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PNW Cycled offers refurbished & blemished products new life while customers get a deal

In an effort to reduce waste and increase the life span of any number of products, many companies have taken to offering factory refurbished items. Take a product that still has life in it but needs some service, give it a factory overhaul, and then put it back on the market at a discount. This keeps items out of landfills for another cycle, while also providing the option for consumers to purchase that item at a lower price. Now with the introduction of PNW Cycled, PNW components is offering that for their dropper posts.

PNW Cycled offers refurbished & blemished products new life while customers get a deal

Run as a separate website, but owned and operated by PNW Components, PNW Cycled is currently focused around the company’s dropper posts. Created “as a service initiative to better serve PNW riders and address the end of life process for dropper posts,” PNW Cycled offers the chance to purchase factory refurbished and blemished dropper posts at a significant discount. Blemished posts are those that have cosmetic issues that don’t affect the performance of the dropper, while refurbished posts have been given the full factory overhaul and come with a 1 year warranty to back it up.

“A blemished product is not a dead product, and more importantly, it certainly isn’t trash. ” Said Emily Kerson, Co-Founder of PNW Components. “As we delve into our 2020 sustainability goals, we wanted to create a way to safely reuse, recycle, and give blemished products a second chance.”

In addition to the ability to purchase refers and blems at a discount, the program will also give current PNW customers the ability to trade in their old dropper post towards a brand new PNW dropper for a 20% credit. PNW points out that their dropper posts are still very easily user-serviced in about 10 minutes thanks to their fully sealed cartridge. And if you don’t want to tackle that yourself, they will still offer factory service where you will get the exact same post back when you’re done. But if you’re wanting to upgrade or change model, then the trade-in program becomes a great option.

PNW Cycled offers refurbished & blemished products new life while customers get a deal

Due to the nature of the program, availability of different dropper posts may change over time, but there are currently a number of options already for sale. For example, the factory refurbished Rainier 27.2 internal dropper post shown above is posted for sale at $119.40. Compared that to the brand new Rainier 27.2 internal dropper on the PNW site at  $199.00. With the exception of the new dropper post levers, all of the PNW Cycled products are either used or blemished and come with a 1 year warranty. The PNW Cycled products can not be returned, but they can be exchanged for different products or for credit towards a different product in the future.


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PNW Components: New Cycled Refurbished Dropper Program


May 11, 2020

For those looking to save a few bucks while recycling gently-used products, check out the PNW Cycled program, offering discounts on dropper posts, while being conscious of reuse. These posts start at $107, saving you big bucks! Check out all the info at PNW Components.


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If you’ve been riding long enough to remember when dropper posts entered our lives, you remember the hesitation we all felt. A component that used to last a lifetime suddenly just might give up mid-season. And many did. Of course, we all dove in ass-first anyway, but it was a gamble back then. Droppers still don’t last forever, but they’ve gotten far better. Plus, you can replace a cartridge here or there, refresh the bushings or, worst case, take advantage of warranties that have generally caught up to match the dropper post’s newfound longevity.

And in its wake, dropper service and support has left some brands with a steady supply of used but not useless posts and parts. On top of that, choosing the right dropper is tougher than other components. People often end up with the wrong post and need to exchange them. PNW has decided to do something with all of it. Today, they’re launching PNW Cycled, a program that sells factory-refurbished droppers for 40 percent off of retail. And on the other end of that, owners of existing PNW posts can send them in for a 20-percent discount on a new PNW post.

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Refurbished pnw components

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