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ONE Nova Floodlight Camera – View New IP Security Camera Features

ONE Nova Floodlight IP Security Camera

Lights on the exterior of homes have always been a source of utility and comfort. They light up the area to allow you to see your surroundings. Anywhere you have enough lighting for a full view tends to be a place you have comfort. Floodlights for the exterior of houses and garages have long been the ideal choice for convenient illumination and crime deterrence. LaView has taken this to the next level with our newest addition to the ONE Series: The new IP Security Camera – ONE Nova Floodlight Camera.

Floodlight IP Security Camera

This brand-new security solution combines the functionality of a motion activated floodlight camera with the high-end surveillance of an IP security camera. As a result, you get a professionally equipped outdoor camera that illuminates the area for convenience and crime deterrence.

ONE Nova Floodlight Camera Features:

  • HD 1080P Resolution
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • 2 Ultra-Bright LED Lamps
  • Built-in Two-Way Audio
  • 100db Siren Alarm
  • Customizable Motion Detection
  • 270° PIR Thermal Detection
  • 60ft. IR Night Vision
  • 140° Wide Angle Viewing
  • IP65 Weatherproofing
  • Hassle-Free Cloud Storage
  • Instant Mobile Alerts
  • LaView ONE Free App

Upgrade Your Outdoor Coverage with the ONE Nova Floodlight Camera

The ONE Nova is a huge upgrade from the average motion-activated floodlight. We’ve added an HD 1080P surveillance camera to the mix. This HD IP security camera boasts over 2 million pixels in each unique image. That means at 25-30fps, you will experience a seamless clarity in your viewing experience.

Along with that, the ONE Nova floodlight camera will give you a view of your full surroundings. It has a 140° wide viewing angle. This is perfect for the front of the house, a garage or on the back of your house to give you the big picture of the area.

IP Security Camera

Exceptional Crime Deterrence with ONE Nova Floodlight Camera.

The ONE Nova floodlight camera is equipped with customizable professional features for crime deterrence.

Imagine any scenario where a person is trying to gain access to your home, garage, or car in the driveway. They sneak up with the cover of night to try the door handles of your car as well as proceed to see if they can pry open your garage. After that, they look for open windows or unlocked doors around your house. This is where the ONE Nova IP security camera really shines.

First, it has customizable motion detection. You can schedules times for motion detection to be active and others for it to be shut off. Along with that, you can choose areas within the camera’s field of view that you want scanned for motion while others will not be scanned.

When a motion alert occurs, several things can happen based on your preferences with the ONE Nova. The ultra-bright LED lamps will flash on, a 100db siren alarm will sound, and you will receive a mobile push notification via our free app. That will allow you instant access to your HD live stream footage or recordings from your IP security camera.

The combination of ultra-bright floodlights and 100db siren turning on is sure to send any perpetrator running.

PIR Sensors Take Motion Technology up a Notch

The ONE Nova’s main purpose is to add an outdoor layer of security that provides you the most sophisticated protection around. For that reason, we have equipped the IP security camera with a PIR thermal sensor.

The PIR sensor uses thermal detection technology to make the camera distinguish between humans and animals in its detection zone and inanimate objects (like tree branches swaying in the wind). Knowing when a breeze made a bush move is not useful information to you. Identifying a coyote that wandered onto your property or a person that moves through the detection zone is hugely important. This sophisticated detection sensor will do the work for you.

Thermal IP Security Camera

Easy Installation with ONE Nova

The ONE Nova floodlight security camera makes for a hassle-free user experience from start to finish. Installation is no exception to this. Choose a mounting location, run a single cable to power and connect to your existing Wi-Fi network; it’s that easy!

The camera transmits its data wirelessly. This means more instant access to your live stream and playback footage from a remote location. This works easily into a WiFi camera system as well as provides top-tier coverage.

To make things even easier, you can mount this camera in any outdoor location with the confidence that it will be up and running regardless of the weather. IP65 weatherproofing keeps the camera and LED lamps protected from inclement conditions. Rain, wind and otherwise wont affect it. It is sealed from the ingress of small solid particles such as dust and dirt blown in the window. Along with that, it is waterproof to protect against rain.

Weatherproof IP Security Camera

The ONE Nova is Your Best Line of Defense at Night

One of the most likely reasons you are in the market for a floodlight camera is to have a layer of protection, surveillance and crime deterrence at night. Beyond lighting up the area, the IP security camera features exceptional IR night vision.

The IR night vision cuts through the night up to 60ft, to give you a view of the surroundings no matter the time of day and lighting conditions. This will bring you a source of comfort in knowing that if anything occurs on your property, you will have an eye on it 24/7.

When motion events occur, the camera will seamlessly shift from IR night vision to regular recording mode without missing a beat. This is an automatic function that you don’t have to worry about. This maintains consistency in your recording, regardless of anything that occurs.

Night Vision IP Security Camera

The LaView Cloud – Expanded Storage Made Easy

The ONE Nova works with our all new Cloud storage service. It is an affordable way to store as much footage as you need without having to manage recordings and worry about a local storage device filling up.

If you want to save storage space and make your recordings even easier to navigate, you can record on motion detection only.

The Cloud makes your recordings instantly accessible, which you can do remotely with the LaView ONE app. This brings your important playback footage right to your fingertips, wherever you are.

The LaView ONE App – Integrate Your ONE Series

One of our top priorities is making your surveillance footage, system management as well as your live viewing experience, easily accessible to you. This is particularly important for us to make available to you remotely since we understand that most people live their lives on the go.

The free LaView ONE app allows you to view your ONE Halo’s footage from wherever you are. When motion events occur, you will receive instant push notifications to allow you to live view your footage. Conversely, you can also review the footage of the event that triggered the motion, to determine if any action is necessary on your part.

You can use this app to connect all of your LaView ONE Series cameras. This will keep you up-to-date with anything that goes on in and around your home.

Experience top-tier surveillance coverage as well as crime deterrence with the ONE Halo floodlight camera!



Floodlight Camera

It has been a while since we put a spotlight on our ONE Nova Floodlight Camera (see what we did there?!). It is a WiFi solution that everyone should consider for their home. We want to do an updated highlight of this product as we want you to consider the level of outdoor protection it can bring to your property.

Consider the motion-activated floodlight. This is a time-tested solution for people’s outdoor security. These lighting solutions use basic motion detection to trigger the floodlights. Along with that, they are designed to both light the way for homeowners and ward off intruders.

Floodlight Camera

Outdated motion-triggered floodlights overlook countless garages, side yards, back patios and backyards in residential neighborhoods. They are so commonplace that we oftentimes don’t even realize they are there. That is, until they flash on after the sun has gone down. This is when they make their most potent impression.

We figured, if people are already comfortable having this type of security device on their home exterior, couldn’t we optimize this experience? The device presents an opportunity for LaView to add a camera component to elevate the security standards of any home. It was a logical step as people clearly install the basic version (no camera) for their exterior security. This adds a sense of peace of mind as they know this works as a crime deterrent.

Let’s look at the upgraded features of the ONE Nova Floodlight Camera and consider what that means for your property.

 ONE Nova WiFi Floodlight Camera – Spec Overview

The ONE Nova doesn’t just slap on a camera component onto a basic motion-triggered floodlight. What we offer is a crime-deterring surveillance solution that can protect huge portions of your property’s exterior with just a single unit.

The ONE Nova does this by including the following industry-leading features all in one WiFi camera solution:

Camera Component

HD 1080P Resolution


2x Ultra-Bright LED Lamps


100db Alarm


Two-Way Audio


270° PIR Thermal Detection

Night Vision

Up to 60ft.



Price Point


As you look down the list of top-tier security camera features on this unit, you can see that this is anything but a basic floodlight solution. It combines the clarity of HD viewing with the comfort of crime deterring features that you won’t find on many other security solutions.

Let’s take a closer look.

Floodlight Security Camera Spec Chart

Floodlight Camera – High Definition Viewing

The obvious upgrade from a basic floodlight is the camera component. That is the whole reason we’re here, talking about the ONE Nova!

The camera features HD 1080P resolution with a self-adaptive WDR lens. That means you will have 2MP clarity at all times as the camera can adapt to harsh exposure to sunlight. Conversely, if lighting becomes too dim during the day (ie. heavy cloud layer rolls in), the camera will also adapt to maintain image quality.

2MP image quality means you have over 2 million individual pixels making up each image captured by the camera. Along with that, you have the convenience of transmitting the clear, crisp image to you smartphone via WiFi. All you have to do is download the free LaView ONE app and you can view livestream as well as playback footage from your HD floodlight camera.

The camera uses WiFi for more than just that. It uses your existing wireless network as its main source of video output. This means you only need to run a power cable from the camera to an outlet. Other than that, the camera requires no network cable for wireless connectivity.

Want to learn more about WiFi security cameras? Read on below:

WiFi Security Camera – Explore WiFi Surveillance Solutions

Floodlight Camera – Upgraded Detection Abilities

One problem with your basic outdoor floodlight is that it uses basic motion detection. Along with that, you may be subject to false alarms in your detection. That means that you’ll have your bright lights flashing on when cars drive by or other inanimate object move (like tree branches in the wind). This is cause for concern, because if you see your floodlight flash on from inside the house, you may think you have cause to peek out the window to see who/what is there.

The problem compounds even further when you don’t see anyone there. This could cause concern as you think there could be an intruder hiding in the bushes at the sight of the floodlights. Or, even worse, they could be finding a different way to access your home.

This is not a problem when you have a camera component attached. When the camera detects motion, you can opt to have it send you a mobile push notification, and you can start streaming your footage right from your phone.

PIR Thermal Detection

Where this elevates even further is the camera’s use of PIR. This is thermal detection that only picks up the movement of humans and large animals. That means your floodlight function, push notification function and anything else that you set to happen (we’ll get to those features later on the page) only when there’s significant motion in the camera’s range.

Speaking of range, the camera uses PIR thermal detection in 270° around the camera. That means a single ONE Nova can cover nearly your entire entrance area if you place it above your garage.

Interested in learning more about thermal cameras? We did a whole feature on them before. Read on here:

Thermal Camera – Explore the Best Security Solutions

Floodlight Camera – Deterrence

This is probably the most important area for a floodlight camera. You want to make sure that your deterrence standards are up to par.

We have included 3 things that make sure you have the power to secure your home as well as deter potential intruders.

Firstly, and most obviously, you have the ultra-bright LED lamps that flash on with PIR themal motion.

The LEDs feature:

  • 2500LM brightness.
  • 3000K color temperature.
  • 80 CRI

These floodlights will flash on and not only deter criminals as they are unexpected, but also draw attention to the area. This can be crucial for neighbors to see if you are not home.

Secondly, on the audio side of things, the ONE Nova is equipped with an optional 100db alarm. This shrill, extremely loud, alarm sound will send any potential perpetrator running. Like the lamps, this will also draw attention to the area.

The alarm can be turned off or on in the camera settings, or you can schedule it to only be active at certain times of the day/night.

Finally, also on the audio side of things, are the built-in mic and speaker for two-way audio. This allows you to have direct contact with any person near the floodlight camera.

If you are dealing with porch pirates or car thieves like in the video below, you can tell them to get lost.

When you get a mobile push notification, if you have two-way audio active, you can speak directly into your phone and communicate with whomever is there.

Beyond warding off criminals, you can also use it to communicate with family members or visitors who show up on your app. This brings convenience right to your fingertips.

The ONE Nova Floodlight Camera gives you total coverage and total control of your security standards. Check back as we add more info and updates to this camera!

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CameraImage Sensor 1/2.9'' 2MP CMOSResolution1920(H)*1080(V)Shutter Speed1/25~1/100,000sMin. IlluminationColor 0.01Lux @ F1.2
Black/White 0.001Lux @ F1.2IR DistanceNight visibility up to 15mDay & NightAuto(ICR) / Color / B/WWDRDWDRLens2.8mm @ F2.0, 130°Video and AudioCompressionH.264Bit Rate32Kbps~2MbpsAudio Input/OutputBulit-in Mic/SpeakerSiren Alarm110dBNetworkAlarm TriggerHuman detectionCommunication ProtocolTCP/IP, HTTP, DHCP, DNS, RTSPInterface ProtocolPrivateWireless2.4G WIFI(IEEE802.11b/g/n)Supported Mobile Phone OSiOS 8 or later, Android 4.2 or laterSecurityUser authentication, software encryptionLampLamp Power13Wx2Color Temperature6000KIllumination2600lm max (adjustable)Lamp ControlManual/PIR detection/schedule PIR Detection Range10mPIR Angle120°GeneralOperating Temperature−20°C to 50°CPower SupplyAC 100V~240VTotal Power30W maxInstallationWall mountingStorageSD card (Max.128G), Cloud storage, NVRIP RatingIP65
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