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Honeycomb & Gilded Bee Cake

When I first saw today’s featured cake, I instantly wanted a re-do on my own wedding cake!  When it comes to cake style, my first love will always be simple sophistication.   Timeless.  Classic.  Elegant.  With its subtle use of pattern and great white-on-white texture, today’s design by Erin Gardner of Wild Orchid Baking Company would be perfect for any preppy-chic-loving bride.  Can we say impeccable style?  Featuring a gorgeous honeycomb pattern, delicate magnolias and a single golden bee… I’ve fallen for this Honeycomb & Gilded Bee Wedding Cake!
Honeycomb & Golden Bee Wedding Cake

I know, right?  I was blown away too when I found this little lovely in my inbox!  I have to say… I’m not only smitten with this cake, but with many of the designs created by Wild Orchid Baking Company!  You will see more features from this bakery over the next few weeks!  Now, back on track.  Let’s take a better look at the detailed honeycomb pattern…
Honeycomb & Golden Bee Wedding Cake

Erin shared a few thoughts about her inspiration for this design:

“The idea for this cake started with the pattern.  New England is home to the rustic preppy chic wedding, and I wanted to come up with something that was both simple and fancy at the same time.  Thinking about the elements of an elegant barn wedding, I initially thought of chicken wire.  Once I started playing with the repeating hexagon shape, I realized a honeycomb effect might be a bit more sophisticated.  It also lead me to include the gilded napoleonic bee element.  Honey, bees – needed flowers!  So I created very natural looking gum paste magnolias to finish the design.  I wanted to add a floral element that looked more like how the flower would appear in nature, as opposed to more of an arranged look.”

Honeycomb & Golden Bee Wedding Cake

Seriously.  I can’t decide what I like most about this cake!  The incredible bee with its intricate gold detailing or the delightful flowers?  Or possibly the honeycomb pattern?

Honeycomb & Golden Bee Wedding Cake

Everything about this cake is stunning!  I can envision so many possibilities for this design… from a yacht club wedding to a rustic barn setting.  Preppy chic is so versitile and  never goes out of style!

A special thank you to Erin Gardner of Wild Orchid Baking Company for sharing her Honeycomb & Gilded Bee Wedding Cake with us today!  We love, love, love it!

Vendors & Credits:
Cake:  Wild Orchid Baking Company
Photography: Mark Davidson Photography

by Carrie Sellman


Bee's Wedding Cakes

Bee's Wedding Cakes came highly recommended from our venue since they've worked together over the years. I still wanted to do my research and met with/sampled other cake vendors but Barb was simply the best. I was adamant that I didn't want fon...

dant. I'd heard horrible things about the taste and so I wanted my cake to not just be pretty but delicious. And I didn't want to waste money on a bunch of fondant that was going to be left uneaten by at least half our guests. My wedding concept was a little difficult to pull together because I visualized a combination of colors and so I wanted a watercolor kind of look/effect but that's hard to achieve without using fondant. Barb was so great. She did everything in her power to make sure she got the color combination spot on with using just buttercream. She did various samples and techniques and discussed each one with me via phone, text, or e-mail. I mean, she really went above and beyond. She sincerely cared about making sure my vision came to life. The final result was better than I could have ever imagined. When most people heard I was doing a blending of colors from bridesmaid dresses to wedding cake, they thought I was crazy but once they saw the finished product and my beautiful cake, Barb made a believer out of everyone! Barb even added a last minute adjustment by working with my florist to add some flowers onto the cake. The end result was absolutely stunning! And that's just the look of the cake...what about the taste right? Well, that was even better! I sampled the cake before and loved it but it was somehow better on our wedding day. The cake was just so moist and delicious. We added some fillings to satisfy and merge the taste buds of my fiance as well as myself and the final result was mouth watering. The buttercream was so completely yummy that not an ounce of it was left on anyone's plates! In fact, I keep getting asked if I have any wedding cake leftover! Barb is absolutely wonderful and we would highly recommend using Bee's Wedding Cakes for any of your special occasions! I know we will!!

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