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You will love the weather

ATTENTION!!! YoWindow for Windows and Mac will not work in 2021

The desktop version of YoWindow was made with Flash technology by Adobe back in 2009. Unfortunately, since 1 Jan 2021 Flash is no longer supposed to work.

YoWindow for Windows and Mac is not able to function without Flash. If you uninstall Flash from your computer, YoWindow will not be able to work.

We are sorry. Unfortunately, the situation is beyond our control.

Anyway, right now we are working on new YoWindow version that will not depend on Flash. We hope to release the new version by the end of 2021. If you own YoWindow license key it will unlock the new version. For the time being you are welcome to run YoWindow on iOS or YoWindow on Android.

What's inside?

  • Real cloud coverage, rain/snow, fog, grass swings to the wind, Sun, Moon, mist, thunderstorms...
  • Time-scroll - see weather at any moment
  • Full featured weather station
  • Turn any picture into landscape or browse our collection
  • Temperature near Windows clock
  • Get ready for surprises :-)

Enjoy the weather!

Sours: https://yowindow.com/


YoWindow is a weather application for your PC that manages to deliver weather data in a unique and fun interface. With its ability to save multiple locations, it makes it incredibly simple to quickly pull up weather reports from anywhere in the world.

The program is about as simple as your typical weather-reporting Web site. Enter a city anywhere in the world, and watch as YoWindow's background image changes to reflect the current weather conditions there. In addition, YoWindow supplies you with all of the hard facts, including high and low for the day, Wind, Pressure, and Humidity. There's a time graph along the top of YoWindow where you can click through to see weather forecasts for different times throughout the day. And of course, you can also shuttle through different dates as well. There's even a calendar component that you can click through.

While previous versions of YoWindow offered only a single landscape background, this newest version offers five, including Village, Seaside, Airport, Oriental, and Sky. In addition, the program lets you turn any of your personal photos into a landscape, just for kicks. Whichever background you choose, YoWindow's visualizations always show up, indicating rain, clouds, even night and day. This makes it easy to get a weather reading by quickly glancing at your screen.

Overall, YoWindow is a surprisingly useful app that also looks good. With its several landscapes and nifty weather visualizations, it provides a unique way of checking the forecast. You can use the program in its own window on your desktop, or set it as your default Windows screensaver. Either way, the information is all there, ready to access in just a few clicks.

YoWindow is free to try, but the trial version limits users to a three-day forecast and fewer landscapes to play with. When installing, make sure to watch out for the bundled toolbar, and opt in or out according to your preference.

Sours: https://download.cnet.com/YoWindow/3000-18555_4-75001523.html
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News history

02.08.2017 Americana landscape  
07.19.2017 🌆 Photo-landscapes  
06.13.2016 Airplanes  
11.03.2015 YoWindow is 6 years old!       
10.31.2015 Town landscape  
05.04.2015 Official AppStore preview videos  
01.07.2015 Sky Eraser BETA  
03.22.2015YoWindow featured on Google Play  
07.31.2014   YoWindow for Android! 01.30.2015Location Search 
12.24.2014   Valley landscape  
11.03.2014YoWindow is 5 years old!      
11.02.2014 Pirated License Keys blocked 
06.04.2014 YoWindow 4 for Windows 
07.07.2014   YoWindow for Android promo video 
01.20.2014 New YoWindow for Windows  
07.24.2013 YoWindow 3 for Mac 
12.31.2013 Happy New Year!     
12.20.2013 YoWindow for iOS 1.5 - iOS 7 look and feel 
04.17.2013 YoWindow for iPhone and iPad 
06.06.2013 iPad edition 
04.08.2013 Video preview: YoWindow for iPhone 
04.08.2013 YoWindow for iPhone official screenshots 
02.01.2013  New YoWindow 3S with Sound 
11.03.2012 Happy birthday, baby!    
10.08.2012  Swipe the skyto move in time
10.08.2012  Touch screen support
07.26.2012 Fireworks!
07.03.2012 Add YoWindow widget to WordPress!
04.10.2012 Broadcast your window!
02.28.2012 YoWindow 3 for Windows  
01.26.2012 Weather Widgetis now 577 KB only!  
01.01.2012 YoWindow 3 Unlimited price 
12.12.2011  Oriental landscape 
11.10.2011Release: Weather Widget 3  
11.03.2011 Happy birthday, YoWindow!   
09.07.2011Release:   YoWindow for Mac! 
08.11.2011 YoWindow for Chrome 
07.29.2011Beautiful Windows tray popup 
07.12.2011Hot air balloon  
06.06.2011 Airport landscape 
03.14.2011Free edition: Unlimited Locations 
05.19.2011Airport/City is available in widget and online 
05.02.2011PreviewAirport/City landscape 
04.22.2011YoWindow speaks Japanese! 
03.30.2011Widget: custom units, custom inspector, API 
03.11.2011Official YoWindow pageon Facebook!  
02.08.2011New animated landscape - Seaside 
12.31.2010YoWindow is ready for Mac! 
12.09.2010Christmas surprises 
12.06.2010NewYoWindow widgetfor Hyves is available 
11.03.20101 yearto YoWindow, screen-shots from the past 
10.11.2010Latvian, the 30th language of YoWindow!
09.13.2010Scroll time with mouse-wheel!
09.13.2010Catalanand Albanian
08.26.2010Weather widget: load your landscape
08.24.2010YoWindow weather widget loosing in weight!
08.13.2010So easyto turn a picture into landscape...
08.13.2010Whereto find PUBLIC DOMAIN pictures?
08.10.2010YoWindow for Mac (BETA) is available!
07.10.2010Turnany picture into YoWindow landscape
07.10.2010YoWindow Landscape Collection
06.27.2010PreviewLive skyin your picture
06.16.2010New Don't miss World Cup surprise
06.08.2010Dew point
06.08.2010Precipitation chance for USA (from NWS service)
05.22.2010You can changetray temperature color
05.22.2010Ukrainian, Traditional Chinese
05.17.2010Croatian, Slovenian, Serbian, Macedonian
04.25.2010Weather forecastSo easyto follow day-light...
04.27.2010New: Istanbul weatherYoWindow translatedto Turkish.
04.21.2010Beijing weatherYoWindow translatedto Chinese.
04.14.2010True weather forecastsfor the USA available!
04.01.2010YoWindow is a true barometernow.
04.01.2010New: amelie
03.30.2010USA: National Weather Serviceforecasts are coming soon.
03.22.2010Weather auto-update is FREE now!
03.12.2010A surprise
03.12.2010Barcelona weatherYoWindow translatedto Brazilian Portuguese
03.09.2010Barcelona weatherYoWindow translatedto Spanish
03.08.2010When it rains or snows YoWindow performs 40% faster
03.02.2010New version notifications
02.24.2010YoWindow translatedto Danish
02.18.2010You can change METAR stationnow.
01.17.2010Watch weatherfrom your Personal Weather Station.
01.28.2010Max/Min day temperature is available.
Sours: http://yowindow.com
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The loveliest way to check the weather on your Android

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Oct 14th, 2021

Older versions
YoWindow is a weather app with an elegant and beautiful design that advises you of the weather in your city (or any other city) at any given moment.

The most striking feature of YoWindow is its gorgeous interface, which lets you check the weather in your city just by glancing at the screen. Also, by swiping from left to right, you can see what the weather will be like over the next few hours.

In the setup options you can select a background image (beach, mountain, city, countryside...) and the city for which you want weather forecasts, which will be automatically set to your current location.

Tapping the screen twice will make additional info pop up, such as when the sun will rise or set, the length of the day, the current phase of the moon, etc.

YoWindow is an excellent weather app, that, after triumphing on iOS, has arrived to Android with the same lovely interface that made it so popular.
Reviewed by Andrés López Translated by Robert Zant

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Requires Android 2.3 or higher.

Older versions

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About YoWindow project

YoWindow is the new generation of weather program.
The magic of YoWindow is the living landscape that reflects actual weather.

Original YoWindow is the #1 weather program on CNET's download.com.

1. Picture reflecting actual weather - clouds, rain/snow, grass swaying with the wind, fog, thunderstorms.

2. True astronomical calculations - Sun and Moon, daylight.

Weather in Oxford

3. Move in time! Watch the weather forecast exactly at the moment you need it.

4. Seasons change in sync with nature.

5. Animated landscapes - Village, Seaside, Airport, Oriental plus 1400+ picture based landscapes.

6. Full featured weather station - lots of information.

7. Surprises :)

We hope you will love watching the weather as we do.
YoWindow team

Free YoWindow 4 with Screen Saver (12 MB)

Sours: https://yowindow.com/about.php
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