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Our global proxy network has IPs in 100+ countries and 1500+ cities. All residential packages allow for dynamic orders meaning you can access websites from anywhere in the world with just a few clicks.

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We work with Tier-1 networks in prime locations and equip our systems with the best hardware to provide unbeatable datacentre and residential speeds. Locations include Ashburn, VA USA, London and New York.

Over the past 3 years we have maintained an impressive uptime of 99.99% uptime across our network. If there is an issue our automated monitoring system will notify our 24/7 tech team to have the issue fixed before you even realize.

All our orders are dispatched through our instant automated delivery system via email and applied to your customer dashboard. Allowing for easy access, management and renewal of your proxies.

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We offer 24/7 365 technical and sales support via email and Discord so you are never waiting around for a problem to be resolved.


Are residential proxies your choice, but you are finding it difficult coming up with a provider that their works? Then worry no more as Ping Proxies have what you require. Below is an introduction to Ping Proxies.

Ping Proxies – an Overview

Ping Proxies is a residential proxy service provider. As you already know, unlike datacenter proxies, you will not have to deal with frequent detection and blocks. Very important is the fact that you are using real IPs provided by Internet Service Providers assigned to devices in residential areas. Because of this, they earn more trust and, as such, no putto much scrutiny.

Ping Proxies have over 30 million residential IP Addresses in their IP pool. When you subscribe to their plan, you are given access to the whole pool. They also have a good geolocation targeting option as they have proxies in over 60 countries and allow you to target even city proxies. However, their proxies are expensive and come with limited bandwidth. To learn more about Ping Proxies, visit the Ping Proxies website.


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How to ping when behind a proxy?

As others noted, doesn't work through proxy.

But you can use utility for that. It sends a HEAD request (by default) to a web server and measures the time it took to get a response.


Example output:


  • - Address of a proxy server, port is optional
  • - URL to send a request to

Other useful options:

  • - Use SOCKS5. Should be put after the option, i.e.:

  • - How many probes to send before exiting. Infinite by default.
  • - Do a GET request instead of a HEAD request. That means that also full page/file will be transferred. Note that in this case you're no longer measuring the latency! Useful for testing actual websites.

Be noticed that the time measured also includes the latency introduced by the proxy server itself.

The utility is available through a number of repositories for different OS'es and Linux distros:



macOS with Homebrew:

As another example, I used to estimate latency of my connection to Tor network through Tor proxy:

The only option I wish had is the ability to ask SOCKS5 proxy for domain name resolution, instead of doing it on its own, which is a more secure way with Tor.

Here is a link to the author's website:

How to generate proxies for FREE in the Ping Server!

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How to generate proxies for FREE in the Ping Server!

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