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After a debut album littered with yearning club jams like "Turn on the Lights" and "Neva End", warm hits penned for pop stars, and a whirlwind romance with singer Ciara that produced a few prettyduets and an adorably well-dressed baby, Future has come to be understood, perhaps prematurely, as one of his generation’s premier romantics. His story was always more complex than that, though, as we came to understand over six months in 2014, when our rap Romeo went from "Girl when I’m with you, feel like a champion" to "Girl you know you like a pistol, you a throw away." Things soured for Future and Cici somewhere between the April release of Honestand Halloween’s Metro Boomin produced Monster, and the callous nature of his writing post-breakup has given the lie to the Nicholas Sparks perception that’s clouded his major label career.

On Beast Mode, produced in full by Atlanta trap maestro Zaytoven, Future retreats further into the flashy player lifestyle presented on pre-album mixtape highlights Dirty Sprite and True Story. He’s colder than he’s been since 2012’s Astronaut Status’ "My Ho 2" on cuts like "Lay Up" and "Peacoat", bragging on the former about passing a hook-up off "like a lay up" and glibly remarking that he "spent a check on that pussy" on the latter. At first it seems like a continuation of the aggy sexual and emotional revenge tactics of Monster (see: "My Savages"’ "You think I’m sitting up depressed?/ I’m somewhere counting up me a check," "Throw Away"’s "I was fucking on a slut and I was thinking about you") but the deeper you delve into Beast Mode, the more it comes off as the vice grip headache and hangover to Monster’s seedy rager.

At the outset Beast Mode is somewhat mechanical, Future locking into whirring synth arrangements and churning out three-minute nuggets of dopeboy grit. Opener "Ooooh", Juvenile tribute "Aintchu", and closer "Forever Eva" coolly channel the inherent catchiness of mixtape Future, the half cast off, half accomplished greatness he exuded before he began to write more keenly for mass consumption. But when Zay tosses out something darker he gets it back in kind. You can hear Zaytoven catch Future in the chest at the top of "No Basic" as the track billows in and he ad libs, "You gotta feel the pain of a kid in the ghetto, the heart of the ghetto" before laying out a list of hard hits he took in getting to the money ("Took all the pain and I ran with it.../ I took a few losses and ran with it"). On "Just Like Bruddas", he’s suspended in a daze of Percocet, Xanax, and promethazine self-medication amid a bad press cycle of his own design as his producer dances around a gutting, intricate piano line underfoot.

Future and Zaytoven have collaborated quite a bit in the past but it’s apparent that Zay is bringing something different to the table this time and that it’s bringing something else of Future. Zay’s best works (Gucci Mane’s "Bricks" and Usher’s "Papers", to name just two) are wonky collisions of trap drums and church organs armed with a fleet musicality that the bullish simplicity of the Lex Lugers and the druggy atmospherics of the Mike WiLLs have often lacked. Recent Zaytoven productions have eased off a measure of the emotionalism of his playing, though, resulting in still great, still quirky winners like Migos’ "Versace" and Shy Glizzy’s "Catch a Body" with hooks that grip but don’t much pull. Beast Mode feels heavier, particularly in the stretch from "No Basic" to "Where I Came From", a succession of dour compositions rendered quietly devastating by Zay’s soulful riffing around the central themes and by Future’s matching reflective malaise. Their deepening chemistry is Beast Mode’s boon.

Jutting outside his hitmaking responsibilities has allowed Future to make music that speaks to a very specific personal turmoil without worrying about whether it’ll be relatable or even likable. The feed-the-charts-feed-the-streets formula of Honest worked as well as it possibly could’ve last year, but lately, Future’s feeding himself, taking inventory of his journey, and learning how to navigate a very public rough patch. The casual sex doesn’t seem fun, the recreational pharmaceutical use feels ominous, and there’s a distinctly mournful air to the proceedings. Though he’ll only tacitly admit as much, our player entrepreneur is hurt, and Beast Mode’s heavy-hearted sounds assist him in sorting through it just as Monster’s menace helped him turn spite to fuel.

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Beast Mode (mixtape)

2015 mixtape by Future and Zaytoven

Beast Mode is the fourteenth mixtape by American rapper Future, released in collaboration with Atlanta producer Zaytoven. It came out on January 15, 2015. Along with Monster and 56 Nights, it is considered part of "a trilogy of album-quality mixtapes" that Future released following Honest.[1][2] On July 6, 2018, a sequel mixtape titled Beast Mode 2 was released.


Beast Mode came out two and a half months after Monster, six months after his second album Honest, and two days after Ciara released her track, called "I Bet" (which is her first song since the breakup between her and Future).[3][4][5] According to Zaytoven, “Really, the work was done in two to three days. The rest was just picking which record we wanted to use. For somebody else to come in and see us doing the work, it would blow your mind....We might’ve gotten 40 songs done as we were putting this tape together. That’s us doing songs back-to-back. I make a beat, he raps to it… And we’d do it all over again. We might do 10 songs a day.”[6]

"Kno The Meaning" (which was taken from DS2) is the song where Future had to elaborate on the impetus behind the project and its origin in DJ Esco's 56-day incarceration in Dubai: "People didn't even understand that my hard drives that I recorded all my music on for two years straight was on this... was on this one hard drive that Esco had and he was locked up with it, so I had to record new music. That's when I did Beast Mode." DJ Esco returned to the USA two days before the release of Beast Mode.[7]

Critical reception[edit]

Upon release, Beast Mode was met with critical acclaim. At Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 to reviews from mainstream publications, the mixtape received an average score of 81 based on four reviews, indicating "universal acclaim".[8]

David Amidon of PopMatters wrote, "Not only does the tape constantly satisfy, at nine tracks and less than a half hour it does what nearly every truly fantastic hip-hop album does: it makes its motives known and gets the hell out."[11] Craig Jenkins of Pitchfork praised the mixtape's production and lyrics, writing, "Though he'll only tacitly admit as much, [Future] is hurt, and Beast Mode's heavy-hearted sounds assist him in sorting through it just as Monster's menace helped him turn spite to fuel.[10] Claire Lobenfeld of Fact wrote, "[Zaytoven's] ability to bring out some of the fiercest vocals from Atlanta's finest is brought to light here," and that Future "has found [his focus] in Beast Mode – and not just because of its brevity," adding that the project "is a reminder that [Zaytoven] has a deft control over the ivories and southern-fried twinklers."[9]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks are written by Nayvadius Wilburn.

1."Oooooh" (featuring Young Scooter)3:09
2."Lay Up"2:47
3."Aintchu" (featuring Juvenile)2:48
4."No Basic"3:06
6."Just Like Bruddas"3:51
7."Where I Came From"2:40
8."Real Sisters"2:54
9."Forever Eva"3:39


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Beast Mode 2

2018 mixtape by Future and Zaytoven

Beast Mode 2[1] (stylized as BEASTMODE 2) is a commercial mixtape by American rapper Future. It was released on July 6, 2018 by Freebandz and Epic Records for streaming and digital download, produced in its entirety by Zaytoven.[2][3] It is the sequel to Future and Zaytoven's 2015 mixtape Beast Mode, and succeeds the release of the 2017 studio albums Future and Hndrxx, as well as collaborative mixtape Super Slimey with Young Thug and the soundtrack to 2018 film Superfly.[4] The mixtape consists of nine tracks and includes a guest appearance by Young Scooter.

Beast Mode 2 received generally positive reviews from critics and debuted at number three on the US Billboard 200 with 57,000 album-equivalent units.


In January 2015, Future released the mixtape Beast Mode in collaboration with Zaytoven, which was released to critical acclaim.[1]

The mixtape was originally announced in 2016, titled Beast Mode 16, with the song "Used to This" featuring Drake serving as the lead single.[5][6] The mixtape continued to be delayed until Zaytoven announced in May 2018 that it was set for release later in the year.[7]

Future announced the release of the mixtape on July 5, 2018, a day before release, via social media.[8]


In an interview with The Fader, Zaytoven stated that approximately 100 songs were recorded for Beast Mode 2 between 2016 and 2018.[9]

Critical reception[edit]

Beast Mode 2 received generally positive reviews from music critics. At Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 to reviews from mainstream publications, the mixtape received an average score of 77 based on four reviews, indicating "generally favorable reviews".[10]

Meaghan Garvey of Pitchfork wrote "...In its best moments, the unknowable rapper lays his cards on the table, vulnerable in a way he's never been before."[12] Mosi Reeves of Rolling Stone wrote, "The Atlanta rapper's latest reminds us why he's a master of sing-rap blues even as that style begins to move beyond his massive influence."[13] Kenan Draughorne of HipHopDX called the mixtape a "conscionable affair from start to finish" and "a reminder of Future's effortless ability to release solid tracks within his wheelhouse."[11]

Commercial performance[edit]

The mixtape debuted at number three on the Billboard 200 based on 73.5 million streams of its songs, which Billboard equated to 57,000 album-equivalent units, granting the rapper his ninth top ten and the highest-charting streaming-exclusive album in the chart.[14]

In the Canada, Beast Mode 2 debuted at number 13 on the Canadian Albums Chart, marking first release to not debut in the top ten in the country.[15]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks are written by Nayvadius Wilburn and Xavier Dotson and produced by the latter, except where noted.

1."Wifi Lit" 2:56
2."Cuddle My Wrist" 3:01
3."Racks Blue" 3:24
4."31 Days" 4:00
5."Red Light" 4:06
6."Doh Doh" (featuring Young Scooter)3:40
7."When I Think About It" 3:04
8."Some More" 3:33
9."Hate the Real Me" 4:00
Total length:31:44


  • All track titles are stylized in all caps.


Weekly charts[edit]

Year-end charts[edit]


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