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How would you configure your Bentley Flying Spur?

Then comes the interior, and its many choices of hide and veneer. Go with black if you must, but Bentley interiors are most definitely at their best when they’re trimmed in bright leathers. So please, have a degree of imagination.

As for options, it’s a Bentley, so you probably ought to (and have the means to) tick every box available to you. But if you’re going for a more considered approach, definitely spring for the 19-speaker, 2,200 watt Naim hi-fi and the rotating infotainment screen. Big ticket items, no doubt, but worth having for the theatre.

Click through the gallery above for a couple we made earlier. A limo and a thug. Of the two, the green car is definitely the one. Thoughts?

Click right here to go configure your own.

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Do you have highly special requests when it comes to the color of your car?
Do you wish for an even more exclusive and individual interior that is unique in color, design and materials? A car that makes your ideas tangible?
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Bentley’s Computer Configuration for Students

If you are bringing a computer to campus that was not purchased through Bentley’s computer purchase program, the computer you bring to campus should meet Bentley’s required minimum computer configuration below. If you choose to bring your own computer remember to bring all of your computer documentation, software media, and warranty information with you to campus. These materials serve as essential resources and may be needed by Bentley’s repair services group to assist in solving computer problems that may arise. Bentley has chosen the following computer specifications to ensure that you can take full advantage of Bentley’s computing environment.

  • Windows 10 Professional Operating System
  • Intel i5 processor or better
  • 16 GB RAM or more
  • 256 GB hard drive or more, solid-state drive (SSD) strongly recommended
  • At least 2 USB or USB-C ports
  • 1920 x 1080 display or better
  • Built-in keyboard
  • Ethernet dongle and an Ethernet cord (min. five feet)*
  • Headphones with built-inmicrophone**
  • Three-year warranty
  • Three-year accidental damage protection
  • Anti-virus (Windows Defender is included with Windows 10 Pro)

*You are encouraged to purchase and bring your own Cat 6 Ethernet (network) cable, 10 ft. long, and the appropriate network dongle to campus. These are necessary as Bentley University faculty members teaching certain courses in the Computer Information Systems, Finance, Information Process Management and Accountancy departments may request that you connect to a wired port in the classroom in order to access required course software.  Although this software can also be accessed and used while connected to the wireless network, during these particular classes, faculty may prefer you use the wired connections to help minimize the strain on the classroom wireless access points which can occur when all students are accessing and using software at the same time.

**In order to provide for remote learning, it is expected that you have a set of headphones with a built-in microphone to attend class remotely or when attending class in-person for Zoom breakout rooms. These can be in-ear headphones (ear buds) or over the ear headphones. The microphone can be built into the cable or attached to the headset. The headphones can be wired (USB or 3.5 mm) or wireless.

Things to consider before bringing a Mac:

For students choosing to bring a macOS computer to campus for their schoolwork, you will need a minimum of 16GB RAM and a 512GB SSD in order to effectively use the software required for your classes. 

Certain courses in Accountancy, Computer Information Systems, Finance and Information Process Management require software that will run on only Microsoft Windows (the software will NOT run on your macOS device). In order to do the work in these classes, you will need to use either an online virtual environment or install a virtualization software and Windows on your Mac computer. You may incur additional costs to acquire virtualization software for your Mac, and installing this software is time consuming and requires technical knowledge.

  • If you have aMac,manyWindowsapplications are availablethrough Bentley Virtual Apps (BVA),avirtual Windowsenvironment. In order to use BVA, youwill need tofirstinstallRemote Desktop. Go to the Bentley Virtual Apps page for BVAuser-information, a list of BVA applications,and linkstoRemote Desktopinstallationinstructions. 
  • If you needa Windows-basedacademicapplication that is not available via BVA,you mayneed to install VMware Fusionif you have an Intel-based Mac or Parallels if you have an M1-basedMac.

If you are a Windows user,depending on the needs of your courses,your faculty membermayrequire youto installWindowsRemote Desktop in order to accessBVA.If/when you encounter this need, you will find instructions on the Bentley Virtual Apps page.

Tablets and other devices:

In addition, certain devices are not able to be modified to meet the needs of your Bentley courses including tablets, iPads and Chromebooks – attempting to complete Bentley coursework on these devices can result in missing content, connection trouble, and the inability to install required software, among other possible issues.

2020 Bentley Continental GT/C My Bentley Connected Car App set up

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Bentley Continental GT W12 - Inside the Factory - Full Documentary

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