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Project Associate, C-DPRK

CRDF Global

CRDF Global

Arlington, VA

CRDF Global seeks a Project Associate to support implementation of counter-proliferation programming, specifically focused on U.S. and Canadian governments’…

Estimated: $37,000 - $50,000 a year

Program Manager, International Research, Data and Technology

CRDF Global

CRDF Global

Arlington, VA

The Program Manager will oversee implementation of programming to counter the acquisition, theft, and misuse of dual-use weapons of mass destruction (WMD)…

Estimated: $100,000 - $150,000 a year

1 day ago

Program Manager, Counterproliferation

CRDF Global

CRDF Global

Arlington, VA

The Program Manager will oversee implementation of programming to counter the development and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and advanced…

Estimated: $95,000 - $130,000 a year

1 day ago


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Average income around the world

Average income by country

Official data is published by several organisations like World Bank, International Monetary Fund or the OECD on a regular basis. Unfortunately there are no standardized procedures to adjust inflation, currency fluctuations or real purchase power. Thats why each institution has its own ranking and varying results.

The above list is therefore calculated according to the Atlas method from the quotient of the gross national income (formerly also called "gross national product") and the population of the country. For both figures, we take the last official numbers, which are usually those of the previous year. For the vast majority of countries, the above table is based on information from the year 2020. In some countries, however, these starting figures are not regularly collected or published and may be older or official estimates of the institutions mentioned above.

Surviving with 23 USD per month?

Cost of daily necessitiesThe lower end of the table clearly shows that countries like the US or Australia are doing pretty well. Almost all countries with a remarkably low income are also developing countries with unstable political and economic conditions. The figures are quite correct in content, but also reflect only what is actually recorded by the official side. Anyone who does not register his trade or works illicit is never found or prosecuted in many countries. Illicit services and sales are not included in government statistics either. And that in turn reduces gross national income. Such numbers are always to be handled with cautiousness.

Difference between salaries and income

The salary or wage is paid to a worker or employee for his work in a employment. A self-employed person therefore has neither wages nor salary, but nevertheless an income. Also, workers or employees may have an additional income to their salary. This may include income from capital gains (including securities or interest) or leases.

The income of a person is therefore the sum of all of his earnings. At a first glance, that may sound somewhat inaccurate in a country comparison, as companies also generate an income. Regardless of whether this is a small tailoring around the corner or a stock-quoted enterprise, this company is also owned by individuals again. Therefor the income of the owners increases to the same extent as the income of their companies.

Gross national income

The income is always attributed to the domestic population. These are people who live predominantly in the respective country. They do not necessarily have to have the same citizenship, the habitual residence is sufficient. Also included in the gross national income are any earnings generated by these residents in another country. If a Mexican worker earns his money in the US during the day, but lives in Mexico, his income counts to Mexico. If he actually lives in the US for at least 6 months a year, he becomes a fiscal resident within the USA and his income counts there.
Universal Basic Income Explained – Free Money for Everybody? UBI

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