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A breed of bird (specifically the brown pelican) that was driven to the brink of extinction in the Gulf of Mexico, through loss of habitat and environmental (DDT) pollution. Through the efforts of many to restore their breeding grounds, the brown pelican was removed from the endangered list in 2009.

Then came BP and its attempt to get the record in the Guiness Book for the most animals driven into extinction by one event. It's looking like they will get the record and hopefully no one will want to break it.

Tony Hayward is a greedy scum sucking dirtbag who should lick the oil off of the pelicans that he condemned to a slow painful death.

by pelicanellie June 13, 2010

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A sexual act occurring only at beaches or sandboxes. It is a variation of anal doggy style. To perform the act, the male or "pitching" partner pulls out during an otherwise normal session of doggy style and grabs a handful of sand. The sand is then forcefully inserted into the anus of the female or "receiving" partner. Anal doggy style is then resumed, as the horrified screams of the receiving partner slowly turn into death gurgles/rattles - similar to that of a pelican.

Man: Dude, I totally gave my girlfriend a Screaming Pelican the other day.

Dude: Oh, man, so how'd she like it?

Man: She's was hella pissed off. She even threatened to call the cops for assault.

by Mexijews Productions August 12, 2009

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Any material (which could include vinyl) that attempts to cover usually sloppy, roast beef style pussy lips in an attempt to constrict their natural tendency to dangle like the sweating flaps of overexposed and necrotic skin under good ol' granny's arms. Pelican briefs are easily spotted on the beach, where there the tell-tale sign is a wad of festering flesh akin to the underside of a pelican's beak.

"Hey little buddy, look at those pelican briefs..."
"...Oh Skipper, I think I threw up a little..."
"It'll be alright little buddy, let's go home and I'll give you a nice warm sizzle chest you can sport on the boardwalk this evening."
"I love you Skipper....but my stink eye still burns."

by Haskins Lombardi II December 19, 2003

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The Brown Pelican: Everything You Need To Know! (4K)

Three wishes. Like a gin. - Okay. Your three wishes.

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Despite the inclement weather, I almost constantly smoked on the street, worried before such a welcome meeting. I'm not ashamed to say that I was very afraid. Lighting another cigarette, I caught myself constantly thinking that my sister wanted to wean me from this bad habit using well-known educational methods.

Idris Elba Teaches You British Slang - Vanity Fair

We were looking for a nice boy in the crowd, not three for one, but one for two. But we were totally out of luck. The Thais were either already occupied by the same Germans, or did not fall into our expectations. At some point, desperate to find something suitable, we moved to the back of the hall and occupied a small table.

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It wasn't long, only half an hour.

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