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7 Pages to Find IELTS Speaking Questions and Save Time

7 Pages IELTS Speaking Test Sample Questions

Sometimes it is quite useful to have resource that helps you quickly find a piece of information without going to web search. Writing this article I set myself a goal to create such kind of recourse. I’ve collected 7 web pages which provide wide variety of sample questions from IELTS Speaking part.

I hope you will be using this article only for practice and won’t get overwhelmed. Just set aside some time, click any of the links below and choose a question.  con’t waste your time by viewing all websites and don’t go too deep exploring them.

They are great and provide lots if information, but you move forward only by working hard/practicing. I try to keep that in mind all the time when I need to get something done.


iepassielts speaking sample questions

On speaking page of there are 10 topics. Each topic has separate page where you can find  three sample question sections (part 1,2 and 3). There are also useful vocabulary , linkers and sample answer.


goodluckielts speaking sample questions

GoodluckIELTS is another well known resource where you can find  helpful materials for all four parts of the exam. This list  represents categorized part 1 sample questions taken from about 30  most common speaking exam topics. What’s great, you don’t need to switch between pages: there are about 180 questions collected on one page.


ielts-exam speaking sample questions

Next resource is pretty much similar to previous example. However, provides sample questions for all 3 parts of speaking exam. Ielts Speaking – Part 1 page has 12 categories and about 120 questions across most common topics. Ielts Speaking – Part 2 & 3 page – is a place where you can find  9 topics with sample questions. Each Topic section has one cue card and 6 part 3 questions.


ieltsbuddy speaking sample questions also has useful pages to find a bunch of questions from part 1, 2  and 3. Part 1: 11 topics are represented by 3-4 questions. There are separate page IELTS Speaking Topics & Questions: Part 2   with 8 cue cards.

TELtastic Blog

tefltastic speaking sample questions

The author of  this article called 135 typical IELTS Speaking Part One questions did really great job and posted a list of 135 questions. How much time do you need to practice them all?


ielts-acasemic speaking sample questions

I believe, significant proportion of those who tried  Speaking test have found that Part 3 questions are tho most difficult questions. You need not only to speak fluently but also generate some ideas to address the question and show your ability to participate in discussion. Once again, “practice makes perfect”. The only way to master this type of questions is to practice them regularly.You can find 50 Practice questions by topic collected  on


ielts mentor speaking sample questions provides impressive number of sample answers. When it comes to questions there are also a good number of part  1 and part 2 sample questions (interview and cue card). On the next page you can find lots of part 3 sample questions from 18 topics.

Small PDF Trick

Thats a lot of questions, right? Once again, don’t get overwhelmed. Focus and make one thing at a time.

You might find the following tip of some help and avoid being hit by information overload. You can choose one or two pages I listed above and create a PDF file.

It can be done in less than two minutes through online service called Print Friendly.

All you need to do to create and download any page in form of PDF file:

  1. Copy url address from your browser
  2. Go to Print Friendly  and paste copied url
  3. Download your PDF file

You can also install Google Chrome extension which makes the process even more faster and convenient.

Share your thoughts about  speaking questions  resources. Feel free to share your knowledge.


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