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2020 - present

This page is about the content creator. For their SMP character, see Awesamdude/SMP

Sam, better known online as Awesamdude, is a close friend of the Dream Team who streams Minecraft on Twitch. He was one of the original members of the Dream SMP, and was most commonly seen during the first few streams. After not being online for a long time, Sam rejoined the server at the same time as Alyssa. He also plans to begin uploading to YouTube. He is the fifth hunter to be added to Dream's Minecraft Manhunt series.



Meeting the Dream Team

Sam met BadBoyHalo and the Dream Team through Bad's Minecraft server, MunchyMC. Sam works as a developer and a TeamSpeak manager on the server.[5]

Speedrunner vs 5 Hunters

Sam is the fifth hunter of Minecraft Manhunt, a series that the Dream Team is involved with.


To see their history and involvement in the SMP, visit Awesamdude/SMP.

Code for the Kids

Code for the Kids is Sam's idea for a program where kids are taught how to code through Minecraft.[6] With the program, Sam hopes to demonstrate how fun coding can be and share his experience of learning to code through Minecraft. He hoped to start the program by the end of 2020, and is currently raising money for it through donations on his stream.

On November 19, 2020, Sam reached the goal of $10,000.[7] He is still accepting donations for the program.


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Dream Team collaborations


  • Sam loves working with redstone.
  • Sam is a computer science student.[6]
    • Sam mentioned that his absence from the SMP was due to him being a college student.
  • Sam originally kept his birthday as a secret. He only confirmed that his zodiac sign is a Gemini and that his birthday is in June.[8] On June 8, 2021, his mom revealed his birthday by tweet.[3]
  • He has mentioned that he is a Gryffindor.
  • Sam can do magic tricks with playing cards.[9]
  • He mentioned that he is color deficient.[10]
  • Sam is one of the players on the Cogchamp SMP, along with Ranboo, Fundy, 5up, and Tubbo.
  • Sam has mentioned the wiki on stream on two separate occasions. Both times, Tubbo was present.
  • He did a face reveal on Twitch on January 23, 2021.[13]
  • Prior to the face reveal, Sam had a bit where he said he was 6'7. He admitted that he was actually 6'2 and made a joke asking if he could be canonically 7'4.[1][14]
  • Sam has a sister.[15]


  • "Hi mom!"
  • "I'm cracked at the Craft."


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