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Editor's Note: Not to be confused with This is Snek.


Snek refers to images of snakes with interior monologue captioning applied. The captions often use a form of English that omits prepositions and/or spells words incorrectly; in addition, the word "heck" is often substituted for profanity.


The word snek derives from This Is Snek, the popularity of which led to an entire subreddit, /r/snek,[6] devoted to images of snakes with and without the additional interior monologue captioning. The earliest known example including interior monologue captioning (below) was posted to the Facebook community "Snek" on October 16th, 2015.[4] It obtained over 100 likes and 20 shares in 5 months.

scuse bitch why u touch Snakes grass finger hand


The next earliest known example(below, left) was posted on November 11th, 2015, by FunnyJunk user therealdolan.[3] It attained over 100 score and 8,000 views in about 4 months. On February 6th, 2016, one variation (below, right) was uploaded[5] to Imgur. It obtained over 100,000 views in less than two months.

hiss ibite you i am darkness Snakes scaled reptile snake reptile boas boa constrictorheck off you talkin shit fight me m8 Snakes fauna bird nest

On February 12th, 2016, Imgur user RonSwansonApproves uploaded several examples to an Imgur gallery.[1] It obtained over 40,000 views, 1,000 favorites, and 1,750 points (1,903 up and 144 down) in about a month.

On February 21st, 2016, Facebook community "Snek" posted a version (below) with a hognose snake. It obtained over 3,500 likes, 4,000 shares, and 400 comments in about a month.[2]

am Scary cober I do aflat hiss don't heck with me am much venom snake scaled reptile reptile viper fauna rattlesnake serpent sidewinder

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LGR, short for Lazy Game Reviews, is the online handle of Clint Basinger, an American YouTuber known for his videos about video games, most notably The Sims, old computers, and software. Since 2006, LGR has been producing content on various channels in a multitude of genres and types.


Silicobra (Pokémon)

Silicobra (Japanese: スナヘビSunahebi) is a Ground-typePokémon introduced in Generation VIII.

It evolves into Sandaconda starting at level 36.


Silicobra is a Pokémon which resembles a small snake. Its body is mostly brownish white with a few darker spots. It has oval green eyes with black pupils, each one surrounded by a brown spot similar to a sand stain and a brown protuberant ridge above it. Paired with its crooked downward mouth, its face is similar to a frown. It also has two big nostrils. It has a dark yellow pouch around its neck, which it uses to store sand, being able to store more than 17 pounds in it. Silicobra collects sand by swallowing it and is able to shoot it from its nostrils, an ability it uses to blind predators so it can escape by burrowing into the ground.

In the anime

Major appearances

Minor appearances

Silicobra debuted in Sobbing Sobble!, where Goh attempted to catch it while in Wyndon using his newly-caught Sobble. However, he failed, and Sobble subsequently ran off.

Pokédex entries

JN028SilicobraGoh's Rotom Phone Silicobra, the Sand Snake Pokémon. A Ground type. When Silicobra digs a hole, it swallows sand that it store in a pouch in its neck, so it can spray it out later.

In the manga

In the TCG

Main article: Silicobra (TCG)

Game data

Pokédex entries

This Pokémon was unavailable prior to Generation VIII.
Generation VIIIGalar
Isle of Armor #174
Sword As it digs, it swallows sand and stores it in its neck pouch. The pouch can hold more than 17 pounds of sand.
Shield It spews sand from its nostrils. While the enemy is blinded, it burrows into the ground to hide.

Game locations


Base stats

Type effectiveness


By leveling up


By breeding

By tutoring

New Pokémon Snap
Photodex entry #131
Silicobra is often hiding inside the sand, waiting to catch some food. But it jumps right out of its hiding place when something catches its interest... It must be a very curious Pokémon!





Silicobra resembles various snakes, and the sand pouch around its neck is similar to the hood of a cobra.

Name origin

Silicobra may be a combination of silicon (basic constituent of sand) and cobra. It may also incorporate silt.

Sunahebi may be a combination of 砂 suna (sand) and 蛇 hebi (snake).

In other languages

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White Snake (film)

2019 film

White Snake (simplified Chinese: 白蛇:缘起; traditional Chinese: 白蛇:緣起; pinyin: Báishé: Yuánqǐ; Wade–Giles: Pai2shê2: Yüan2ch'ih3; lit. 'White Snake: The Origin') is a 2019 Chinese-American[1]computer animationfantasy film directed by Amp Wong and Zhao Ji, with animation production by Light Chaser Animation. The film was inspired by the Chinese folktale Legend of the White Snake and was released in China on January 11, 2019.[10] A sequel White Snake 2: The Tribulation of the Green Snake was announced in 2020, and was released on July 23, 2021.

The film has been featured in festivals including Annecy International Animation Film Festival,[1]Fantasia International Film Festival,[11]BFI London Film Festival,[12]Sitges Film Festival,[13]Warsaw International Film Festival,[14] and Animation Is Film.[15]


The story follows the Chinese fable the Legend of the White Snake. The protagonist is a young adult white snake-demon Blanca who loses her memories while being disguised as a lovely human woman and falls in love with a snake hunter. This strongly displeases her young sister, Verta, the green snake-demon.[16]

The story begins with two sisters in a traditional Chinese bath, where they both speak of immortality. It then shows that same mysterious woman (named Blanca) who is on a mission to assassinate the general. However, she is caught and is involved in a battle which results in her submerging into water and losing her memories. She is rescued by a man, Xuan, who takes her to his home, Snake Catcher village, where the villagers catch snakes for the general, as snakes were thought to aid in immortality. Reluctant at first, Blanca is skeptical about Xuan. However, after spending some time with him (and with the reveal that she has magic powers) she starts to fall for him.

They find a jade hair pin which brings back some memories when it is then revealed, that the hairpin too is magical. Xuan reads the inscription, which indicates it was made at "special jade workshop". He and Blanca go journey there together.

Meanwhile, there is a cavern of snake-demon people, who are oppressed by the general. It is revealed that Blanca's sister is alive, a soldier for the Snake master. A snake had previously seen the two together, deeming Blanca a traitor as she is with a snake-catcher. Her elder sister Verta argues otherwise and says that she will find and return her, whilst also engaging in an insurance policy- if she is not back with Blanca in three days, then the Death Scales embedded in her will explode and kill her. Back with Xuan and Blanca, after a struggle on sea with another snake-demon- Blanca is forced to reveal her demon form, revealing to Xuan that she is in fact a demon. However he disregards this fact and the two bond.

Later they eventually get to Special Jade Workshop, owned by a fox-demon who makes all types of magical weaponry. The fox-demon explains that Blanca brought her the wand to let her use it instead of the original owner. The fox-demon explains that Blanca was warned that using the jade wand could have consequences, such as the memory loss.

After leaving the workshop, Xuan and Blanca return to the Snake Catcher Villager. Verta confronts Blanca and Xuan and tries to get Blanca to return with her. Verta identifies Xuan as a snake catcher and tries to attack him. Blanca defends him and the two sisters fight. During the fight, Xuan and Blanca fall into a hidden underground temple.

While looking at a Daoist altar in the temple, Blanca's memories are triggered. She is shaken by the events and Xuan comforts her -- this leads to a moment of intimacy between them. Afterward Xuan and Blanca leave the temple to find Verta waiting. Blanca reveals that her memories have been returned and says she will return to the snake demon fold. She says to Xuan that their differences (human and demon) are too great. He asks her to wait for him and leaves to find a way for them to be together.

Later at the fox-demon workshop, Xuan agrees to become a low-level demon in order to be with Blanca. Workshop mistress does turn him into a demon with a dog tail, but warns that Xuan will be of the weakest kind and will never grow stronger, and that humans will likely kill him on sight.

In the mean time, the Dark General's second in command attempts to capture Blanca for his master, and nearly succeeds. Out of desperation, Blanca uses the magic wand again, absorbing the daoist's powers and turning into her giant demon form. Knowing that the General will now march onto the Snake Catcher Village, where the snakes are hiding, she intends to kill him there, fighting through his forts and armies. Xuan barely catches up with her, but Blanca does not heed his call to stop. Verta then warns Xuan that in the battle to come, he, a demon too now, will have to choose a side.

Xuan tries to warn the Village, but the Snake Catchers now see him as a demon and do not listen. The Dark General arrives, eager to conquer the snakes, but hearing of Blanca's acquired power, allows Xuan one final attempt to talk to her. Xuan confesses his love to Blanca and offers her to escape to the lands beyond, living together and without any more humans or wars; she almost subsides, but in the last moment the Dark General's magical trap binds them both to the ground. Dark General intends to harvest their essence, as he has found the secret of immortality: consuming spirits of demons, making them unable to reincarnate, but prolonging his life and fueling his magic.

Verta manages to trick the General into absorbing her soul first, which also transfers the cursed Death Scales onto him. This distracts the General long enough for the Snake Master to join the battle and for snakes to bind the General's soldiers in combat. Eventually, Blanca, Xuan, Verta and Snake Master defeat the General. However, seeing how much power the daoist magic can offer, Snake Master uses it to absorb the spirits of her own army and become the most powerful demon in existence, then attempting to kill Blanca and Verta for betrayal. Xuan tricks the Snake Master by luring her into the General's magical trap, now binding her as the magic saps her soul away. With her strength almost gone and no way out of the trap, Blanca uses the jade wand one last time, saving Xuan's spirit and memories in it and escaping with Verta. In the present, 500 years later, Blanca and Verta, now remembering the story, decide to go out of their cave and search for Xuan's reincarnation so he and Blanca can be together again.

Many years later, a human sees the two sisters at the port, and when Blanca accidentally drops the jade hair pin, picks it up and introduces himself, causing Blanca to recognize him as Xuan's reincarnation. In the mid-credit scene, the fox-demon from the shop arrives to the same port delivering a box to a mysterious river monster under the bridge.


  • Zhang Zhe (Mandarin), Stephanie Sheh (English), Suzuko Mimori (Japanese) as Blanca (Chinese: 小白; pinyin: Xiǎo Báilit. "Little White")
  • Yang Tianxiang (Mandarin), Paul Yen (English), Daisuke Sakuma (Japanese) as Ah Xuan (Chinese: 阿宣; pinyin: Ā Xuān)
  • Tang Xiaoxi (Mandarin), Vivian Lu (English), Ayane Sakura (Japanese) as Verta (Chinese: 小青; pinyin: Xiǎo Qīnglit. "Little Green")
  • He Zhang (Mandarin), Matthew Moy (English), Tomokazu Sugita (Japanese) as Dudou/Brother-in-law
  • Xiaopu Zheng (Mandarin), Faye Mata (English), Aoi Yūki (Japanese) as Precious Jade Workshop Foxy Boss
  • Wei Liu (Mandarin), Karen Huie (English), Takako Honda (Japanese) as Snake Master
  • Yaohan Zhang (Mandarin), James Sie (English) as Dark General and Village Chief
  • Boheng Zhang (Mandarin), Vincent Rodriguez III (English) as Little General
  • David Chen (English) as Narrator and Boatman
  • Kaiji Tang (English) as Chang Pan
  • Ewan Chung (English) as Snake Scout


Warner Bros. Far East has rights in China and is credited as a co-producer. The studio is in negotiations for distribution rights in other major territories.[2]


The film was released throughout China on 11 January 2019 and remained in theatres for the 2019 Chinese New Year season.[17]


In France, the film premiered at Annecy International Animation Film Festival.[16]

In the United States and Canada, GKIDS has licensed the film for a fall release, in both Mandarin with English subtitles and an English-language dub.[18]

In Los Angeles, the film won the Golden Angel for "Best Chinese & American Co-Production Animation Film" at the Chinese American Film Festival.[19]

In Japan, the movie was later premiere in 2021 with japanese dub. Snow man from Johnny's late provided theme song called Yuan for japanese version. D4DJ Groovy Mix later including Yuan for limited time.


The review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes reported that 68% of critics have given the film a positive review based on 22 reviews, with an average rating of 6.6/10.[20]

On Metacritic, the film has a weighted average score of 60 out of 100 based on 6 critic reviews, indicating "mixed or average reviews".[21]

In its review, Variety states "First-time feature writer Da Mao and debuting feature co-directors Zhao Ji and Amp Wong strike a pleasing balance between thunderous action scenes and appealing romance."[22]

One of Us praised the movie for its visual style however noting that "story doesn't live up to the spectacular animation".[16]


The studio announce the sequel in 2020, the sequel was titled White Snake 2: The Tribulation of the Green Snake and with the teaser trailer release in February, the sequel was released in July 23, 2021.[23]


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Already a finger was in my ass. "Wow, clean. " - She said, with pleasant surprise, the girl.

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We clinked, drank and kissed friendly. We sat on the sofa, me and Pasha in the middle, and our "girls" on the sides, Anya next to me, Sveta. With Pasha.

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We have a meeting in half an hour, I'll tell her everything there, and now I'll go while I change, Swan said emotionally without. Emotion. Hey. Above your nose, the coach came up to her, do not worry, everything will be I wanted to write. Gopnik moaned in her ear, and looked at her bare thigh.

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