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Learn everything you need to know about icing and piping tips all in one place.

Once you become familiar with piping tips, you’ll be able to pipe anything like a pro. To start, let’s go through each tip one-by-one. Here, we’ve used 3 basic styles of piping tips: round, star, and drop flower.

The round tip gives a smooth, classic finish to your piping design that works great with buttercream. It’s also great for piping filling in between cake layers.

Using different size of the open star tip can give your icing anything from loose waves to small ridges, which makes it very fun to play with textures.

The drop flower design has more of a swirl finish, producing either ruffled or clean edges depending on the size. When piped in small areas it makes for perfect tiny flower designs.

All About Piping Tips

Shop these piping tips, in order they are shown:

Large Round – Wilton 1A

Large Star – Wilton 1M

Open Star – Wilton 190

Drop Flower – Wilton 2C

Drop Flower (small) – Wilton 109

Open Star – Wilton 4B

Other must-have products for your piping, icing, and frosting needs:

Pastry Bags

Pastry Bag Couplers (allows you screw on different tips)

Squeeze Bottles

Gygi Pro Tips:

Tip #1

The consistency of the frosting will determine the shape and design each tip produces. If your frosting is too thick, it won’t come out of the piping bag, however, if it’s too thin it won’t hold it’s shape. Complete a few tests before piping your final products.

Tip #2

Don’t turn the cupcake; keep it stationary, move the piping tip around it.

Tip #3

Start by piping a small mound in the center, then move the the outer edge and work your swirl inward. This allows the icing to build up so you don’t have a hollow center.

Tip #4

Add a few teaspoons of cornstarch to give your buttercream a smoother and glossier finish.

Gygi Piping Tips

Show us your piping creations @Orsongygi.

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Sours: https://blog.gygi.com/blog/2015/04/07/everything-need-know-piping-tips/

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ATECO # 32

Easily decorate cakes, cupcakes, pies, and more with this ateco piping tip. All Ateco piping tips are rust-resistant and designed to withstand repeated use without bending out of shape. Ateco pastry tubes feature numbers, starting at #0, smallest. The number indicates the relative size of each Ateco tip in comparison with the tube type. These are great quality tools for cake decorators. Tips fit a standard size coupler.

Made of Stainless Steel.

Style : Open Star
Size  : #10
Opening Length: 5/16" / 0.8 cm
Opening Width: 5/16" / 0.8 cm
Bottom Diameter: 11/16" / 1.7 cm

Made in Korea.
Sours: http://www.mccalls.ca/Cake-Decorating-Supplies/Piping-Tips-Flower-Nails/ateco-open-star-piping-tip-32.html
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InnoGear 32-Pieces Cake Piping Nozzles Tips Kits with 2 Reusable Piping Bags Icing Bag, 2 Coupler, 3 Plastic Scrapers and Storage Case, Stainless Steel, Silver

Easy to Get Started, How to Decorate a Cake?

Decorating a cake is one of the most fun and unique parts of making a cake. If you're a beginner decorator, focus on simple techniques such as making simple designs on a frosted cake or topping it with decorations. For more experienced decorators, cover the cake with fondant and shape the material into interesting textures. Play around with cake decorating until you discover your favorite skills!

Fill a piping bag and pipe a pattern onto the cake. Choose a piping tip that helps you create the design you want. For example, select a petal tip to pipe a ruffled edge along with the cake or use a plain round tip to pipe dots across the top of the cake.

Use piping tips to create decorative shapes, flowers, or words. Change the tip on the piping bag so you can write words or pipe flowers.

Sours: https://www.innogear.com/products/innogear-32-pieces-cake-piping-nozzles-tips-kits
TOP 5 PIPING TIPS: My favourite and most used piping tips

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Piping tip 32

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How to Decorate Cupcakes with Tip 32– 7 ways!

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