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Panaracer Pasela Road Tire (Tan Wall) (1") (27" / 630 ISO) (Wire)

Panaracer Pasela Road Bike Tires are very strong bicycle tires that are well-suited for hybrids, touring bikes and tandems.


  • These bike tires excel on bad pavement and dirt roads
  • The consistent center tread rolls quickly, while giving you much-needed traction in case you hit some water or dirt
  • 27" tires fit older road bikes - ISO 630

Tire Type: Clincher
Bead: Wire
Compound | Casing: - | 400D Lite Extra
TPI (Threads Per Inch): 60 TPI
Puncture Protection: Yes
Inflation: 105 PSI
Color: Tan Wall
Weight: 310g (27" | 1-1/8")

This product is expected to become available for purchase on Thursday, October 28, 2021

Tire Size Chart

Inch SizingISO / ETRTO
16" BMX / Kids305
16" Recumbent349
18" BMX / Kids355
20" BMX / Kids406
20 x 1-3/4"419
20 x 1-3/8", 20 x 1-1/8"451
22" Wheel Chair501
24" BMX / Kids507
24" BMX Race (Fractional)
24" Road
24" Old Schwinn S-7 Size521
24" Wheel Chair540
24" Old Schwinn S-5 Size547
26" Mountain559
650c Small Road Bike571
27.5 / 650b584
26 x 1-3/8590
26" Old Schwinn S-6597
700c / 29" / 28"622
27" Road (Fractional)630
28" Track Tubular635
36" Big Bike787


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On one of the bike mailing lists I frequent a gentleman was building up a old school mixte for his lady friend and wanted suggestions for 27 inch tires, in response several well meaning folks mentioned that there were "very few options" for 27 inch tires.  On other bike forums I have seen this expressed by members urging people working on old 10 speeds to convert them to 700c wheel-sets "so you have tire options".  Now I do not dispute that 700c tires have a tremendous variety of widths and options BUT as one who has spent way too much time searching online for tire deals I can tell you  the 27 inch tire cupboard is far from bare.


You basically have 4 widths to choose from for 27inch tires from a 25c narrow width to 37c fat width -see options below

27  inch size ISOrough metric equivalent width
27 x 1630x2525c
27 x 1 1/8630x2828c
27 x 1 1/4630x3232c
27 x 1 3/8630x3737c


There are a bunch of companies making 27 inch tires including;  Avenir, Bell, Cheng Shin, Continential, Kenda, Michelin, Panaracer, Schwable, and Vittoria to name the big ones.  Just do a search on Amazon and you will see for yourself.

Price Range

You can spend $8 a tire for some Cheng Shin gumwalls or $36 a tire for Continental gatorskins and every where in between.


You want a traditional gumwall, my favorite, you have choices in every size.  I personally like the Kenda K35 which is a great looking tire, sturdy and a very good bang for the buck.
You want a lighter tan than the gumwall but not quite a whitewall then go with a skinwall like the Kenda K36
You want to "pimp your ride" with cool white walls - no worries check out the Schwalbe HS159
Like a more modern stealthy all black look - your covered with something like the Vittoria Zaffiiro

You like color matching the side walls or treads to your bike?  your covered- check the selection from Junky Rusty Bikes
You want something knobby for cyclocross of just winter commuting check out the Kenda K161 I put on the Tiger rebuild


So if you want; skinny or fat, colored or black, hip or retro, road or cross, you have choices with 27 inch tires.  Don't get me wrong 700c is a great size with tons of options just don't convert your old school 10 speed to a modern wheel size out of the misguided notion that there aren't many options for the old school 27 inch tires.  That's just a myth..  As Always....



Based on some comments it appears some folks think that 700c tires and 27" tires are interchangeable, THEY ARE NOT, and if I have said anything here to make you think so I am sorry.  To be very clear 27" tire will NOT work on a 700c rim and a 700c tire will NOT work on a 27" rim. I have tried.  The diameters are too different a 27" tire has a bead seat diameter of 630 and at 700c tire is 622.

If you are in doubt about what  size you currently have look at your rims which usually have a size stamped on them and look at your current tire, in addition to having a size on the sidewall, they should also have the ISO number expressed in (parentheses) as below.

This is a 27 x 1 3/8 tire and the ISO is expressed as width and diameter (BSD) so (37-630) if this were a 700 x 23c tire it would be (23-622).  So step 1 - determine your rim size, step 2 - buy tires that match that rim size, Step 3 - don't let tubes confuse you, since they don't have a bead they can be used in either 700c or 27" and you will see both sizes on the box the tubes come in.

As you can see above the phrase "Get the grip" it shows sizes for 700c and 27", tubesare interchangeable, Tires are NOT.    Again tires mustmatch the rim size. I will close with repeating that 27 inch tires and 700c tires are NOT interchangeable.  Thanks.
Understanding Tire Sizes - Tech Tuesday #145

What modern wheel and tire size could be replaced from 32-630 ( 27 x 1 ¼ ) wheels

For your red bike, I'd suggest 622 mm wheels (the "700c" size") which is 8mm smaller diameter than your existing wheels.

Its your choice if you want to go for a "road 700c" or a "MTB 29 inch" wheel, which will be governed by the clearance between stays and between fork tines for the tyre. Both have the same rim diameter, but will be available in different rim widths (where the tyre lies) A wider tyre will sit better in a wider rim.

Given your earlier statements, I'd go with road bike 700c wheels, with gum-wall or tan side-wall tyres to maintain the historic look. A wider tyre would also look more original than a narrow, so 28mm as a minimum, and 35mm~38mm would be great.

enter image description here

Not a product rec, just an example.

Other considerations:

  • With disk brakes, you can run a pair of 650b wheels with larger rubber on them, if that is of interest.
  • Rim profile will be important too - you ideally want some box-section rims for the look, not deeper-section rims. This will be very hard to find in a MTB wheel and somewhat hard to find in a pre-built road wheel. So you may have to build your own wheels with older style rims onto disk-based hubs.
  • Rim material - Your red bike would have had distinctive steel rims which are a shiny chrome, or a rusty steel. A more modern bike would have alloy rims, which have a dull grey patina clearly visible on the brake track and no rust. Since you're not using the brake track, it may be worth either polishing the alloy rim to a mirror finish, or exploring some kind of spray-on chrome finish for the brake track.
  • Its going to be impossible to hide the disk brake rotors, so you might choose to distract by fitting items like a gutted bottle dynamo housing, and an old school front headlamp (which could have modern LED inside.) You might even hang a set of vinyl pannier bags off a front rack, but that all adds frontal area and increasing drag.
  • Another option is build the mounts for common 140mm rotors, but to fit an interposer adapter and run a tiny 120mm rotor, which would have a "side area" of 113 cm^2 vs 153 cm^2 for a 140mm rotor. Also look for a rotor that has more cooling slots so its less to see. You could even fit plastic spoke protectors on either side of the front wheel to help hide the brake rotor from the right-hand side, though that would also look weird.

answered Aug 13 '19 at 23:14


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630 tires iso

Panaracer Pasela

Traditional 630 mm (27 inch) rims were straight side design, but in the late '70s they evolved to a "hook edge" design which would permit the use of higher pressures.

These days, many 630 mm (27 inch) tires are marked "For hook edge rims only" (some companies use the term "crochet type" instead of "hook edge"...this is the result of poor translation.)

The fact is that modern 630 mm (27 inch) tires will work on older straight-side rims, but they won't handle as much pressure as they are capable of with hook edge rims.

Generally, the "rule of thumb" for traditional 630 mm (27 inch) tires is that they should be inflated to 70-75 psi. This shouldn't be a problem with any tire, despite whatever disclaimer the manufacturer puts on the sidewall. However, if you're restricted to this pressure range, you probably shouldn't be running tires narrower than 1 1/8, or preferably 1 1/4, unless you're a very lightweight rider.

Truck 11.00.R 20 tyre rotation change/ and fittings/part # 2

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