly 15 feet long and 5 feet wide. It features 300 cool white LED lights, with end-to-end connection for two sets, plus a separate extension cord (which acts as a lead wire) that's more than 16 feet long. 

There are also eight lighting modes, with a button on the plug for switching them up. The set is available in multicolor and green, and five other color options.  


Best Battery Powered

100 Christmas Net Lights (2 Pack)


Key Specs

  • Dimensions: 4.9 x 3.9 feet 
  • Bulb count/type: 100 LED
  • Power sourceBattery
  • End-to-end connection: No 

Most Christmas net lights are plug-in or solar-powered, and it isn't as easy to find a set that runs on batteries. 

While the sets in this two-pack don't offers as much square footage as others we cover, they each have 100 multicolor LED lights on a dark green wire and feature a 6-hour timer, plus eight lighting modes to choose from. 

They're a great option for anyone who wants lights that are consistently bright, which can be an issue with solar lights, and to skip running wires around their property.


Best Solar

200 Christmas Net Lights


Key Specs

  • Dimensions: 9.8 x 6.6 feet 
  • Bulb count/type: 200 LED  
  • Power source: Solar 
  • End-to-end connection: No 

This set of solar Christmas net lights is ideal for hedges and larger bushes, and will also work well for decorating fences or your garden pergola. It has 200 LED lights and spans nearly 10 feet long, plus there are eight lighting modes and a memory function to save your last setting. 

No end-to-end connection is a drawback, though may not be a dealbreaker if you aren't set up for plug-ins and would rather skip having to use batteries. The set comes in warm white and cool white options, in addition to green and other colors. 


Best Incandescent

150 Christmas Net Lights


Key Specs

  • Dimensions: 6 x 4 feet 
  • Bulb count/type: 150 incandescent 
  • Power sourcePlug-in
  • End-to-end connection: Yes, up to 3 sets 

LED lights certainly have plusses, but they don't offer the same warmth that you get with an incandescent bulb. If that quality of light is a non-negotiable in your search for Christmas net lights, this is the set for you. It features 150 incandescent bulbs on a green wire that spans 6 feet long by 4 feet wide, with the option to connect up to three sets and choose from steady or flashing light modes. 


Best for White Wire

100 Christmas Net Lights
Wintergreen Lighting



Key Specs

  • Dimensions: 6 x 4 feet 
  • Bulb count/type: 100 LED 
  • Power sourcePlug-in
  • End-to-end connection: Yes, up to 21 sets

You can't have a dark green wire showing up against a white fence. Thanks to its large square grid, this set of Christmas net lights with 100 cool white LED bulbs will blend it well with low railings and vertical panels. It's also the perfect dimensions for a low fence or balcony, at 6 feet long and 4 feet tall, plus you can connect up to 21 sets. 


Best For Trees Trunks

50 Christmas Net Lights


Key Specs

  • Dimensions: 45 x 37 inches
  • Bulb count/type: 50 LED  
  • Power sourcePlug-in
  • End-to-end connection: Yes, up to 45 sets 

This set of net Christmas lights makes the task of wrapping tree trunks a snap, with a stretchable cord woven into the brown wire and loop clasps to keep the net in place. 

It features 50 LEDs and is wide enough for trees up to 14 inches in diameter, though with the ability to connect up to 45 sets, you'll be more than covered for the largest trees on your property. It also has a square grid that creates a neat, uniform look. 

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100 Light Red 5 mm Wide Angle Conical LED Net Lights

Red LED Net Lights - Pro Series - 5mm WAC (100L, 9.6 watts) - Net size 4' x 6' - 22 Gauge Green Wire

  • • Brand: Pro Christmas™
  • • Bulb Style: 5 mm Wide Angle Conical
  • • Bulb Count: 100
  • • Bulb Color: Red
  • • Light Set Series: Professional/Commercial Grade
  • • Bulb Life: 75,000 hrs
  • • Wire Color: Green
  • • Wire Gauge: 22 Gauge
  • • Rectifier: Full Wave Rectified - Specially designed inline, double injected molded - double sealed against the elements. Prevents bulbs from flickering during
  • • Connector Type: End to End Connector - Up to 30 sets can be connected end to end and plugged into one extension cord or outlet.
  • • Plug Type: Stackable, fused. Standard 2-prong plug. Works with any standard 110/120 volt outlet. No adapter required.
  • • UL Rated: Yes, for indoor or outdoor use.
  • • Case Quantity: 24 *Note item sold individually.
  • • Case Weight: 29 lbs.

Frequently Asked Questions

These light sets are one piece, which means the bulbs cannot be replaced. What if a bulb goes out?

LED diodes typically last a long time, it's rare that they will burn out. But in the event that one does burn out, the rest of the set will continue to operate without a problem.

Why are the bulbs non replaceable?

Generally, top quality LED Christmas light sets are made using a one piece LED bulb and socket design. Although this does prevent the bulbs from being replaced, the advantage is that it significantly extends the life of the light set. The #1 reason LED light sets fail is because dirt and moisture get into the lighting system causing the set to fail. By having a single piece construction, this creates a sealed bulb and socket. Because LED diodes last a very long time, it's rare that one will burn out.

Your LED bulbs are rated at 75,000 hours, but I see other websites that have them rated up to 200,000 hours, why is there such a big difference?

Any site that is rating a LED diode above 85,000 hours has outdated information. During the early days of LED Christmas lights, factories in China often exaggerated their bulb hour ratings, however, through the years additional testing has shown that this is not realistic. At 200,000 hours, if you had your lights on for 12 hours a night for 60 days each holiday season, the LEDs would last for 277 years. It's obviously impossible for a LED diode to last that long. A more realistic rating is generally between 35,000 hours and 85,000 hours, however, it's important to understand this is the life expectancy of only the LED diode in a perfect factory condition. See the next question for more information regarding light set life expectancy.

Since the bulbs on these light sets are rated at 75,000 hours, is that approximately how long the set itself will last?

It's important to understand that LED bulb life and light set life are two different things. The 75,000 hour rating only applies to the LED diode in a perfect factory test environment. Unfortunately it's impossible to offer an accurate life expectancy for LED light sets because there are so many factors that can affect the life of the set. These factors can include how long the sets are left up every year, how harsh the weather is and how carefully the sets are installed, removed and stored.

Even though there are a number of factors that can shorten the life of a LED light set, if taken care of and not left up for extended periods of time, LEDs will last for many years and will offer reliability and longevity that far surpasses traditional incandescent Christmas lights.

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LED Net Lights

LED net lights are a quick and energy efficient way to cover large spaces quickly in your outdoor decorating. With low wattage LED lights you can connect multiple nets together using stackable plugs, saving valuable time. The bulbs have an average lifetime of 60,000 hours, making them a great holiday choice for years to come. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes as you plan your decorating scheme.

LED net lights lights are available with 5mm bulbs and M5 bulbs. All bulbs are tested for color consistency, so that lights will match throughout the entire net. Don't be fooled by the size of 5mm bulbs. They may be small, but they are bright. Their concave lenses disperse light in all directions. M5 lights are the same size of incandescent mini lights but with all the energy saving benefits of LED lights. Their diamond faceted surface makes a spectacular color halo. Both these bulbs provide vivid, long lasting illumination.

When are net lights best?

LED net lights are the ideal solution when quick and even coverage is needed. Nets vary in size depending on application and can be draped on bushes and hedges to create a professional looking display. The green and brown wire blends into leaves and branches, so all you see is brilliant lights. Use longer thinner trunk wraps with green or brown wire to decorate tree trunks and branches. White wire trunk wraps are great for columns and porches.

1.5-3M LED Net lights 200 LED Fairy String Decorative Mesh Wedding Xmas Decor US

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Led net lights

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Unboxing 5MM LED Net Lights

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