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Barbie has grown from a Mattel Barbie doll every young girl wants to have into an animated movie star (Scroll to see the full Barbie list below).

All Barbie movies come to life with on-screen singing, dancing, and chasing adventures anywhere you can imagine. 

After taking the spotlight in several short films and cameo appearances in blockbuster movies like Toy Story, Barbie has built up a large collection of her own movies.

Barbie as Rapunzel with her Prince

Barbie has starred in 39 movies from Barbie in the Nutcracker (2001) to Netflix’s new release Barbie: Princess Adventure (2020). Barbie has made dozens of best friends along the way.

Throughout Mattel’s Barbie movie collection a constant theme of Barbie remaining the heroine is evident compared to other princess movies.

She is steadily challenging the status quo by inspiring little girls everywhere to chase their dreams. 

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Mattel now has over 17 Barbie Careers dolls that encourage young girls to grow up and be who they want to be instead of what society tells them they should be.

Barbie’s career examples are astronaut, doctor, photojournalist, athlete, pilot, soccer coach, and more. 

As Barbie films continue to change over time fans have taken notice. In recent years, not only has the animation improved and the songs become more entertaining but Matte’s goal of “anyone can be Barbie” has taken center stage. 

Barbie in the Nutcracker standing with the Prince

Surprisingly or not, long-time Barbie movie fans seem to prefer the old classic movies over the new age agenda of making Barbie more approachable. 

It’s not clear what the fans are really missing but maybe if Barbie can be anyone then Barbie isn’t something to look up to and strive for anymore. Or maybe it’s something more simple like poor quality storytelling? 

One thing is clear, Barbie fans are passionate and cherish their Barbie childhood memories and hope to pass them on. 

The best Barbie movies in order are listed below. Browse the complete old Barbie movies list and our top 10 rankings including 3 new Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures seasons streaming on Netflix.

Which Barbie (film series) movies are your favorites? Read and share your comments on our Barbie Youtube video. Find the video on our channel.

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Barbie News

Barbie Big City Big Dreams cover art 2021

New Barbie movies now playing! (NEW on Netflix)

Barbie: Chelsea & The Lost Birthday and Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams on Netflix.

Barbie & Chelsea The Lost Birthday artwork from Mattel

Barbie is now on IMDb TV

IMDb TV is now streaming Barbie movies for FREE! Watch Barbie In A Mermaid Tale 2, Barbie in the Pink Shoes, and Barbie: The Pearl Princess.

Mattel also has a press release that recently added they will be releasing a new Barbie musical this fall.

Below are the Barbie movies all in order from their release date, starting in 2001 with Barbie in the Nutcracker and ending with the highly anticipated, Barbie: Princess Adventure, released on Netflix on September 1, 2020.

Barbie Big City Big Dreams on Netflix 2021

Barbie Movies List

  1. Barbie in the Nutcracker 2001
  2. Barbie as Rapunzel 2002
  3. Barbie of Swan Lake 2003
  4. Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper 2004
  5. Barbie: Fairytopia 2005
  6. Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus 2005
  7. Barbie Fairytopia: Mermaidia 2006
  8. The Barbie Diaries 2006
  9. Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses 2006
  10. Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow 2007
  11. Barbie as the Island Princess 2007
  12. Barbie: Mariposa 2008
  13. Barbie & the Diamond Castle 2008
  14. Barbie in A Christmas Carol 2008
  15. Barbie Presents: Thumbelina 2009
  16. Barbie and the Three Musketeers 2009
  17. Barbie in A Mermaid Tale 2010
  18. Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale 2010
  19. Barbie: A Fairy Secret 2011
  20. Barbie: Princess Charm School 2011
  21. Barbie: A Perfect Christmas 2011
  22. Barbie in A Mermaid Tale 2 2012
  23. Barbie: The Princess & The Popstar 2012
  24. Barbie in the Pink Shoes 2013
  25. Barbie: Mariposa & the Fairy Princess 2013
  26. Barbie & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale 2013
  27. Barbie: The Pearl Princess 2014
  28. Barbie and the Secret Door 2014
  29. Barbie in Princess Power 2015
  30. Barbie in Rock’n Royals 2015
  31. Barbie & Her Sisters in The Great Puppy Adventure 2015
  32. Barbie: Spy Squad 2016
  33. Barbie: Star Light Adventure 2016
  34. Barbie & Her Sisters in A Puppy Chase 2016
  35. Barbie: Video Game Hero 2017
  36. Barbie Dolphin Magic 2017
  37. Barbie: Princess Adventure 2020
  38. Barbie: Chelsea & The Lost Birthday 2021
  39. Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams 2021

The Barbie movies order is constantly updating so check back often.

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All 39 Barbie Movies Checklist 2021

Barbie Links

New Barbie Movies Coming Soon

Barbie movies newest film is Big City, Big Dreams. The 2nd Barbie movie in 2021 has now been released on Netflix.

Watch Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams on Netflix now along with Barbie: Chelsea & The Lost Birthday. Both are new Barbie movies best now streaming on Netflix, released 2021.

A new Barbie movie has been announced for April 16, 2021, Barbie: Chelsea & The Lost Birthday.

Additionally, Barbie: Princess Adventure was released on Netflix on September 1. It features 6 new songs and you can even buy the toy collections from the movie here.

There are also rumors of a live-action Barbie movie starring real-life Margot Robbie (not rumored Amy Schumer) that was hyped up for a 2020 release.

However, with several movie releases being pushed back to 2022 and beyond it is not likely to be released anytime soon.

Barbie: Princess Adventure Trailer

Barbie Princess Adventure trailer

Best Barbie Movies Top 10

White horses, love stories with happy endings, true friendships, magic fairies, enchanted forests and adventures, many adventures in the sea and sky.

I’m sure that when you read all this, you couldn’t help but think of some children’s stories from your childhood and the truth is that you are not wrong, since we are talking about the unforgettable and incomparable, Barbie.

More specifically about her series of children’s films, which was released in 2001 and since then has been published up to 39 different titles, all full of charm and childish fun that delighted the little ones in the house.

Barbie in the Nutcracker wearing her crown

Mattel’s famous doll marked an era and was the protagonist of the childhood of thousands of girls thanks to its toys and accessories.

This made the Barbie cartoon brand a benchmark for children’s toys for over two decades and counting!

Although all of the Barbie films were very popular with children, critics had different opinions about the adventures of the beautiful princess and her friends.

Although the idea was to entertain and educate children from the point of view of sweetness and fantasy, not all the titles managed to do so in the same way.

Therefore, below we are going to refresh your memory and give you a TOP 10 MOVIES OF BARBIE AND HER FRIENDS.


In this magical adventure, our friend Barbie becomes the royal ambassador of Flutterfield along with her purple pet Zee. Her mission is to restore peace with the crystal fairies that inhabit the kingdom of Shimmervale.

During her adventure, fairy Barbie will befriend Shimmervale’s Princess Catania and the two will have to face the evil witch Gwyllion and her pet bat Boris, who plan to turn all the crystals in the kingdom into stone and make the magic disappear.

As a Barbie movies fairy adventure, this film highlights the values of friendship and companionship through magic. Pure sweetness!


In this film, Barbie takes us to meet the young and enthusiastic Corinne, with whom we will travel to the 16th century to see how she becomes, along with her friends Miette, Aramina, Renée, and Viveca, a brave musketeer.

The dream of all of them is to be able to fight in the service of the French royal family, but at that time women were totally forbidden to work as soldiers.

Luckily, an unexpected master offers to train them secretly to deal with an evil conspiracy being hatched against the young Prince Louis. A fantastic adventure that will entertain the whole family!


Barbie Fairytopia Mermaidia

In this new adventure, Barbie will play the role of the young fairy Elina, who has just acquired a new set of shiny wings for her past exploits in which she defeated the evil wizard Laverna.

Although Elina is only a novice sorceress, she will be forced to test her new powers in order to face a new threat: Laverna’s followers kidnap Nalu, the Prince of the Merfolk.

Our Barbie movies mermaid must prevent the land from ending up in the hands of evil and she will achieve this with the help of her faithful assistants Bibble, her pet, and the sweet mermaid Nori.

Together they will save the peaceful Fairytropia from the clutches of Laverna and her henchmen.


This time Barbie is Lumina, a young and beautiful mermaid who was born with magical powers thanks to which she is able to make pearls dance.

Her adventure begins when her adorable aunt, with whom she has lived in the palace since she was a child, forgets to go to an important dance in the palace, so Lumina decides to go in her place and start a long journey.

In this adventure, the Barbie movies Princess Lumina will meet all kinds of magical creatures with whom she will face all kinds of challenges and forge a beautiful friendship.

She investigates their true origin and the reason for their magical powers. Pure magic!


This film is perfect for those children who dream of one day becoming fashion designers. On this occasion, Barbie will travel to the romantic city of Paris to help her aunt Millicent not to close her fashion shop for good.

Together with her dog Sequin and three magic fashion fairies she meets when she gets there, she will make a fabulous fashion collection that will help her aunt save the business and help her take her first steps in the fashion industry.

A beautiful and entertaining film that will delight lovers of haute couture clothing and design.


On this occasion, Barbie ventures into one of the franchise’s most musical films. Two young friends, Liana and Alexa, will have to give music back to the world.

In their adventure, they will have to fight against the evil witch Lydia who hides the key to the Diamond Castle, a magical place where all music is born and where she holds little Melody, a muse’s apprentice that our protagonists will have to free.


This movie presents a wonderful adventure full of unexpected twists in which Barbie, her pets, and her three sisters, Skipper, Stacie, and Chelsea find a mysterious treasure map in their grandmother’s attic.

Throughout the film, they must unravel all the mysteries hidden on the map and find the hidden treasure in the town of Willows. A thrilling adventure that will delight the whole family!


Barbie also has several special movies for Christmas, being this Christmas story a children’s version of Dickens’s classic tale in which Barbie and her friends will help an English Victorian singer who is bitter about her professional failures.

They help her understand the true importance of life and make her fall in love again with the spirit of Christmas.


Barbie in the Nutcracker movie poster 2001

This is the first installment of the Barbie movie series, a fantasy adventure based on the classic children’s opera The Nutcracker; it’s also perfect to watch during the Christmas season.

In the film, we are introduced to Clara, a sweet little girl who receives a Nutcracker as a Christmas present.

However, she soon realizes that her Nutcracker is enchanted and that inside him lives a prince and an entire army led by the evil Mouse King.

It will be Clara’s mission to go into that kingdom and help the prince rescue the Sugar Princess, who lives in the Land of Candy beyond the mountains. A beautiful adventure that will make you fall in love!


Barbie of Swan Lake movie poster 2003

This was the third installment of the franchise and the second based on the famous Tchaikovsky ballet, in which Barbie will tell the story of the nutcracker to her little sister Kelly to help her sleep.

Like the rest of Barbie’s deliveries, this beautiful movie will take us back to the kingdom of the Nutcracker and the Mouse King, while giving us beautiful dance scenes full of songs to remember.

Barbie Appearances In Toy Story 2 and Hawaiian Vacation

Featured Animation Barbie appearances in Toy Story movies

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Barbie Movies Free

Free Barbie movies can be found on IMDb TV and on YouTube. There are currently three Barbie movies for free on IMDb TV that include Barbie In A Mermaidtale 2, Barbie In The Pink Shoes, and Barbie The Pearl Princess.

YouTube also has free Barbie movies, however, these have all been uploaded without the Barbie brand’s permission and often get taken down.

Anneliese and Erika in Barbie as The Princess and the Pauper

You can also stream all Barbie movies on many of the popular streaming services. Here is a link to a list of the 4 seasons of the Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures series on Netflix from 2018 through the end of 2019.

The Barbie official website also has Life in the Dreamhouse short clips to watch and get to know Barbie.

Additionally, you will see a list of where to watch online Barbie movies streaming on Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video.

You might not think you are Barbie’s target audience but If you subscribe to one of these services then you will find those films included in your subscription and you can give them a try.

Elina from Barbie Fairytopia and her rainbow wings

Movies On Netflix

See a full list of Netflix kids movies.

  • Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams (NEW 2021)
  • Barbie & Chelsea The Lost Birthday (NEW2021)
  • Barbie: Princess Adventure
  • Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures (3 seasons)
  • Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse (1 season)
  • Barbie: Dolphin Magic

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures On Netflix

Season 1

  1. Welcome to the Dreamhouse!
  2. Clubhouse (Remix)
  3. Nobody’s Cupcake
  4. The Great Pioneer Adventure
  5. Baby Sister Babysitter
  6. Road Trip!
  7. Picture Perfect Cake
  8. The Roof Fairy

Season 2

  1. Balancing Act
  2. Life Can Be a Dream
  3. Trey Is for Horses
  4. A Dreamhouse Puppy Tale
  5. Time Will Tell
  6. Putts for Pups
  7. Pied Pupper
  8. A Day at the Beach
  9. A Delicate Situation

Season 3

  1. Virtually Famous
  2. All Dogs Go to the Beach
  3. The Ballad of Windy Willows
  4. Room Swap
  5. Getaway and Got Away
  6. Totally Spying
  7. Barbie Roberts: Undercover Mermaid Part 1
  8. Barbie Roberts: Undercover Mermaid Part 2
  9. A Dog’s Day in Court

Movies On Hulu

See a full list of Hulu kids movies.

  • Tiny Shoulders: Rethinking Barbie

Movies On Prime Video

See a full list of Prime Video kids movies.

  • Barbie Dreamtopia
  • Barbie Dreamtopia: Magical Hair

Movies On IMDbTV

  • Barbie In A Mermaid Tale 2
  • Barbie In the Pink Shoes
  • Barbie the Pearl Princess

Barbie Memes

  • Barbie loves desserts meme
  • Barbie laying down the law meme

See our complete list of Barbie Memes.

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What’s the newest Barbie movie?

The newest Barbie movie is Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams which was released on September 1, 2021, on Netflix.
Barbie Big City Big Dreams cover art 2021

Are Barbie movies still being made?

Yes, Barbie movies are still being made! Two new Barbie films were released in 2021, Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams, and Barbie: Chelsea & The Lost Birthday.
Barbie Big City Big Dreams cover art 2021

How many Barbie movies are there in 2021?

With two new movies released in 2021, Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams, and Barbie: Chelsea & The Lost Birthday, there are a grand total of 39 Barbie movies.
Barbie Big City Big Dreams on Netflix 2021

Are Barbie movies on Netflix?

Netflix currently has 6 Barbie movies and tv series.
Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams (NEW 2021)
Barbie & Chelsea The Lost Birthday (NEW 2021)
Barbie: Princess Adventure
Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures (3 seasons)
Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse (1 season)
Barbie: Dolphin Magic
Barbie Big City Big Dreams cover art 2021

Are the Barbie movies on Amazon Prime?

Prime Video currently has 2 Barbie movies.
Barbie Dreamtopia
Barbie Dreamtopia: Magical Hair

Does Hulu have Barbie movies?

Hulu currently has 1 Barbie movie for streaming.
Tiny Shoulders: Rethinking Barbie

Where I can watch Barbie movies?

Watch Barbie movies on Barbie’s Youtube channel and IMDb TV for free! Subscription services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime also have Barbie films. Each service has different movies and clips to stream on all your internet-connected devices.

What are the 39 Barbie movies?

Now there are more than 39 Barbie movies! The 38th and 39th Barbie movies came out on Netflix in 2021. Here is the most up-to-date list of Barbie movies.
Barbie in the Nutcracker 2001
Barbie as Rapunzel 2002
Barbie of Swan Lake 2003
Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper 2004
Barbie: Fairytopia 2005
Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus 2005
Barbie Fairytopia: Mermaidia 2006
The Barbie Diaries 2006
Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses 2006
Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow 2007
Barbie as the Island Princess 2007
Barbie: Mariposa 2008
Barbie & the Diamond Castle 2008
Barbie in A Christmas Carol 2008
Barbie Presents: Thumbelina 2009
Barbie and the Three Musketeers 2009
Barbie in A Mermaid Tale 2010
Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale 2010
Barbie: A Fairy Secret 2011
Barbie: Princess Charm School 2011
Barbie: A Perfect Christmas 2011
Barbie in A Mermaid Tale 2 2012
Barbie: The Princess & The Popstar 2012
Barbie in the Pink Shoes 2013
Barbie: Mariposa & the Fairy Princess 2013
Barbie & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale 2013
Barbie: The Pearl Princess 2014
Barbie and the Secret Door 2014
Barbie in Princess Power 2015
Barbie in Rock’n Royals 2015
Barbie & Her Sisters in The Great Puppy Adventure 2015
Barbie: Spy Squad 2016
Barbie: Star Light Adventure 2016
Barbie & Her Sisters in A Puppy Chase 2016
Barbie: Video Game Hero 2017
Barbie Dolphin Magic 2017
Barbie: Princess Adventure 2020
Barbie: Chelsea & The Lost Birthday 2021
Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams 2021

Is Barbie Princess Adventure on Netflix India?

Yes! Now you can enjoy the newest Barbie movie – Barbie: Princess Adventure in India.

Where can I legally watch Barbie movies?

Watch FREE short Barbie videos on the Barbie YouTube channel and full-length Barbie movies on IMBdTV! You can also stream Barbie movies on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime with a subscription.


Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale

Release date

September 14, 2010 (DVD)


Fantasy, Adventure, Fashion


Rainmaker Entertainment


Universal Studios

Produced by

Shelley Dvi-Vardhana
Shawn McCorkindale

"Magic happens when you believe in yourself."
– Barbie

Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale is the 18th Barbie movie. It was released on September 14, 2010. The film follows the adventures of Barbie as she visits her aunt, a fashion designer, in Paris, and has a magical experience.

Official Summary

"Discover your inner sparkle!"

"Join Barbie in a colourful, modern-day fairytale filled fashion, friends and fun. Barbie and her dog Sequin jet off to visit her aunt's amazing fashion house in Paris. Much to their surprise, it's about to be shut down forever!"

"After she discovers three enchanting Flairies with sparkle-magic powers, Barbie comes up with a brilliant idea to save the business. She even inspires Alice, a shy fashion designer, and together they create a dazzling runway fashion show!"

"Barbie shows that magic happens when you believe in yourself."


During a movie shoot for "The Princess and the Pea", Barbie is fired by the director for expressing her personal opinion. To make matters worse, Spencer posts in the blog about Barbie getting fired, and Ken calls her on the phone and breaks up with her. Barbie decides to get away by going to Paris and visiting her Aunt Millicent, a fashion designer. While Barbie is on the plane, Ken is helping Barbie's ex-best friend Raquelle practice lines for her drama class. After a confrontation with Barbie's friends Teresa and Grace, who thinks Ken dumped Barbie for Raquelle, he is confused. However, one of the lines he recorded for Raquelle was about breaking up with someone, and he realizes that Raquelle sent it to Barbie. To make sure Barbie understands what happened, Teresa and Grace tell him to make a 'grand romantic gesture'. Ken decides to go to Paris to surprise Barbie, so he books a flight.

Meanwhile, in Paris, Barbie finds her Aunt Millicent's fashion house and discovers that she's closing down and moving to the country due to being unsuccessful. Barbie meets Aunt Millicent's assistant, Marie-Alice, who is a great designer but is shy. She has many designs, which are enhanced by the flairies: Shimmer, Glimmer, and Shine. They can enhance clothes by giving them glitter and put them in the Glitterizer, a wardrobe with their magic in it. The outfits turn into a success.

They decide to host a fashion show on Friday night to raise enough money to buy Aunt Millicent's fashion house back from a Hot Dog company. However, across the street from Millicent's is Jacqueline with her assistant Delphine, rivaling fashion designers. When they see the Flairies, they plan to kidnap Shimmer, Glimmer, and Shine. When Barbie and Marie-Alice discover that the Flairies are gone, Millicent decides to help with the fashion show, and they worked through the night to create a line of beautiful dresses.

On Sunday night, Jilliana, Jacques, and Sequin, Millicent's and Barbie's pets, see fireworks that the Flairies made and rescue them. The Flairies transform the studio and glitterize the outfits completing the last preparations for the fashion show. A lady orders ten thousand pieces from the fashion line, and Millicent is able to buy the fashion house back. Glimmer, who always struggled with her powers, transforms Barbie's final outfit into a glittering three-tiered pink gown. Better yet, Ken arrives and tells Barbie that it was Raquelle who sent her the message about him breaking up with her. Ken informs Barbie that he loves her for who she is and not her career. They share a passionate kiss. Lilliana Roxelle, Paris's top fashion critic, congratulates them on a spectacular show and invites them to her Pink, White, and Black party that night. Glimmer harnesses her magic a second time and transforms the limousines into beautiful stagecoaches. The film ends after the director of "The Princess and the Pea" rehires Barbie.

Pet Romance

Pet romance.jpg

Jacques first sees Sequin when she wakes him up. He falls in love with her straight away and wants to use her as his fashion muse. Even though Sequin crashes into him, he apologizes to her and introduces himself. He helps her up, and they get acquainted. Jilliana makes fun of Sequin's style, but Sequin defends herself and says she is honored to be Jacques' muse. They run off happily, leaving Jilliana.

Jilliana can't help rolling her eyes at Jacques' huge crush on Sequin. While she is happy that Sequin inspires Jacques to design again, she thinks all the romance is gross. Later in the film, after Jacques shows his first design on Sequin, he talks to her, saying how much she inspires him. They lean in to touch noses only to be interrupted by Jilliana, apologizing for her remarks about Sequin.

At the end of the film, Jacques takes part in the fashion show (walking on the catwalk to "Who Let The Dogs Out") and swaggers up to a statue thinking that it's Sequin. He strokes its paw but Sequin then comes up from behind and he notices her. Jacques chuckles, puts a rose in his mouth, and leans on Sequin.

Starring the Voices of

Other characters include Nikki.


Disc Features

Scene Index

  • 1. Life Is a Fairytale [2:44]
  • 2. Lights! Camera! Peas? [3:57]
  • 3. The Big Break [4:43]
  • 4. Another Me [5:32]
  • 5. Finding Aunt Millicent [2:01]
  • 6. A Smashing Reunion [4:13]
  • 7. Jacques's New Inspiration [2:21]
  • 8. Fashion Secrets Revealed [5:41]
  • 9. Ken Gets Grounded [3:56]
  • 10. A Fashionable Idea [2:26]
  • 11. Une Bonne Journée [6:32]
  • 12. Pet Fashions! [3:47]
  • 13. A Random Situation [3:50]
  • 14. Get Your Sparkle On [4:26]
  • 15. Sparkle Power! [4:05]
  • 16. Rockin' the Runway [6:36]
  • 17. Flairy-Tale Magic [3:06]
  • 18. A Perfect Day [7:34]

Special Features


  • Jacques goes inside the Glitterizer then come out covered in glitter before he sneezed, scattering it all over the place.
  • Jilliana rides on a roller-skate (where one scene shows her meowing in slow-motion) before crashing offscreen.
  • When Jacques stomach growled, the Hotdog Guy came inside then Jacques (along with more dogs) chases to eat him.
  • While flying on the streets of Paris, Shimmer notices an outfit that she likes. As she flies towards it, Shyne tells her to look out for the window, which Shimmer slams into.
  • While Sequin is riding the motorcycle with Jacques, the flairies are waiting at a crosswalk. Once the crosswalk light changes, the flairies were about to get hit by the motorcycle when Sequin stops at the last minute, forcing Jacques off the motorcycle. He eventually lands at Barbie and Marie-Alecia's table. Once he comes to, he asks if the seat he is on is taken and they laugh.


This is the list of the songs which were featured in the film:


2010 Barbie A Fashion Fairytale Teaser Trailer

2010 Barbie A Fashion Fairytale Teaser Trailer

Barbie A Fashion Fairytale Official Trailer HQ

Barbie A Fashion Fairytale Official Trailer HQ


  • This film is the first to use the Barbie Entertainment release banner.
  • Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale was nominated for the Leo Awards 2011, in the categories "Best Overall Sound in an Animation Program or Series" and "Best Animation Program or Series".
  • The film has a few references to Barbie in A Mermaid Tale, and other Barbie films:
    • The cameraman for Barbie's movie at the beginning of the film is the same model as Break.
    • A girl that looks like Fallon sitting behind Barbie and Sequin on the plane.
    • There is Barbie in A Mermaid Tale poster in Barbie's trailer.
    • Barbie makes a reference to Barbie and The Three Musketeers ("When I did the Three Musketeers...") when she thinks there may be a secret doorway somewhere.
    • Barbie's gown and hairstyle in the shoot of "The Princess and The Pea" is same with Alexa's ones.
    • In the beginning of the movie, there is a character called Wicked Queen who looks a lot like Queen Ariana.
  • The conflict in the movie was similar with Barbie & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale, the places were almost bankrupt and planned to sell with to the other side. Interestingly, both movies have the same protagonists and the owner of the places are the protagonist's aunts.
  • Over 1,369,740 copies of the DVD have been sold.
  • The original title was "Barbie in A Fashion Fairytale".
  • The outfit Barbie wore with a peach jacket with a top covering it, a short skirt and high-heeled shoes with high socks, was also Marie-Alecia's design.
  • Marie-Alecia's designs are downloadable at
  • The purple dress that Marie-Alecia designs while the "Une Bonne Journée" song is playing is worn by Barbie in the doll line, "Sparkle Lights Princesses". You can also see Barbie and Teresa wearing it in the commercial (Barbie is in pink and Teresa is in purple). In that commercial a fairy without wings is shown, that looks like Shyne, one of the three Flairies.


  • While Barbie and Marie-Alecia were in the attic, Barbie's pony tail grows shorter as she turns around.

Also Known As

  • Arabic - باربي في عالم الأزياء (Barbie in the Fashion World)
  • German - Barbie: Modezauber in Paris (Barbie: Fashion house in Paris)
  • Greek - Μπάρμπι: Βασίλισσα της μόδας (Barbie: Queen of Fashion)
  • Albanian - Barbie: Një Përrallë Mode (Barbie: A Fashion Fairy Tale)
  • Spanish - Barbie: Moda Mágica en París (Barbie Magic Fashion in Paris)
  • French - Barbie et La Magie de la Mode (Barbie and The Magic of Fashion)
  • Italian - Barbie e la Magia della Moda (Barbie and The Magic of Fashion)
  • Dutch - Barbie in Een Modesprookje (Barbie in A Fashion Fairy Tale)
  • Portuguese - Barbie: A Magia da Moda (Barbie: The Magic of Fashion)
  • Brazilian Portuguese - Barbie: Moda e Magia (Barbie: Fashion and Magic)
  • Swedish - Barbie: Ett modeäventyr (Barbie: A fashion Adventure)
  • Polish - Barbie w świecie mody (Barbie in the Fashion World)
  • Croatian - Barbie: Modna bajka
  • Hungarian - Barbie: Tündérmese a divatról (Barbie: A Fairy Tale About Fashion)
  • Finnish - Barbie: Muodin taikaa (Barbie: The Magic of Fashion)
  • Persian - باربی در افسانه فشن(Barbie in Legend of Fashion)
  • Turkish - Barbie: Moda Masali (Barbie: The Fashionable Tale/ The Fashion Fairytale)
  • Czech - Barbie a kouzelný módní salón (Barbie and a Magical Fashion Salon)
  • Hindi- बार्बी : एक  फैशन फैरीटेल
  • Japanese - バービーのファッション童話のパリ (Barbie in Fashion Fairytale Paris)
  • Chinese - 芭比之时尚奇迹 (Barbie in A Fashion Fairytale)

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Box Office History for Barbie Movies

September 10th, 2018

Hearts Beat Loud

It is not a very busy week on the home market. Ocean’s 8 is the biggest release of the week, but it is not a Pick of the Week contender. In fact, there was only one real contender for that title, Hearts Beat Loud on Blu-ray. That said, Ocean’s 8 is worth picking up, as is Modern Family: Season Nine. More...

November 2nd, 2016

Star Trek Beyond

The Home Market Release Report is a day late this week for a trio of reasons. Firstly, the November Preview was also due the same day. Secondly, it was a very busy week. And finally, I’m suffering from a medical condition a lot of Canadians suffer from this time of year... acute Coffee Crisp poisoning. I’m not saying I ate four dozen fun-sized Coffee Crisps in the past three days... I’m not saying that, because it was actually an even 50. Don’t judge me. ... Okay, judge me. Clearly mistakes were made. It is a busy week, but not very deep week. Star Trek Beyond is by far the biggest and best release of the week and the various home market releases are the pick of the week. There wasn’t a lot of competition for that title, but Bad Moms is also worth picking up. More...

October 18th, 2016

Trilogía de Guillermo del Toro

It’s a bad week for the home market. There are only two first-run releases and neither of them are worth picking up. There’s not a lot of limited releases, TV on DVD releases, etc. to make up the gap. However, there is one truly great release, Trilogía de Guillermo del Toro from The Criterion Collection. The Blu-ray costs a lot, but it is a must have for fans of Guillermo Del Toro, especially his earlier Spanish-language work: Cronos, The Devil’s Backbone, and Pan’s Labyrinth. More...

October 26th, 2015

Mad Men: Season 7, Part 2

It's the week of double-dips, as there are five double-dips for films that would normally be Pick of the Week contenders, but only if you don't have them already. Army Of Darkness has been released so many times, it is hard to keep track of them all. Same with Monty Python and the Holy Grail. If you don't own either of these movies, you need to buy them. However, most fans will already have them. Because of this, I'm giving the Pick of the Week to Mad Men. I reviewed Season Seven, Part Two, but the Complete Series Megaset is the better deal. More...

September 8th, 2015

Over the Garden Wall

The home market is not particularly strong. The Age of Adaline is the biggest first-run release of the week, at least as far as physical releases are concerned. The Avengers: Age of Ultron is coming out on Video on Demand and it is bigger than all other releases combined. However, I really think it is a waste to rent it, as the Blu-ray is Pick of the Week material. Or to be more accurate, it will be Pick of the Week when it comes out in October. As for the Pick of the Week for this week, I'm going with Over the Garden Wall on DVD. More...

March 3rd, 2015

This is not a great week for new releases on the home market. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 is by far the biggest new title and its DVD and Blu-ray Combo Pack is going to sell a ton of units. However, its reviews are not up to the level required to make it our Pick of the Week. Conversely, Foxcatcher is award-worthy, but the DVD and Blu-ray Combo Pack doesn't have enough extras to be a Pick of the Week. It seemed like every choice for Pick of the Week wasn't quite up to the level needed, so I'm going to go outside the box and pick To Write Love On Her Arms on DVD, which is a film I've been waiting to see for about three years. More...

September 16th, 2014

The Christmas Shopping Season is kicking into high gear with a great mix of first-run releases, as well as TV on DVD releases. The biggest release of the week is Godzilla and while it is worth picking up on DVD, Blu-ray Combo Pack, or 3D Combo Pack, it isn't quite Pick of the Week material. For that, we turn to The Fault in Our Stars on DVD or Blu-ray Combo Pack and Eraserhead on Blu-ray (Criterion Collection). It was a close call, but in the end, I went with The Fault in Our Stars. More...

March 25th, 2014

It is a good, but very shallow week on the home market. The Wolf of Wall Street is leading the pack, with the Blu-ray Combo Pack earning first place and DVD earning second. This is a $100 million hit and a multi-Oscar nominee, so it is not surprising it is earning the top two spots. On the other hand, third place currently belongs to Monster High: Frights, Camera, Action! on DVD. That's a real sign that it is a shallow week. That's not to say some of the smaller releases are not worth picking up. Mystery Science Theater 3000: XXIX is certainly a contender for Pick of the Week, but in the end I went with The Wolf of Wall Street. On a side note, Continuum: Season 2 on Blu-ray earned the Puck of the Week, for Best Canadian Release. More...

April 19th, 2013

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2 dominated the new releases and easily took first place on the March 3rd, 2013 edition of the DVD sales chart. It sold 2.12 million units and generated $31.64 million, and did so during a shortened sales week. (It came out on Friday.) Second place went to a Breaking Dawn double-pack, which was an exclusive release. The double-shot sold an additional 418,00 units and generated $16.70 million more in sales. Add them together, and this film is already the best selling DVD of 2013, at least so far. More...

February 26th, 2013

It's a good week on the home market with not only one of the biggest films of the last year coming out, but also one of the best. The biggest is The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2, which should be the best selling DVD and Blu-ray for the week, but it isn't a contender for Pick of the Week. For that honor, we go back a few weeks to Frankenweenie. The screener arrived late, but it was worth waiting for and the 3D Combo Pack, while a little pricey, is worth picking up. Also in contender for Pick of the Week is Rocko's Modern Life: The Complete Series. More...

All 37 Barbie Movie List In Order - 2001 - 2020 - Barbie Girl

Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale

2010 American film

Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale is a 2010 American-Canadian direct-to-videocomputer animated movie and eighteenth feature film in Barbie film series.[1] It was released on September 14, 2010.[2] This is the first Barbie film in which Kelly Sheridan does not voice Barbie; instead, Diana Kaarina takes her role.[3]

Plot summary[edit]

While filming an adaptation of The Princess and the Pea, Barbie questions the director’s bizarre creative choices which results in her being fired. Immediately afterwards, Barbie is lambasted on social media and receives a phone call from Ken who breaks up with her. Heartbroken and to get away from her troubles, Barbie goes on vacation to Paris to visit her aunt Millicent, an esteemed fashion designer. Meanwhile, Barbie’s friends, Teresa and Grace, go to confront Ken where it’s revealed that the breakup was really a recording by Barbie’s rival Raquelle, which she made while he was reading a script. Ken decides to rush to Paris to amend the situation with Barbie.

In Paris, Barbie learns from rival fashion designer, Jacqueline, that Millicent is going out of business. Barbie meets Millicent and her assistant Alice and is informed that her aunt has lost work due to negative reviews and has since sold the building to a restaurant franchise known as “Hotdogeteria”.

Alice takes Barbie to the attic and tells her about the magical creatures who supposedly lived in the fashion house. Placing one of Alice’s original designs in a magic wardrobe, Barbie and Alice find and recite the chant to summon the magical creatures, who introduce themselves as the “Flairies”, Shine, Shimmer, and Glimmer. Impressed by Alice’s design, the Flairies use their magic to enhance it with sparkles. As the fashion house is the source of the Flairies’ power, Barbie and Alice decide to put on a fashion show featuring new designs by Alice to raise money and save the building.

Jacqueline soon finds out about the Flairies and kidnaps them and demands they add sparkle to her own designs. Finding the outfits uninspiring, the Flairies warn Jacqueline that their magic might be unstable. Jacqueline ignores them and plans to put on her own fashion show the same night as Millicent’s.

Despite the Flairies’ disappearance, Millicent is inspired by Alice’s designs and helps work on the line for the fashion show. Later that night, Barbie’s poodle, Sequin, and Millicent’s dog and cat, Jacques and Jilliana, are alerted to the Flairies’ location by a trail of sparkles. The three pets sneak into Jacqueline’s and rescue them. The next day, Barbie, Alice, and Millicent awaken to find sparkle added to all their new outfits, and an elaborate setup for the fashion show.

That night, Jacqueline presents her fashion show, however, the Flairies’ magic backfires and the outfits start to rot on the runway. Repulsed, the audience leaves and flocks to Millicent’s across the street. Barbie models the new designs in a spectacular fashion show. In a finale, Glimmer uses her magic to transform Barbie’s gown, revealing her own talent as a designer. Soon after, Ken arrives, having faced numerous detours on his journey, and reaffirms his love for Barbie and kisses her, with the Flairies transforming his clothes into a new suit. An audience member places a large order for pieces from the line, and the payment is enough for Millicent to buy back the building from the Hotdogeteria owner.

A remorseful Jacqueline, who watched the fashion show, apologizes for her actions, which Millicent accepts and even agrees to work with her sometime. Liliana Roxelle, Paris’s top fashion critic, congratulates them on an impressive show and invites them to a party. As they leave, Barbie is approached by a studio representative who invites her to work on a new film as a director.


  • Barbie - Barbie is a sixteen-year-old teenager star with fantastic style. Barbie is optimistic, cheerful, friendly and a loyal and good friend. She goes to Paris to visit her favorite aunt after she is fired from the movie industry, and it is there she meets and befriends Marie-Alecia.
  • Ken - Ken is a seventeen-year-old male with an interest in sports and Barbie's boyfriend. Ken goes on a journey to Paris to prove that he loves her after finding out she went there and he had been tricked. In the end, the two became a couple once again like before.
  • Marie-Alecia - Marie-Alecia "Alice" is a shy, aspiring sixteen-year-old fashion designer with some talent. Her dream is to succeed in the world of fashion, but she is too modest and unsure of herself to make any daring moves. But thanks to Barbie, she gains confidence in her abilities and herself.
  • Aunt Millicent - Barbie's aunt. Millicent is the owner of her own fashion house in Paris. She is fun, strong-willed and kind. Her formal rival is Jacqueline. She is the sister of Margaret Roberts (mother of Barbie).
  • Teresa - Barbie's sixteen-year-old friend with a unique perspective and point of view. She is very playful and even believes in aliens and the Sasquatch.
  • Grace - A sixteen-year-old friend of Barbie. She is very practical and mature and likes to give advice.
  • Raquelle - Barbie's sixteen-year-old rival. She always tries to make Barbie's life miserable, once even ripped her dress a lot. She calls Barbie and plays a recording of Ken's voice to make Barbie think he broke up with her, inspiring her to journey to Paris and meet her aunt out of misery.
  • Jacqueline - Jacqueline is easy to spot with her hip and savvy personality and is on the cutting edge of fashion. As Millicent's sneaky and competitive rival designer, she doesn't want to be trendy; she wants to start the trends herself and will do anything to get ahead. But eventually, she is reformed and blends in like Millicent, and apologizes for her behavior.
  • Delphine - Jacqueline's sixteen-year-old loyal assistant and number-one fan. She usually goes along with her boss's sly schemes, but deep down she is a good person with a good heart, and would rather play fair. She likes the flairies and animals, too.
  • The Flairies - Shim'r, Glim'r and Shyn'e are a trio of stylish Flairies, creatures with sparkle-based powers and no wings. They add sparkles to any outfit that inspires them to improve them.
Shyn'e (pink) is the sassy, fearless leader. She adds a beautiful shine effect to fashions. Despite her dainty size, she isn't afraid to stand up for herself. She also makes sure the other flairies stay in line. She has a great sense of humor that makes her a blast to be with.
Shim'r (purple) is the light-hearted, happy-go-lucky dreamer who always expects positive things. Her magical flair is adding shimmer to fashions. She is usually found in the background smiling, but she is the only flairy with no sizable role.
Glim'r (coral) once had trouble using her sparkle-magic powers, as her magic often popped before it hit the clothing item. However, in the end, her powers turn out to be transforming things, which is the main course of events for the character. She is made into a designer of the Flairies.
  • Sequin - Barbie's French poodle. Just like her owner, Sequin loves to wear anything with bling, despite being fussy. She is also very playful and likes to have fun. When she first arrived in the fashion house, she made a mess in Jilliana and Jacques' room.
  • Jacques - A suave Jack Russell Terrier with a great talent for design. When he meets Sequin, he falls in love with her.
  • Jilliana - A snooty, pampered cat. She cannot help rolling her eyes at Jacques' not-so-inconsiderable crush on Sequin. Although Jilliana is happy that Sequin inspires Jacques to design again after his hiatus, she dislikes all the romance and fluff.




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To go home. I got up from the bedspread and suddenly found that all my clothes were missing. Climbing around, I heard a voice from behind the stones: Are you looking for this. I turned around and saw that there were three teenagers. Around me who had swam on high stones before, one of them had my clothes in the hands.

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I slept until 8 in the morning, when I was visiting I could not sleep for a long time. Dima was still asleep and I decided to do something to eat. Division put on that black T-shirt with a skull and went into the kitchen. I was looking for a frying pan for a very long time to make scrambled eggs. A couple of times I even accidentally rattled pots.

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Tim turned and disappeared into the doorway.

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