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Understanding the How and Why of Sound Walls

What are Phoneme/Grapheme Cards?

“How do I explain the reason for the different spellings in the English language?”
These cards will give teachers the confidence to answer that question.

  • There is logic to the language but many teachers find this is missing information which most of us don’t know about.

  • These generic sound/spelling cards are designed to use in grades K-5th with any reading program.

  • These cards are for teachers to use as a supplemental resource tool.

  • Use them as a quick and easy reference guide for the reliable patterns of spelling and reading.

  • These cards will provide a visual aid for both students and teachers.

  • Teachers will find basic phonics information and some extra facts on the back of each card.

  • Lists of words following a pattern and specific phonics explanations are included. The most common patterns are listed on the front of each card.

On the back of each card is a brief explanation for the pattern(s)listed on the front. The slash marks / / indicate the sound (phoneme) represented by the letter or letters (grapheme) on the front of the card.

Color code key:

  • Short vowels are printed in red. Several spelling patterns are used following short vowels.

  • For example, we spell with ck after a short vowel.  So, the red box __ on the front of the card indicates that a short vowel sound always comes before this spelling pattern.

  • Long vowel spellings are printed in green – a, a_e

  • Vowel teams (two or more letters representing a vowel sound) and diphthongs are printed in blue – ai, -ay. These spellings may represent a short, long, or a diphthong sound.

  • Vowel –r spellings are printed in orange – ar.

Dr. Mary Dahlgren, the author of these new innovative cards, conducts professional development training across the country. She uses best practices from scientifically based reading research to help teachers improve classroom instruction. As a national LETRS trainer, Mary has extensive experience working with individual schools, districts and state departments of education.

How to use the Phoneme/Grapheme Cards

Dr. Mary Dahlgren, gives a brief description on the cards and how to use them.


Banned Books Week 2021 is September 26 – October 2. Alex Gino’s George has been at the top of the most-challenged list for three years running. Regarding this honor Gino has joked, “If you’re gonna be banned, at least be number 1.” However, the author has noted, “people are so horrified by my existence that they want to ban their children from knowing that I and people like me exist.” Author Jason Reynolds – who made the list twice this year with All American Boys and Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You which he co-authored with Ibram X. Kendi, has said, “Any time we eliminate or wall off certain narratives, we are not getting a whole picture of the world in which we live. And navigating the world in a way that is closed-off, closed-minded, is poisonous.” When it comes to discussions with children, adults have a hard time talking about topics like suicide, divorce, drug and alcohol abuse, puberty and sexuality, same-sex relationships, violence, religions (different from their own), racism, anti-racism, and people who identify on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. To ban these books – these stories – is to ask young people to blindly navigate a world filled with all these big, important topics – topics that likely impact them directly. Access to these stories can help them feel less alone; feel seen and understood; or better understand people’s lives who are vastly different from their own; connect and empathize in meaningful, life-altering ways.

Author Laurie Halse Anderson said, “Censorship is the child of fear and the father of ignorance.” Adults need to be less fearful of these big, important topics that previous generations made us all fearful of; and rather than make children ignorant by removing books with topics that seem too big for them to handle, guide them through these deeply impactful subjects by reading what they’re reading, or better yet, reading together. I’ve put together some resources for you to get started. Get the Google Slide version by clicking here or the PDF by clicking here.

Take a look at the number one most challenged books of the last 20 years. Do you see fear? Fear of the LGBTQ+ community? Fear of suicide (there’s an increase in suicide among children and teens)? Fear of puberty and sexuality? Fear of drug-use, profanity, and sex (visit any middle or high school to know that these exist within the walls of those buildings)? And yes, even fear of spell-casting witches and wizards and the potty humor of one Captain Underpants? Stop the fear. Read. Discuss. Share. Grow. Learn.

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No doubt debates are a good medium to gain knowledge and improve speaking skills. We come to know other people’s perspective via debates. It helps us evaluate ourselves and understand different perspectives. Especially, classroom debates and quizzes are very helpful for students. But most of the time we find those debates boring and don’t take much interest in them.

Well, there can be various ways to make classroom debates interesting, so that, the students take more interest in them. We have just the right solution to make classroom debates more interesting and cheerful. This article covers a Free Online Soundboard For Classroom Debates. Using this online tool, you can make your classroom debates more fun.

In the era of internet, we can organize debates online. Setup Online Debates Using Free Online Debating Platform: Quibl. Also, check out an awesome tool to create collaborative classroom quizzes.

Free Online Soundboard For Classroom Debates and Quizzes: is a fun website with online tools for classrooms. These tools are for entertainment and fun; they don’t have any educational content. The main motto of this website is to make classroom experience fun and cheerful. You can use these online tools to do so. There are lots of tools on this website to get you covered for any situation, Online Soundboard for Classroom is one of them.

This online soundboard for classroom has various sound effects. Each sound type is indicated with an emoticon. So, you can easily select a perfect sound for any particular moment. There are 15 different sound effects which include, exciting starting music, cheer up, hushed, an element of surprise, tears of joy, timer, alarm and more.

To play a sound, click on the play icon left to that emoticon. You can play multiple sounds at once with this soundboard.

Free Online Soundboard For Classroom Debates

This soundboard is an online tool, so, anyone with a smartphone and internet connection can access it easily. There are no platform hurdles; whether someone has an iPhone, Android, or a laptop, he/she can use it on his/her device.

Now, the only task remaining is sharing this soundboard with the others. This website also got you covered there as well. In the Share/Embed option on this website, you get following options:

  • URL Link / Embed Code: To share URL or Embed code for webpages.
  • QR Code: To generate a QR code for more simple and quick share.
  • Download Web Shortcut: To download an HTML shortcut to this soundboard.

online soundboard for classroom

If someone is setting an online debate, he/she can embed this soundboard there.

Check out this online soundboard for classroom debates here.

Closing Words

You can make boring classroom debates cheerful and interesting with this Online Soundboard for Classroom. It’s a good tool to make learning fun.

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