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340+ Photoshop skull Brushes

If you are designing something with a very evil theme, you got to have the Photoshop skull brush. There is nothing scarier than skulls. Designers who specialize in making spooky posters and logos find this brush their best friend. If used in the right manner this brush has the ability to make a very classy design that could make even the boldest of men pee in their pants. Don’t think twice on this one. It is a worthy brush to have in your Photoshop arsenal. This brush makes it very easy and simple to create spooky patterns and is a hell lot of fun.You may also check Blood Splatter Photoshop Brushes.

125 Skull Brushes $6

The 125 skull brushes is a comprehensive collection of one hundred and twenty five different types of skull brushes that can be used to create abstract art as well as evil themes.

13 Skull Brushes $7

The 13 skull brushes are extremely popular skull brushes mainly used by professionals which creates real looking skulls in the artwork. For $ 7, it is bang for the buck.

Free 29 Gothic Skull Brushes

Gothic style is extremely famous and the free 29 gothic skull brushes provides you with the power to create a gothic artwork by yourself. Just use the twenty nine brushes and create the masterpiece.

Free Superb Skull Brushes

The free superb skull brushes is really superb. These brushes are created to be used by the professionals to help them create the perfect piece of art they had been working on.

Free 18 Grunge Skull Brushes

The free 18 grunge skull brushes are simple skull brushes that can be used to create perfect posters with the skull designs. A must for all the rock band enthusiast thinking of making their band logo.

Free 13 Self Made Skull Brushes

The free 13 self made skull brushes is a collection of thirteen skull brushes which can create different skull shapes that will be appropriate for the awesome masterpiece at hand.

Free 26 Grunge & Swrills Skulls Brushes

The free 26 grunge and swirls skulls brushes are artistic and rock and roll style brushes that can be used by a rock and to create a fantastic poster. This template is a free of cost one and can be easily downloaded and edited.

40 Skull Brushes $6

The 40 skull brushes are hand drawn style skulls that can be used to make a poster for Halloween or a young child’s haunted house themed birthday party. This template is a paid one and is also printer friendly.

Skulls Brushes $3

The skulls brushes are animated style brushes that can be used for video game and computer game posters. This template is a high resolution and paid one that can be easily downloaded and printed. The skull brushes are black and white.

Free 27 Cute Skulls Brushes

The free 27 cute skulls brushes are perfect to create children’s Halloween party flyers and posters. This template is a free of cost one and can be easily edited and printed too. The skulls brushes are all black and white and are absolutely cute and adorable.

Free 12 Tattoo Skull Brushes

The free 12 tattoo skull brushes are the perfect brushes for tattoo artists who are looking to market their business through posters, flyers and a website. These brushes are well designed and very creative and unique. The template is a free of cost and easily downloadable.

Beautiful Skull Brushes $4

The 16 high resolution skull brushes are the perfect brushes for students working on a biology project. This template is a paid and downloadable one. The user can extract the skulls and add them to their Word files and other documents.

16 High Resolution Skull Brushes $5


Skull Design Brushes $5

The skull design brushes are extremely creative and unique. They can be used on rock and roll band posters, tattoo artist’s websites and various other places. This template is a paid one. It can be easily downloaded and edited.

14 Zombie Skull Brushes $4

The 14 zombie skull brushes are perfect to create a zombie video game or computer game poster. There are several creative zombie figures and skulls in different positions and moods. This template is a high resolution and paid one.

18 skull brushes

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My first brush set.

made with Photoshop CS2.

Let me know what you think.

If you use them, please send me a link, I'd love to see what your doing with them.

If you want to so ...but if not I'm not gonna cry about it.

Also available for 7.0.. if these don't work on it...get them HERE
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Brushes for Photoshop & Procreate. Skull and skeleton stamps

Stamp brushes for Photoshop & Procreate .abr Skull and skeleton bones. Paint in one click. Easy draw Procreate brushes set. Halloween creative brushes, compatible with Photoshop AND Procreate. Installation instructions are attached.

includes ZIP Archive:

20 brushes for Photoshop and Procreate .ABR Format. Set in one file

*only bones, not figure. if you prefer skeleton figures, check this link

Product Information

  • Release Date:

    21st April '21

  • Updated Date:

    25th September '21

  • Product Tags:

    DeadDeathHalloweenHappyHolidayNightPartyPosterScary NightScrapbooking

  • File Types Included:


  • Projects:

    Decorations Digital Crafts Greeting Cards Invitations Logo Design Signs Stickers

  • Themes:

    Anatomy Cartoon Halloween

  • Product Groups:

    brushes Photoshop & Procreate happy Halloween


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099 Mechanical Skull - Substance Painter Thickness \u0026 SSS and Photoshop Brushes

14 Free Skull Photoshop Brushes

Skulls are one of the most common horror elements which are perfect for the Halloween season. The sight of hollow bones will surely get folks frightened in an instant. To use them on your graphical designs, posters, banners and the like, here are some great skull Photoshop brushes you can download and use.

List of Free Skull Photoshop Brushes

1. Skull Brushes Photoshop by Brushportal


This is a set of 7 skull brushes, all with different styles and mostly with thick outlines. Some of them even have patterns instead of the traditional skulls.

2. Skull Brushes by Synthexstock


Here is a set of realistic skull brushes that are useable for Photoshop 7 and above. It also includes skulls of some animals.

3. 10 Skull Photoshop Brushes


This set is made of 10 various skull designs all at 2500px each which is high-quality. Some of these skulls have unique designs like hats, wigs and other graphical elements.

4. Skull 1 by minkmonk


If you want something that is kind of ancient, like the ones you see in old books (drawn in ink or pen), then this is a great skull brush to download and use.

5. Grunge Skull-Splatter Brushes by KeepWaiting


This set of skull brushes also includes splatter skulls, vector skulls and other graphical elements like splatters and grunge paint. It has a total of 40 brushes.

6. Hand Drawn Skull Brushes by VectorResource


It is made of 20 hand-drawn brushes and is free for personal and commercial use. The brushes’ resolutions are from 700 to 1500 px and work for PS7 and above.

7. Skull Tattoo Brushes


If you want something that is similar to those skull tattoos you see in guys in motorbikes then this is the brush to use. It has 7 brushes in the set.

8. 18 Skull Brushes by baggedtoy93


If you want some semi-realistic skulls that face different angles then how about this cool brush set? This is the perfect brush if you want a reference model for a photomanipulation or a drawing.

9. Skulls Brushes by shaudelin


Have some oddly-designed skull brushes here, with mostly Mexican or Aztec patterns on them. It has 5 brushes in the set and only for personal use.

10. Dalau by huchigo


This is a huge set of 98 skull brushes, all with different styles and most of which are realistic ones taken from photos. A little trivia about the name: ‘daulau’ (or đầu lâu) is Vietnamese for ‘skull’.

11. Skulls Brush set by jennatalia


For those who want to keep it cute, here is a set of 19 small vector skull brushes with different designs that can be combined with the scatter brush effect for a background.

12. +Skull Brushes+ by Nayume


This is a set of sharp vector brushes in different shades: some are black and some are outlined, but most of them have the crossbones. It contains 18 different brush designs.

13. Skull Brush (123freebrushes)


For those who want a cartoony and silly way of displaying skulls for their graphical work, here is a set of funny skull brushes to use.

14. Grunge Shapes PS 7.0 Brushes by KeepWaiting


This set contains not only grunge skulls but also other shapes like hearts, stars, lightning and others.


If you enjoyed these skull brushes, share it with your friends so that they can use it for their designing purposes as well!

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