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When we read for school and academic purposes we have to read differently than when we are reading for pleasure. When we read for school we know there is going to be an assessment of our reading during and after reading. That assessment can be a reading comprehension quiz, an essay or short response, even a project to show your understanding.

We tell our students to read closely? But what does that really mean for middle school students to close read?

I tell my students to think of an onion. There are many layers to an onion and similarly, there layers to the text we must uncover.

What does the text say?

How does the text work?

What does the text mean?

I created an interactive foldable to help reiterate close reading and the layers of reading or “ways of seeing” a text. This foldable offers students a visual and guiding questions reminding them of what is expected of them when reading in middle and high school.

The layers of close reading on the foldable are based on Fisher and Frey’s TDQs: Text Dependent Questions (2016) which I describe more in this post and connect with state assessments and the Common Core Standards in this post.



The foldable and directions are below.

Like this:


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Samsung Z Fold 3 Review: Let's Talk Ambition!

The Bookfriends Series Reading Pet Foldable Book Stand

Use this amazing tool for studies, leisurely reading, tablets, cookbooks and so much more! The Reading Pet Foldable Book Stand is a great item for bibliophiles and students and is also adorable! All of the stands are bright and colorful and you can choose from charmingly illustrated animal characters or adorable characters from famous works of English Literature. The book stand can be folded down for storage and there are prongs you can fold up to set and hold books in place. Check out the photos to learn more!

Please note, upon first use you may find it is a little stiff and rigid. However it will eventually loosen and become more flexible after several uses!

Reading Pet Foldable Book Stand, Alice Alice 9.06 x 8.46in. 10oz Fabric, Paper, Steel, Elastic band
Reading Pet Foldable Book Stand, Anne Anne 9.06 x 8.46in. 10oz Fabric, Paper, Steel, Elastic band
Reading Pet Foldable Book Stand, Pinocchio Pinocchio 9.06 x 8.46in. 10oz Fabric, Paper, Steel, Elastic band
Reading Pet Foldable Book Stand, Reading Cat Reading Cat 9.06 x 8.46in. 10oz Fabric, Paper, Steel, Elastic band
Reading Pet Foldable Book Stand, Reading Dog Reading Dog 9.06 x 8.46in. 10oz Fabric, Paper, Steel, Elastic band
Reading Pet Foldable Book Stand, The Jungle Book The Jungle Book 9.06 x 8.46in. 10oz Fabric, Paper, Steel, Elastic band

Due to our COVID-19 policy in-person pickup / curbside pickup services are currently not available to minimize the risks for our team. We are so sorry for the inconvenience!

Reading Pet Foldable Book Stand, Alice
Reading Pet Foldable Book Stand, Anne
Reading Pet Foldable Book Stand, Pinocchio
Reading Pet Foldable Book Stand, The Jungle Book

Foldable reading

DOUBLETAKE Reading Glasses - 2 Pairs Folding Readers Includes Glasses Case

Foldable Reading Glasses

Once you try portable reading glasses you’ll never go back to traditional styles again! DOUBLETAKE’s folding readers are compact for easy storage, ultra-portable, and can offer you clear vision with the ultimate in comfort. A travel case made from durable material is included for added protection.

Versatile Frames

DOUBLETAKE’s sophisticated design makes these portable reading glasses ideal for men and women. Take them with you to the office or enjoy them as you read a book by the pool, as they flatter any face shape. Varying levels of magnification and a classic black silhouette are perfect for any occasion.

Lightweight Readers

It’s logical that mini readers would be lighter than other types of glasses, but you’ll be surprised just how comfortable these reading glasses truly are. Smooth, adjustable nose pads contour to your bridge and offer a feather-light feeling even after hours of wear.

Hard Portable Case

Whether you’re headed on vacation or want to bring them in the car, DOUBLETAKE’s hard travel case will keep your pocket readers safe and protected. Compact in nature, packing your glasses just got incredibly easier, as a soft inner lining keeps your lenses scratch-free.

Folding Reading Glasses with case

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