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In Adobe XD, each artboard represents a webpage that can be connected to each other or other external websites via Links.

Anima supports the following Adobe XD native Prototype Interaction features:

  • Trigger - Tap
  • Action - Transition, Overlay, Previous Artboard, Auto-Animate

Anima also includes:

  • External Links - A link to an external website
  • Scroll To Links - A type of link that directs the user to a specific section of the same artboard (webpage).

Adobe XD Links

To connect artboards in the same Adobe XD document, use the Tap action and Transition type:

Creating an Internal link with Adobe


  • Only Tap triggers and Transition, Overlays, Previous Arboard actions types are supported
  • Animation, Easing, and Duration settings are not currently supported

External Links

Many times you want to create links to external websites that aren’t a part of your website, for example, links to Facebook, Twitter, App Stores, etc..

To create an External Link:

  1. Select the layer which will trigger the navigation event (i.e.: a social media icon or email address).
  2. Click Link in the Flow section
  3. Select External Link from the Link Type drop-down menu
  4. Enter the full URL for the external website or enter ‘mailto: [email protected]’ to link to an email address

External Link


An Overlay is a link type that lets you display another artboard on top of the existing one rather than as a separate destination screen.

When you create a Tap trigger Overlay using Adobe XD, it automatically populates as an Anima Overlay.

  1. Make the overlay artboard the same width as the artboard it will go over
  2. If you want its background to be transparent or see-through, change the overlay artboard’s background’s opacity
  3. Placement of the overlay component is adjusted on its artboard

Overlay placement


  • Only Transition and Overlays triggers are supported
  • Animation, Easing, and Duration settings are not currently supported

Creating an Overlay with Adobe

Scroll To Links

You can create Links to a different section in the same artboard (webpage).

To create an Scroll To Link:

  1. Select the layer which will trigger the navigation event*
  2. Click Link in the Flow section
  3. Select Scroll To Link from the Link Type drop-down menu
  4. With your mouse, select the layer that the link will scroll to
  5. Click Done to apply it

Anima Scroll To Links


  • Scroll To links can only be created on the same artboard.

Edit or Remove Links

If you created an Anima Link and now you want to remove it:

  1. Select the Layer with the link you want to remove
  2. Click the Trash Icon in the Link section

Adobe XD Triggers and actions can be edited or deleted in Prototype mode.

Remove Links


Get started with prototyping in Adobe XD

As the demand for UX design professionals continues to grow, designers are looking for easy-to-use tools that are powerful enough to create high quality prototypes, but that feel familiar to the tools they already use every day. 

Adobe XD (Preview) does just that, allowing users to easily create, edit and socialise prototypes for mobile designs, all within one program. New features are being worked on all the time, but, for now, these quick tutorials will help you get started with prototyping in Adobe XD.

01. Create a prototype from a wireframe

To create a prototype from a wireframe, follow these simple steps: 

  • Click prototype at the top or command tab
  • Click command a to show interactions, then click preview to connect prototype
  • Click through to the screens of prototype to see overall navigation and transition affects

02. Creating interactions 

The first thing you'll see is a blue home button icon in the top left of the screen, which indicates the home screen. You can change that by clicking a different title and then clicking on the grey home icon attached to the screen you want to be your new home screen. 

To create an interaction from one screen to another select an object and drag the blue arrow to the art board you want to link to. You can remove an interaction by clicking on the blue arrow and dragging it to a empty space. When you create an interaction the dialogue box automatically gives you options on define the segue, easing and duration type. Command click can easily do this from a prototype. 

Press command enter for a preview. Without closing the preview window you can edit by clicking on the blue arrow for the interaction and change from there

03. Sharing prototypes

With the preview window still open, tap record and click through the interactions on your prototype. Once you’re done hit record again and save the movie file to your desktop. When colleagues view the movie file there are visual markings to indicate the hotspots where you clicked when recording. 

You can also publish to share online by simply clicking share online in the upper right corner of the screen, type in a title in the space provided and drag an image from finder into the space provided to create a preview panel and then create a link. Adobe XD automatically creates a sharable link that can be viewed in any web browser. Markers automatically indicate the hot spots if the reviewe does not click in a defined period of time.

You can also review on a mobile device by pasting the same link into your mobile browser. The visiual indicators do not appear when testing on a mobile device to give a more realistic experience.

If you save the URL on your home screen the icon will automatically appear as the thumbnail preview image you selected earlier 

You can make any necessary changes in Adobe XD. To share revised versions simply click share again. You will be given the option to update the original link, or to create a new link. To manage links. Click manage links through your Creative Cloud assets account. All protypes are saved online in your protype section for easy management.

Words: Demian Borba

Demian Borba is product manager for Adobe XD. 

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Anchor links

In Adobe XD, with anchor links you can scroll to specific sections of your artboard. You can use anchor links to improve the user experience when you design a long page website or when you have content with massive sections of text.


1. We’ll use this design to exemplify a quick navigation to a specific section on the artboard. In Prototype mode, wire the object that you want to turn into an anchor link to the object that you want to link to. In this example I will link the “Pricing” text with the “Pricing” group. 


2. In the Property inspector, Adobe XD will automatically set the trigger to Tap and the action to Scroll To.

Use the Y Offset setting to adjust the exact point where you want to scroll relative to the top edge of the wired object. This can be adjusted numerically from the Property inspector or using the handle to the left of the artboard.

The maximum duration that you can set for this kind of action is 5 seconds.


Click the Play button to preview your prototype and by clicking on the anchor link, you will get to the linked section in one second.

Using Anchor Links in Adobe XD - With Scrolling Animation - Tutorial

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How to Share Prototype and Update Shared Link From Adobe Xd CC

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