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Ephesians 6

Ephesians 6 10-11is the sixth (and the last) chapter of the Epistle to the Ephesians in the New Testament of the ChristianBible. Traditionally, it is believed to be written by Apostle Paul while he was in prison in Rome (around AD 62), but more recently, it is suggested to be written between AD 80 and 100 by another writer using Paul's name and style.[1][2] This chapter is a part of Paul's exhortation (Ephesians 4–6), with the particular section about how Christians should live in their responsibilities as households (5:21–6:9) and in the battle against spiritual forces (6:10–20), with a final benediction to close the epistle (6:21–24).


The original text was written in Koine Greek. This chapter is divided into 24 verses.

Textual witnesses[edit]

Some early manuscripts containing the text of this chapter are:

Old Testament references[edit]

Household Rules (6:1–9)[edit]

Commencing from 5:21, this part is built on "the tabulated framework of the rules for good household management rules", as the health and stability of the society depend on the "basic relationships within the household: "husband and wife", "father and children", "master and slaves". The first pairing, husband and wife, is discussed in previous chapter, so in this chapter, the second ("children and parents"; verses 1–4) and the third pairing ("slaves and masters"; verses 5–9) are in focus.

Verse 2[edit]

"Honor your father and mother," which is the first commandment with promise:[7]

Citation from the Ten Commandments, in particular Exodus 20:12 or Deuteronomy 5:16

Verse 3[edit]

"that it may be well with you and you may live long on the earth."[8]

Citation from: Deuteronomy 5:16

Verse 4[edit]

"And you, fathers, do not provoke your children to wrath, but bring them up in the training and admonition of the Lord."[9]

Verse 5[edit]

"Bondservants, be obedient to those who are your masters according to the flesh, with fear and trembling, in sincerity of heart, as to Christ;"[10]

Note that the original Greek text uses the term "δοῦλοι" (translated in the NKJV as "Bondservants"), which is generally translated as "slave",[11] and which, in the context of first-century Greece under Roman rule, referred to chattels.[12]

Verse 6[edit]

"not with eyeservice, as men-pleasers, but as bondservants of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart,"[13]

Verse 7[edit]

"with goodwill doing service, as to the Lord, and not to men,"[14]

Verse 8[edit]

"knowing that whatever good anyone does, he will receive the same from the Lord, whether he is a slave or free."[15]

Verse 9[edit]

"And you, masters, do the same things to them, giving up threatening, knowing that [a]your own Master also is in heaven, and there is no partiality with Him."[16]

Put on the Armour of God (6:10-20)[edit]

This exhortation is the most vivid portrayal of the Christian spiritual struggle, in a metaphor of warfare, with detailed list of equipment of the Divine Warrior.

Verse 13[edit]

Main article: Armour of God

Therefore take up the whole armour of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.[18]
  • "Take up the whole armour of God": a repetition of the exhortation in Ephesians 6:11, which seems necessary due to many powerful enemies as mentioned in the previous verse, to be followed by an account of the several parts of this armour.[19]
  • "You may be able to withstand in the evil day": which is "be able to stand against the wiles, stratagems and power of Satan", opposing his schemes, and resisting his temptations, as the Syriac version renders it, "that ye may be able to meet the evil one" (to face him in the battle), while the Greek and other versions read, "in the evil day".[19]
  • "Having done all": or "having overcome" or "withstand the enemy", as in "having routed the enemy", and then to stand as conquerors.[19]

Conclusion and Benediction (6:21-24)[edit]

Paul's benediction in this epistle contains the "two great Pauline words—love and faith", with the balance between "divine enabling ('from [both] God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ') and human response ('all who have an undying love for our Lord Jesus Christ')".

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Efesios 6:10-18: La Armadura de Dios (Cap�tulos de la Biblia para ni�os) (Volume 8) (Spanish Edition)

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Efesios 6:20-24 in Achi

20I Dios in u takom yin pu qʼuexel ire chu paxsaxic i ʼutz laj tzij-le. Xa rumal u bixquil i tzij-le, woʼor in ʼo pa cárcel. Chi tzʼonoj che i Dios pinwi, man are quin tijin chu bixquil u tzij, chu ya ni u cowil in cʼux chu bixquil pacha i ca majawic.

21I kachalal ma Tíquico chi cʼax caka naʼo, cu ya ni u tzijol chiwe wach in ʼanom yin, xak wach i quin tijin chu ʼonquil. Ire, ʼutz laj aj tolwe che i chac re i Kajwal.

22Rumal ʼuri, quin tak nubi iwuʼ yix, que u bij na chiwe wach ka ʼanom yoj waral, teʼuri i yix ca cowir na i cʼux rumal.

23Quin tzʼonoj che i ka Kajaw Dios junam ruʼ i Kajwal Jesucrísto chi quiqui ya ni quicotemal pi cʼux yix chi ix kachalal; xak quin tzʼonoj chi quiqui ya ni cʼaxnabal iwib chiwach, xak quiqui ya ni u cubibal i cʼux.

24Niʼpa yix chi cʼax qui na i Kajwal Jesucrísto ruʼ i cʼaxnabal cʼuxij chi n-ca qʼuis taj, quin tzʼonoj che i Dios chi cu ya ni ʼutz piwi. Amen (queje ile cwaj).

Sours: https://breakeveryyoke.com/efesios-6:20-24---achi
La armadura espiritual (Efesios 6:10-20)

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Bible Verse Review

Treasury of Scripure Knowledge

Prayingalways with all prayer and in theSpirit, and watchingthereunto with all perseveranceand supplication for all saints;
Praying1:16; Job 27:10; Psalms 4:1; 6:9; Isaiah 26:16; Daniel 6:10; Luke 3:26,37; 18:1-7; Luke 21:36; Acts 1:14; 6:4; 10:2; 12:5; Romans 12:12; Philippians 4:6; Colossians 4:2; 1 Thessalonians 5:17; 2 Timothy 1:3
1 Kings 8:52,54,59; 9:3; Esther 4:8; Daniel 9:20; Hosea 12:4; 1 Timothy 2:1; Hebrews 5:7
in the
2:22; Zechariah 12:10; Romans 8:15,26,27; Galatians 4:6; Jude 1:20
Matthew 26:41; Mark 13:33; 14:38; Luke 21:36; 22:46; Colossians 4:2; 1 Peter 4:7
all perseverance
Genesis 32:24-28; Matthew 15:25-28; Luke 11:5-8; 18:1-8
19; 1:16; 3:8,18; Philippians 1:4; 1 Timothy 2:1; Colossians 1:4; Philemon 1:5
Reciprocal:Genesis 13:4- called;  Genesis 18:29- General;  Genesis 18:31- General;  Exodus 17:12- Moses' hands;  1 Samuel 1:12- continued praying;  1 Kings 18:43- Go again;  Job 1:5- continually;  Psalm 55:17- Evening;  Psalm 86:3- for I;  Matthew 6:5- when;  Matthew 17:21- but;  Matthew 18:19- That if;  Mark 1:35- General;  Mark 9:29- by prayer;  Mark 10:48- but;  Mark 14:34- and watch;  Luke 22:40- Pray;  John 4:23- in spirit;  Acts 2:4- as;  Acts 2:42- and in prayers;  Acts 4:29- that;  Acts 9:31- and in;  Acts 10:9- the sixth;  Acts 14:3- speaking;  Romans 1:9- that;  1 Corinthians 14:15- I will pray with the spirit;  1 Corinthians 16:13- Watch;  2 Corinthians 1:11- helping;  Ephesians 2:18- by;  Philippians 1:19- through;  Philippians 3:3- worship;  1 Thessalonians 5:6- watch;  1 Thessalonians 5:25- General;  1 Timothy 5:5- continueth;  1 Peter 3:7- that

Gill's Notes on the Bible

Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the spirit,.... The last weapon is prayer, and takes in all sorts of prayer, mental and vocal, public and private; and every branch of it, as deprecation of evils, petitions for good things, and thanksgiving for mercies: and which should be used always: this stands opposed to such who pray not at all, or who have prayed, but have left it off; or who pray only in distress, and it suggests, that a man should pray as often as he has an opportunity; and particularly, that he should make use of it in times of darkness, desertion, and temptation: and this, when performed aright, is performed "in the Spirit"; with the heart, soul, and spirit engaged in it; it is put up with a true heart, and a right spirit, and without hypocrisy; in a spiritual way, and with fervency, and under the influence, and by the assistance of the Spirit of God.

And watching thereunto; either to the word, as a direction for prayer, or to prayer itself; for opportunities to pray for the assistance of the Spirit in prayer, for an answer of it, and to return thanks for blessings when bestowed; and against all dependence on it, and against Satan's temptations, and our own corruptions with respect to it:

with all perseverance; in it, notwithstanding what Satan and an unbelieving heart may suggest to the contrary:

and supplication for all saints; of every nation, age, sex, and condition, in all places, and of every denomination. So Christ taught his disciples to pray, saying, our Father, suggesting, that they were not only to pray for themselves, but for all the children of God.

Barnes' Notes on the Bible

Praying always - It would be well for the soldier who goes forth to battle to pray - to pray for victory; or to pray that he may be prepared for death, should he fall. But soldiers do not often feel the necessity of this. To the Christian soldier, however, it is indispensable. Prayer crowns all lawful efforts with success and gives a victory when nothing else would. No matter how complete the armor; no matter how skilled we may be in the science of war; no matter how courageous we may be, we may be certain that without prayer we shall be defeated. God alone can give the victory; and when the Christian soldier goes forth armed completely for the spiritual conflict, if he looks to God by prayer, he may be sure of a triumph. This prayer is not to be intermitted. It is to be always. In every temptation and spiritual conflict we are to pray; see notes on Luke 18:1.

With all prayer and supplication - With all kinds of prayer; prayer in the closet, the family, the social meeting, the great assembly; prayer at the usual hours, prayer when we are specially tempted, and when we feel just like praying (see the notes, Matthew 6:6) prayer in the form of supplication for ourselves, and in the form of intercession for others. This is, after all, the great weapon of our spiritual armor, and by this we may hope to prevail.

“Restraining prayer, we cease to fight;

Prayer makes the Christian armor bright,

And Satan trembles when he sees.

The meanest saint upon his knees.”

In the Spirit - By the aid of the Holy Spirit; or perhaps it may mean that it is not to be prayer of form merely, but when the spirit and the heart accompany it. The former idea seems, however, to be the correct one.

And watching thereunto - Watching for opportunities to pray; watching for the spirit of prayer; watching against all those things which would hinder prayer; see the Matthew 26:38, note, 41, note; compare 1 Peter 4:7.

With all perseverance - Never becoming discouraged and disheartened; compare notes, Luke 18:1.

And supplication for all saints - For all Christians. We should do this:

(1) because they are our brethren - though they may have a different skin, language, or name.

(2) because, like us, they have hearts prone to evil, and need, with us, the grace of God.

(3) because nothing tends so much to make us love others and to forget their faults, as to pray for them.

(4) because the condition of the church is always such that it greatly needs the grace of God. Many Christians have backslidden; many are cold or lukewarm; many are in error; many are conformed to the world; and we should pray that they may become more holy and may devote themselves more to God.

(5) because each day many a Christian is subjected to some special temptation or trial, and though he may be unknown to us, yet our prayers may benefit him.

(6) because each day and each night many Christians die. We may reflect each night as we lie down to rest, that while we sleep, some Christians are kept awake by the prospect of death, and are now passing through the dark valley; and each morning we may reflect that “today” some Christian will die, and we should remember them before God.

(7) because we shall soon die, and it will be a comfort to us if we can remember then that we have often prayed for dying saints, and if we may feel that they are praying for us.

Clarke's Notes on the Bible

Praying always - The apostle does not put praying among the armor; had he done so he would have referred it, as he has done all the rest, to some of the Grecian armor; but as he does not do this, therefore we conclude that his account of the armor is ended, and that now, having equipped his spiritual soldier, he shows him the necessity of praying, that he may successfully resist those principalities, powers, the rulers of the darkness of this world, and the spiritual wickednesses in heavenly places, with whom he has to contend. The panoply, or whole armor of God, consists in,

  1. the girdle;
  • the breast-plate;
  • the greaves;
  • the shield;
  • the helmet; and
  • the sword. He who had these was completely armed.
  • And as it was the custom of the Grecian armies, before they engaged, to offer prayers to the gods for their success, the apostle shows that these spiritual warriors must depend on the Captain of their salvation, and pray with all prayer, i.e. incessantly, being always in the spirit of prayer, so that they should be ever ready for public, private, mental, or ejaculatory prayer, always depending on Him who can alone save, and who alone can destroy.

    When the apostle exhorts Christians to pray with all prayer, we may at once see that he neither means spiritual nor formal prayer, in exclusion of the other. Praying, προσευχομενοι, refers to the state of the spirit as well as to the act.

    With all prayer - Refers to the different kinds of prayer that is performed in public, in the family, in the closet, in business, on the way, in the heart without a voice, and with the voice from the heart. All those are necessary to the genuine Christian; and he whose heart is right with God will be frequent in the whole. "Some there are," says a very pious and learned writer, who use only mental prayer or ejaculations, and think they are in a state of grace, and use a way of worship far superior to any other; but such only fancy themselves to be above what is really above them; it requiring far more grace to be enabled to pour out a fervent and continued prayer, than to offer up mental aspirations." Rev. J. Wesley.

    And supplication - There is a difference between προσευχη, prayer, and δεησις, supplication. Some think the former means prayer for the attainment of good; the latter, prayer for averting evil. Supplication however seems to mean prayer continued in, strong and incessant pleadings, till the evil is averted, or the good communicated. There are two things that must be attended to in prayer.

    1. That it be εν παντι καιρῳ, in every time, season, or opportunity;
  • That it should be εν Πνευματι, in or through the Spirit - that the heart should be engaged in it, and that its infirmities should be helped by the Holy Ghost,
  • Watching thereunto - Being always on your guard lest your enemies should surprise you. Watch, not only against evil, but also for opportunities to do good, and for opportunities to receive good. Without watchfulness, prayer and all the spiritual armor will be ineffectual.

    With all perseverance - Being always intent on your object, and never losing sight of your danger, or of your interest. The word implies stretching out the neck, and looking about, in order to discern an enemy at a distance.

    For all saints - For all Christians; for this was the character by which they were generally distinguished.

    Sours: https://www.studylight.org/bible/spa/bla/ephesians/6-18.html

    6 20 efesios

    1Hijos, obedeced en el Señor a vuestros padres; porque esto es justo. 2Honra a tu padre y a tu madre, (que es el primer mandamiento con promesa), 3para que te vaya bien, y seas de larga vida sobre la tierra.

    4Y vosotros, padres, no provoquéis a ira a vuestros hijos; sino criadlos en disciplina y amonestación del Señor.

    5Siervos, obedeced a vuestros amos según la carne con temor y temblor, con sencillez de vuestro corazón, como al Cristo; 6no sirviendo para ser visto, como los que agradan solamente a los hombres; sino como siervos del Cristo, haciendo de ánimo la voluntad de Dios; 7sirviendo con buena voluntad, como al Señor, y no a los hombres; 8sabiendo que el bien que cada uno hiciere, esto recibirá del Señor, sea siervo o sea libre.

    9Y vosotros, amos, haced a ellos lo mismo, dejando las amenazas; sabiendo que el Señor de ellos y vuestro está en los cielos, y que no hay acepción de personas con él.

    10Por lo demás, hermanos míos, confortaos en el Señor, y en la potencia de su fortaleza. 11Vestíos de toda la armadura de Dios, para que podáis estar firmes contra las asechanzas del diablo. 12Porque no tenemos lucha contra sangre y carne; sino contra principados, contra potestades, contra señores del siglo, gobernadores de estas tinieblas, contra malicias espirituales en los cielos. 13Por tanto, tomad toda la armadura de Dios, para que podáis resistir en el día malo, y estar firmes, acabado toda la obra . 14Estad pues firmes , ceñidos vuestros lomos de la verdad, y vestidos de la cota de justicia. 15Y calzados los pies con el la preparación del Evangelio de la paz; 16sobre todo, tomando el escudo de la fe, con que podáis apagar todos los dardos de fuego del maligno. 17Y tomad el yelmo de la salud, y la espada del Espíritu; que es la palabra de Dios;

    18por toda oración y ruego orando en todo tiempo en el espíritu, y velando en ello con toda instancia y súplica por todos los santos, 19y por mí, para que me sea dada palabra en el abrir de mi boca con confianza, para hacer notorio el misterio del Evangelio, 20por el cual soy embajador en cadenas; que resueltamente hable de él, como debo hablar.

    21Mas para que también vosotros sepáis mis negocios, y cómo lo paso, todo os lo hará saber Tíquico, hermano amado y fiel siervo en el Señor, 22al cual os he enviado para esto mismo, para que entendáis lo tocante a nosotros, y que consuele vuestros corazones.

    23Paz sea a los hermanos y caridad con fe, por Dios Padre y el Señor Jesús, el Cristo. 24Gracia sea con todos los que aman al Señor nuestro, Jesús, el Cristo en incorrupción. Amén.

    Sours: https://bibliaparalela.com/sev/ephesians/6.htm
    Efésios 6,10-20 - revesti-vos da armadura de Deus

    Wake up dear, you forgot to caress me trying to hide your irritation, she said, shaking his shoulder. What the hell, Light. the husband was indignant, rubbing his sleepy eyes.

    Now discussing:

    I'll write next time. I have a date with my own nephew, whom you will not believe. - But do you like it, I asked. She looked at me carefully - Yes, I like it.

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